Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1997

#2184-2188 --- 31 March - 4 April 1997

Upated 13 June 2002
Finished 30th July 2004

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Episode 2184










Original Airdate ITV
Monday 31 March 1997

(Granada Plus - Thursday 9 May 2002)








[Geri Cairns was born to Emma Cairns and Greg on the 31st March 1997].

The Dingle's kidnap a burger rival and they can't even do that properly as they invited their hostage to go and socially drink with then at the Woolpack.

Kim's funeral causes more heartache for Frank. Ashley Thomas presided. After the funeral, Frank was taken back into custody, while the police pounced on Zoe to question her about the cuflink Andy sold her.

Terry moved in with Seth and Betty and said his goodbyes to Alan. Alan asked Terry if his misadventures of late had been worthwhile? Terry's silence spoke volumes.

Tom is moping around, wondering who it is that reported him and cost him his job in Wales. Kelly tells him to grow up and get a job.

While Biff and Linda make a shocking discovery. Biff comes to collect Linda from work and they hear crying. The episode ends with them finding a baby on the doorstep of the vet's.

Episode 2185








































Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 1 April 1997

(Granada Plus Friday 10 May 2002

1 Hour Special.





































It's showtime time, as The Dingle's finally meet Mr. Big.
The immigration authorities catch up with Dee.
Chris doubts Zoe's love for her father,
While Frank is heartbroken at his family's betrayal.

Episode 2185

Original Airdate ITV Tuesday 1 April 1997
(Granada Plus - Friday 10 May 2002)

NOTE: This was a one hour special.

Upcoming in this episode:-
It's showtime time, as The Dingle's finally meet Mr. Big.
The immigration authorities catch up with Dee.
Chris doubts Zoe's love for her father,
While Frank is heartbroken at his family's betrayal.

I'd like to say a big thank you to "The Home Farm Stud" for writing up the following full summery and posting it to the official site's message boards and then allowing me to reprint it here (and ultimately put it on my upcoming Emmerdale site).

originally posted 10 May 2002 19:44 to http://www.emmerdale.co.uk/
Hi Lois, my sky digital arrived today so would you like me to do a few updates? In today's episode:

Dee was arrested by the immigration authorities who had come to the tearoom and caught her helping Kathy out during a busy period.

In their earshot Betty had accused Dee of trying to steal her job. Eric went to the police station to try and sort things out and showed them that they intended to get married. The detective told them that she could have her passport back as long as they got married and that she didn't do any more work. They celebrated in the wine bar where Terry and Paddy had been drinking.

Kathy had been really busy and so when Paddy left to go to the Woolpack, Terry offered to help her out and was later employed by Eric to act as manager so he could spend more time with Dee. Dee went to see Betty and accused her of going to immigration which Betty denied. She told her that whoever had gone to the authorities had nothing against her but made it clear to Dee that Eric has many enemies.

Linda continued to brood over the baby and suggested to Biff that if no one claims the baby that they should consider taking her. (Hello - she's not a lost wallet! ) She then told Biff that they should have lots of children before making an emotional plea on television for the mother of the baby to come forward.

Biff's mum turned up at Betty's thinking that the baby was Biff and Linda's and that they had dumped it because he knew it might have Huntingdon's Disease. Biff told her it wasn't them and was shocked that she had actually been telling the truth. Betty tried to convince him to go and take the test.

Zoe spent all night being questioned by the police about the cufflink and they tried to suggest that she was an accomplice in Kim's murder but let her go without charge. Chris was more worried that he'd be implicated and suggested to Zoe that she had tried to stitch Frank up so she could have complete control of Home Farm.

Frank was taken from prison to the quarry where he was informed of the new evidence. The woman detective told him that the new evidence had come courtesy of Zoe and when Zoe turned up at the quarry he was shocked to discover that she thought he may have had a hand in Kim's death afterall and said he never thought Kim would come between them but she had.

The Dingles continued to keep the rival burger van guy hostage only when Marlon turned up to a meeting with the rival vendors he too was kidnapped by them and was shocked to discover that Mr Big was his father. The Dingles and the rival vendors met up at a rendezvous and they discovered Uncle Albert was behind it. Zak was shocked and ended up getting punched by a beefy man called Shirley when he challenged Albert to a fight.

Episode 2186






































Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 2 April 1997

(Granada Plus Monday 13 May 2002




































The Dingle's gain a new house-guest!
Kim's will contains some surprises,
While Linda hears a tearful confession.

Thank's HFS. This is great.

Originally posted to www.emmerdale.co.uk
The Home Farm Stud
posted 13 May 2002 18:42
There was reference to April Foolís Day in Friday nightís episode so I think the original screendate for this episode was Wednesday 2nd April 1997. I think perhaps given that Geri Cairns was born on 31st March 1997, this was a five night special but Iím probably wrong on that.

