#2147-2154 --- 1 January-16 January 1997

Upadated 13 June 2002
Finished 30th July 2004

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Episode 2147

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 1 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 19th March 2002)

[The first regular Wednesday episode, marking the show airing 3 days a week.]

NOTE: this episode review is based on the officially released synopsis, and a review by Yorkshire Televison

It's the morning after the night before for Sophie.

Albert puts pay to Zak's romantic plans,

While Kelly's new romance with Tom takes off.

Kelly & Tom Kiss


Biff finds Roy staring out towards the field opposite the Glovers ; he is looking at a scarecrow ; it starts to moan & when they look closer, it turns out to be Butch who has been hoisted up into the shape of a scarecrow; Butch cannot remember anything about last night ; he looks terrible ; he takes what he thinks is a handkerchief out of his pocket, but it turns out to be a pair of knickers ; Sophie is nursing a hangover as well ; Chris asks her about the party & she is rather vague ; she is obviously starting to remember what happened, but would prefer not to ; Frank tells Chris that Kim has left ; Viv is still furious about catching Terry snogging a mystery blond ; she talks to Betty about it, but Betty thinks that she is referring to Kelly & Tom ; Kathy has cleaned up after the party & she is opening up the tearoom ; Jack & Sarah cannot believe how happy Kathy seems ; Albert is still trying to find out where Marlon has parked Tina's car ; Butch lets slip to Albert that Zak already knew Lisa ; Marlon pays up anyway ; Butch still cannot remember anything about his night or who it was ; Zak warns Albert not to tell Lisa anything about the bet ; Kelly comes into he tearoom looking for Tom ; Betty warns her to keep away from Tom as she could ruin his career ; the vicar visits the Glovers to comfort them & talk about the funeral arrangements ; Jan does not seem to be taking it in ; Ned breaks down ; Chris finds Butch acting suspiciously at HomeFarm ; he admits that he is looking for Sophie ; she is
embarrassed to see him & even more embarassed when Chris
starts laughing ; she denies that anything happened ; Tom
calls in the post office & agrees to meet Kelly later ; Ned
pours his heart out to Roy ; he still feels guilty about
rowing with Dave before he died ; Betty tackles Tom about
his behaviour with Kelly ; he claims that it was just a New
Year kiss & assures her that Kelly is not a problem ; Zak
meets Lisa outside the Woolpack ; he wants to avoid her
meeting Albert ; unfortunately Albert's side of the bargain is to hang around with them.

PART 2 - Lisa asks Albert about his prison record ; she
seems impressed by his smooth talking ; Frank has taken
James to the tearoom ; Kathy also turns down his offer to
pay for Dave's funeral ; Sophie tries to subtly ask Betty
if anyone saw her get up to anything embarrassing at the New
Year party last night ; she is momentarily reassured when
Betty tells her that no one saw anything, but then she
spoils it by saying that they heard everything ; Zak is
trying to impress Lisa so he shows her the spot where he
won the Yorkshire Bare Knuckle championship in 1984 (he
fought Mad Jim Metcalfe) ; Lisa is suitably impressed ; Jan
is refusing to accept that Dave is dead ; she thinks that
he is still at school ; Ned is worried about her ; Kelly &
Tom meet in secret ; he is shy at first, but then kisses
her again ; Lisa & Zak are trying to say their goodbyes,
but Albert won't leave them alone ; Tom tries to stress to
Kelly that no one must know about their relationship ; she
wants to be alone with him ; Biff tells Linda & Roy the
good news that Kim has left Emmerdale ; Zak is furious with
Albert ; he thinks that he is trying to steal Lisa & makes
him get out of the van ; Albert then stumbles across Tina's car that Marlon has hidden ; Tom & Kelly get intimate in a

Episode 2148

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 2 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Wed 20th March 2002)

[Sean Rossi makes a re-appearance.]

NOTE: this episode review is based on the officially released synopsis, and a review by Yorkshire Televison

Kim is forced to deal with heartbreak alone.

The Sugden's say a final goodbye to Emmerdale Farm.

While Donna causes more problems for The Windsor's [by pleading with her mother to come home].

