#2161-2175 --- 4 February 1997 - 6 March 1997

Upadated 13 June 2002
Finished 30th July 2004

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Episode 2161

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 4 February 1997

(Granada Plus - Mon 8th Apr 2002)

There's trouble at the Dingle's when Mandy confronts Lisa.

Its the next morning in Emmerdale. Marlon and Butch cannot decide what to do about Lisa's secret. In the end Butch decides he is going to confront Lisa about it, before telling his Dad as his Dad can make Mik Tyson look like a Care Bear. But later tries to ask Lisa about her husband, but is interupted by the returnof Zak.

Marlon and Butch confide in Mandy who is furious and says she will have it out with the "Pig Lady"!

Mandy heads towards Lisa at her farm and thumps her. Lisa staggers up and says to Mandy that Barry is her husband but it isn't what you think. Mandy says she is disappointed as she really liked Lisa. Lisa doesn't get much chance to say anything else as Mandy says she has until 5pm to tell Zak what is going on.

Lisa (with bruised out) reveals to Zak that she hasn't been married to Barry for twenty years, not shared for fifteen years and he has been living in a out-building for ten years. Neither one of them could afford to buy the other out. Zak is bewildered and doesn't really know what to think.

The Dingles decide that they will start spying on Lisa's farm to see what really is going on between her and Barry.

While Jan is shocked by Kim's revelations.

Jan is nearly caught on the phone to Kim by Ned. At this point we don't know what Kim wants. Jan lies and says it was Sarah talking about her problems with the children. Ned confesses to Jan, that he thinks Jack and Sarah have bitten off more than they can chew with fostering Andy.

Meanwhile at Home Farm, Chris presents the £350,000 in cash to Kim and she presents the singed contracts. Chris tries to get out of Kim where she is going, but she says he would never guess in a million years and he'll find out soon enough. The usual bickering and sniping between the two occurs, up until Sophie and James' entrance.

Frank is furious at Sophie for allowing Kim to take James to Jan Glover's.

Meanwhile Kim is telling Jan a sob story about how afraid she is of Frank and how he hits her and pleads with Jan as James' grandmother. Jan doesn't want to know anything about it (as she doesn't see what goes on between Frank and Kim is any of her business), even though she still is under the illusion that James is her grandson.

Kim and Jan are interupted by Frank who warns Jan to stay away from his son and if any more trouble is caused by Jan or the Glovers, he'll have them thrown out of their farm.

Frank tells Sophie that she is on her last warning. If she lets Kim take the baby out again, then Sophie will be "down the road without a reference." Frank threatens Kim with being ceritifed. She says she despises him, Franke says "the feeling is mutual, darling"!

Jan tells Ned about her concerns for Kim and as the mother of their grandson (and she did love Dave), they should be doing something. Ned tells her to stay out of it and stop being obsessive about Kim and James. Dave's death was a tragedy, but they have to move on, if Jan doesn't stop her obsession then Ned will leave her. She agrees it is time to look to the future.


Eric and Kathy have a business meeting in which she reminds him that he has still to show her the books.

Mandy turns up work late with dung in her hair (after her fight with Lisa). Eric and Kathy tell her off and start quoting rules and regulations at her her. To which, Mandy reminds Eric of a promise he made to her the previous week of being able to have time off when she liked (as she had worked three extra nights recently). Mandy chooses this moment to leave Kathy and Eric in the lurch.

Terry finds Viv too much to handle.

On the way to the school bus stop, Viv tells Donna that she must stop mixing with Andy. Donna whines to Viv, that Viv doesn't care for her and she can't stop her from seeing her friends. They are interupted by the Sugdens, also on their way to school. Viv tells Sarah Sugden that Andy is nothing but trouble and she doesn't want her Donna mixing with him. Sarah says that you can't blame it all on Andy, but Viv says that Donna never got into trouble before Andy came on the scene. Andy says curses Viv under his breath, to which she storms off. Leaving Sarah to put a re-assuring arm around Andy, as she leads him and Robert to the bus.

Over at the Post Office, Vic is still pestering Kelly to know what went on with her and Tom and did Tom force her. While Kelly slips out of the room (as she is sick of her Dad's nagging), Vic looks through her bag and finds Kelly's diary. He reads something and says "got you."

Viv tries to reason with Vic, saying that she belives Kelly and they only had Betty's word for it about the kissing. Vic however says he now has evidence.

Tom is back working at the school. The Head comes to see him and Tom reveals some of the Windsor family history. Tom suggests that the whole thing is down to a bitter man (Vic) because his wife ran out on him.

Vic goes to the school armed with his evidence, a small letter from Tom to Kelly:

"be strong, keep faith, the fuss will soon die down. Tom x"

The Head says it is hardly incriminating evidence despite Vic pointing out the x for a kiss. The head reveals he knows about Vic's troubled marriage and suggests he doesn't take out his problems on Kelly. Tom was just helping her through a difficult patch. Vic is determined to carry on his crusade against Tom however.

Viv had promised Donna she'd have the night off so they could watch a video. When this doesn't happen, Donna has a tantrum and Viv says to her daughter that she can't help it, but Alan thinks the pub will be busy that night.

After Donna refuses to clear up her mess at the Pub, and storms off to her room (followed closely by Viv), Alan tells Terry that it is time that he, Viv and Donna found somewhere else to live as the current situation can't go on. Alan says he will allow them to stay, until they have found somewhere else.

After yet another nagging from her father (and the threat that he will sort out Tom once and for all), Kelly tells Vic that she was running away her him, not Tom and that she hates Vic.

The episode ends with Jack coming into the pub and asking Viv (who is serving behind the bar) to go easy on Andy. Viv gets into a slanging match with Jack over Andy and points out the whole reason for her and Vic moving to Emmerdale was to get away from the likes of Andy.

Terry leads Vic away and when she tells him it is none of his business (the arguement with Jack), he tells her a few home truths about herself and how she has to stop blaming others for her mistakes i.e. its not Alan's fault that Donna is living with them, its not the Sugdens fault for Donna getting in trouble or anyone's fault for Viv leaving her family. Terry basically tells Viv their relationship is no fun and they have some thinking to do.

Episode 2162

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 5 February 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 9th Apr 2002)

NOTE: this episode is based on the officially released synopsis, and a review by Yorkshire Televison

Zak comes face to face with a love-rival.

Terry celebrates an anniversary.

Frank and Kim finally come to bitter blows.


PART 1 - Lyn & her friend are taunting Kelly at school ; Tom watches, but is helpless to do anything ; Sarah asks Jan if she will help her clean up the cottage tomorrow as they have got someone coming round to view ; she also tells Jan that she is taking her to the Woolpack tonight as Terry is having a bit of a do ; when Sarah leaves, Jan telephones Home Farm, but hangs up when Sophie answers ; Sophie apologises to Kim for telling Frank where she was yesterday ; she asks Kim why she can't just accept the situation for a while, but Kim says that she can't ; she will not find peace until she is pushing up the daisies ; Viv apologises to Terry for making his life a misery ; she promises to involve him more in her family problems ; Lisa wants Zak to meet Barry ; Rachel is wondering who to ask to babysit for Joseph ; Steve tells her to force Chris to do it ; Jan phones Kim to see how she is ; she was worried by Frank's behaviour yesterday ; she also asks about James ; Kim is pleased that Jan has been taken in ; Lisa introduces Barry to the Dingles ; Zak accepts the situation ; Thomas Molineux, the Company Secretary arrives unannounced at Home Farm ; he tells Frank that Tate Holdings is under investigation by the Inland Revenue & that they want a meeting with the board ; he thinks that they probably want to know about an account in Zurich ; Kim makes a big fuss of Thomas ; he is surprised to see her around ; Thomas tells them all that the interest is in the Harrison account ; Kim embarrasses Frank by remembering that this was a guy called Phil Harrison, a landscape contractor who Frank used to
deal with ; he died of a heart attack 6 years ago, but
Frank still kept his account open & put the money in a
slush fund in Zurich ; she is sarcastic about it all.

