Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1997

#2189-2200 --- 8 April - 6 May 1997

Upadated 13 June 2002
Finished 30th July 2004

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Episode 2189


































Original Airdate ITV
8 Apr 1997

(Granada Plus - Thursday 16 May 2002)



































Frank lays down the law.

Chris delivers Rachel a financial bombshell,

While Linda helps Emma make a vital decision.

A big Thank you to Home Farm Stud for these updates, (originally posted to the official Emmerdale message boards at: http://www.emmerdale.co.uk/ )

Episode 2189 Original Airdate ITV April 1997
(Granada Plus - Thursday 16 May 2002)

Steve bumped into Rachel whilst jogging and she cheerfully told him that she had the divorce papers and that she was going to give them to Chris. At Home Farm later, Chris asked Steve for a loan. Steve was curious as to why he didn’t go to the bank but Chris told him that it was the bank he owed the money to adding that he’d be doing Rachel a favour if he were to lend him the money. Steve took great pleasure in agreeing to help him out but then telling him he would do this by not lending him the money, as he would only end up owing him twice what he owed the bank. Chris was dejected. Later, when Rachel brought the divorce documents to him, Chris gave her a letter giving her notice to move out of Mill Cottage. Rachel couldn’t believe he’d throw his own son out onto the streets but Chris said Joseph could stay at Home Farm with him, as he’d get custody anyway. However, Rachel was outraged and vowed to fight him all the way.

Zoë went to go see Frank in prison and told him Steve wanted to downsize the business, an idea to which Frank was thoroughly opposed. He asked Zoë if she would sell him the stables as he couldn’t bear the estate to be broken up but she told him she would only consider it if Frank were to reconsider his decision to let Sophie and James move in with her as he had previously stated they belonged at Home Farm.

Terry again tried to apologise to Viv, telling her that they would have to settle their differences if they were to live next door to one another. This prompted Viv to do some serious thinking and she told Terry in the Winebar later that she was planning to move back to London. When Vic found her packing he was horrified and begged her to stay as he thought they had been making a go of things. Viv was, however, determined to leave until Donna returned to see the taxi outside and pleaded with her mum to stay and for her and Vic to get back together. Viv agreed to stay and told Vic to retrieve the bags from the taxi.

Dee continued to learn about antiques and was able to identify a plate as being worth $1000 when Eric had only sold it for £10 with a box of junk. He told her she must be mistaken but she went along with it, even though she knew she was right. Realising Dee was right, Eric put the plate in a drawer after she had gone. The Dingle’s bus service continued to run, this time taking pensioners to Hotten. Betty was one of the reluctant passengers, only boarding because Marlon told them the service bus had a puncture. However, on the way back Betty was delighted to have won the stand up bingo although she had only done so because Albert had manoeuvred the bus so Zak would fall over. Betty made sure Marlon paid out to all the passengers who had won the bingo game. Later in the winebar, where Marlon and Albert had gate crashed Zak and Lisa’s evening, much to Zak’s amusement, Albert was forced to admit they had only made £4 profit which prompted a rethink on strategy – they would begin to run a school bus service.

Emma was adamant to the social worker that she wanted the baby put up for adoption. Charlie was unsure that this was what Emma really wanted and that she was perhaps going along with it only for Tony’s sake who was still determined Emma would not be keeping the baby as she was only a child herself. Relationships continued to be strained over whether or not the baby should be adopted and Becky again retorted that it might not have happened if Tony had been around more often. When they arrived back home, Jan was at the chalet with some baby clothes that she had bought for James but had decided to give them to a good home. Much to Jan’s disgust, Tony told her that the baby wouldn’t be coming home as she was being put up for adoption. Later, Jan told Biff and Linda of the Cairns’ decision prompting Linda to go to the hospital to convince Emma that she was doing the wrong thing. Biff tried to stop her accusing her of trying to keep the memory of her baby alive through Emma’s baby and trying to rectify her mistakes by convincing Emma to keep her baby. Linda was shocked that he could suggest anything of the sort and left for the hospital regardless where she took a reluctant Emma to the baby unit and made her hold the baby.

Episode 2190









































Original Airdate ITV
9 Apr 1997

(Granada Plus - Friday 17 May 2002)








































A big Thank you to Home Farm Stud for these updates, (originally posted to the official Emmerdale message boards at: http://www.emmerdale.co.uk/ )

Seth waits to hear what Kim left him in her will.

The Dingle's school bus service hits disaster,

While Becky & Tony are divided over Emma's future.

Episode #2190

Original Airdate ITV April 1997
(Granada Plus - Friday 17 May 2002)

Seth waits to hear what Kim left him in her will.
The Dingle's school bus service hits disaster,
While Becky & Tony are divided over Emma's future.

Vic and Donna went to a lot of effort to make Viv breakfast. Later in the shop, Viv complained of having a bad back, which Vic put down to sleeping in Kelly’s bed. He then offered her half of the double bed and seemed pleased when she agreed that that would be a good idea.

The Dingle’s school bus company got off to a terrible start with the children unwilling to get on the bus, but when they eventually did they directed Butch in the wrong direction to the school causing them to get lost. When Marlon finally realised where they were, much to their dismay the bus had run out of diesel and so they were stranded in the middle of nowhere with the children. Realising that they wouldn’t get the bus contract now, Butch suggested that he call Zak at the Woolpack and ask him to tow them to the school. While Zak gloated at Albert’s misfortune Lisa went to rescue the bus.

Sarah came into the shop to ask Viv if she had any idea why the boys and Donna were so late for school prompting Viv to accuse Andy of leading Donna astray again adding that she was surprised Social Services hadn’t removed him from their care after the quarry incident. When Lisa finally towed the bus back to the village, an outraged Vic demanded to know what the Dingle’s were playing at making the children late for school. They offered him a pint to make up for it, which he angrily refused.

A man arrived to put a “For Sale” sign up outside Rachel’s house prompting a furious Rachel to head off to Home Farm with Joseph to ask Chris what he thought he was doing throwing his own son out onto the streets. Chris told her again that Joseph could stay with him at Home Farm and left. Rachel told Steve what Chris had done suggesting that she and Joseph should move in with him. Steve said his place was too small for her and Joseph but that he would contact her solicitor and find her some alternative accommodation, which took Rachel by surprise.

Eric took Dee to an auction and returned to the tearooms disappointed that he had been in the toilet when a potentially profitable lot had come up but was pleasantly surprised when Dee revealed that she had bought it while he’d been away. Terry was in a reflective mood about his life with Zak whilst they shared a pint. Linda was keen to know if Emma had come to the right decision to keep the baby but Biff reminded her that it was none of their business. Linda retorted that it was their business because had it not been for her the baby would have died on the doorstep of the vets.

