#2176-2183 --- 11 March 1997- 27 March 1997

Upadated 13 June 2002
Finished 30th July 2004

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Episode 2176

Original Airdate ITV
11 Mar 1997

(Granada Plus -Monday 29 April 2002)

NOTE: this episode review is based on the officially released synopsis, and a review by Yorkshire Televison

Biff tries his luck at gambling.

Mandy is attacked by Burger rivals,

While Frank faces his worst nightmare yet.

Cast includes :-


PART 1 - Mandy is determined to stand up to the burger thugs & sets up her Munchbox for the day ; Butch & Marlon are going with her ; Zak wants to join in as well, but is offended when Butch tries to tactfully tell him that he is too old ; he has to stay & help Lisa move more of Barry's belongings over instead ; Zoe has been at the police station all night ; she hasn't been allowed to see Frank ; he is going to be questioned for another 36 hours ; his solicitor advises Zoe to go home ; Frank is in his cell when he is visited by DI Cooke ; she tells him that they are checking over Kim's car ; he denies murdering Kim again ; the Cairns are freezing in the chalet ; Charlie goes back to bed & Becky plans to go & complain at Home Farm ; the Dingles set off for their showdown with the burger thugs ; they refuse to listen to Zak's advice ; Biff & Linda take the opportunity to get a few moments alone together at the surgery ; they don't get the chance at the Glovers ; Linda asks Biff to do the family shopping ; Zoe tells Linda that Paddy is arriving later & that the two of them will have tocope as she will be preoccupied with Frank & Home Farm ; Linda cannot believe that Frank killed Kim ; Biff isn't sure ; Betty is loving the gossip & condemns Frank ; Kellytells Vic & Viv that she wants to be out of the post office & near Tom as soon as possible ; Becky is complaining to Chris about the state of the chalet ; he is not being veryhelpful ; Zoe arrives & is even less friendly ; she puts Seth on the case, much to his & Becky's disgust ; Biff is
doing the shopping ; Vic is insensitive by teasing him
about being unemployed & living with his mother in law ;
Eric pops in to check whether Vic is still on for cards ;
Biff wants to play, but does not have any stake money ; Vic
surprisingly lends him #30 ; Zoe explains everything to
Sophie & asks her to stay ; Whiting is talking to Frank ;
he tells him that the police may try & get a confession out
of him today ; Butch & Marlon are ready with baseball bats
in the layby ; no sign of the thugs yet ; Biff & Terry ask
Eric to keep quiet about the poker game ; Biff feels guilty though when he has to lie to Linda ; the thugs arrive &
attack Mandy.

PART 2 - Mandy is on the floor having a burger bun stuffed
in her mouth ; Butch & Marlon mount their attack & they
drive off, not before they have smashed their car up a bit
; Robert & Andy moan because they do not get enough money
for sweets ; Sarah ignores them & goes off to see to
Victoria ; Andy takes matters into his own hands & steals a
fiver from Sarah's purse ; Robert disapproves & urges him to
put it back ; Viv tries to find out more about Becky & her
mystery husband, but Becky keeps tightlipped ; she is
placing an ad in the shop window for a suitable site for her
kiln ; Robert & Andy fight as Robert tries to get the money
back ; he tells Andy that he will get sent back if Jack &
Sarah find him stealing ; this makes Andy stop & he gives
the fiver back to Robert who is just putting it back in
Sarah's purse when he comes downstairs ; Sarah is furious
with Robert, but then Andy owns up ; Robert can't believe it
when Andy claims that he was only taking it because he gets
bullied for money at school ; Zak is upset to hear that the
Dingles sorted out the thugs by themselves ; he offers Becky prime Dingle land for her kiln ; Kathy finds Eric's
after hours card school in the wine bar (Eric, Biff, Terry,
Vic, Seth & Steve) ; Biff asks her to stay to bring him
luck ; they are playing 7 Card Stud ; Frank is still being
questionned by DI Cooke ; he loses his cool in the end ;
Biff has lost his stake money & Seth tries to make him
leave now ; Biff refuses to listen though ; he sees this as
his only chance to make any money ; Frank still insists
that Kim was alive the last time he saw her ; DI Cooke
wants to know why he never reported Kim as missing ; she
knows about the million pound deal as well ; the interview
is interrupted by a policeman bringing DI Cooke some news ;
Biff thinks that he has won in the card game, but then Vic
beats him ; he takes the opportunity to ask Kathy out
tomorrow night ; Biff is mad with himself for not quitting
earlier ; he has lost nearly #50, half of which is Jan's
housekeeping money & he also owes Vic ; Whiting tells Frank
that the police only have 5 more minutes to question Frank
; he thinks that he is about to be released, but DI Cooke
then comes in & formally charges him with the murder of Kim

Episode 2177

Original Airdate ITV
12 Mar 1997

(Granada Plus - Tuesday 30 April 2002)

NOTE: this episode review is based on the officially released synopsis, and a review by Yorkshire Televison

Ned meets an old flame - Rebecca Cairns (who he dated over twenty-five years before).