PART 2 - Frank is furious with Kim's behaviour ; he
suspects that she is behind the inland revenue
investigation ; Chris is worried because with the amount of
information Kim has on the company, she could ruin them ;
Sophie gets Frank to take a tablet & try to calm down ; the
Dingles are pleased to find that the first drink is on Terry for his 2 year anniversary celebration ; they confuse him by
talking about Barry ; Mandy found him creepy ; Sarah tells
Jan that the person who is coming to look around the cottage
is actually Miss Cullen, Robert & Andy's teacher ; Jan is
upset when Roy doesn't want to spend time with her ; Barry
asks Lisa about Zak ; he reminds her that it is Wednesday
night ; it seems that they do something together on a
Wednesday ; the Tates meeting is underway when Kim arrives ;
Thomas tells them that if they own up to the tax dodge, they
can expect a penalty payment plus the interest on the unpaid
tax ; if they do not cooperate they could be prosecuted ;
Zoe is horrified to think that she is part of a company that
has been defrauding the taxman ; Chris tells her to grow up
& reminds her that she was happy to take the profits ; Frank
then accuses Kim of setting this up ; they start arguing,
although Kim remains cool ; the meeting breaks up ; Chris is
nasty towards Zoe & Sophie ; Zoe reminds him that he has to
look after his son ; she then sees Rachel in the Woolpack ;
she is a bit drunk ; Biff & Linda are having a night in ;
she realises that their marriage has had to take back seat
whilst all her family came first ; he is pleased when they seem to be getting close again, but then Roy turns up with a
load of cans & gets settled for the night ; Terry tells
Steve all about his love life ; they talk about Tina & Zak
overhears ; Viv then overhears him talking about their
relationship ; so he is in trouble all round ; Rachel has
decided to tell Chris that he will have to look after Joseph
all night for a change ; Zak goes missing from the pub ; Kim
visits baby James while he is asleep ; she seems to be
saying goodbye to him ; Zak has gone to Lisa's farm ; he
overhears her & Barry obviously having a good time & gets
the wrong idea ; when he bursts into the room, he finds them
playing Connect 4 ; Frank tells Kim that he wants her to
leave ; there is a long scene as they both try & outdo each
other with insults ; Frank is thinking about having Kim
sectioned & tells her that she has lost everything now -
house, baby & million pounds ; he says something about Dave
& she lunges at him leaving scratch marks on his face ; she
says rather menacingly that she will have the last word.

Episode 2163

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 6 February 1997

(Granada Plus - Wed 10th Apr 2002)

NOTE: this episode is based on the officially released synopsis, and a review by Yorkshire Televison

Zak wins a precious prize.

Kim's disappearance worries Sophie.

While Kelly and Tom have an announcement to make.


PART 1 - Roy has stayed the night at Biff & Linda's ; Biff is fed up & resents the fact that Linda seemed quite relieved when Roy turned up ; they still have not slept together since their marriage ; Roy is grateful though ; Frank is spending time with James ; he tells him that he has added 20 years onto his life because he wants to see him grow up ; Sophie asks what happened to his face & Frank lies saying that he scratched it on some brambles ; Rachel apologises to Chris because she is late picking Joseph up ; he makes her suffer for it by making snide comments about her relationship with Steve ; Vic tells Kelly that there is a meeting of the governors today & that he expects that Tom will be sacked ; Terry is really trying with Viv & Donna, but after she overheard him describe them as a second hand family she is not happy with him ; Lisa arrives & demands to know what Zak thought she was doing with Barry last night ; she explains that it was their games night & that Barry only has one lung (irrelevant) ; Lisa tells Zak that he will have to learn to trust her as she is not going to wear her welding mask all day just so that no other man looks at her ; Frank lies to Chris about his face as well ; he tellsChris not to be so hard on Rachel ; Sophie interrupts them to show Frank a letter that she has found in the nursery ; it is confirmation of a hotel booking near Manchester airport for Kim & James for last night ; Frank orders Sophie not to leave James alone with Kim if she comes back ; he
tears up the letter ; Tom is having a hard time from Lyn in
the classroom ; Kelly is missing from the lesson ; Jack
tells Terry that he looks rough ; Mandy tries to make Zak
feel better about Lisa ; he vows to get rid of Barry ; Viv
asks Terry outright if he wants her to leave.

PART 2 - Terry tells Viv that he loves her & promises to
try harder with their relationship ; Tom finds Kelly in the
village ; she tells him that she couldn't face school ;
they hug each other as they await the governors decision ;
Miss Cullen is interested in Jack & Sarah's cottage ; she
is prepared to wait ; Robert & Andy are not impressed with their teacher looking around their house ; Biff becomes
impatient with Linda after he tries to get her in the mood
again ; Tom is waiting to hear what the governors have
decided ; he is nervous & asks Rachel & Steve to stay with
him ; Butch has stolen 2 darts from the Woolpack set ; Biff
& Linda have just decided to go for a quiet drink in the
Woolpack when Roy turns up again ; he tags along ; Vic has
stormed along to the school & is furious to find out that
the governors have decided that nothing happened between
Tom & Kelly ; Tom can stay at the school ; Zak arrives at
Lisa's with a bunch of flowers ; he finds Barry instead &
they decide to have a contest to see who wins Lisa ; Tom is
getting drunk ; Lisa comes looking for Zak & is worried to
hear that he has gone to the farm ; meanwhile Zak & Barry
square up for a game of Connect 4 ; the winner will get
Lisa, the loser will move out ; Frank tells Chris that he
does not care where Kim is now ; Sophie is keeping James's
bedroom door locked just in case ; Zak has won the contest
& therefore Lisa ; Vic arrives home just as Tom is rolling
out of the Woolpack ; he rushes over & starts to attack Tom
; Viv comes out of the pub & Kelly comes out of the post office ; Tom wants to know what has happened ; Vic pushes
him over & Kelly tells them all that Tom loves her & they
are going to spend the rest of their lives together ; Vic
walks off in disgust.

Episode 2164

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 11 February 1997

(Granada Plus - Thursday 11 April 2002)

NOTE: this episode is based on the officially released synopsis, and a review by Yorkshire Televison

Lisa lays down the law.

Kelly finally forces Tom's hand.

Pollard makes a stunning confession to Steve.

PART 1 - Tom & Kelly have spent the night over at Steve's ; he cannot believe that Tom was guilty all along ; Vic is still ranting about it ; Mandy is impressed by Zak duelling over Lisa ; she is less impressed when she finds out that he actually settled things with Barry by playing a game of Connect 4 ; she wonders what Lisa thought ; Frank thinks that Kim has just disappeared for a few days, but instructs Sophie to collect all Kim's belongings & just dump them in bin bags & leave them in the cellar ; he & Chris laugh about her reaction ; Steve disapproves of Tom & Kelly & makes his feelings clear ; Rachel rebukes him for his moral lecture ; Tom feels that perhaps he should move out ; Zak turns up at Lisa's with a bunch of sad looking flowers ; she is furious with him ; Linda is pleased to see Biff when he calls in at the surgery ; they talk about Roy always coming round to their house ; Linda is understanding ; Biff starts to kiss her, but they are interrupted by a customer & her young son ; Lisa tells both Zak & Barry off ; Zak quietly threatens Barry ; Tom moves his stuff out of Steve's & Kelly decides to come with him ; Mandy is cashing in the many Dingle giros at the post office when Kelly walks in ; Viv makes Vic stay in the shop so that she can talk to Kelly ; he can't resist interfering though ; Kelly tells them that she is leaving & there is nothing they can do about it.

PART 2 - Betty catches up with Tom ; she is so upset that he made out that she was a lying busybody just to protect
himself ; he claims that he was protecting Kelly ; Betty
thinks that he is leaving without Kelly, but then she comes
running out of the post office with her parents behind her
; Vic yells that if she leaves now she cannot come back ;
Donna arrives home & is upset to see her sister leaving ;
Biff & Linda are trying to plan a cosy evening together,
but Roy appears again ; he is going to cook them a hot
curry ; Viv orders a large rum & coke ; she tells Terry
that Kelly has gone off with Bainbridge ; Roy overhears &
reminds her that she never thought he was good enough for Kelly ; Alan refuses to serve him ; Marlon is shocked to
hear that Lisa has got a supermarket inspector coming to
look at her pigs ; Mandy humiliates some wine bar customers
; Eric intervenes ; she negotiates a rise, but ends up
losing out due to Eric's skilful bargaining ; Betty is
looking for her tips ; Eric has had them ; Vic is drinking
; Viv comes to check on him ; he is feeling sorry for
himself ; Marlon is worried because he has already sold 5
of Lisa's pigs to a butcher ; he doesn't know what to do &
Butch is no comfort ; Sophie has gone round to Rachel's for
coffee ; she is miserable working at Home Farm at the moment
; she tells Rachel that she is worried about Kim as she has
just disappeared & no one seems bothered about her ; Rachel
assures her that Kim will be fine & that she will have
taken her purse & credit cards ; Eric calls for a rare
drink in the Woolpack ; Donna comes looking for her mum in
the bar ; she is in her pyjamas ; Alan is caring towards her
; Steve invites Terry & Eric to play cards at his house ;
Marlon asks to join in as he desperately needs to win some
money ; Biff is fed up with Roy hanging around & goes off
to bed early ; Linda stays up with Roy & he tells her that he really values Biff's friendship & that he just comes
round to keep Biff company ; Terry & Viv row again & he
storms off ; Marlon is impressed with Steve's booze cabinet
; he makes a fool of himself trying to impress them all ;
Vic is drunk & starts to play his electric guitar ; Betty
shouts at him through the wall ; he throws the guitar at a
happy family picture ; the card game is over ; Marlon &
Terry have both lost ; Steve & Eric are left counting their
winnings ; Eric confides in Steve that he is engaged to be
married & his fiancee arrives on Thursday.