The nurse found Emma at the baby unit staring at her baby and told her not to torture herself over “April” (as Emma is now calling the baby) after Emma reiterated that giving the baby away to a loving couple would be best all round. However, when Becky came to collect her from the hospital she told her mum that she had changed her mind. Becky was supportive and asked Emma if she was sure she was doing the right thing reminding her that it would be hard work and that the baby wasn’t a doll but Emma was sure adding that she was old enough to know that giving away your baby was wrong. It wasn’t quite as simple as just bringing her home though as the nurse told a determined Emma and Becky in her office. She said that now it was up to the Social Services as to whether they could take the baby home as she had been put up for adoption, although she didn’t see any problems if she could arrange a meeting for them as soon as possible. Meanwhile Tony had been running and bumped into Ned and the two shared a cup of coffee, Tony telling Ned that adopting the baby was for the best. When Emma and Becky returned home Tony told Becky that they could put it all behind them. When she told him Emma had changed her mind, Tony was furious saying the baby would be adopted regardless as it was for the best, Becky said that wasn’t so and they couldn’t live their lives by the army rulebook. She couldn’t make Emma give up the baby and if he didn’t want to rest of Emma’s life to be scarred by the adoption being forced upon her he would go along with his daughter’s wishes.

Episode 2191










































Original Airdate ITV
10 Apr 1997

(Granada Plus - Monday 20 May 2002)









































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Rachel is worried by Steve's obsession with Home Farm.

Marlon's driving terrifies Betty,

while Chris is humiliated in the Wine Bar.

Monday 20th May’s episode…
(Tuesday 15 April 1997)

Rachel is worried by Steve's obsession with Home Farm.
Marlon's driving terrifies Betty,
while Chris is humiliated in the Wine Bar.

Lisa was unhappy that Albert, Marlon and Butch were taking the bus out as she considered it un-roadworthy. A change in company policy for the Dingle bus company saw them again at loggerheads with Betty and the other pensioners. Albert announced they would no longer accept bus passes but they were forced to change their minds when Betty threatened to inform the regional transport executive of their activities. Butch decided it was his turn to drive and tried to grab the wheel from Marlon and as the vehicle continued to waver all over the road Butch and Marlon were horrified to see one of the wheels rolling in front of them. Marlon manoeuvred the bus and it crashed into a strategically placed array of boxes of vegetables. (Quite what they were doing by the side of a country lane, I don’t know!) Betty demanded compensation and begrudgingly Albert paid up for taxis and for the pensioner’s to have lunch on the condition that this matter would go no further and that Betty wouldn’t tell Lisa. However, in the Woolpack later, Paddy put his foot in it and mentioned the crash to a disbelieving Lisa who was angry with Albert.

Zoë, Charlie and Sophie met up for a drink at the Woolpack to celebrate Zoë moving out of Home Farm and continued their drinking at the vet’s cottage. Paddy rushed into the Post Office and bought a birthday card and addressed it to himself. Kelly rang the Post Office and told Viv she was okay but rang off before she could get a contact number for her. The call upset Viv and prompted her to question what sort of mother she was. Vic empathised because he hadn’t exactly been a great gather and they began to talk about their future as a couple, believing if they got back together Kelly may find it easier to come home. Kathy introduced herself to Tony at the park, where Andy, Alice and Robert were playing on the swings. When Kathy offered Tony advice, he wasn’t surprised that she should know all about his business and she conceded it was part of village life. Andy pushed Alice off the swing prompting Kathy to go and tell Jack and Sarah. Andy was made to apologise but when warned to stay away from Alice for a while, he started smiling. (Cogs in motion?!)

Steve was busy putting files into his car as Rachel watched outside his cottage as Chris drew up and told him that he should have asked permission to remove the files. Steve replied snidely that Zoë had given him permission. Rachel invited Chris to the Winebar with her that evening but when Steve asked what time, she made it clear that the invitation was only for Chris, who then smugly drove away. Later in the office, Chris was having a go at Steve when Roy came in to ask what he was meant to be doing. Chris was disgruntled that Roy should consider Steve to be his boss. Rachel met Chris at the winebar. Chris was delighted Rachel had invited him but Rachel made it clear it was not a social meeting and that he might not like what she had to say. Still amazed that he would sell Mill Cottage, Chris made clear his financial problems to Rachel but she seemed disinterested because whatever he always had Home Farm to fall back on. Chris retorted that she was happy enough to reap the benefits when she was married to him and insinuated that the only reason why she was bothered about this was because things were dodgy with Steve and she wanted to safeguard her interests. When the time came to pay the bill, Chris’ credit card was invalid and Terry and Eric took great pleasure in cutting it in half in front of Chris while and embarrassed Rachel looked on.

Biff told Linda again not to get involved with the Cairns as it was none of her business but she was determined not to see Emma make the same mistakes as she did. Alan was writing an advertisement for a bar manager and Mandy pointed out it should be manager or manageress but telling him not to bother changing it because she was the woman for the job. Alan was very uneasy and tried to think of excuses but Eric could see this and kept chipping in making Alan even more uncomfortable. Eric then invited Alan to his wedding but Alan replied that he’d have to check his diary. Mandy demanded an application form and when she ascertained that Biff wasn’t interested she was convinced the job was hers because she could handle the Dingles.

Emma continued to bond with the baby when they went to the hospital and even Will took to her as Becky watched on. In the Woolpack, Becky admitted to Tony that she was concerned that Emma was bonding the baby. Later in the chalet, Tony said the last thing they needed was to start from scratch with another child as they’d been there and done it, he was outraged that Becky could think letting Emma decide to keep her was for the best. He accused the baby of tearing the family apart, unaware that Emma was listening.

Episode 2192












































Original Airdate ITV
15 Apr 1997

(Granada Plus - Tuesday 21 May 2002)











































A big Thank you to Home Farm Stud for these updates, (originally posted to the official Emmerdale message boards at: http://www.emmerdale.co.uk/ )

Episode #2192

Tuesday 21st May’s episode…
(Original Airdate ITV Wednesday 16 April 1997)

Paddy continues his quest for Mandy's heart.
Zoe learns just how brutal prison life is.
While the Cairns discover Emma has gone missing.

Sarah was still worried about Andy hitting Alice. She told Jack that she wished she understood him more but Jack reassured her that as long as they kept treating him like a member of the family he would settle down. Out of sight, Andy punched Robert for not sticking up for him over Alice. At teatime, Robert was the one who was upset when Jack and Sarah told Andy he could pick the wallpaper for their new room at the new farm.

Chris was still worrying about his financial difficulties. Steve overheard his heated discussion with someone at the bank on the phone prompting the two to have another go at each other. Steve told him that he had respect for Frank but that Chris was no businessman because if he had he would have seen Kim’s swindle coming and he wouldn’t be in this mess. Later in the Woolpack, Steve told Rachel there was a lot of potential at Home Farm for him and gloated to a disapproving Rachel that he could make a killing.

Zoë received a phone call from the prison informing her that Frank had been in admitted to the prison hospital after being attacked but when she went to visit him she was not prepared for how badly hurt he had been. Zoë urged Frank to tell the guards who had done it but he said he if did that next time they would kill him. He conceded that he would have to live by the “laws of the jungle” but admitted to Zoë that he couldn’t take much more. When Zoë returned to Home Farm she told Chris what had happened but when Steve asked if there was anything he could do, she snapped at him telling him he could find the person who really killed Kim. Later, Zoë was confiding in Sophie that she thought Frank had given up. Sophie asked her to Paddy’s birthday do in the Woolpack to keep her mind off things. Chris seemed more worried about his own problems and after complaining that Steve was showing him no respect, asked Zoë to lend him enough money to keep the bank off his back. She refused and chastised him for being selfish telling him that he should go and visit Frank because he needed their support more than ever. When Chris did so, he asked Frank to lend him money but Frank said no. He told Chris there was no way he would lend him a penny after he tried to shaft him over the livery deal and that he should not come back and visit.