PART 1 - Robert & Andy are eager to start the move from the Sugden farm ; Albert sneaks out of the house with Marlon's car keys ; Kelly tells Vic that she cannot help in the shop today as she is having some extra lessons with Tom ; Donna immediately starts to smirk & tells Vic that Kelly is in love with Mr Bainbridge & that is the only reason she is pretending to work hard ; Kelly is furious & throws her breakfast cereal all over Donna ; Mandy & Kathy talk about their mutual love of Dave ; Mandy offers Kathy any help she may need ; Kathy is surprised when Sean reappears ; Albert steals the car ; Vic starts to wonder if there is anything between Kelly & Tom ; Jan is upset to see Kathy with Sean ; she is in one of her more sane moments & tells Kathy that she is planning to bring Dave's body to the house until the funeral ; Marlon finds that the car has gone ; he realises that his dad has stolen it ; Ned is mad with Jan for turning against Kathy ; Zoe visits Frank ; he shows no remorse for her & just wants to repair his reputation in the village ; Sarah is surprised that Ned has turned up for work ; he says that he feels useless at home ; a bulldozer turns up at the farm reminding the Sugdens that they haveto leave soon ; Tom is shocked to hear that Vic & Kelly have been discussing him ; the Sugdens finally leave the farm ; Jack is sad to see the place being knocked down ; he takes the Emmerdale Farm sign with him & has one last look at the place.

PART 2 - Robert & Andy love the caravan ; Biff & Seth are
helping Sarah to move in ; Albert turns up at Lisa's pig
farm in the swanky car ; he tries to persuade her that she
has not chosen the right Dingle, but then claims that he is
just checking that she is genuine ; he also tells her about
the bet he had with Zak ; she is appalled & vows to get
revenge on Zak ; Betty warns Sean not to try & take
advantage of Kathy ; he assures Betty that he thinks the
world of both Kathy & Alice ; Albert sells Tina's car for
#5000 ; he then returns to prison ; the Sugdens are a bit
depressed about everything ; then Zoe turns up with Linda, Betty & Seth & they decide to have a bonfire party ; Tom
makes Vic believe that nothing is happening with Kelly ;
Vic tells him that he thinks that Kelly has got a crush on
him ; Zoe offers the Sugdens a home, but they want to be
near the builder ; the Glovers arrive & put a bit of a
damper on the party ; Zak is pleased that Albert has gone ;
Butch is thinking of stopping drinking as he knows that the
most wonderful thing has happened to him & he cannot
remember it because he was drunk ; Lisa arrives at the
Dingles in a fury, bends his cymbal stand & leaves ; Jan is
cuddling Andy as she believes that he is Dave ; Frank
arrives & disrupts the evening ; he brings Jack & Sarah a
bottle of champagne ; Jack says rather threateningly that
he is only going to open it when Frank's belongings are
carried out of Home Farm "you keep walking over people &
you're going to slip up..& I'll be stood at the gate
drinking your best champagne" ; he then orders Frank off
his land ; Zoe looks upset ; Viv is still upset with Terry
about his kiss on New Years Eve ; she thinks that Terry no
longer wants the commitment ; they seem to make up, but are
then interrupted by Donna crying at the door.

Episode 2149

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 7 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Thu 21st March 2002)

[Episode features a visit by Kathy's mother Carolne Bates.]

NOTE: this episode review is based on the officially released synopsis, and a review by Yorkshire Televison

Zak attempts to win back the love of his life [with a present he bought from Eric. Eric of course over-charged him and to add insult to injury Lisa was un-impressed].

Kathy faces the hardest day of her life [Dave's funeral and the Glovers are at each others throats in their time of grief],

While Kim stands proud in the face of her enemies [by turning up at the funeral and despite Frank's and Biff's hopes that Dave's plans to run away with Kim, would never come out and hurt his family, Kim decides to tells all after Kathy rows with her for comng to the funeral].

Dave Glover's Funeral

PART 1 - Jack is putting up the Emmerdale Farm sign outside the caravan ; he reminds Robert & Andy that they have got to go to Dave's funeral that afternoon ; Andy has bad memories of his gran's funeral & does not want to go ; Sarah lets him off ; Alice talks to Kathy about Dave ; she knows that he has died ; Mandy doesn't know whether she should wear sunglasses to the funeral ; Zak knows that Albert has tried to ruin his relationship with Lisa ; Mandy gives him some money to buy her a present ; Terry & Viv talk about Donna ; Viv had to take her back last night ; Terry is concerned that she spent alot of time talking to Vic ; Betty has been preparing the funeral tea ; Zak calls in the tearoom to ask Eric's advice about buying Lisa a present ; he tells him that he has got a tenner ; Caroline arrives to help Kathy & Alice ; she is not pleased to see Sean ; Zak has bought Lisa a pot pig & some pig wrapping paper ; he has also composed a poem (about pigs of course) ; Mandy doesn't know what to say ; Jan is calm until a wreath arrives from Kim ; she starts pulling the flowers out & blames Ned ; they shout at each other, until Roy shouts back & reminds them that he has lost a brother as well ; Chris refuses to go to Dave's funeral ; he doesn't want to be seen as a hypocrite ; Frank warns Biff not to say anything to Kathy about Dave planning to run away with Kim ; Biff doesn't want Dave's memory ruining ; Kathy sits in the graveyard & thinks back to her wedding day (EP 2137).