Episode 2165

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 12 February 1997

(Granada Plus -
Friday 12 April 2002)

NOTE: this episode review is based on the officially released synopsis, and a review by Yorkshire Televison

Tom realises his bridges are burnt.

Frank tries to sweet talk a local reporter.

Chris puts increasing pressure on Linda.

PART 1 - Roy has spent the night on Biff & Linda's sofa ; he insists on breakfast as well ; Chris calls round early to tell Biff that he wants him to clean some drains out ; he notices that Roy is there & makes a nasty comment about not having lodgers ; Viv has made breakfast for Alan ; she is planning to look for somewhere for her & Donna to live ; Kelly telephones Donna ; she refuses to speak to Viv, but tells Donna where she & Tom are staying (33b Skipdale Road) ; she asks Donna to visit after school ; Donna lies to Viv ; Tom is going into school to try & explain himself to the head ; he leaves Kelly behind ; Marlon tries to borrow money from Mandy, but she is wise to him ; Butch refuses to help out as well & warns him to keep his hands off his pigs; Viv knows that Kelly told Donna where she is living, but Donna refuses to say ; Steve tells Rachel about Eric's fiancee ; she is eager to know more, but that is all Steve found out ; Biff & Roy are having a nasty time unblocking drains for Chris ; Frank tells them to leave that & tidy up his borders ; Vic is pretending that he is no longer interested in Kelly or her whereabouts ; the head is appalled to hear that Tom has been lying to him about Kelly ; he gives him quite a lecture about a teachers responsibility to their pupils ; Marlon manages to get round Butch to borrow his pigs by flattering him & boosting is ego ; the head tells Tom that he must resign immediately ; he will get a reference, but the head does not want to damage the reputation of the school anymore ;
Tom must go ; Helen Ackroyd, the journalist visits Frank ;
she starts asking leading questions such as how did he get
planning permission for the quarry extension.

PART 2 - Frank is made uncomfortable by Helen's
questionning ; especially when she suggests having a
photograph taken with Kim & James ; Tom tells Kelly that he
has resigned ; he is depressed about his future ; Alan has
been to a brewery meeting ; he mentions the name of Gerald
Taylor to Terry ; he also mentions that Viv is looking for
a flat ; this is news to Terry ; Butch is worried about his pigs now ; he insists on travelling in the back of the van
with them ; Terry calls at the post office to see Viv ; Vic
tells him that she is out & then makes a nasty comment ;
Viv has followed Donna from school to Kelly's flat ; Barry
catches Butch & Marlon behaving suspiciously around the
pigs ; he comments that the pigs look better than they did
; Butch is proud ; Kelly tries to comfort Tom ; he knows
that he will never get another job in this area ; Donna
arrives & says that the flat is grotty ; Viv is close
behind her ; Chris checks up at the hotel where Kim
supposedly made a booking for herself & James ; they tell
him that she never actually checked in ; he is puzzled ; he
forces Biff to work late ; Viv admits that she followed
Donna ; Kelly & Tom tell her that he has lost his job &
they will be leaving the area ; Betty thinks that Chris is
grooming Biff for a management position ; Linda isn't so
sure ; Butch is fretting over his pigs ; Rachel spreads the
gossip about Eric getting engaged ; unfortunately she tells
Betty who immediately goes fishing ; she gets no joy with
Eric though ; Viv & Terry talk ; he reluctantly says that
he wants to move with her ; Linda arrives home to find that Chris has let himself into the cottage ; he threatens her
by saying that she has to be nice to him or else Biff will
be sacked ; he is quite menacing.

Episode 2166

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 13 February 1997

(Granada Plus -
Monday 15 April 2002)

[Dee De La Cruz first episode.]

Dee de la Cruz

NOTE: this episode review is based on the officially released synopsis, and a review by Yorkshire Televison

A new arrival (Eric's mystery fiance) shocks the village. Dee De has arrived from the Phillipines. Betty tries to befriend her.

Linda has turned down Chris again, so Chris takes out his anger on Biff at work and Chris does what he has wanted to do for ages, and fires Biff.

While Frank is faced with disaster as some of his past schemes catch up with him. Frank is convinced that it is Kim out to get him.



PART 1 - Ned asks Jack for some time off as it would have been Dave's birthday today ; he & Jan are going to the cemetery & then Jan wants to have a get together later ; Jack thinks that this is a bit strange ; Ned asks him to bring the kids with him as a distraction ; they are interrupted by Helen Ackroyd ; Jack tells her to leave until he finds out that she may be digging the dirt on Frank Tate ; ints Zak Dingle's bedroom ; Lisa is wearing him out ; Kathy is working hard to forget Dave's birthday ; Betty makes her stop & consider going to his grave & telling him how she feels ; Roy doesn't want to spend the evening with his mum & dad ; he suggests staying with Biff & Linda again, but Biff wants to visit Dave's grave ; Chris arrives & accuses Biff of leaving all the chalet doors open last night ; Biff knows that he locked them all, but Chris seems determined to be nasty to him & make a point in front of Linda ; Mandy & Betty notice that Eric is looking trendy in a flashy tie ; everyone knows that his fiancee is duein town today ; he tells them that they will see a new Eric from today onwards & then leaves them to it ; Kathy takes flowers to Dave's grave, but finds that Kim has got there first ; a bunch of red roses have been placed there ; Kathy throws hers down & marches off ; Marlon & Butch are waiting for the supermarket man to arrive to look at the pigs ; Butch threatens Marlon to sort out the situation ; he is worried that his pigs are getting homesick ; Biff & Roy find Kathy in the graveyard ; she has been crying & tells
Biff about Kim's roses ; he decides to hide them when he
sees Jan approaching ; Jack speeds over to see Frank after
being told by Helen about supposed corruption over the
quarry access road ; Jack accuses Frank of giving out
bribes, but Frank warns him that that is slander ; he
threatens Jack & denies everything ; the Glovers visit
Dave's grave ; Roy has removed the card from the red roses
& Jan is pleased to think that they are from Kathy ; Eric
is panicking as he rushes to change the tyre on his car ; a
van drives past & splashes him with mud ; Biff & Roy arrive back at Home Farm ; they are late ; Chris is waiting ; he
makes a callous remark when he finds out that it would have
been Dave's birthday ; he has just been looking for an
excuse & sacks Biff.

PART 2 - Zak praises Lisa's pigs, not realising that they
are really his own ; he is unnerved by Barry's smile ; Lisa
tells Butch & Marlon that she has managed to sell all the
pigs for a good price ; Marlon slinks off as Butch runs
after him ; Betty calls in the post office & apologises to
Vic for telling him about Kelly & Tom ; she wishes that she
had just sorted it out herself ; Vic tells her that she was
not to blame ; Frank interrupts them asking if Helen
Ackroyd has been asking any questions ; he tells them not
to believe anything that they may hear & that Kim is to
blame ; Linda is fussing over a kitten when Biff bursts
into the surgery ; he tells Linda that he has been sacked by
Chris ; Zoe tries to calm Linda down ; Vic is outside the
post office when a taxi pulls up ; a beautiful Asian girl
gets out & asks Vic if he knows where there is a nightclub
like Rick's Bar in Casablanca ; she is actually looking for
Pollard's & walks off without introducing herself ; Lisa celebrates her pig sale with cream teas all round ; Marlon
has mysteriously got a black eye (Butch hit him with a
rake) ; the mystery girl appears in the tearooms & asks to
see Eric Pollard, her fiancee ; Frank arrives home & finds
himself being photographed by Helen Ackroyd's sidekick ;
surprisingly he invites her in ; Eric arrives back ;
everyone laughs behind his back ; Marlon invites Kathy for
a drink ; she refuses ; Eric tries to telephone the airport
; Mandy & Kathy listen in & then tell Eric that his
" package" as he called it has arrived ; he is appalled to
hear that she has been taken to Betty's ; Frank is trying
to find out where Helen has got all her information about
him ; she says that she just needs a bit more before she
can write her story ; Biff bursts in while they are talking
; he tells Frank that Chris has sacked him ; Chris looks
smugly on as he makes Biff tell Frank about going to
Dave's grave ; Frank agrees with Chris's decision & tells
Biff to leave ; Helen watches all this & then starts to ask
about Kim's whereabouts ; Frank becomes uncomfortable ;
they are interrupted again, but this time it is the police
; DI Farrar arrests both Frank & Chris in connection with the conspiracy to defraud Skipdale Melthorn Insurance PLC
in November 1991 ; Ackroyd notes all this ; Betty finds out
that Dee is from the Phillipines ; she is shocked that they
have only met once & are now engaged ; Dee asks her about
Eric ; Betty sarcastically calls him "a prince among men as
long as the men are the Dingles" ; Eric bursts in obviously
worried about what Betty maybe saying to Dee ; he drags her
away ; Frank tells Sophie to phone Zoe as he is taken away
in a police car.