[No you are not wrong. They did have a five week special for the week beginning Monday 31st March 1997. Channel 5 had launched on Sunday 30th, so it was ITV's answer to that or so I've read.]

Mondayís episodeÖ
Zak accused Marlon of betraying the family and of being a spy for Albert and was all but prepared to do damage to Marlonís manhood with a pair of bolt-cutters when Lisa came out of the house to stop him, much to Marlonís relief! Instead they tied him up as Marlon tried to tell them that Albert had no idea the Dingles were behind the Munchbox. Lisa and Mandy said he should be given the benefit of the doubt, begrudgingly Zak agreed but only for Lisa. He then told Marlon to tell Albert he wasnít welcome ever again. Later Marlon met Albert in the Woolpack and warned him that he would have do come up with a huge peace offering if Zak were to ever forgive him let alone let him stay at there. Albert then turned up at the Dingles with an old clapped-out bus with the intention of setting up a bus company. He said he would have to live on the premises though, an idea, to which Zak was thoroughly opposed until a family vote in the Woolpack decided different.

Tony gave Becky two tickets for a romantic break in Paris for their wedding anniversary after advice from Alan. Becky was unwilling to leave Emma because she had been unwell but after Linda offered Emma a bed at the Gloverís for the duration they departed, warning Will and Charlie to be on their best behaviour.

Eric asked Terry if he could cook but Terry made it clear he had only been employed as a barman so Eric had to take on the job himself, later almost burning down the tearooms with his home-made hotpot. Dee seemed upset that Eric should have to be working when he is the owner prompting Betty to tell her to make the most of her free time as once they are married she will simply be slave labour. Dee was forceful both to Betty and later to Kathy that she fully intended to work at her marriage. Kathy was still worried that Dee didnít really know what she was getting herself into.

Chris went to visit Frank in prison who was still shocked that ZoŽ thought he could have any involvement in Kimís death. Chris tried to defend her saying sheíd been under a lot of pressure and that they both believed in him, although it seemed he had a hidden agenda. He also said that they should stop fighting amongst themselves and pull together. Kimís solicitor arrived at Home Farm and revealed that she had left half her estate to James in a trust fund and the other half to ZoŽ, which included the livery business. Chris was furious, as there appeared to have been no deeds lodged with Kimís solicitor that indicated that she had ever sold it to him. He was forced to admit to a shocked ZoŽ that he had bought it from Kim. Chris was obviously extremely bitter and jealous of the fact that ZoŽ now had control of both halves of the Tate Empire while he had been ďleft out in the coldĒ.

Linda told Jan that her and Biff were considering starting a family. Jan was thrilled but her thoughts turned to the abandoned baby and she decided to organise a collection of clothes and toys to send to the hospital. Emma seemed curious about what would happen to the baby when she was helping Linda out at the vetís surgery. At her insistence, Linda told Emma the story of what had happened with Danny Weir and when Emma broke down in tears, Linda guessed that Emma was the mother of the abandoned baby. She denied it and tried to run away before collapsing in hysterics at the vetís surgery.

Episode 2187

























Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 3 April 1997

(Granada Plus Tuesday 14 May 2002























Viv discovers the truth about Terry and Helen Ackroyd.
The Cairns face up to some grim news,
While the Windsor's discover an upsetting letter from Kelly.

The Home Farm Stud
posted 14 May 2002 18:55 to http:/www.emmerdale.co.uk MESSAGE BOARDS.

Chris went to see Kimís solicitor and accused her of being corrupt because she could find no documents relating to the sale of the livery business amongst Kimís papers. This meant that as far as the law was concerned no such transaction ever took place, leaving Chris seething. She suggested he should sue his legal advisors but he was forced to admit he had only sought legal advice initially because Kim had wanted a quick sale. Later, at Home Farm, he got drunk and cursed Kim while ZoŽ appeared unsympathetic telling him it was about time he cleared up his own mess.

Tony and Becky arrived back from Paris only to be told by Jan and Ned that Emma had had a haemorrhage and collapsed and that the abandoned baby was hers. Will, Linda and Charlie had been at the hospital all night and when Emma requested to see Linda, Charlie went instead telling her she felt she had let her down because she hadnít felt she could tell her about the baby. Becky was very sympathetic and told Emma nothing she did would ever stop them loving her, Tony agreed but he demanded to know who the father was. Emma refused to tell him and became so upset the nurse suggested Tony leave. The nurse took Tony and Becky to her office and told them Emma was disturbed and anxious and that the police would wish to speak to her about why she had abandoned the baby. The Cairns went to see the baby but later in the chalet, Tony told Becky not to get too attached to her because she would have to be adopted. Becky disagreed that this would necessarily be for the best but Tony was adamant he wouldnít have his daughterís future jeopardised.