Frank faces the wrath of the courts,

While Vic makes a fool of himself with Kathy.

Cast Includes :-



PART 1 - Zoe is taking Frank a clean suit for his court appearance ; Chris is sure that he will get bail ; theCairns are now boiling in their chalet as the heating has been fixed ; Emma feels ill ; Charlie is unhelpful to Becky ; Jack & Sarah both feel sorry for Andy since he told Sarah that he was stealing the money because he was being bullied at school ; Vic slyly tells Viv about Terry playing cards ; Becky is being shown around the Dingles by Zak ; he tries to charm her, but when they come to the vacant barn, Zak finds it locked ; Barry is in there & tells him to go away ; Zoe is tense at the court ; Rachel & Steve arrive for the hearing ; Whiting tells Zoe & Chris that he will be pressing for bail for Frank on the grounds of his ill health & the fact that all the police evidence is circumstantial ; Becky watches as Zak tries to break into the barn ; Lisa has brought her pigs over from her old farm ; Zak tells her about Barry & as they discuss it, Ned appears ; he & Becky recognise each other from years ago ; Betty tells Kathy that some stock seems to have gonemissing (tea, coffee etc) ; Kathy blames herself ; Betty is nasty to Kelly, but Kathy offers her a job ; Dee is looking in her suitcase ; it is full of all the stock from the tearoom ; she hides it when Eric comes into the room ; Jan asks Linda to find out about James & how he is, who is looking after him etc ; Linda advises her not to get involved ; Biff looks guilty when he sees Jan ; he feels bad about gambling her housekeeping money ; Frank is in court ; the prosecution outlines the evidence & opposes
bail ; Biff asks Alan for a job & is surprised when he
takes him on ; he tells Alan that he has worked in a pub
before ; Viv tackles Terry about gambling when he claimed
that he was in debt ; Terry knows that Vic has told on him &
so he tells Viv about Vic's date with Kathy ; Viv looks put
out ; Frank is not given bail because the magistrate feels
that Frank may interfere with prosecuting witnesses ;
everyone looks shocked & Frank is furious as he is led out
of the court to go on remand.

PART 2 - Frank is handcuffed as he is put into a police van
& driven away from the court ; the press take photos & hound
Zoe & Rachel ; Rachel knocks Helen Ackroyd's notebook out of
her hand ; Zoe is distraught & is comforted by Chris ; Becky
& Ned have a cup of tea together ; she is sad to hear about
Dave ; they talk over old times together ; apparently Becky
wanted to live on a commune ; Ned finds it hard to believe
that she has been an army wife ; Jan is curious when she
interrupts the two of them ; Vic is pleased when Viv seems
upset about his date with Kathy ; the thugs turn up &
unhitch Mandy's Munchbox ; unfortunately, Butch, Marlon &
Mandy are still in there ; Zak & Lisa watch over their pigs
; Linda looks after Zoe ; Jan turns up & starts talking
about James ; Linda is embarrassed ; Vic is smartly dressed
for his date with Kathy ; she hasn't bothered dressing up ;
it is Biff's first night working in the Woolpack ; the
Glovers arrive to support him ; he hasn't quite got the
hang of things yet ; Chris doesn't seem to be thinking
about Frank ; he is enjoying the chance to run the business
on his own ; Zoe despairs of him ; the Dingles laugh about
being hi-jacked by the thugs ; Becky & Charlie come into the Woolpack ; Becky introduces Charlie to Linda ; she also
asks Linda if Emma could come & look around the surgery as
she loves animals ; Alan has realised that Biff lied to him
about working in a pub before ; he offers to teach him ;
Kathy & Vic have enjoyed the film ; Vic makes a fool of
himself by trying to kiss her.

Episode 2178

Original Airdate ITV
13 Mar 1997

(Granada Plus - Wednesday 1 May 2002)

A furious Tony Cairns discovers Roy in a compromising position (after Cairn daughers Charlie and Emma had persuaded him to play strip poker).

Pollard realises how desperate Dee has become, after Kathy and Betty catch her stealing tea-bags from the Tea Rooms. After reporting to Ecic, he discovers she is sending them home and that her family are really poor.

While Zoe takes over at Home Farm on a jailed Frank's request.

Lisa and Barry are going to be sued for £250,000 for the blowing up of their rented farm.

Revenge is sweet in the on-going burger war.

Tom has arrived back from Wales to collect Kelly. Both are now staying in a hotel.