Episode 2167

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 18 February 1997

(Granada Plus - Tuesday 16 April 2002)

NOTE: this episode review is based on the officially released synopsis, and a review by Yorkshire Televison

Biff realises how much Linda loves him and they share some romantic time together.

Zoe's had enough of Frank's lies as one mystery after another seems to be landing in the familys' laps. Zoe is dispatched to Zurich to clear up the latest mess.

While Kelly is determined to build her life with Tom. Tom applies for a job in North Wales. Vic goes to visit his daughter to take her back home again, however Kelly issues an ultimatum, urging him to accept the situation or loose her for good.


PART 1 - ext night s Home Farm ; Helen Ackroyd is filing her report on the arrests ; Frank is being interviewed about the hijacking of one of his own lorries which happened 5 years ago ; Terry Prince (a dodgy friend of Frank's) has admitted taking part on Frank's behalf ; the police were alerted by a tip off ; Frank becomes nasty when he hears this as he is sure that Kim must be behind it ; Dee is tired after her flight & cold because of the change in climate ; she fusses over Eric, but he is nice to her ; she asks whether Betty & Kathy are two of the widows that he supposedly employs from the village ; that must be what Eric has told her ; Butch is insisting on taking his pigs back home ; he is worried that Zak will find out about the missing 5 ; Barry overhears them talking ; he claims that he knew they were not Lisa's pigs by their waste ; Marlon panics when Zak & Lisa turn up ; they want to know what is going on ; Marlon thinks that Barry is going to squeal on them, but instead he makes up a story about pig thieves & how Butch & Marlon saved Lisa's pigs ; Marlon goes along with it & even starts to exaggerate about the size of thegang ; Zak asks Barry when he is moving on ; Barry says that the place he was going to move to has fallen through & that he is sure that Butch & Marlon would not like to see him go ; Butch has to back him up ; Zak wants to know what he does all day in his barn ; Barry starts to get technical & makes a smart remark ; Butch laughs until he sees Zak's face ; Chris is being interviewed by DI Farrar now ; he is denying everything & is told that he could get 5 years in
prison ; Dee is in the wine bar ; Kathy & Mandy are trying
to find out why she has come all this way to see Eric ;
Rachel tells Kathy about the lorry hijack ; Kathy remembers
it happening, but doesn't really know anything ; Frank
tells DI Farrar that he is an alcoholic & that Kim used to
worry that associating with Terry Prince would start him
drinking again ; the police want to know where Kim is ;
Frank says that she has left him ; Zak is trying to find
out what Barry is up to in his barn ; there are strange noises & smells coming from there ; DI Farrar speaks to
Frank's solicitor ; he wants to see Frank's papers from
1990-92 ; as the solicitor tells him, those papers are
already with the inland revenue thanks to Kim ; the police
want to interview her ; Frank & Chris are being released on
police bail pending further enquiries ; Viv is going to
view a 3 bedroom cottage in Robblesfield ; she hopes that
perhaps Kelly might move in ; Ned & Jan offer Biff & Linda
a home ; Zoe is pleased to have Frank & Chris home, but
furious to think that they have lied to the police.

PART 2 - Marlon tries to set up a scene to make it look as
if the Dingle pigs have been stolen ; Vic barges his way
into Eric's house so that he can be introduced to Dee ;
Eric gets rid of him as quickly as possible ; Dee
apologises for falling asleep last night, but seems ready
now to get back the closeness that they had in Manilla ;
Eric seems reluctant to rush into anything ; Frank
apologises to Zoe & admits that he is frightened ; Zoe
worries about what is going to come out next ; they are
both afraid of what Kim could do ; Zak believes Marlon &
Butch's story about the pig thieves ; he is distracted by Lisa's attempt to seduce him ; Frank is adamant that he &
Chris had nothing to do with the hijack because they had
tried to call it off ; Zoe interrupts them to inform them
that the police have been asking her questions about Kim's
whereabouts ; Chris suggests that Frank hires Pete McCarty
again to try & find her ; Biff & Linda are clearing out the
cottage ; he gets upset because he thinks that he has let
Linda down & he knows that he will never get another job so
local ; he even feels that their marriage is a sham because
it has not yet been consumated ; Linda reassures him that
she still loves him ; Mandy & Betty try & fish for
information from Dee about her first night with Eric ; they
are shocked to hear Dee use words such as "passionate" &
" gentleman" about Eric ; Betty nearly faints with the
gossip overload at the moment ; DI Farrar visits Kathy ;
Tom has applied for a job in Aberystwyth ; Kelly is not
keen on the idea ; Vic visits them ; Eric takes Dee to the
Woolpack where he introduces Alan as his oldest friend ;
Alan is shocked to meet Dee & at being described as a
friend of Eric's ; he asks where they met & is suspicious
when Eric says that it was in a bar in Manilla ; Terry forces him to give them free drinks ; Biff & Linda have
finally slept together ; their happiness is marred when
Chris calls ; he insults Biff & then warns Linda that he
could make things much worse for her family if he wanted ;
Kelly & Tom are cold towards Vic ; he tells Kelly that he
wants her to come home ; Kelly insists that she loves Tom &
that if Vic does not accept that he will never see her

Episode 2168

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 19 February 1997

(Granada Plus - Wednesday 17 April 2002)

NOTE: this episode review is based on the officially released synopsis, and a review by Yorkshire Televison

Pollard and Dee struggle to do the right thing as they struggle with each others' different cultures.

Marlon and Butch investigate Barry's secret.

While Linda tells Biff the truth about Chris (trying to force her to do sexual favours for him these past few months).


PART 1 - Sophie has handed in her resignation to Frank ; she tells him that she just wants to look after children & did not bargain on police, journalists & disappearing mothers being part of the job ; Frank pleads with her to think about James as he has no one else to look after him ; Sophie agrees to stay for a while ; Frank is meeting Pete McCarty later ; he is desperate to find Kim before she can do anything else to ruin him ; Eric finds Dee in tears ; she is convinced that he doesn't want her as they have not yet slept together ; he tells her that he wants them to be friends first ; he is nervous ; Linda & Biff ask Jan & Ned if they can still move in with them ; Jan is especially pleased ; Biff offers to help them on the farm & aoplogises for not being much of a son in law ; Ned reassures him that they know what the Tates are like ; Kelly is regretting upsetting her dad, but will not change her mind about Tom ; he hears that he has got an interview for the job in Aberystwyth ; Eric asks Kathy to look after Dee for the day ; they kiss awkwardly ; Frank asks Zoe to go to Zurich for him ; he explains that he has an account there & is worried that Kim may have raided it ; he wants Zoe to go there, freeze the account & put it in his sole name ; Zoe is not happy about all this ; Frank says that she is the only one that he can trust ; he has even arranged for a locum to look after her practice ; Pete McCarty arrives ; Viv upsets Linda by implying that Biff has been sacked for a specific reason ; Vic tells Viv that Kelly has really upset him ;
Chris is jealous that Frank has entrusted Zoe with a secret
mission ; Marlon & Butch wonder why Barry is having pig
slurry piped into his barn ; it smells ; Lisa doesn't seem
surprised, but shouts at him anyway ; Pete tells Frank that
Kim must be using cash wherever she is because he has done
a trace on her credit card & it hasn't been used ; he has
also checked airline passenger lists ; it is not looking
hopeful ; Pete thinks that the hotel booking was a
diversion ; Chris demands to know where Zoe is going ;
Frank tells him ; he is using Zoe because she is so honest ; Dee is preparing some food for Eric ; Betty thinks that
it is rubbish & throws it away ; Dee explains what she was
trying to prepare, but Betty doesn't know how to make
anything except plain English cooking ; Marlon overhears
Lisa giving Barry an ultimatum about getting out of the
barn ; he tells her that he needs one more week to finish
whatever he is doing ; Linda tells Biff about the new locum
that is starting ; Jack commiserates with Biff about his
job, but he is a bit touchy ; Barry locks up the barn ;
Butch & Marlon take the opportunity to try & sneak a look
inside ; Marlon climbs the ladder, but Butch lets go &
Marlon lands face down in the pig muck.