Paddy told Zoë and Linda that it was his birthday but that he didn’t want a fuss bus Betty got to hear about it and a party was promptly organised in the Woolpack. Alan made peace with Terry explaining why he had acted in the way he had over Viv. Viv and Vic decided to go to the party together. Mandy was having trouble filling out the application for the bar manager’s job and asked Paddy for help. He gave her an envelope and she said she would read it later.

At the party, Paddy told everyone he was delighted he had been made so welcome in Emmerdale. Butch was gazing after Sophie again and asked if he could buy her a drink. Initially she declined but eventually accepted. Indeed, she got so drunk she decided she was unable to go back to Zoë’s cottage and her request for her to stay the night at his house was met with a wide smile from Butch. Charlie was flirting with Steve while Rachel looked on. However, she left angrily insulting Charlie as she went. Charlie told Steve that Rachel was a frump and Steve replied she never used to be like that, while playing with Charlie’s hair. Linda told Biff she wanted another baby after Biff again told her she was getting too involved with the Cairns. When Zoë asked Paddy how old he was he admitted that it wasn’t really his birthday and he’d just said it to cheer everybody up. Just as Paddy was going to ask Mandy out on a date, she stormed up to him angry about what he had written for her application. He said it was just a joke and he had a real one for her but she was unwilling to listen as she poured a pint over his cake, an action Alan was extremely angry about.

Tony continued to try and persuade Emma to reconsider her decision telling her she was throwing her life away but Emma was adamant that she would be keeping Geri. (Charlie had picked a new name because she considered April a naff name). Becky told Tony to stop bullying Emma, insisting that he had better get used to the idea or move out. Tony retorted that this wasn’t a bad idea. Linda took Emma to the hospital and told her that no matter how hard things got to just remember Geri was worth all of it. She told Emma she wished she’d made the right decision. Emma confided to Becky that she was worried that Tony wouldn’t come round and begged her mum not to let anyone take Geri away from her. Later when Charlie, Emma and Will were with Geri, Emma said she hated her father calling him selfish but Will said that Emma was being the selfish one and her decision was ripping the family apart. Later in the chalet, Will said he wished the baby was dead. When Tony and Becky went to pick up Emma he said he was sorry and admitted he had to accept that this was the way it had to be, only for them then to be informed by the nurse that Emma and the baby had disappeared.

Episode 2193












































Original Airdate ITV
16 Apr 1997

(Granada Plus - Wednesday 22 May 2002)










































Andy resorts to violence.

Rachel faces determined and unwelcome visitors.

While Biff continues to hide his terrible secret.

A big Thank you to Home Farm Stud for these updates, (originally posted to the official Emmerdale message boards at: http://www.emmerdale.co.uk/ )

Episode #2193

Wednesday 22nd May’s episode…
(Original Airdate ITV Thursday 17 April 1997)

At Annie’s Cottage, Andy punched Donna causing her lip to split after she told him the only reason he was living at the Sugdens was because they got paid to keep him. She ran off telling Andy she would get her mum but before Viv arrived, Andy dragged Robert out of the house. Viv had a go at Sarah telling her that Andy was out of control and if anything like this happened again she would get in touch with Social Services personally. Later, Jack was appalled to overhear Andy tell Robert that if he grassed him up to Jack and Sarah over Donna he would tell them he did it. However, when challenged, he lied saying that he’d been talking about the pane of a greenhouse he’d accidentally broken with a football. Jack sent him to his room until he was prepared to tell the truth. Sarah confided in Rachel at Mill Cottage that she wasn’t sure they could cope with Andy or that he would ever settle down.

Tony was furious with the nurse that his daughter had just been allowed to walk off with her baby whilst a distressed Emma turned up at the Glover’s house. When Jan ascertained Tony and Becky didn’t know her whereabouts, she told Emma she would have to call them but Emma was adamant she didn’t want them to know but agreed eventually. Jan called Tony and Becky who’d arrived back at the chalet to find an unsympathetic Charlie a bit worse for wear after her night drinking. They went to the Glovers and reassured Emma that she could keep the baby but it wasn’t just up to them. She would have to be assessed to see if she was fit enough to look after Geri but whatever, they had to return her to the hospital for now. Emma reluctantly agreed that this would be for the best.

Sophie was trying to leave the Dingle’s house quietly after, presumably a night with Butch, but bumped into Mandy on her way out causing the whole house to wake and assemble on the stairs. She tried to maintain that she had slept on the sofa but they did not believe her. Exasperated and upset, she left but the teasing of Butch, by the Dingles, continued. In the morning, Zoë was still angry with Sophie for leaving her in the lurch with James. Sophie was embarrassed and angry when later, as she was having dinner with Zoë, Butch turned up to invite her for a drink and wouldn’t accept she had to work. She told him she wanted to keep her job and added that she wouldn’t be available in the evening for another six months before shoving him out of the door.

Linda continued to stress that she wanted a baby but a subdued Biff later admitted to Betty that he hadn’t told her about the fact that he may have Huntingdon’s Disease because he didn’t know how to. Indeed, later when he tried to, Linda was so busy talking about having a baby that he couldn’t get a word in edgeways. Mandy had her interview with Alan for the bar manager’s job and maintained that she was perfect for the job because she knew the customers. Alan, however, said this wasn’t necessarily a good thing and that she would have to know how to stock-take, balance the books and VAT but she proved she was more than capable in the first areas as she knew exactly what was in her fridge down to the last sausage and she checks her purse in the evening and in the morning. Although she had to tell him she didn’t have a clue about VAT but he admitted he didn’t either. She was convinced she had the job but Alan said he would let her know with the other candidates. Dee was concerned that she had overlooked an English custom that said that guests don’t reply to the wedding invitations. Eric reassured her that this was sometimes the case but he was uneasy about the subject. The Dingles decided to expand their bus company into pensioner’s day trips with Albert suggesting a trip to Amsterdam. Paddy asked Mandy out on a date and after a little persuasion she agreed.

Chris and Steve continued their feud. Roy complained to Steve and Chris that he couldn’t do all the work at the holiday village on his own. But when Chris told him to go away, Steve told him not to worry and that he was addressing the problem, later offering Biff his old job back. When Rachel asked Steve to sign some papers, Chris informed her that she should tidy Mill Cottage as prospective buyers would be coming round this afternoon but Rachel told him they wouldn’t set foot over the threshold. When the prospective buyers did come, they turned out to be bailiffs and removed everything but a few bits of furniture as Rachel angrily phoned Chris to get him to come round immediately. She was mortified when he told her he had debts of £350,000 but was more angry, when Steve arrived later, to find out he already knew about it. She also called him up on his behaviour with Charlie the previous evening. When Chris returned with an offer of furniture Rachel told him she would not accept any Home Farm cast-offs and had a go at Steve and Chris telling them that she needed a stiff drink and if they wanted to help they could look after Joseph before storming out.

Episode 2194


















































Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 17 April 1997

(Granada Plus - Thursday 23 May 2002)

















































Linda is obsessed with babygros.

Rachel lashes out at the Tates.

While Mandy finds true love.