PART 2 - Viv meets Vic at the funeral ; she wants to talk
to him about Donna ; Betty disapproves of Viv leaving the
girls with Tom ; Butch & Marlon are bored in the Woolpack ;
Zak walks in fuming as Lisa has broken his present & told
him to get lost ; Ned, Jack, Roy, Biff & Seth carry the
coffin into the church ; Ned is offended when he sees Mandy
; Chris tries to chat Sophie up ; he makes her feel
uncomfortable ; she takes a mystery phone call & goes off
for a walk ; the funeral begins ; the Dingles are still
drinking in the pub until Terry refuses to put drinks on is about to go into church ; Reverend Thomas gives a good
sermon ; Biff then says a few words about his best friend
Dave ; everyone is in tears ; Terry & Zak talk about their
hopes when they started the band - him & Lisa, Terry & Vic
; how things have changed ; everyone follows the coffin out
of the church ; Frank attacks Kim for coming ; Vic & Viv
row in church ; everyone is gathered around the graveside ;
Kathy looks across at Kim ; Frank is furious to see that
Sophie has brought James to the graveside ; she tells him
that Kim asked her to bring him ; Frank sacks her on the
spot ; Kathy moves to the grave to throw earth on the
coffin ; Kim moves forward as well ; she throws a red rose
on top of the coffin ; Kathy attacks her saying that she
has no right to be there ; Kim then tells Kathy that she
loved Dave & that he was planning to run away with her &

Episode 2150

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 8 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Fri 22nd March 2002)

[Nasty schoolgirl Lyn's first episode.]

Tom begins to regret recent events.

Frank forgives an act of angry violence.

While Roy learns some distressing home truths.

The Following Review written by Lane Kent

[The village is reeling from Kim's statement at Dave's funeral. Mandy offers to beat Kim up for Kathy. Biff begins to blame himself, thinking he should have said something about Kim's plans for Dave before the wedding and may be none of the tragedy would have happened. Linda has little sympathy. Eric tries to capitalise on the funeral party by opening the bar. However Mandy thwarts him by saying all the drinks are on the house. Of course Seth is first in line for free drinks.

Tom wants to start taking his romance with the intense Kelly slowly, after she gets into a fight at school with another girl - who knows Kelly likes Tom but doesn't know about the affair.

Sophie reveals to Zoe that little James shakes whenever Kim and Frank start rowing. Sophie (having been fired by Frank for taking James - on Kim's instructions - to Dave's funeral the previous day) is now distraught at leaving the little boy.

Zoe later pleads with her Dad to give Sophie her job back and also threatens her father to put his love of James first before his hatred of Kim. If not, he won't just lose Jame, but also Zoe.

Roy Glover starts attacking Kim's car and blames Kim for Dave's death. Chris wants to sack him, but Frank interjects.

Caroline wants to take her granddaughter Alice back to Scarborough to live with her and she also wants to know Sean's intentions. Sean is just being a friend and Kathy will not be parted from Alice.

Later Roy and Kim have a heart to heart in which all their pent up grief and feelings for Dave come out.]