PART 2 - Marlon is covered ; he tries to persuade Barry to
go out for a drink that evening ; Barry isn't interested
until Marlon tells him that Zak is an expert in pig muck ;
Steve warns Rachel that she should be taking an interest in
the Tate case as it could affect Joseph's future ; Dee has
made some ginger & chicken soup & asks Kathy & Betty to try
it ; Kathy thinks it is delicious, but Betty sniffs it &
refuses to try any ; Linda tells her mum that she loves her
; she is grateful for their support ; she is feeling bad because she cannot tell anyone about Chris ; Viv tells Vic
that she wants him to buy her out of the post office so
that she can buy a place with Terry ; he is furious that
she had the affair & now he has to pay for it ; Jack & Alan
are talking about Frank ; Vic follows Viv into the Woolpack
& carries on the row ; Alan intervenes & Vic calls him a
" pompous old git" ; Butch & Marlon hang around the farm
waiting for Barry to go to the pub ; Biff is torturing
himself about being sacked ; he seriously thinks that he
pushed Chris Tate too far & that he deserved it ; Linda
cannot bear to see Biff take the blame ; Marlon breaks into
Barry's barn & alarms start ringing, lights flash ; Barry
has caught them ; Linda tearfully tells Biff about Chris ;
he is so angry & immediately wants to go & sort Chris out ;
Linda shouts at him to leave it as her family have lost
enough already ; Biff vows to get even with Chris.

Episode 2169 - One Hour Special

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 20 February 1997

(Granada Plus - Thursday 18 April 2002)

[Paddy Kirk's first episode]

NOTE: this episode review is based on the officially released synopsis, and a review by Yorkshire Televison

Vet Paddy Kirk arrives in Emmerdale

Paddy Kirk arrrives to act as locum vet for Zoe (while she is in Zurich sorting the family business out.) He overhears Linda and Biff talking about what Chris has put her through these past few months and later unwittingly tells Ned.

Ned takes the law into his own hands. Armed with a shotgun Ned heads for Home Farm and takes Chris for a drive in the country. Eventually other members of his family and Frank join him and persuade Ned not to kill Chris. While Chris only just escapes with his life. Yet another PR. disaster for the Tate empire.

Pollard and Dee take a romantic break - or more accurately a business trip to Whitby. While there, other antique dealers flirt with Dee, which incurs Eric's anger. He defends her hounour and the business trip is a failure.

The Dingles discover Barry's great dream. He isn't interested in getting back with Lisa, he just needs her pig muck to fuel his rocket. He has dreams of taking it into space. Butch and Marlon discover this after believing he was making alcahol and ended up drinking watered down pig muck.


PART 1 - Biff & Linda are moving out of their cottage ; Chris turns up to twist the knife once more ; Linda stops Biff from doing anything rash ; Eric is going to Whitby on business ; Dee is still worried about their relationship ; he invites her to come to Whitby with him ; Butch & Marlon are nervous about going back to Lisa's farm ; they try & explain why to Zak, but he isn't interested ; Eric & Dee set off for Whitby ; Dee is excited ; Terry can see why Vic is upset at Viv asking him to buy her out of the business ; Betty interrupts them & makes a sarky comment ; Linda meets the locum vet (Paddy Kirk) ; he is being barked at by a lively dog (Mac) ; Kathy is distracted by a pregnancy testing kit ; Zak is looking for Butch & Marlon with an axe ; they make him doubt Lisa ; he bans them from the farm ; Biff visits Linda at the surgery ; Paddy overhears them talking about Chris attempting to rape Linda ; Vic visits the bank manager to ask for a loan ; she turns him downbecause the business is not doing well ; she recommends that he sells the business ; Jack & Ned are busy lambing ; Paddy arrives to see to a breech birth, but is too late ; Jack asks him to stay anyway ; Frank is still looking for Kim ; he has got an appointment with his solicitor to discuss James's future ; he tells Chris that if Kim harms their son, he will "destroy her" ; Paddy doesn't realise that Ned is Linda's father & tells him about Chris trying to rape her ; ned can't believe it & goes rushing off ; Betty gives Terry her views on sex ; Alan wants to know if
Terry is planning to move on ; Betty is getting a new
lodger ; Ned gets his shotgun out of the cupboard ; he
tells Jan that he is just going to hunt a fox ; she has
just sorted out Biff & Linda's room & is quite chirpy ; Vic
visits Steve & asks if he would like to invest in the shop
; Steve is patronising to him & sends him packing ; Seth
finds Ned heading towards Home Farm ; he sees the shotgun &
presumes that Ned is poaching ; Mandy moans to Betty that
she can't get a man ; she finds Kathy's pregnancy testing
kit ; Ned confronts Chris with the loaded gun.

PART 2 - Chris is scared & tries to deny everything ; Ned is
angry ; Sophie interrupts them with Joseph, but senses that
she isn't wanted ; Steve is scathing about Vic in front of
Terry ; Terry makes a remark & Alan tells him off ; Paddy
tells Linda how he has put his foot in it with her dad ;
vars' Whitby ; Dee receives admiring glances from 2 lads ;
Eric takes her into the auction rooms ; he bargains with
the owner & is ready to reach a deal, but then he starts to
insult Dee ; Eric cancels his order & walks out smashing a
fake teapot on the way ; Linda charges up to where Jack is
lambing ; Jack tells her that Ned has gone missing & Linda
panics ; Zak finds Lisa playing her violin ; she reassures
him that she will get rid of Barry & that she loves him ;
he is worried that his family may put her off ; Ned is
still threatening Chris ; he still refuses to admit
anything ; they are interrupted again by Rachel this time ;
Ned hides while she confronts Chris about Joseph's
maintenance money which is late again ; she notices that he
is behaving strangely ; Ned takes Chris away from the
office ; Barry, Zak & Lisa sit in her sitting room ; Barry
is forever fiddling with something & this gets on Zak's nerves ; Lisa orders Barry to show Zak what he has been
working on for the last few years in the barn ; Butch tastes
the liquid that they stole from Barry ; it turns out to be
pigs urine ; Linda tells Biff that her dad knows about
Chris ; they worry even more when Jan tells them that Ned
came home earlier for his gun ; Alice asks Betty if she has
got any gossip ; Kathy tells Mandy that she cannot face
doing the pregnancy test ; Linda has told her mum about
Chris ; she wants to call the police, but Biff stops her ;
Eric is fuming with the auction room man for insulting Dee
; she calms him down ; they go to check into their hotel ;
Kathy tells Mandy that she has had a miscarriage before &
is worried that it may happen again ; Mandy tells her to
take care, but then makes a thoughtless remark about it not
being Dave's baby ; the hotel manager makes Eric feel
uncomfortable when he asks for a double room ; Mandy
apologises to Kathy who starts crying ; she misses Dave ;
Biff & Linda arrive at Home Farm ; they find Frank in the
office ; Linda demands to know where Chris is ; Ned is
making him drive at gunpoint ; Chris is sweating ; Marlon &
Butch arrive at Barry's barn ; they tell Zak that Barry has tried to poison Butch by brewing "pig piddle" ; they
thought that it was whisky ; Barry reveals his lifes work -
a rocket ; Lisa looks on proudly ; he tells them that it is
fuelled by the waste product from pigs ; Zak mocks him & he
decides to go for a launch - now.

PART 3 - Zak is still mocking Barry's rocket ; Butch &
Marlon are interested ; Marlon presses the button too early
; they all watch as the rocket launches, but then comes
back down to earth with a parachute ; Eric & Dee are the
only customers in the hotel restaurant ; Dee starts to say
grace ; she thinks that the hotel is wonderful ; Ned is just
making Chris sit in the car in the dark ; Frank tries to
telephone his mobile, but Ned throws it out of the car &
makes him drive on ; the last of the wine bar customers
leave & Kathy & Mandy open a bottle of wine ; Mandy
encourages Kathy to do the test ; the manager is making Dee
uncomfortable ; Eric notices ; Marlon & Butch decide to
start selling pig slurry for fuel ; Dee goes up to the
hotel room ; she is still confused by Eric's behaviour ; he
tells her that she can leave if she wants to ; Kathy is not
pregnant ; Ned has made Chris drive into the quarry ; Chris tries get him to talk , but Ned is serious about wanting to
do him harm ; Marlon has filled Zak's van with pig fuel ;
he tries to drive it away, but pulls open the door to the
barn ; it reveals Barry's real masterpiece - a giant rocket
; Dee is ready for bed ; Eric comforts her at last ; Ned
drags Chris from the car ; he blames Chris for everything
bad that has happened to him or his family in the last few
years ; he seems to be having a breakdown ; Frank arrives
with Linda & Biff ; Ned still wants to kill Chris, but
Linda screams at him & Biff gets the gun ; Frank tells
Chris that he is ashamed of him ; Chris says that he was
never much of a man even before the accident ; Ned throws
his gun into the quarry & Chris cries with relief.

