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The youngsters of 2004 & 2005 are Robert Sugden, Donna Windsor, Katie Sugden and Andy Sugden. But back in 1994 Katie and Andy hadn't ventured to the village. Donna and Robert were playmates of 8 years old with different heads.

The roles of the oversexed teenagers of 1994 were filled by Biff Fowler, Dolores Sharp, Jessica McAllister and Luke McAllister going through their own fair share of crisis. While Dolores worried that Biff had got her pregnant, Luke and Biff clowned around ending in Tragedy one August night when they came face to face with Ben Dingle.

The McAllisters had arrived in Emmerdale in December 1993 just before the plane crash. They were the children of the local Doctor and the Deputy Headmistress of Hotten Comprehensive.

Biff Fowler made his first appearance alongside his girlfriend Dolores Sharpe in March as school pupils. (Biff would stay in the show for the next five years). Dolores and Biff soon parted, he started dating Jessica McAllister while Dolores moved on to Luke.
Dolores Sharpe

Whatever happened to Dolores Sharp, one minute she was working in Kathy's tearooms, the next she was gone with no mention as to where or why?

After being the girlfriend of both Biff and Luke and the best friend of Jessica, she became best friends of Tina Dingle. After leaving school Dolores worked for Kathy.

Dolores Sharp was played by Samantha Hurst and appeared March 1994 - circa December 1995
Luke McAllister

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Jessica McAllister

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Biff Fowler

Brian Ian Francis Fowler (Biff to his friends) was first seen in March 1994 and would not leave until August 1999 - outstaying the rest of the 1994 bratpackers by several years.

1994 picture of Biff


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