Thanks again Home Farm Stud:

Thursday 23rd May’s episode…
Rachel was on the warpath. She stormed into Home Farm and smashed a brick through the television telling Zoë and Chris that if she didn’t have a television because the bailiffs had taken it then they shouldn’t either. She wanted to know why they hadn’t removed the furniture from Home Farm but Zoë told her it was because none of it belonged to Chris and that now, with her father in prison, she really didn’t need the hassle from Rachel but stopped short of carrying out her threat to call the police and have Rachel arrested for criminal damage. Rachel still couldn’t believe that Chris would do this to his own son and informed him that he wouldn’t be allowed to see Joseph in future. When Chris threatened her with court action she retorted that he should do that because then she could tell everyone what he was up to – trying to swindle his father who he was now sponging off. Steve was amused to hear about what Rachel had done and told her it was more like the old her. When she questioned what he meant, he inadvertently offended her causing her to have a go at him for being insensitive when she had so many problems to cope with. Steve shared a drink with Zoë in the winebar and told her that he was finding Rachel irritating but she replied that it was hardly surprising given the circumstances. However, he had forgotten the time and when Rachel stormed in telling Steve his dinner was ruined, he told her he was finding it all very boring. She then promptly poured his glass of red wine over his head asking him if he thought that was boring.

Viv told Mandy that she must have the bar manager’s job because she had read Alan’s postcards to the other candidates when he wasn’t looking in the Post Office. Mandy then burst into the Woolpack’s back room telling Alan that he didn’t have to pretend anymore but was enraged to learn that she wasn’t the new manager, in fact nobody was because he hadn’t found a suitable candidate. Later in the bar, Mandy was still angry when he told her she didn’t have the experience and needed someone who knew the ropes already. Later though, his mood changed and he told her he would train her up and that he would teach her stock-taking that evening, however, Mandy told him she couldn’t work that evening because she had to go out.

The winebar was still without a chef as the agency had again let them down. When Terry told Eric again that he couldn’t even boil an egg Eric said he would have to do it but instead of doing the cooking himself he just followed Steve’s advice and bought lots of ready-meals to put in the microwave. The food was a source of many complaints, including from Mandy and Paddy who had found a bit of plastic in her food. When Terry asked her if she would consider doing a stint in the kitchen, Mandy told Paddy they were leaving. Outside Zoë’s Cottage their first kiss was interrupted by Butch, who was sat on the doorstep with some wilting daffodils waiting for Sophie to come home. Earlier, he had asked her out on a date but she had told him in no uncertain terms she wasn’t interested. However, he also received sharp shrift from Mandy who also told him to go away. Paddy asked Mandy if she would be his girlfriend, she readily accepted and they kissed.

Linda asked Jan to buy her some folic acid tablets telling a questioning Biff that they were for women before they get pregnant. This then prompted Biff to again caution Linda that perhaps now wasn’t the right time for a baby because of their financial situation. Whenever she approached the subject of the job at Home Farm Biff told her that Steve had been busy but she knew this was a lie when Steve had asked Biff, in the Woolpack, if he still wanted the job. Worried about Biff’s commitment to her she confided to her mum that she didn’t think that Biff wanted a baby but Jan replied that all men were like that initially, even Ned was. Meanwhile, Biff was confessing to Kathy about the fact that he may have Huntingdon’s Disease and she tried to persuade him to go for a test and tell Linda the truth but he wasn’t sure. He just knew he had to stop Linda from getting pregnant.

Andy continued to cause havoc at the Sugdens. Sarah managed to persuade Viv to let Donna attend Robert’s birthday party and Andy was told that he must apologise to Donna for hitting her, which he begrudgingly did. Robert was angry that even on his birthday Andy was the centre of attention. At the party, Robert was playing on the Playstation that Jack and Sarah had bought him and when he refused to open Andy’s present because he didn’t want to forfeit the level he was on on a game, Andy grabbed the Playstation and smashed it on the floor. Robert told him that he hoped he was happy that he had ruined his birthday whilst Andy meekly apologised. He was worried that he would have to go back to the children’s home and Jack warned him that he was going the right way about being sent back.

Emma was flicking through a catalogue of baby things but whilst Tony was worried about how much it was going to cost, Becky was more concerned that Emma should be catching up on schoolwork so that she could prove to the school she was a capable pupil. Tony and Becky told Charlie that she would have to pay her way with Geri coming home. Charlie was horrified and said she would babysit but there was no way she would get a boring job, prompting her parents to tell her she was selfish. The Cairns went shopping for things for the baby and when a shop assistant asked Emma if she was looking forward to having a little sister, Emma proudly told her the baby was hers. Tony was mortified when he saw the woman going and gossiping with another shop assistant about it and when they went to the till he told her that his daughter was 13 and that they didn’t know who the father was so that she could gossip with all the facts. Emma ran out of the shop and Becky was furious that Tony would do such a thing adding that he better change his attitude when Geri comes home but he replied that Emma and the whole family would have to get used to being the local freak show. However, back at the chalet, Charlie doubted that Social Services would allow the baby to come home because of their accommodation problem and the fact that Emma had tried to run away with the baby before telling them they ought to prepare Emma for the worst.

Episode 2195













































Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 22 April 1997

(Granada Plus - Friday 24 May 2002)












































The Windsor's are desperate to find Kelly.

Tony loses his temper with the social workers.

While Pady gets some distressing news.

The Home Farm Stud
posted 24 May 2002 18:58 to http://www.emmerdale.co.uk/
Friday 24th May’s episode…
Whilst Betty was cleaning the Woolpack’s back room, she tried to persuade Alan to give Terry his job back as she felt sorry for him having to work with Eric. The playstation incident continued to cause tension at Annie’s Cottage with Jack snapping at Robert when he asked if he could have a new one. Jack and Sarah discussed their financial situation as the amount of bills they had to pay were rising and the farm wasn’t producing enough money. Sarah told Andy she wouldn’t tell the social worker about what he had done but Robert wasn’t so forgiving telling Andy that he was glad that he wasn’t coming with him on the football tour. Vic and Viv were delighted to receive a postcard from Kelly prompting Vic to decide to go to Stockport to try and find her. As he said goodbye to Donna and Viv outside the Post Office with a hug, Terry looked on in the background. Dee asked Eric if his friend had agreed to be best man yet, but Eric replied that his friend was out of the country. Later, Eric told her that it wasn’t the day that counted, it was everything after that and his problem at the moment was the winebar because he had so much capital tied up in it. Dee offered Eric her assistance in the kitchen as he was having to cross out everything but baked potatoes on the menu but he was worried about the immigration authorities telling her he couldn’t bear to lose her. However, her solution to this problem was that she would only instruct him what to do.

Biff and Linda continued to have problems with her again getting on to him about accepting the job at Home Farm. Biff told Kathy that he would have the Huntingdon’s test but when she asked him if he was going to tell Linda he replied that if the test turned out to be negative there would be no need to worry her. Meanwhile, Paddy put his foot in it again when he told Linda that Biff had been in the winebar with Kathy, not out with the lads. Ned and Biff shared a drink in the Woolpack and Biff told him he was wary about accepting the job because of what Chris had done but Ned replied whether he liked it or not the Tates owned their house and employed Roy and Linda. Linda stormed into the Woolpack demanding an explanation but Biff said he didn’t want to talk about it there and then. Later, when Biff returned to the house, he told a frosty Linda that he hadn’t wanted to take the job because of what Chris had done and explained that he had only confided in Kathy because she knew what the Tates were like but she replied that he should be able to talk to his own wife and she knew exactly what Chris was like. However, they were reconciled when Biff told her that Chris could never break up their relationship because it was too strong.