Episode 2170

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 25 February 1997

(Granada Plus - Friday 19 April 2002)

NOTE: this episode review is based on the officially released synopsis, and a review by Yorkshire Televison

Dee is invited for a night out with the girls.

The Glovers are made a tempting offer.

While Frank attempts to scare off the Press.

PART 1 - Linda is furious with her father for attacking Chris ; she doesn't want that kind of interference ; Ned is unrepentant & would do the same again ; they all row & Roy welcomes Biff to the Glover family ; Frank advises Chris to go away for a while ; Chris is still insisting that all he did was flirt with Linda, but Frank knows the truth ; he despairs at having to bail Chris out of trouble yet again ; Chris wants Ned to be charged with kidnapping at the very least ; Frank isn't interested & wants Chris out of his sight ; s rocket (white, red stripe, black & white checks) in daylight ; Butch & Marlon have a good look ; Barry tells them that this is his prototype & that if all goes well, his next rocket will be manned ; Butch wants to know why he is going to all this trouble ; Barry explains that he wants a place in history - the first home made manned rocket into space ; Butch & Marlon make fun of him until they find out that the prize money is $6 million ; Tom sets off for his interview in Aberystwyth ; Kelly reassures him that she isbehind him all the way ; Linda finds Paddy with a raging hangover ; she tells him what is on the agenda today - Cloughs Farm at 10, new calf at the Gilberts & then Home Farm to look at a horse ; Linda tells Paddy that she can't go up there ; he apologises for telling her dad about Chris, but then tries to make her see that she has to do her job ; he takes pity on her as long as she gets him some asprin ; Betty critisizes Dee's cutlery cleaning ability ; she really patronises her, but Dee takes it all in her
stride ; Rachel overhears & tells Kathy who remarks that
Dee is very patient with both Betty & Mandy ; Rachel wants
to invite her out for a drink ; Dee is not sure & when Eric
comes in he pretends that they have already made
arrangements ; Rachel is undeterred though & insists that
Dee comes out with them first ; Eric looks worried ; Pete
McCarty has drawn a blank on finding Kim ; Frank cannot
understand where she is getting her money from as she has
not taken any out of the bank accounts ; to make matters
worse, Helen Ackroyd turns up ; Zak hears about the six million dollars & is overcome that Lisa must have known
about that, yet still chose to be with him ; Butch & Marlon
ignore him as they are thinking of ways that they can get a
slice of the money ; Helen is questionning Frank again ; he
offers to double her salary to stop the story & then
threatens to sue her for libel & trespassing ; this just
serves to make her more interested ; Pete McCarty is
visiting Kim's solicitor ; he makes things worse for Frank
by pretending to be an old friend of Kim's & tells the
solicitor that he is concerned about her ; she apparently
shares his concern & tells Pete that she is going to place
Kim's file in the hands of the police after reading some
instructions from her client ; the Glovers are having a
meal when Frank turns up ; he receives a hostile welcome,
but tells them that he has come to make them an offer.

PART 2 - Frank tells the Glovers that he wants to make
amends for Chris's treatment of Linda ; he offers Biff his
job back & then offers the Glovers a years free rent ; Ned
wants to know if there is a catch ; Frank assures him that
he means every word, but doesn't want Chris's actions spoken
of again ; Biff tells him to stuff his job & Ned refuses his offer ; Frank leaves ; Marlon tricks Barry into leaving his
barn & Butch nips in ; Pete tells Frank that he cannot help
him anymore ; he doesn't want to become involved ; Frank
tries to reassure him that he is not involved in Kim's
disappearance & that she is just trying to stitch him up ;
Linda gets upset & pleads with Biff to accept Frank's offer
& restore her pride ; she wants the matter forgotten ; Zak
is very chirpy as he is confident now that Lisa loves him ;
he has picked her some daffodils, but hides them when Butch
& Marlon come home ; they have stolen Barry's plans for his
rocket design ; Marlon plans to blackmail him ; the water
out of Zak's vase is leaking under the table & Butch &
Marlon look suspiciously at him ; the girls are having a
night out in the Woolpack with Dee ; they fire questions at
her, but she doesn't tell them much & refuses the offer of a
vodka ; Paddy is lodging with Betty & Seth ; he is having a
drink with Seth in the Woolpack ; Seth tells him that Betty
only knows 3 dishes unfortunately ; Betty walks in at that
moment & spots Dee having a drink with the girls ; she puts
her foot in it again & Dee leaves ; Tom arrives home ; he
has got the job (head of year 12 & 13) ; the head gave him a good reference surprisingly ; Dee arrives at the wine bar ;
she teases Eric by telling him that she told the girls the
truth about how they met ; Eric looks shocked until he
realises that she is joking ; Rachel is busy at the computer
even though she has invited Sarah & Kathy back for a drink ;
she shows them what she has discovered on the internet -
that Dee is a Mail Order Bride ; Paddy is getting drunk with
Betty & Seth ; he hears all about the caravan & frying pan
incident when Betty was arrested ; he asks Betty why she &
Seth are not married & Betty tells him that she is a free
spirit ; Marlon is trying to hatch a plan to get a share of
Barry's money ; DI Cook arrives at Home Farm with a warrant
to search the premises in connection with the disappearance
of Kim Tate.

Episode 2171

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 26 February 1997

(Granada Plus - Monday 22 April 2002)

NOTE: this episode review is based on the officially released synopsis, and a review by Yorkshire Televison

D I Cooke increases the pressure on Frank.

Dee outwits Pollard,

While Kelly is scared of losing Tom.


PART 1 - Linda is determined to carry on her life as normal & not let Chris's actions stop her working for Zoe ; she also tells her mum that she is going to accept Frank's offer of the free rent ; Biff is still determined not to go back to Home Farm to work though ; the police visit Frank & show him a letter that Kim lodged with her solicitor before her disappearance ; in the letter she says that she is living in fear of Frank after he threatened to kill her & that if she does not contact her solicitor on the 25th of every month she has instructed her to show the letter to the police ; Frank cannot believe that Kim has stooped so low ; Tom has received official confirmation of his job & they want him to start next week ; Kelly has gone off the idea ; Barry has taken it for granted that Lisa will be his co-pilot for his space mission ; she refuses & tells Butch & Marlon ; Marlon nominates Butch because he claims that he gets nose bleeds at height ; Linda goes to Home Farm & finds the place crawling with police ; Seth tells her that they are looking for Kim ; Frank gives Linda the new agreement between himself & the Glovers ; he is brisk with her & makes sure that she knows to keep quiet about the whole incident now ; DI Cook talks to Sophie ; she wants to know when she last saw Kim ; Sophie can remember the date exactly because of the row between Kim & Frank ; she is telling the DI all about it when Chris interrupts them ; Rachel & Kathy are discussing Dee & the fact that she is a Mail Order Bride ; they don't know whether to say anything
to her ; she then accuses them of being patronising to her &
Rachel decides to tell her what they know ; Barry does not
want Butch as his co-pilot "he's the least well equipped
astronaut I've ever seen" ; Butch then surprises them both
by telling them all about warp propulsion ; Rachel explains
to Dee how she knows about her ; Dee tries to deny it, but
then gets defensive ; Rachel tells her that she is worried
that Eric may be exploiting her & that immigration may think
she is an economic migrant ; Dee walks off saying that Eric
loves her & that is all that matters ; Butch explains that he knows about astronomy from his comics ; Zak can't believe
that he has volunteered to go up in Barry's rocket - his
chance of fame & fortune ; Eric is annoyed that the girls
have found out about how he met Dee ; she makes him realise
that it does not matter what they think, but then tells him
that the conversation with Rachel has made her think ; she
should not be working in the wine bar ; Eric isn't happy.