The following is © Yorkshire Television


PART 1 - continuous episode ; Frank tells Kim that she is not wanted at the funeral ; everyone looks distraught, especially Roy ; Tom has brought Kelly home from school ; she wants to spend some more time with him, but Donna turns up ; Tom drops his school books with embarrassment ; the Dingles are having to make their own food because Mandy is at the funeral ; Zak is still moping about over Lisa ; he is still angry with Albert for losing him a woman "as can play the fiddle & weld" ; Betty & Alice have worked hard on the funeral tea ; everyone arrives back in sombre mood ; Sarah & Caroline tell Betty about Kim's revelation ; Caroline thinks that she may have been telling the truth about Dave ; Biff feels terrible ; Chris taunts Kim about how she has just gone too far this time ; Frank reminds her that she has even lost her son ; Kelly is painting her toenails ; Vic overhears Kelly tell Donna that she is going to have to decide which parent she wants to be with ; Mandy offers to sort Kim out for Kathy "what she's been missing..a right good pasting" ; Kathy refuses her offer ; the vicar tries to comfort Kathy, but she keeps telling herself that Dave would not have left her ; Viv tells Terry hat she has rowed with Vic ; Marlon & Butch vie for Sophie's attention ; she is miserable because Frank has sacked her ; Zoe is embarassed by her family's part in the funeral fiasco ; the Glovers are disgusted by Kim's behaviour, but Seth defends her & tries unsuccessfully to make them feel sorry for lonely Kim ; Linda is furious with
Biff for keeping Dave's secret ; everyone overhears their
argument ; Roy watches as his family argues ; Mandy forces
Eric to provide a free bar ; Seth is the first to take
advantage ; Sophie pours her heart out to Zoe ; she is
upset to be leaving James ; Frank & Kim have yet another
row ; they are interrupted by noises outside ; Roy is
trying to smash up Kim's car ; he shouts at her that she
killed his brother.

PART 2 - next morning ; Chris is surveying the damage to
Kim's car as Seth arrives for work ; Chris wants to sack Roy if he dares turn up for work ; Seth claims that he will
walk out if he does ; Frank intervenes ; Caroline wants to
make sure that Sean is not going to make a move on Kathy ;
she also wants to take Alice back to Scarborough with her ;
Kelly is staring at Tom at school ; Lyn comes up & starts
teasing her about fancying Tom ; Kelly pours a can of coke
over her & they start a fight ; Tom has to break it up ;
Caroline is still nagging Kathy about looking after Alice ;
Kathy just wants her mum & Sean to leave her alone ; Tom
gives Kelly & Lyn a talking to ; Kelly cannot understand
how he can speak to her so coldly ; Kathy says goodbye to
her mum & Sean ; she assures them that she will be fine on
her own ; Zoe tells Frank that he must start thinking of
James now ; she is appalled at how much he has changed, but
vows that she will not let him ruin James's life ; Frank
reminds Zoe that he has stood by her throughout her
revelations ; Kim asks to speak to Roy ; he tells her that
everyone hates her & that she was to blame for Dave's death
; Tom is teased by Lyn at school ; he tells Kelly that they
must cool things & start to be more discrete ; he refuses
to give her a lift anymore ; Kim tries to make Roy see things from her point of view ; they seem to reach an
understannding ; as Kim leaves, Roy bursts into tears.

Episode 2151

Original Airdate ITV
9 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Mon 25th March 2002)

Frank lays down the law to Kim by telling her that she can stay until James' 1st birthday, as long as they don't row in front of James and give him a stable home, otherwise she's finished in Emmerdale.

Kim thanks Zoe for saving her from being thrown out of Home Farm. Linda is not pleased to hear this as she has just been moaning about Kim to Zoe. Linda storms out of work, although later Zoe finds her and they have a chat about their individual grievances with Kim - but Zoe stresses that they must think of what is best for James and that is being with his mother.

Roy fails to turn up for work and seems completely dis-interested in anything..

Kathy decides not to buy Annie's cottage from the Sugdens and that she and Alice will stay in the flat at the Tea Rooms.

Marlon and Butch bang into Sophie at the Tea Rooms, after flirting, Butch gets embarrassed and flees with Marlon to the Woolpack.

Kelly attempts to save her love affair, by blackmailing Tom by saying she will go and tell the authorities about their affair. This is in response to Tom's anger at her blowing kisses at him from the bus.

Viv and Vic have a family meal together. However while she thought it was to initiate peace talks and they were ready to move on, Vic and Donna saw it as the first sign of Viv coming home.

After dinner ends in a row, Viv ends up agreeing to letting Donna move in at The Woolpack with her tomorrow night. However neither Alan or Terry are pleased at this turn of events.

Alice and Kathy sort through Dave's belongings.

While romance is in the air for Rachel and Steve - now that both of them are single - as they spend the evening together and after Joseph goes to bed, both give into their feelings for one another.

Episode 2152

Original Airdate ITV
14 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 26th March 2002)

Zak unveils a token of his affection a hand-made hammack (which promptly falls apart), however Lisa sees the love that went into it.

The Sugdens settle into Annie's cottage. Andy causes problems for the Sugden's as he has been fighting at school.