Rachel apologised to Steve at his cottage when he brought his ruined shirt down and put it in the bin. She said she would have washed it for him but he told her that they weren’t married and even if they were he wouldn’t expect her to wash his clothes. She told him that she had done it because she thought he was flirting with Zoë but he replied that he knew she was a lesbian and retorted to Rachel’s suggestion that he’d probably see it as a challenge that they was discussing how to sort out Chris’ mess and that he didn’t have to tell her what he was doing. Later, when Rachel rang Steve to ask him what to do for a particular client, he snapped at her and explained to Zoë, who had been listening, that for an intelligent woman he couldn’t understand why she asked him what to do all the time. To which Zoë replied perhaps it was to do with the way men had treated her. Rachel arrived at Sarah’s house shaken and explained that because of something she had overlooked on a share application form she had lost one of Steve’s clients £20,000. Later over dinner in the winebar, Steve apologised to Rachel telling her he had faith in her because she was good at her job, as she looked guilty.

Emma, Tony and Becky met with a team of social and health workers to ascertain Emma’s fitness to look after Geri. Emma maintained that she wanted to keep her but Tony was impatient and asked the social worker what authority she had and accusing her of patronising them. He then caused a scene by grabbing the file on the family and throwing the papers around causing a distressed Emma to tell him he had spoiled everything and storm out, shortly followed by Becky. Tony looked guilty and later from a distance he saw Becky and Emma looking at Geri and decided to confide in the social worker. He told her he was used to being in control and having people jump when he barked ordered, that he was ashamed that Emma felt she couldn’t talk to him and that he was having trouble understanding before apologising to her for his behaviour. Will and Charlie were arguing with each other about whether the baby would be coming home but their argument was cut short as the others arrived home with Emma holding Geri.

Mandy and Paddy were meant to be going out on another date. Paddy was having a drink in the Woolpack beforehand when Sophie came in and let slip to a horrified Betty that his date was Mandy after Paddy had made a jibe about Butch continually ringing her. However, Mandy was left alone in the winebar because Zoë had asked to see Paddy and had informed him that she wanted to get more involved with the practice and there wasn’t enough work for two and that she would have to let him go.

  Wednesday 23rd April 1997 No Episode

Episode 2196



















































Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 24 April 1997

(Granada Plus - Monday 27 May 2002)

















































Betty and Kathy worry about Biff's health.

Chris finds a dramatic solution to his money problems.

While romance is in the air for the Windsor's.

The Home Farm Stud
posted 27 May 2002 18:36 to http://www.emmerdale.co.uk

Monday 27th May’s episode…
Mandy was furious that Paddy had stood her up and went round to Betty’s to confront him. Terry told her he wasn’t there and that she should go to the surgery but she retorted that she wasn’t going to make a fool of herself in front of Zoë and Linda. She stormed off and did not hear Terry shout after her that Paddy had turned up after she had gone. Betty was disappointed that her best lodger should be leaving and accused Zoë of being a true Tate when she turned up to clean Zoë’s cottage. Paddy apologised for Betty’s behaviour and said that although he was bitterly disappointed to be leaving Emmerdale, he didn’t blame Zoë at all. Whilst Paddy shared a farewell drink with Biff and Linda in the Woolpack, Alan admitted he was sorry to see one of his best customers go but when asked if Mandy was around, Alan replied that she had called in sick. Paddy found Mandy at the park later and apologised for standing her up but she was unwilling to listen and threatened to break his fingers unless he left her alone. Nevertheless, when he revealed why he had not met her at the winebar she was devastated, begging him to stay. Paddy replied that he needed to work and had to leave immediately for a new post as a locum in Cumbria. He said he wouldn’t forget Mandy and, after a kiss, drove away, leaving Mandy in tears. Later, in the Woolpack, Mandy had a go at Zoë, outraged that she had sacked Paddy but stopped short of carrying out her threat to hit her as Tony Cairns acted as mediator and offered both Zoë and Mandy a drink.

Rachel continued to be anxious about the “Malarney” account and offered to relieve Steve from looking at the client statements so he wouldn’t discover what she had done. He seemed pleased that she was so keen and left for Home Farm. Later, Rachel came to Home Farm and seemed delighted when Chris told her he had come to some decisions about his financial situation, with Rachel adding that perhaps with all this worry out of the way they might be able to get on better for Joseph’s sake. She was, however, horrified when he told her he was about to declare himself bankrupt because nobody was prepared to help him, least of all his father, sister or Steve, who had come out to see what was going on. Chris had a go at Steve for breaking up his family and snidely told Rachel that the “moneyman” could solve everybody’s problems. In the office, Steve was explaining to Rachel the financial implications of Chris declaring himself bankrupt but couldn’t understand her problem because she had custody of Joseph. She told him that despite what he obviously thought she didn’t want to bleed Chris dry. Steve told her not to worry because she would always have a job with him before telling her to knock off early and that he would have a look at the client statements when he got home. Rachel tried to insist that she would do them but Steve told her it wasn’t necessary. On her way out Rachel bumped into Zoë and apologised for her behaviour in the winebar. Zoë insisted her and Steve were just talking business before again offering Rachel furniture from Home Farm, which this time she accepted.

Biff finally took his old job back at Home Farm where Steve praised his excellent past record with the company. When Steve asked Biff if he and Linda would want their old cottage back, Chris sleazily insisted that it would be good for them to be where he could keep an eye on them both. Biff replied that they were fine living at the Glovers, but Steve, who was unaware of the one-upmanship going on, insisted that Biff think about it, as it was good to have staff on hand. Over a meal at the winebar, Linda admitted that their presence at the Glovers had helped Jan get over Dave’s death but argued that it would be nice to have their own place again, where they could start a family.

Emma woke up to find Tony feeding Geri, just as he had done throughout the night. She thanked him for letting the baby come home before apologising for not getting up in the night, saying that she hadn’t heard her, which seemed to amuse Charlie because even she had heard Geri crying because the walls are paper-thin. Tony told Charlie the solution to that was that she go house-hunting with him. Andy looked on as Jack, Sarah and Victoria waved Robert off on his football tour, seemingly reflective. Jack and Sarah went to a dispersal sale where they bumped into Tony and Charlie. Tony told Jack that he was still looking for a place to live and Jack seemed only too pleased to give him his phone number, telling him that they had bitten off more than they could chew with the new farm and that he was welcome to come and have a look. Later, over a drink in the Woolpack, Sarah told Jack that he seemed to have made his mind up about the farm and he replied that they could put an offer in at the farm they saw today instead as it was far more suitable and needed less doing to it.

Dee continued to talk to Eric about preparations for the wedding. Earlier, when asked, Rachel had agreed to be a witness at the wedding, which prompted Dee to ask Eric if he had chosen a best man yet. When he replied he hadn’t, Dee secretly went to ask Alan if he would do the honours but was taken aback when he told her he wouldn’t do it. Later, in the Woolpack, Eric was touting for business for the Eastern evening at the winebar much to Alan’s annoyance, who pointed out it was on a par with his fiancé coming into the pub touting for a best man. Eric was left in no uncertainty as to the reasons why Alan would not take the job and replied that the feelings were mutual before chastising Dee for embarrassing him and asking Alan in the first place.