Roy allowed Will Cairns into the 'Home Farm' office, where he hacked into the 'Home Farm' computer and ordered gas cilanders (as his home is cold and Chris Tate is not prepared to do anything about it).

Episode 2179

Original Airdate ITV
18 Mar 1997

(Granada Plus - Thursday 2 May 2002)

The Tates have to deal with more chaos at 'Home Farm' when 1,000 gas cilanders arrived. This just adds extra preasure to Zoe who is struggling to run two businesses. So Rachel suggest that Steve helps her. Rachel's only reservations are what Chris will thin?. Zoe is past caring.

Mandy faces another roadside attack,

While Zoe is forced to withhold valuable evidence after Andy sold her a cufflink (for £10) with the initials FT which he had found at the quarry.

Biff is employed as Steve's chaurffer for the night, as Steve has plans to head off for the casino. Biff's new job ruins a night in with Linda - which she had plans for the next evening.

Jan is concerned about the re-appearance of old flane Becky in Ned's life.

Dee finally discovers what Eric is really like in his dealings with old ladies and their antiques.

Terry and reporter Helen Ackroyd begin a relationship and arrange to have a date the next evening.

19 March 1997 - no episode

Episode 2180

Original Airdate ITV
20 Mar 1997

(Granada Plus - Friday 3 May 2002)

NOTE: this episode review is based on the officially released synopsis, and a review by Yorkshire Televison

Biff tastes the highlife with Steve.

Butch and Marlon dish out a violent revenge,

While Terry enjoys a secret late night rendezvous.

Cast Includes :-



PART 1 - Tony is still determined to let the Tates know just how dissatisfied he is with the holiday village ; Becky was hoping to go house hunting, but Tony has organised a protest ; Sarah is sorting out the family washing ; she finds #10 in Andy's pocket ; Jack thinks that he has been stealing & goes off to find him ; Zoe is still worrying about the cufflink & also the pressure of running the business ; Chris gloats, especially when Tony arrives in a minibus & tells Zoe that the holidaymakers are running a trip into the village to buy supplies & will be charging the Tates ; Jack challenges Andy about the tenner ; he tells Jack about selling the cufflink, but Jack doesn't believe him & is going to check the story with Zoe ; Marlon is trying to form a plan to tackle the burger thugs, but Butch is difficult to deal with ; they flirt with Dee in the tearooms & Eric steps in ; Becky is setting up her kiln at the Glovers ; she tells Jan that she & the family have lived in quite a few military bases with Tony's job (Gibraltar, Middle East), but doesn't give details of hisjob ; Jan is telling Becky how quiet it is in Emmerdale when DI Cooke turns up to interview her about Kim's death ; Zoe is showing Steve to the Home Farm Office ; Jack asks to speak to her about the cufflink ; she denies all knowledge of it ; DI Cooke upsets Jan by talking about Dave & the way he died ; she makes Jan doubt Frank & she ends up telling the police about how Kim claimed that Frank had threatened to kill her ; Zoe tells Steve that Kim's body has been
released & she will have to organise a funeral ; Steve
advises Zoe that she has to trust him now to keep the
company going ; Chris is furious to hear that Steve is
advising Zoe ; Paddy & Linda get on well ; he offers to
take her & Biff out for a meal, but Linda declines as she
is planning to make her own meal for Biff ; Steve then
reminds Biff that he is chauffering him tonight ; Helen
turns up to see Terry ; she calls his bluff on their date
tonight & gives him details of a hotel where she will be
waiting ; Marlon is cheeky to the burger thugs.