PART 2 - Dee doesn't want anyone to think that Eric is
exploiting her ; he agrees that she does not have to work ;
Viv tells Terry the rumour about Dee ; Lisa gives Butch the
good news - Barry has selected him for his mission ; Marlon
is delighted as he sees the merchandising prospects ; Butch
is proud, but Zak is horrified ; Chris is secretly enjoying
seeing his dad squirm through all this Kim business ; the
kids have been treasure hunting at the quarry ; Andy has
found a gold cufflink ; Linda tells Ned that she has
accepted Frank's offer & that she wants the matter to rest
now ; Ned actually wishes that he had killed Chris ; Jan
tells him to grow up ; Tom tells Kelly that she cannot move
to Aberystwyth with him at first because he is living in a
single person's place ; Barry talks to Butch about his training ; Marlon insists that he should be paid ; Barry
tells him that he will get #1 million if the mission is
successful ; his training begins with orientation
familiarisation ; this involves Butch climbing into a
barrel & Barry putting the lid on ; Butch is then pushed
down a slope ; Kelly & Tom argue about what she is going to
do when Tom goes to Wales ; the Dingles descend on the
Woolpack ; Butch is a bit disoriented ; Barry orders a
dandelion & burdock ; Zak refuses to let Butch back out of
the idea now as there is so much money at stake ; Kelly is
hysterical & starts ripping up her clothes ; Eric warns
Rachel to keep her nose out of his affairs ; he is quite
menacing, but she refuses to be intimidated ; DI Farrar &
Cooke have not come up with anything at Home Farm ; they
tell Frank that it is still a potential murder
investigation though ; he reminds them that they still
haven't found a body.

Episode 2172

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 27 February 1997

(Granada Plus -
Tuesday 23 April 2002)

[The Cairns' Family arrive.]

NOTE: this episode review is based on the officially released synopsis, and a review by Yorkshire Televison

Butch trains to be an astronaut.

Tom plans to leave Emmerdale,

While Andy makes a terrifying discovery when falling into the quarry.

The Cairns Family - Tony, Becky, Charlie, Emma and Will


PART 1 - the police are still searching Home Farm ; Frank panics Chris when he says that he wants to start looking into Kim's livery business as she has to be getting her money from somewhere ; Chris offers to investigate ; he gets a backhanded compliment from his dad when he tells him that Chris "is the only one who can beat Kim in the deviousness stakes" ; Kelly wakes up after the previous night to find her clothes strewn around where she left them in a fit of temper ; she is worried that Tom may think she is childish, but he admits that he doesn't feel too grown up at the moment ; Dee is looking for something in Eric's wallet, but has to put it down when Eric comes into the room ; he moans about her not being able to work ; they obviously slept together last night ; Donna wants to go to the quarry again ; Robert is worried that Jack & Sarah might find out ; Andy is puzzled when he hears from Donna that Mr Pollard got a bride through the post ; Viv smiles ; Kelly tells Tom that if he left her, she would have no one ; he assures her that he is not going anywhere ; Butch is in the vets to collect something for Lisa ; he wants to impress Linda & starts to tell her about his training programme & that he is going to become an astronaut ; Paddy walks in at that moment & thinks that Butch is a nutter ; Linda tells him that Butch is intelligent compared to his brother ; it is Paddy's last day & he admits that he will miss Emmerdale ; Eric is a bit grumpy & Betty immediately thinks that he must have had a row with Dee (or Princess
Lotus Blossom as she calls her) ; they are rowing when Dee
arrives ; she asks Eric for some housekeeping money ; he
tells her to watch out for Vic Windsor ; Betty makes a
sarcastic comment ; Barry isn't impressed when Butch turns
up late for his second training session ; he's going to
learn weightlessness ; Barry admits that one of his main
reasons for going into space is to escape from women ; Biff
is staring up at Home Farm & watching all the police
activity ; a woman & 3 children ask him the way to the
holiday village as they are living there while they house hunt ; Biff tells them that it isn't open for the season
yet, but the stranger tells him that they have an
arrangement with the owner ; Biff directs them ; Terry
mentions to Zak that he should think about insuring Butch
for his mission ; Dee walks into the Woolpack, but seems
nervous when Eric is not there ; Zak puts his arm round her
& starts to talk about Mandy ; Eric arrives & doesn't like
seeing another man touching Dee ; Terry makes a sarcastic
comment ; Barry shows Butch the simulation tank for his
weightlessness exercise ; it is a water tank full of saline
& salt water ; Butch doesn't want to get in, but is forced
into it ; Barry & Marlon cover him up ; Vic & Viv talk
about Andy playing with Donna ; Vic doesn't see anything
wrong with it ; they are both surprised when Kelly turns up
with Tom ; she asks to move back home.

PART 2 - Kelly stresses to Vic that she is only coming back
while Tom finds somewhere for them to live in Wales ; Vic
obviously hopes that they will split up ; the Cairns arrive
at the holiday village to find the chalet is locked & the
place deserted ; the kids are not impressed ; Butch is
still in the tank ; Barry wants him to orientate his senses ; Marlon wants to go off to the pub, but Barry makes him
stay ; DI Cook tells Frank that the police will be leaving
Home Farm, but she is continuing her enquiries ; he is
furious that they still suspect him ; Rebecca Cairns does
not get a warm welcome from Frank who thinks that she is a
reporter ; Dee tells Betty that she cannot work anymore ;
Eric asks Dee if she has any change from her shopping trip
; Dee thinks that he doesn't trust her & walks out ; Butch
has quite enjoyed being in the tank ; the kids are at the
quarry again ; Donna finds a fossil & Andy chucks it away ;
she is annoyed with him & he promises to find it for her ;
Frank tells Roy off in front of the Cairns for not sorting
out the holiday village ; Terry is bored with Viv talking
about Kelly & Vic ; Butch races in & demands a whisky as he
is freezing ; Andy is trying to reach Donna's stone, but
falls in the water & disappears under the ice ; the Cairns
walk into the Woolpack & find Butch in there warming his
feet ; Robert & Donna help Andy get out of the water ; he
tells them that he saw a woman in a car underwater.

Episode 2173

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 4 March 1997

(Granada Plus - Wednesday 24 April 2002)

NOTE: this episode review is based on the officially released synopsis, and a review by Yorkshire Televison

There's a grim discovery in the quarry [Kim's car with a body in it].

Robert and Andy hit the bottle.

While Frank is confronted by personal tragedy.


PART 1 - Police underwater diving team have been searching the water in the quarry & a car is winched out ; Frank recognises Kim's car ; DI Cook tells him that there was a womans body inside ; Frank looks sad ; Viv assures Vic that Donna is fine after the shock events at the quarry ; he is not happy about her being left with Terry ; Kelly asks if Tom can help her bring some of her belongings in ; Viv tells Vic to hold his tongue because hopefully Tom will be out of their lives soon ; Robert had nightmares about the body, but Andy is full of it ; he is just pleased to be having a day off school ; Jack takes them off to help at the farm ; Zoe arrives back from Zurich ; Chris tells her about the body ; she is shocked ; Eric flatters Dee ; he assures her that he doesn't care how they met & that he loves her ; he formally asks her to marry him, but wants her to love him rather than just have a marriage of convenience ; he puts a ring on her finger ; Tom leaves for his new job in Wales ; Terry is looking through the stock & tells Alan that they are out of champagne ; Donna comesdownstairs ; Zoe & Frank are at the quarry ; Frank just knows that the body is Kim's ; DI Cook needs to speak to him; Biff is glad to be helping the Sugdens out ; he tells Ned that he is trying to save up for Linda's birthday ; unfortunately the Glovers have had the same idea for a present & Biff is put out ; they are paying for Biff & Lindato have a second honeymoon in a hotel ; Andy is telling Victoria all about the state of the body ; Kelly & Donna are
talking about it as well ; Kelly also tells Donna about
Aberystwyth (171 miles from Emmerdale) ; Vic is fussing over
the girls ; Frank identifies Kim's body ; it is not a pretty
sight judging by his face ; he breaks down outside the
Chapel of Rest & tells Zoe that Kim does not deserve that.
PART 2 - Seth & Roy discuss Kim ; Seth will miss her, but
Roy still blames her for Dave's death ; they hear a noise
from the stables & find Charlie snooping round ; Seth
suggests that Roy shows her around ; he then stops at one
of the stables & sees a picture of Kim with her horse ; Robert & Andy buy some sweets in the shop ; they want to
brag to Donna that they have been interviewed by the police
& she hasn't ; they find Donna about to try a cup of whisky
; she tells them that it is good for stress ; Robert agrees
to try it, but Andy refuses to touch it ; he has bad
memories of his drunken grandma ; Eric is really pleased
when Dee tells him that the meal she has just cooked (duck
with vegetables) did not cost anything as she picked
everything up that she needed on her walk - the duck came
from the stream near the church ; Mandy has set up her
Munchbox in a busy layby, but another burger van is taking
all her trade ; she asks Marlon to move them on ; he isn't
keen until he notices that 2 old people seem to be running
it ; Robert is a bit drunk ; Kelly has been shopping to try
& forget about missing Tom ; she asks Viv if she can come to
the Woolpack with her as she is getting fed up of her dad
fussing over her ; Chris is not mourning Kim & Frank
overhears him tell Zoe that Frank is better off without her
; surprisingly Frank disagrees ; he tells Chris & Zoe that
Kim was the one passion of his life & that even though they
hurt each other, they were made for each other ; he starts to cry ; Chris can't believe his reaction ; Roy asks Charlie
to get the drinks in as he disappears off to the gents ; he
does not want to admit that he is not yet old enough to
drink ; Charlie orders herself a Southern Comfort & Lemonade
; Kelly claims to her mum to have found the love of her life
; Viv humours her ; Eric announces his engagement in the
Woolpack ; Marlon has seen off Mandy's competition & she is
doing a roaring trade ; they talk about Kim & why she might
have been at the quarry ; Frank is spending time with James
; he blames himself for Kim's death & does not want James to
find out about the million pound offer he made Kim ; he asks
Zoe to look after James when he is gone.