Kathy and Betty realised that each other knew about Biff and the possibility he may have Huntingdon’s Disease. They were both in agreement that Linda had a right to know but Kathy seemed unsupportive at Betty’s idea to invite Biff and Linda for tea in the hope he may feel able to open up to her in the company of friends. Vic arrived back from Stockport but much to Donna’s anger and disappointment, he had been unable to track Kelly and Tom down. Later, when Vic and Viv were alone together, Vic told her all about where he had been and what he had tried to do to find Kelly. Viv was sympathetic when Vic accused himself of being a terrible parent. The two then shared a kiss when Vic admitted that even though he had only been away for one night, it had reminded him of how lonely he had been without Viv and that he needed her.

Episode 2197












































Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 29 April 1997

(Granada Plus - Tuesday 28 May 2002)










































A mistake by Rachel could cost thousands.

Chris lashes out at Zoe.

While Betty gives Biff a terrifying ultimatum.

The Home Farm Stud
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Steve offered Biff a promotion to be his right hand man, much to Chris’ extreme annoyance who accused Steve of being petty. Biff was unsure but was happy to learn the extra responsibility would be worth £100 more a month. Steve told Biff to be a bit more assertive and when Chris told him to unblock some drains at the holiday village, he told him he would get somebody on to it but Chris told him he should do it himself. However, Biff stood firm. After Biff left, Chris accused Steve of doing it to humiliate him but Steve inferred he wouldn’t stoop to Chris’ level. Roy came to tell Biff and Steve that Seth tripped up over a molehill but Biff was convinced that it was just a prank as it was his first day in the new job and Seth had pulled a similar stunt on Dave’s first day. However, Seth had tripped and was taken to hospital with concussion and a possible broken foot. Chris made a joke of the situation by asking Biff if he could spell all the words that would be needed for the accident report. Biff told him concussion at Seth’s age could be serious but Chris continued to try and wind Biff up telling him that he could slip into his and Linda’s cottage anytime whilst Biff was working all the hours on the estate but Biff resisted and walked away as Chris laughed.

Zoë told Chris she had been thinking about his money situation and when Chris told her he had lost absolutely everything and had been contemplating suicide she told him it was all his own fault and that his attitude was to blame for a lot of things. He told Zoë he’d decided to declare himself bankrupt but she was reluctant to let him do it and instead offered to buy his Home Farm shares just as Steve came into the living room. Chris was angry and had a go at Zoë telling her to shove her offer. Zoë was upset about Chris’ outburst and couldn’t understand why he had been so awful. Steve tried to comfort her telling her that perhaps the fact that he was declaring himself bankrupt suggested that Chris didn’t want a role in Home Farm anymore but Zoë dispelled this adding that Chris lived for Home Farm. Steve told her that that might be the problem. Zoë revealed that she wasn’t sure she could cope with everything anymore but Steve reassured her that he was there and would help her.

Tony put up a list of Geri’s feeding times for Emma to follow, telling her it was never too early to instil discipline and that she didn’t want to be run ragged by the baby. Charlie remarked that Emma would be pleased to get back to school but for the time being, Emma and Becky would wait in for the midwife to call whilst Tony and Charlie would go and view the Sugden’s barn. Earlier, Sarah had been quietly confident about the sale of the barn and Jack had remarked that he hoped the sale went through because it would mean that they could buy the other farm for a song, but Ned was amused that the Cairns would even consider buying it unless Tony wanted a bombsite to remind him of his time in the army. Tony and Charlie, however, could see real potential in the barn and the outbuildings and when they returned later with Will, Tony decided to make Jack an offer. Jack asked for £170,000 and Tony immediately agreed, much to Will’s amusement who told his mother when they returned to the chalet that they’d bought a ruin. Becky told Tony that she had had a terrible day; the midwife had failed to turn up and her mother had rung and she had had to tell her about the baby causing her mother to hang up in disgust. Tony told her that if she really hated the house, he’d give back word to the Sugdens, but Becky said he’d probably talk her round and they couldn’t do that to the Sugdens anyway. Jack told Sarah later that Tony had almost bitten his hand off and he wished he had asked for £200,000 and come down but Sarah was ecstatic that they had made such a huge profit.

Steve discovered the truth about the “Marlarney” account when he was sifting through some papers and found the share application. He asked Rachel if it was a copy but she reluctantly revealed that she had missed the deadline causing the two to have a massive argument, with Rachel complaining that she had had to do the work of two people for the last few weeks because Steve was too busy at Home Farm. Steve told her to go home and get her act together before disappearing to the winebar to have a drink.

Terry celebrated getting an interview for a theme pub in Leeds. Mandy took delivery of some American beer that the rep had assured her was a real winner to try and show some initiative but Alan and Terry told her that the rep had been pestering them for months and that they’d have trouble shifting this particular line. Vic showered Viv with champagne and flowers after the night they spent together but Viv was uncomfortable telling a shocked Vic that she knew he would get the wrong idea about where their relationship was heading. Viv later confessed to Kathy in the tearooms that she had only slept with Vic to see if she could rekindle any of her old feelings but she hadn’t. She went on to say that she missed Terry because he made her feel alive but Kathy was sceptical that what she had with Terry would have lasted. Eric asked Terry to be his best man but he refused, adding that he didn’t want to lose his friends or self-respect.

Linda reminded Biff that they were due at Betty’s for tea and that if he sneaked off for a pint with Seth after work, they’d both be for it. Biff was reluctant to go and thought he may have got out of it because Seth was to be kept overnight in hospital but Betty was insistent she needed the company. However, he did invite Roy to come with him and Betty felt obliged to ask Roy to stay. Linda was extremely happy and told Betty that now Biff had been promoted, the extra money meant that they could start a family. He told her they would have to talk about it but she couldn’t see a problem now that the financial worry had been removed. After the meal, Betty told Roy and Linda to go over to the pub whilst Biff and her clear up the dishes. With the two of them alone, she told Biff she knew why he had invited Roy but was adamant he couldn’t just ignore the issue and that he had to tell Linda, worrying that she may already be pregnant as she was the only one taking precautions. Biff said that there was a good chance he wouldn’t have it but Betty told him he couldn’t take the chance with the health of his children. She told him to take the test and if it was negative, he wouldn’t have to worry Linda but Biff said that he couldn’t tell her if the test was positive as it would break Linda’s heart. This prompted Betty to call him pathetic and deliver and ultimatum – either he told Linda or she would.

Episode 2198













































Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 30 April 1997

(Granada Plus - Wednesday 29 May 2002)











































Chris turns to Zoe for help.

Andy's violent temper gets him in more trouble.

While Dee learns some uncomfortable facts about Pollard.

The Home Farm Stud
posted 31 May 2002 18:54 to http://www.emmerdale.co.uk/

Wednesday 29th May’s episode...