PART 2 - Marlon distracts the thugs so that Butch can smash
up their van ; Linda won't listen when Biff tries to tell
her that he has got a job tonight ; Tony complains to Alan
about the state of the holiday village ; Terry lies to Viv
about what he is doing tonight ; Chris & Zoe row ; he is
hurt because she has brought Steve in to help her ; Zoe
tells him to help Tate Holdings or leave & let her get on
with saving the company & their future ; Jack feels let
down by Andy ; when he tackles him, Andy can't believe that
Zoe accuses him of lying ; he tells Jack to ask Eric
Pollard, but Jack won't listen ; he & Sarah think that they
might have made a mistake in taking Andy on ; Linda has
gone to alot of trouble for Biff, but he spoils it by
telling her about his job with Steve ; she wants him to
choose between her or the money ; he chooses the job & she
throws a plate after him ; Zoe tells Chris about lying to
Jack about the cufflink ; Chris has no conscience & implies
to Zoe that Frank is guilty & that she will get into
trouble for lying & withholding evidence ; he is not
supportive ; Steve & Biff arrive at the casino ; Biff feels
uncomfortable ; Steve introduces him to a couple of girls - Nina & Carrie ; Linda is moaning to her parents about Biff
; Ned tells her to start thinking about how hard Biff is
working ; Marlon has got a black eye from the burger thugs
; Mandy wants the war to stop ; Steve gives Biff some stake
money for the roulette table ; he wins ; Sophie & Charlie
have a glass of wine together ; Sophie moans about work,
but then questions Charlie about her love life ; she says
that she has got a boyfriend, but that he is in the army in
Gibraltar ; Vic is getting drunk in the wine bar which
embarrasses Kelly ; he goes over to join the girls ; Biff
has won #50 & is really chuffed ; Steve asks him to make a
fuss of Carrie & hints that he expects him to go home with
her ; Biff reminds Steve that he is a married man & is not
into affairs ; Vic chats Charlie & Sophie up, but they have
just been using him to buy the drinks ; he then offends Dee
by offering to pay for her services ; she walks out of the
wine bar, but a drunken Vic does not give up ; in front of
Kelly, he asks Eric if he can hire Dee for the night "like
you, I don't mind paying for it" ; Eric thumps him ; Terry
arrives at room 22 in the hotel ; Helen is waiting for him.

Episode 2181

Original Airdate ITV
25 Mar 1997

(Granada Plus - Monday 6 May 2002)

Pollard warns a humiliated Vic about insulting Dee.

Steve takes control at Home Farm,

While Terry's absence leads to disaster at The Woolpack.

Pollard warns a humiliated Vic about insulting Dee.
Meanwhile Dee is having second thought and thinks she should go back home, however Eric is exciedly making wedding preparations and asked Kathy if she will be a witness.

Steve takes control at Home Farm and is busy straightening out their paper work. The finances are in a terrible state and he tells Chris he could recoup some of the losses, if they sold the Livery business for twice what Chris payed Kim. Chris is not happy and tells Steve that he has had his wife and now is going after him.

Kelly is busy working at the Tea Rooms to contribute to her and Tom's future.

Chris is threatening to evict the Cairns family because of their constant moaning their living conditions, so Chris enlists the help of the Dingles to do his dirty work.

Biff has got a taste for gambling after his night out with Steve - which doesn't please Linda.

Terry goes to visit Helen to tell her their new-found relationsip is a casual one. While Terry's absence leads to disaster at The Woolpack when Donna, Andy and Robert get hold of some alcahol. Donna collapses drunk and is taken away in an ambulence after Alan finds them.

Episode 2182

Original Airdate ITV
26 Mar 1997

(Granada Plus - Tuesday 7 May 2002)

Turner is forced to take action over Terry's negligence:

Viv and Terry are fired from the Woolpack after what happened with Donna.

Viv wants to start again for the sake of the children:

Donna is discharged from hospital with a massive hangover.

Viv decides to move back home for the sake of family stability. However she makes it quite clear to Vic she doesn't want a fresh start, by sleeping on the sofa.

Other News:

The Dingles fail miserably as bailiffs when they realise they are the ones that have to throw the Cairns out. So they flee. An enraged Tony Cairns pays a visit to Chris Tate and ends up hitting him. It is left to Zoe, as usual, to calm the situation down.

Police have found out about the cuflink Andy found. Zoe denies to everyone that she bought it off Andy. But Eric Pollard confirms Andy's story to Jack and Sarah and explains how Andy had tried to sell it to him.

While the Dingle's Burger War takes an explosive new turn:

The day does not improve for the Dingles, as Chris Tate refuses to pay them for their bailiff services. They return home to a sign on their front door, saying "Bye Bye Munchbox." While they work out what this means, there is a loud explosion.

The End.

Episode 2183

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 27 March 1997

(Granada Plus - Wednesday 8 May 2002)

Mandy is delighted by a new job opportunity .
After firing his staff, Alan was left working alone in the Woolpack. Mandy ceased on the opportunity to ask for a job. After consideration and a couple of disasters, Alan let her take over.

Jack threatens Zoe with the police.
Jack believes Andy's version of events regarding the cuflink and tells Zoe he is going to go the police.

While Viv forces Terry to make a decision.
Terry has been offered lodgings with Seth and Betty, but currently is still living at the Woolpack. Terry and Viv meet at the Wine Bar to discuss their future together. Terry is quiet all evening, and Viv confronts him on whether he is seeing someone else. He finally admits to her that he has been seeing Helen. Viv tells Terry he is "spineless" and storms out of the Whine Bar.

Kelly News:
Tom arrives back from Aberrisstwyth (where he had got a job), and informs Kelly that he has been dismissed. It would appear that somebody from Emmerdale had written to the Headmaster telling him about Tom and Kelly's relationship. Kelly is hysterical. They spend the night in a hotel.