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Emmerdale 1994
Episodes #1830-

1994 - Annie wakes up from a coma to find out she has a new granddaughter Victoria


Alan and Shirley

Jack and Sarah




Frank and Kim

Goodbye Beckindale! In an attempt to give the village a new start after the plane-crash the villagers agree to change the village name from Beckindale to Emmerdale - in honour of the Sugdens.

Famous Faces Passing Through: Al Hunter-Aston (Brookside, The Archers London's Burning.)

After the devestation of the plane crash, the village name was changed from Beckindale to Emmerdale.

This year opened with the aftermath of the plane crash. There were funerals and the rebuilding of the village to arrange. Demdyke Row (home to many) was gone!

Frank was reunited with Kim.

Kathy stayed with Chris who was now paralysed and in a wheelchair (she had been planning to leave with lover Josh on the night of the crash).

Biff Fowler made his first appearance alongside his girlfriend Dolores Sharpe in March. (Biff would stay in the show for the next five years). Dolores and Biff soon parted, he started dating Jessica McAllister while Dolores moved on to Luke.

Biff & Jessica

Seth Armstrong and Betty Eagleton had met again after years apart. They decided to live together as opposed to getting wed.

Seth & Betty

After attempting suicide, Joe Sugden decided to move to Spain.

Also this year we get aquainted with the Glover family, Farmer Ned, his wife Jan and their three children Dave, Linda and Roy.


From August, the infamous Dingle family made their appearances in stages throughout the remainder of the year.

As the year 1994 drew to a close:-

The Dingles continued to cause trouble for the McAllister family,

Kim and Frank prepared for their re-mariage.

Kim got carried away with running the business after Frank had a heart-attack.

Dave Glover begins working for the Tates and he has his eyes set on Kathy. There possibly is an attraction to his boss Kim Tate too?

Seth gets fired by Kim who replaces him with Dave Glover. Later Seth gets his job back when he proves he is better at it. Dave still continues to work for Home Farm however.

Rachel and Chris grew closer while he and Kathy grew apart.

Newlyweds Jack and Sarah also experience marital problems, after problems with baby Victoria and Sarah suffers depression. While Victoria Sugden was being treated for a hole in the heart, Sarah Sugden had an affair at the hospital. It was more to get Jack's attention.

Eric used Alan's grief to better his busines prospects.



10th Feb 1994
Former prostitute, Shirley Foster married straight-laced Alan Turner.

31st March 1994
Victoria Anne Sugden was born to Jack and Sarah..

April 1994
Shortly after the birth of granddaughter Victoria, Annie Sugden came out of a coma (which she had been in since the plane crash).

12 April 1994
Betty Eagleton's 1st episode. She came into the show as Seth Armstrong's childhoood sweetheart - having been widowed the previous year.

Betty offered Seth a home and started cleaning in the village. Eric Pollard, conned her into agreeing to stage a concert. Seth proposed. They eventually decided to postpone the wedding indefinitely, but had a 1940ís-style knees-up anyway.

19 May 1994
Jack Sudgen married Sarah Connolly. Jack and Sarah were married when Annie came out of hospital. Sarah had a brief affair later in the year while she was staying with Victoria - who was being treated for a hole in the heart - in hospital. It was more to get Jack's attention and Jack was soon able to persuade Sarah to come home.

7th June 1994
Viv Windsor's ex-husband Reg Dawson and a pal took her and Shirley Turner hostage following a raid at the Post Office. During a struggle in which the others escaped, Reg shot Shirley dead and later shot himself. Shirley Turner, practically still Alan's bride, was shot dead in the aftermath of the post office raid. She jumped in front of a bullet meant for Viv Windsor.

Reg Dawson died - shot by a police oficer following a raid at the Post Office.

Reg Dawson was the ex-husband of Viv Windsor and natural father of Scott.

August 1994
Ben, followed by Butch Dingle a few episodes later, marked the arrival of the Dingles to the series.

EPISODE #1891 2nd August 1994
Ned Glover's first episode.

EPISODE #1892 4th August 1994
Lynn Whiteley's last episode. Jan, Dave, Linda and Roy Glover's first episode.

EPISODE #1893 9th Aug 1994
Ben Dingle died.

The Death of Ben, started a family feud that went on until the death of a member of the rival family (a year later).

Ben died after he and his friend provoked a fight with the local doctor's son, Luke at a Rave Party. It was thought for a while that Luke had given Ben a fatal punch. Luke was charged with murder, but the case was dropped when it was later proved that Ben had a heart defect. However the Dingles did not forgive and they certainly wouldn't forget.

EPISODE #1894 11 August 1994
Joe Sugden leaves the series for good after 22 years on and off.

EPISODE #1899 30 August 1994
The Heritage Farm hosts a summer fair, while Betty's rock concert pulls in the crowds. Seth and Samson save the day for the cricket team, but there's an accident on the way back to Home Farm.

EPISODE #1900 1st September 1994
Frank Tate had his first heart attack.

EPISODE #1914 20th October 1994
Zak Dingle's first episode - Zak Dingle confronts Ned outside the pub & they arrange to fight each other.

EPISODE #1918 3rd November 1994
Kathy saw Chris together with Rachel Hughes with whom he had begun an affair - as Rachel seemed able to provide moral support following his disability.

Kathy and Chris' marriage did not survive. Kathy had a mini-breakdown when Rachel revealed that she was pregnant. In response Kathy tried to start an affair with Dr. McAllister, however he didn't want to know.

EPISODE #1929 13th Dec 1994
Alice (the elder) Woods died of old age. She was Caroline Bates mother. She lived in Scarborough.

EPISODE #1932 22 December 1994
Frank Tate re-married his 2nd wife Kim.

EPISODE #1934 29th December 1994
Luke starts chatting up a mystery girl; and they dance together at the village barn dance, watched by Dolores & Linda ;

Butch Dingle arrives at the barn dance & it becomes apparent that the mystery girl is actually Tina Dingle ; Butch grabs hold of her & asks why is she dancing " with your brothers murderer " ; she did not know who Luke was & spits in his face.


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