Tony told Charlie to keep an eye on Emma and Geri whilst he and Becky went to go and see the barn but Charlie said Emma could cope on her own and went back to bed. Becky revealed to Tony that her mother had written them a letter telling them they weren’t invited to the golden wedding. This upset Becky, but Tony jokingly said it was a blessing but reassured her that her mother would come round. Later, as the two viewed the barn, Tony told Becky he would give the Sugdens back word if she liked but she told him if he did that she would divorce him and use her half to buy the property anyway. Becky then declared to a pleased Tony, she could see them growing old together at the barn. When the couple returned to the chalet they were met on the steps by Charlie, Emma and a very aloof midwife, who asked them if they really thought it was appropriate to leave two young girls in charge of a baby. Becky pointed out that Emma was the mother and Charlie was 18, and therefore an adult. However, the midwife, seemingly much to Charlie and Emma’s amusement, pointed out fundamental errors in the way Emma had been looking after the baby. However, despite Becky’s assurances the midwife remained unimpressed and told them she would return tomorrow.

Eric went to go see Zak who was doing some welding with Marlon. With much hesitation, Eric asked Zak if he would be his best man, much to Zak’s delight and Marlon’s confusion. When asked by Marlon, why he had chosen Zak as his best man, an uncomfortable Eric struggled to answer prompting Marlon to ask him how much the role was worth. After Zak and Marlon bartered, a fee of £100 was agreed. Later, in the Woolpack, Alan was flabbergasted that Eric would even think of having Zak as his best man but amused at Eric’s reaction to the Dingle’s insistence that they organise him a stag night.

Donna and Andy were playing marbles in the school playground but when Donna announced she had won and that Andy owed her twenty pence, he accused her of being a liar and a cheat. He wanted the money to help buy Robert a new playstation, prompting to Donna to tell him he was thick if he thought he could ever afford to buy one and even if he did, Robert would still hate him, as everybody did. Andy attacked Donna and when Miss Cullen intervened and tried to take him to the head’s office, Andy accidentally struck her in the face.

When Jack returned home from work, he and Sarah discussed the keenness of the Cairns to buy the property, Jack was quietly confident but Sarah was concerned that if they failed to secure the other farm at auction, they would be left with nothing. Jack said they would just continue to stay at Annie’s Cottage until they found something but Sarah told him that she was sick of them lurching from one crisis to another. When he asked what she was talking about, she told him all about Andy hitting Miss Cullen but prevented him from talking to Andy for the moment – she wanted him to sweat it out a little longer. When they did confront Andy about his behaviour, as predicted by Sarah, he had come up with a fanciful story but maintained it was an accident. When Jack questioned him further, Andy angrily flounced upstairs accusing them both of wanting rid of him.

Chris went to see Steve to ask his advice on his financial situation. Steve told him that he should sell his shares to Zoë but Chris was reluctant to sell his only asset. Steve reminded him that if he declared himself bankrupt he wouldn’t keep the shares anyway as they bank would take them and then not only would they have an outsider involved in the company but his bankrupt status would have serious ramifications for his financial dealings in the future. Chris had to concede that Steve was right before asking him what had happened between him and Rachel earlier. Steve replied that it was what is referred to as a bad patch, with Chris retorting that his entire marriage to Rachel was a bad patch. Chris went immediately to see Zoë at the vet’s surgery to tell her he was wrong to turn her offer down and that he appreciated her giving him this lifeline but when Chris said life was difficult for him at the moment, Zoë accused him of being selfish. He admitted he was, causing Zoë to contemplate, when asked, if her offer was still open.

Betty told Terry that she had been speaking to Alan and that he still hadn’t found a bar manager but Terry replied that he had been for an interview for a manager’s job that morning and that returning to the Woolpack wasn’t really an option. Kathy and Biff discussed Biff’s father’s illness and she tried to pour scorn on his tentative suggestion that his mother had made the whole thing up.

The women of the village got together for Dee’s hen-night, which began at the winebar, where Zoë won praise for putting down Marlon’s advances, before moving on to the Woolpack. Dee offered to buy the first round to which Betty’s response was to point out that Eric wouldn’t have done that. As the evening wore on, Dee became increasingly distressed by the women’s stories of Eric, telling Alan that the British custom of trying to put the bride off her intended by telling lies was not a nice one. Alan replied that it was not a British custom, it was an Emmerdale one but the stories continued with Rachel and Viv suggesting that Eric had killed his second wife, Elizabeth but the plane crash had provided the perfect cover up. This was the final straw for Dee who told them that all the stories were unkind and untrue before leaving in tears.

Eric’s stag night wasn’t much more of a success. The Dingles had booked a stripper but on her arrival it was clear “she” was a man in drag but Butch didn’t seem to notice and announced “Lola” was his ideal woman and that Eric was a lucky man. Eric gave Lola money so as not to humiliate him and turn her attentions on Butch instead who mistakenly believed he was “in” with “her”. As Butch saw Lola out to her car, Eric, Marlon, Butch, Zak and Albert entered into a betting game to prove who was the most stupid. Eric managed to con all four of them and Butch, on his return, into taking their trousers off. Whilst the Dingles told an embarrassed Butch the truth about Lola, Eric cut one leg of each pair of trousers but when he sat down to gloat about winning the bet, the chair overbalanced. Eric fell to the floor and was knocked unconscious as Marlon approached him with a pair of scissors.

Episode 2199









































Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 1 May 1997

(Granada Plus - Thursday 30 May 2002)







































[Eric Pollard marries Dee De La Cruz. Sam Dingle returns]

Biff confronts his mother.

The Dingle's prepare for a surprise visit.

While Pollard enjoys the happiest day of his life.

The Home Farm Stud
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Thursday 30th May’s episode...

Eric woke up tied to the fence surrounding the pig-pen and demanded that Butch, who had come out to feed the pigs, untie him. Realising the time, he ran away and didn’t hear Butch offer him a lift back to the village. Rachel called in on Dee to apologise about the way they had behaved at her hen night and Dee seemed to accept the apology before Eric burst in. She was shocked at how dishevelled he was but not as shocked as he was when a look in the mirror revealed that half his moustache had gone. Rachel told him he would have to shave off the rest, when he prevented her from cutting it.

Sarah and Jack were delighted to hear from their solicitor that contracts for the farm would be exchanged on Tuesday. However, their euphoria was short lived as later, all three had a meeting with the headmistress of the school and Miss Cullen, whose lip injury had healed a bit. Andy apologised and said he wouldn’t do it again but the two teachers were unconvinced, as they had been here before. The headmistress told Andy he must learn how to behave before suspending him for 3 weeks, the maximum she could allow. Jack said he had been expecting it but Sarah made clear it was too harsh both in and out of the meeting. She was concerned Andy would miss out socially but Miss Cullen was adamant that Andy would have to learn his lesson and questioned their motives for fostering him.

Biff met his mother, Sandra, in a café to discuss his father’s illness. She told him that she had recently seen a woman with whom Biff’s father had been involved, before the illness became extremely bad, who had told her that Biff’s father had been admitted to a nursing home. Sandra suggested that Biff should go and visit him, as she had, but Biff was outraged asking her why he should go and see him when he had never met him before. Sandra gave him the address of the home in Skipdale and left, telling Biff that if he wanted to be having the same conversation in twenty years time with his own children it was his prerogative. Later, Biff told Kathy about this revelation and she offered him a lift to go and see his father but Biff was still uncertain as to what he should do.