Episode 2174

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 5 March 1997

(Granada Plus - Thursday 25 April 2002)

NOTE: this episode review is based on the officially released synopsis, and a review by Yorkshire Televison

Frank comes to terms with his loss.

Biff and Linda enjoy an intimate evening.

Barry sees his life's work go up in smoke.


PART 1 - Seth finds Frank & Peggy out in the grounds of Home Farm ; Frank says that he will never forget identifying Kim " a beautiful woman transformed into a hideous bloated mask " ; the Glovers all wish Linda a happy birthday ; Jan has even baked a cake ; Biff buys her a love CD & the Glovers give her their present - a night in the bridal suite of the Grange Park hotel ; Linda looks embarrassed ; Dee is sad that her family will not be able to attend the wedding, although she knows that they will be pleased by the news ; she asks Eric if he is religious ; he tells her that he was brought up C of E, but is not a regular church goer ; Dee is a Roman Catholic & wants to go to a church as soon as possible ; Mandy is in a chirpy mood & insists that one of the lads tows her to the layby ; Becky & the girls are shopping in the post office ; Emma seems a bit preoccupied ; Becky tells Vic & Viv that she has come to the country to pursue her dream of running a pottery business ; she says that her husband will be joining them soon ; Vic immediately jumps to the conclusion that he must be in prison ; Zoe & Frank ask Sophie to give up more of her free time to look after James ; she is happy to do it ; Rachel encourages Kathy to go with her to visit Frank ; Betty watches Dee & Eric canoodling in the tearoom ; the unmanned rocket is going to be launched tonight ; Butch is getting nervous ; Barry tells him that they only have to travel 62 miles into the air to win $6 million ; he didn't realise that it was that far ; Mandy is furious when burger rivals turn up again ; instead of two old people
this time, two hard looking lads get out of the van ; they
are looking for Marlon because he scared their mum & dad
yesterday ; Jimmy & Colin proceed to threaten Mandy & warn
her to get off their patch.

PART 2 - Becky, Charlie & Will are driving round looking
for any houses for sale ; Becky claims to know the area,
but is a bit lost ; they come across Mandy's Munchbox which
has been vandalised & dumped on the moors ; Linda is
packing for her night away ; she remembers her last honeymoon & gets sad about Dave ; Jan tries to comfort her
; the Cairns agree to tell the Dingles where Mandy has been
dumped in exchange for burgers (she is between Abrams farm &
Bromilows pond on the old Claypit road) ; Paddy is looking
after Zoe's surgery for her ; Zoe asks Chris why her name
is on documents in a Zurich bank ; she demands to know what
is going on ; Chris claims that he doesn't know ; Rachel &
Kathy turn up to offer their condolences ; Chris has to
leave ; Becky & Charlie deliver the message about Mandy to
Zak in the Woolpack ; he claims to be outraged, but when
they have gone, he refers to Mandy as a "silly cow" & tells
Marlon & Butch to go & pick her up & meet them at mission
control ; Vic drinks in the Woolpack & makes remarks about
Viv in Terry's hearing ; DI Cook asks Frank about cancelling
Kim's credit cards ; she seems to suspect him ; Zak, Barry &
Lisa get drunk together in the Woolpack ; Zak & Barry are
the best of pals now ; they set off for the rocket launch ;
Mandy, Marlon & Butch are already there ; she is telling
them about being hijacked ; Biff & Linda are enjoying their
night in the hotel ; Marlon cruelly tells Butch that Barry
has never had any intention of letting him go up into space ; they start to fight & Butch pushes Marlon onto the launch
button ; they all panic as sirens blare & lights flash ;
Barry is distraught when he realises what has happened ;
they all run for cover as the barn explodes ; meanwhile
Linda tells Biff that the earth moved ; the Dingles are
covered in debris from the rocket launch ; Barry doesn't


Episode 2175

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 6 March 1997

(Granada Plus - Friday 26 April 2002)

NOTE: this episode review is based on the officially released synopsis, and a review by Yorkshire Televison

Zak's upset by the Dingle's new lodger.

The police investigate a suspicious death.

And is it the end of the road for Frank?


PART 1 - the Dingles & Lisa survey the damage to Lisa's farm caused by the rocket explosion ; the house has been declared structurally unsound & Lisa is sure that she will not be able to claim on the insurance ; Zak tells her that she has always got a home with him ; Barry is in hospital with back problems ; DI Cooke wants to interview Home Farm staff ; Chris is rude to her, but Frank wants to be helpful ; she asks about damage to Kim's car (Roy Glover smashed it) ; Frank doesn't tell her anything ; Biff & Linda seem very close after their night away ; Kelly is jealous ; Viv warns him not to drive Kelly away ; Charlie finds Roy clearing out a stream ; she is on a walk with her mum ; DI Cooke asks to speak to Roy again ; Dee asks Mandy to make a wedding cake for her & Eric ; he is being a bit stingy as usual ; DI Cooke asks Roy about smashing up Kim's car ; he tells her that after that incident, he talked to Kim & saw things from her point of view ; she tries to get Roy to incriminate Frank ; Lisa's house is a complete wreck ; shehas packed her bags & is sad to leave ; Butch is also fed up because he has lost his chance to become an astronaut ; the Tates solicitor tells them that Kim's death is not the only thing they have got to worry about - the inland revenue & hi-jack investigation have not gone away ; DI Cooke is now talking to Seth & he confirms Roy's statement ;he tells her that Frank & Kim could not live together & could not live apart ; she hints that she suspects Frank of foul play ; Lisa looks over Mandy's caravan ; Zak has moved
all her belongings into the house & asks the rest of the
family to make themselves scarce ; Frank is depressed
because it is the post mortem on the body today ; Chris
suggests that he goes away for a while & lets him run the
company ; Chris is just thinking of himself ; Zak is
enjoying having Lisa to himself, but they are interrupted
by Barry who has discharged himself from hospital ; he
claims that he is suffering from post traumatic shock
syndrome & that he needs to be looked after ; Lisa
immediately starts to fuss over him & Zak is left to pay the taxi.

PART 2 - Lisa has put Barry in Zak's seat ; he claims that
Zak owes him ; Lisa offers him her & Zak's bedroom ; Barry
looks smug as she tucks him in ; DI Cook interviews Zoe
about the last time she saw Kim ; the DI knows about the
board meeting & wants to know if Kim & Frank argued ; Zoe
really incriminates Frank because she says that he was left
alone with Kim on the night that she disappeared ; Roy &
Charlie have a drink together ; Linda interrupts them ;
Eric invites Biff to a poker school ; he tells him that the
stakes will be low, but then describes him as a "mug
punter" ; Zoe admits that she has told the police about
Frank & Kim arguing ; Frank realises that the net is
closing in on him ; Kelly tells Viv & Vic that Tom is
coming up at the weekend ; she has told him that he can
stay with her ; Vic goes mad until Viv steps in & calms him
down ; he insists that he sleeps on the sofa ; Zoe comes
back to the surgery ; Linda wants to sort out work
arrangements, but Zoe is rushing back to Home Farm ; Paddy
will have to cover for her again ; the Cairns are having
tea in the tearooms ; Becky upsets Kathy by mentioning the Sugdens cottage ; Betty fills them in on Kathy's past &
then starts snooping round ; Chris is warning Sophie not to
speak to the press who are hanging round now ; DI Cooke
arrives looking for Frank ; she has had the results of the
post mortem ; Seth finds Frank & James ; he is thinking
about Kim & Dave ; he doesn't know what happened between
them ; Eric looks perturbed when Dee refers to the wine bar
as "our business" ; Mandy, Butch & Marlon are having to
stay out of the way at home ; Mandy is interested to hear
from Linda that Paddy is coming back ; Zak just wants to
spend some time with Lisa, but she is too busy tending to
Barry ; DI Cooke formally arrests Frank for the murder of
Kim Tate.