Earlier in the tearooms, Paddy had inadvertently let slip to Betty that the abandoned baby belonged to the Cairnsí girl. In the Woolpack that evening Betty was quick to spread the gossip and pass comment on the Cairnsí family although more specifically the parents. As she was leaving she bumped into Charlie talking to Biff and Linda, confused as to why she was out of hospital so early after having a baby, Charlie angrily told her that it was her sister who had given birth. Betty looked horrified.

Tom had no luck at the job centre again and when he and Kelly returned to the post office Vic made it clear to Viv that he was still very unhappy about their relationship. Later, as Vic and Viv shared a drink in the Woolpack, Viv admitted to Vic that her relationship with Terry was over but he told her he already knew because Kathy had told him which made Viv storm back home. When she arrived, she and Vic found a note from Kelly telling them that she and Tom had left and that they wouldnít be coming back. While they had been away she and Tom had been kissing on the sofa and discovered a mystery letter beneath the cushions. Viv realised that it must have been Vic who had written the poison pen letter to Tomís new school and angrily stormed out accusing Vic of being underhand.

Episode 2188






































Original Airdate ITV
Friday 4 April 1997

(Granada Plus Wednesday 15 May 2002





































The Dingle's venture into the transport business.

Frank confronts Chris over his betrayal,

While Tony attempts to take control of his family.

Episode 2188

Original Airdate ITV Friday 4 April 1997
(Granada Plus Wednesday 15 May 2002

The Home Farm Stud
to http://www.emmerdale.co.uk/ MESSAGE BOARDS.

posted 15 May 2002 19:06
Wednesdayís episodeÖ
Viv was still very angry with Vic telling him that she would have copied Kellyís lead and left with Donna had they had anywhere else to go. Vic seemed to be reflecting on the enormity of what he had done and when he found a love letter from Tom to Kelly in her bedroom he thought perhaps he might be able to find them at Tomís address in Aberystwyth. Donna was very upset about Kellyís disappearance and accused Vic of doing it out of spite because Kelly was happy and he wasnít. Vic told her that he had only done it because he wanted Kelly to stay at home with them and forget about Tom. Vic was still determined to go looking for Kelly but Viv told him that she was sixteen and if she was determined to leave there was nothing they could do about it. Later Terry came to the post office and tried to apologise to Viv and offer his support but she told him to go away calling him a coward for lying about his ďother womanĒ when it had only been a one-night stand with Helen Ackroyd.

There was still a lot of tension at the chalet with Tony maintaining that the baby would be put up for adoption. Charlie said it was up to Emma and Becky agreed. Later when they went to see Emma in hospital they were accosted by a social worker whose involvement further angered Tony. He said his daughter was raped but the social worker maintained that Emma had consented to sex, meaning there was very little the police could do, especially as Emma was unwilling to reveal the fatherís identity. Tony blamed Becky for what had happened with Emma but apologised when she told him it was equally his fault for not being there for the children. Emma wanted to leave hospital but when the subject of the baby was approached she was adamant she didnít want to see it and wanted it to be given up for adoption because it was the reason why everybody hated her.

Paddy continued to try to flirt with Mandy. Dee decorated Ericís house with a few artefacts from the Philippines, much to Ericís horror. And the Dingleís bus service began with arguments over who would drive. It was decided by the toss of a coin that it would be Albert. However, Zak and Butch were suspicious of what Albert and Marlon were getting up to with the takings. When the time came to divide up the takings, an argument erupted but Lisa forced Zak and Albert to make up or else.

Chris was still seething about what happened with Kim and the livery deal and angrily berated ZoŽ for not honouring his agreement with Kim and handing over the deeds. He then tried to turn Sophie against ZoŽ but she saw through him straight away. When ZoŽ went to go see Frank in prison, she was worried that she couldnít cope with the business as well as her surgery and everything else. He then urged her to appoint Steve as acting manager of Tate Holdings, adding that he trusted him more than Chris forcing ZoŽ to tell him about the Chrisí deal with Kim. Frank was shocked and initially thought ZoŽ was lying but she insisted it was true but instead of being angry, he laughed it off adding that he wished he had been there to see Chrisí face. Later when Chris visited Frank he tried to imply that ZoŽ wasnít up to the job and to convince him to give him a loan for £750,000 to buy back the livery business that according to him, ZoŽ was trying to sell. Frank, however, saw straight through him and told him that he was a traitor and that heíd never get another penny out of him again.

Rachel and Steve shared a drink in the Woolpack and he implied to her that Chris was having financial difficulties but Rachel put it down to Chris merely trying to wriggle his way out of a divorce settlement. Later that evening in the winebar ZoŽ and Sophie were having a drink and ZoŽ invited Sophie and James to move in with her at the vets because she didnít want to leave her at Home Farm with Chris. ZoŽ also told Steve she needed to talk to him about Home Farm.