Tom makes it clear he has finished with Kelly.

A while later, Betty takes pity on a distraught looking Kelly and takes her back to her house. Kelly confides in Betty her broken heart, however they are interupted by Tom (Betty not realising it is Tom who is the cause of Kelly's heartbreak).

Meanwhile Donna moves into the Woolpack with her Mum, Terry and Alan, however it doesn't look like it is going to work out.

While Chris has a tempting proposal for Kim to buy her stables and her share of the Golf Club, so she has extra cash to escape Frank. In return Chris has an independent business of his own and Kim and James out of the way.

Seth gives food for thought to Kim regarding how to get back at Frank.

Kim tries to make peace with Linda by saying she wants James to be a Glover, however Linda isn't interested and turns her away. Later however, Linda talks to Roy and Ned about James and thinks they should be doing more for David's "son."

Episode 2153

Original Airdate ITV
15 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Wed 27th March 2002)

Linda ruins Biff's romantic plans for a day in bed and turns down his special breakfast. She is in no mood to celebrate as it is three weeks since David's death. Later they make up in the Woolpack however.

Andy claims to have an Asthma attack to get a day off school. Jack wonders if they can cope with the extra hassles of another (somewhat troubled) boy?

Chris reminds Linda that he has the door key to her and Biff's house.

Kathy asks to buy Eric's share back in the Wine Bar. He says yes but she has to pay £5,000 extra costs - which she cannot afford to do.

Zak is determined to stop Lisa from going home to her pigs and asks Butch to tinker with her van. However Butch gets it wrong and mucks up Zak's van instead and Lisa eventually goes home.

Kelly's heartbreak seems to be over, as she ignores Tom. However it soon becomes apparent she is aching inside. After an emotional scene Tom says he loves her and agrees to them starting again.

Alan's patience with having Donna staying at the Woolpack, is running out.

Ned makes arrangements to meet with Kim. At their secret meeting she insists that James is David's son and she wants him to grow up knowing that he is a Glover even if James' last name is Tate.

Sophie overhears Kim whispering to James how they are going to run far away together. Sophie promises not to say anything.

While a visit to Steve's brings a nasty shock for Chris as he catches Rachel coming down the stairs (when Steve said she was out back). Chris announces he is suing her for adultery.

Meanwhile Chris is desperate to get his hands on money to pay off Kim.

Episode 2154

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 16 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Thu 28th March 2002)

Kelly is sick of keeping her love secret.

Roy is struggling to come to terms with his brother's death.

It is a week until the Inquest into Dave's death and this fact plays on many of the characters' minds throughout the episode.

Steve suggests to Rachel that she sue Chris for mental cruelty, before he has chance to sue her for adultery.

Kim tries to heal some old wounds by making her peace with Kathy saying that she feels David would want them to be friends, however Kathy isn't interested in anything Kim has got to say.

Zak plucks up the courage to go and see Lisa and it appears she is pleased to see him - even if it is to help her clean out her pigs. Later Zak asks Lisa to move in with the Dingles but Lisa wants to keep their relationship as it is for the time-being.

Later in the Woolpack, Lisa asks the Dingles if they have heard from Tina, to which Mandy replies that she had a letter from Tina saying that she needed more space. Zak says he can't understand what's she's on about as there is lots of space in the Dales. The family are of the opinion she'll be back. Mandy hopes so as she misses not having a female around the house.

Zak is unhappy about Lisa not wanting to move in, Mandy is sick of his moping and says she will not cook for the men until Zak sorts himself out.

Chris tries to get Kim to drop her price in their business arrangement, however Kim says she won't be blackmailed and she'll find another buyer if Chris doesn't come up with the asking price. Kim later goes to see Steve and asks him if he will be a "phantom buyer" of her Livery and her share of the Golf Course in order to force Chris to pay up.

Kathy demands Eric produces the books for the Wine Bar.

Vic decides to end his self-imposed exile from the Woolpack by going for a drink with Tom (who has made Kelly very happy - the reasons for which Vic does not know). Terry offers to buy the pair drinks but Vic quietly informs Terry that he is only there to fight for his wife and he'll do anything to win her back.

A family dinner at the Glovers ends in chaos when Jan storms out after Ned declares that he has met with Kim and believes her when she says that David was James' father.

While later Kathy warns Jan about forthcoming events at the Inquest and they should be prepared to hear anything after all only Frank and Kim really know what happened the night of Dave's death.