Terry told Alan that he had got a new job at a theme pub in Leeds but Alan told him he already knew as he had been asked to provide a reference for him. Betty asked Viv to put a card up in the window of the Post Office advertising for a new lodger as with Paddy gone and Terry going she would need the money. Viv was shocked that Terry was leaving and demanded to know why Vic hadn’t told her. He said that if he had she would have only accused him of gloating but he found Viv’s nonchalance over Terry’s departure unconvincing. Vic was angry to find Donna on the phone to Kelly and grabbed it from her, but Kelly hung up. He rang 1471 and realised that Kelly must still be in Stockport but directory enquiries would not give him the address. As Vic shouted after Donna to find out where Kelly was the next time she rang, Viv told him that she wasn’t surprised Kelly would not want to speak to him. Donna was upset and later reminisced with Alan on the steps of the Woolpack about happier times when Kelly had been around.

The Dingles decorated their bus with balloons and banners and set off for the registry office but without Zak, who had declared that he had to go and get Eric and Dee’s wedding present. At the registry office, the congregation were assembling but Eric became increasingly agitated as the time approached and Zak had still not arrived with the wedding rings. The group went in and Eric continued to wait and when Zak finally did turn up, the wedding surprise turned out to be Sam Dingle, who took over the role of best man. The wedding went ahead, despite Sam taking some of the wedding vows quite literally, in that he tried to put the ring on Dee’s finger and later kiss her. At the reception in the winebar, Eric apologised to Sam for the business with the plate, and told him that he appreciated the risk he had taken to come here and that if there was anything he could do he would do it. Sam asked him to introduce him to Mrs Pollard. Eric obliged and Sam asked Dee if she had a sister, much to Kathy and Dee’s amusement. Zak asked Sam if Nellie had sent him a message and seemed disappointment when Sam told him that his mother hadn’t mentioned Zak at all. Sam confided in Zak that he would like to come home but a shopkeeper in Ireland relies on him as a delivery boy and Nellie needed him. Zak asked if Sam was happy to which he replied he was and Zak said that was good enough for him but upset Butch when he referred to Sam as his favourite son. Eric thanked Alan for coming to the wedding, and Alan told him to take good care of Dee.

Eric presented Dee with an old fashioned car which would take them on their tour of Britain honeymoon but the arrival of two police cars made Dee worry that it was the immigration authorities again but Eric instinctively knew they were after Sam. However, the guests inside had heard the sirens and the Dingles had hidden Sam under a table. The police searched the tearooms including beneath the table, but Sam had gone. They apologised for their intrusion and promptly left after Eric threatened to complain to their superiors. Everyone assembled outside the tearooms to see the happy couple drive away and it was Mandy who caught the bouquet after shoving Linda out of the way. Dee and Eric waved everybody off and told the driver to go but when he turned round it was Sam, who told Eric apologetically that he couldn’t drive.

Episode 2200








































Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 6 May 1997

(Granada Plus - Friday 31 May 2002)







































Turner is discovered after a night of agony.

Jack takes the biggest chance of his life.

While Steve turns his attentions to Zoe.

The Home Farm Stud
posted 31 May 2002 18:57 to http://www.emmerdale.co.uk

Friday 31st May’s episode…

Emma was nervous about going back to school and leaving Geri but Becky reassured her that she’d done it all before and that Emma would be fine before telling Tony that they ought to discuss the barn situation a little more before committing themselves to it. Tony told her that the contracts had to be exchanged by noon and seemingly declined her request to come back to the chalet after he had dropped the children off at school. At school, Lyn Hutchinson was having a go at Emma, telling her that she must have found it really difficult getting pregnant, as it must have been a shock finding anyone desperate enough to sleep with her. Emma handled the situation and when Will arrived he told Lyn to leave his sister alone before they walked off.

Sarah was preparing to give Andy a history lesson but Jack told them both they would come to the auction for Melby Farm with him. At the hotel, where the auction was taking place, Sarah was extremely nervous that the money from the sale of their old farm wouldn’t come through in time and her fears were not allayed as Jack was unable to get through to the solicitor to find out as he was constantly engaged. Jack was convinced though that there would not be a problem and despite Sarah’s attempts to stop him, he participated in the bidding and bought the farm for £170,000. She was still horrified at the prospect of them losing the deposit if the sale hadn’t gone through and it wasn’t until they received a call from the solicitor when they arrived home that they knew everything had gone ahead. However, Jack pulled Sarah’s leg for a moment intimating that it hadn’t gone through but when he revealed the truth she beat him with a cushion telling him not to do it again. Later, in the Woolpack, Becky was having a drink with a seemingly reserved Sarah and asked her if they had had a survey done on the barn. Sarah said that they had and that it must be somewhere at home. Becky asked if they could have a look at it because given the time scale they had only had chance to have a cheap one done to which Sarah replied she would find it for them.

Betty and Mandy arrived for work at the Woolpack but there was no response to their knocking, concerned as to where Alan could have got to. Terry came over to see what the problem was and told them there was a key round the back so he would let them in. They found Alan in the cellar, where he had been all night. He had come to change a barrel and several of them had fallen on top of him. Whilst Terry and Mandy made him comfortable, Betty went to call an ambulance. Mandy reassured Alan not to worry about anything as while he was away at the hospital she would look after the pub, but Alan’s anxiousness wasn’t easily concealed. Mandy decided to call a Happy Hour but the Dingles became increasingly riotous as a row broke out between Zak, Butch, Marlon and Albert over how the bus service should progress from here resulting in a table and their glasses being broken. Mandy was upset that the Dingles had ruined her first time in charge and furiously barred them from the pub. When Alan returned he wasn’t very pleased to find the mess and was annoyed she had called a Happy Hour, later asking Terry if he would consider taking charged of the bar until he was better. He initially declined, adding that it would be a step backwards but after some consideration he left Biff and Linda alone at the winebar and returned to the Woolpack, telling a delighted Alan he wouldn’t leave him in the lurch. Viv came to see Terry and begged him to take her with him to Leeds so they could make a fresh start where nobody knew them but he told her there was nothing between them anymore and he had to do it on his own. Viv was reluctant to accept this and told him that there was nothing left for her in Emmerdale anymore, she didn’t love Vic and she would leave the kids, unaware that Donna was listening.

Steve took Zoë to go and see Frank in prison but Zoë was unable to persuade Sophie to bring James with them as she told her it was unfair to take James. Frank was anxious to know where James was but Zoë told him that Sophie had taken him for a walk and they hadn’t got back in time, which Frank accepted. Frank told them he had sacked his solicitor because he was incompetent, his reasoning being, he was still incarcerated. He said his new solicitor was the best in the business and that he would be home extremely soon, probably before the trial. Steve stressed the need to sell off the less profitable parts of the company to avoid dire financial trouble but Frank was determined the estate he worked so hard for would not be broken up. Steve was insistent but Frank asked him why he was so keen, sarcastically suggesting that perhaps he already had a buyer before warning him that he better pray he’d been acting in Frank’s best interests while he was in prison, because he would be for it when he was released if he hadn’t.

Later, at Steve’s cottage, Zoë and Steve shared a couple of bottles of wine and she apologised for her father’s behaviour. Steve said it was okay and that he could tell she was close to her father, something that he would know nothing about as his father died soon after he was born. Zoë said she was sorry and that she’d always found Steve intimidating and that she knew nothing about him, he replied that there was nothing really much to know. She conceded that she was finding it difficult to cope with everything and Frank’s situation and thanked Steve for his help. He said that he was only doing his job before reaching forward and kissing her. Zoë pulled away telling Steve there had been a misunderstanding and it was probably all her fault and promptly left, leaving Steve in contemplation.