Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1997

#2201-2205--- 7 May -15 May 1997

Upadated 13 June 2002
Finished 30th July 2004

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Episode 2201

Original Airdate ITV Wednesday 7 May 1997
(Granada Plus - Monday 3 June 2002)

Sarah Sugden is still wrestling with the behavioural problems of their troublesome foster son Andy.

Following last night's misunderstanding Steve tries to smooth things over with Zoe.

Biff finally gives in to pressure from Kathy and goes to the hospice to meet Ron, his father, for the first time and asks some questions, but it's on who poses the important question by asking the odds of having Huntingdon's disease.

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Monday 3rd June’s episode…

Steve bumped into Biff on his way to see Zoë and Biff told him that he needed some time off that afternoon to attend to a personal matter but he would make the time up. He asked Steve not to let this slip to Linda whilst he was at the vets. Steve apologised to Zoë for his behaviour the previous evening telling her that he’d probably made a complete fool of himself and he’d be grateful if the matter wasn’t broadcast any further. She told him it was okay and that she was very moved by what he had said to her and when he asked if they could still be close friends as well as maintain their working relationship, she smiled. She confided in him that she didn’t know what to do when she wanted something a little more than friendship from someone because they might regard her as a freak, just as Sophie walked in. When she left, Zoë pre-empted what Steve was about to say by telling him, it was a hypothetical situation but he wasn’t convinced. When the two discussed it further in the Woolpack, Steve told Zoë she should go for it because she couldn’t lose something she didn’t have.

Mandy asked Alan for her money as she was convinced that now Terry had returned it was only a matter of time before she would be given the sack. Terry told her that his appointment was only temporary and Alan reassured her that he was incredibly happy with her work, much to her delight. Later, when Alan asked Terry if he thought he was doing the right thing leaving the village and all his friends, Terry replied that he needed to put as much distance between himself and his disastrous love life as possible.

The Dingles held a meeting to decide what should be done about Mandy’s treachery but Zak’s suggestion that this is what happened when you put women in a position of authority was met with contempt by Lisa who told them that they would all have to get to work and sort the bus out immediately as the longer it was sat idle, the more it was costing them. Later, when Zak, Marlon, Butch and Albert went to the Woolpack, Zak admitted to Mandy that she had been right to ban them but they’d learnt their lesson and they wouldn’t do it again. Mandy, however, stood firm and despite their protestations to Alan, they were sent packing again but not before Zak made clear to Mandy that whilst they were barred from the pub, she was barred from the home. Albert declared that he would organise delivery of some alcohol for them with the money left over from the sale of Tina’s car.

Sarah chastised Jack for promising Andy that he could go to the new farm. She told Andy that his removal from school was a punishment and that he wasn’t on holiday before telling him he would have to do some lessons. Sarah reminded Jack that they had to keep Andy on the straight and narrow and they wouldn’t do this by pandering to his every whim. Later at Annie’s Cottage, though, the mood lightened over a joke about a difficult question in Andy’s maths book. Sarah confided in Jack that the situation with the Cairns was worrying her. She was concerned that relations between the two families would not be good when they discovered not only that they paid £10,000 more for the barn than it was worth but also that the expense of the renovations could run into thousands. Jack reassured her that the Cairns were loaded and it shouldn’t be a problem but she was still unconvinced.

Becky was pleased to find Tony taking an interest in Geri but wasn’t convinced that his military tactics and timetables were necessary. She also worried that perhaps he should take more of an interest in Emma, who was finding school and separation from Geri hard. Tony replied that it was only to be expected that the other girls would gossip about her but was convinced it would all die down as soon as the novelty wore off. Becky was keen to start the renovations on Woodside Farm and suggested to Tony they start planning them immediately.

Kathy accompanied Biff to go and see his father, Ron, in the nursing home. Biff was reluctant to go in but when Kathy suggested she drive him home he was adamant that he had come this far, he wasn’t going to run away now. Kathy told Biff she knew how bitter he was but tried to convince him that opening up old wounds would be inadvisable because his father was very sick. Ron said he knew that he and Biff would meet up eventually and that he had a lot to say. Biff agreed that there was much that needed dicussing. Ron mistook Kathy for Linda but when he made an innocent remark, Biff furiously retorted that he wasn’t anything like him, while Kathy tried to calm him down. Ron tried to explain the situation to Biff and about his feelings, as well as telling him about the test he could take but Biff said he would never forgive him for his actions in the past. Kathy discreetly left, whilst Biff tried to ascertain the chances of the test being positive and if all his children would be affected but Ron said that no matter what, he had to find out and that if necessary he could bring Linda to see him so that he could try and explain things to her. Ron asked Biff to come back and see him, telling him if he had his time again he would do things differently but Biff made it clear how bitter he still was about the way he had been abandoned and left, leaving Ron upset. Biff confided to Kathy afterwards, that he couldn’t bear to put Linda through the pain of losing him, should the test prove positive.

Zoë seemed to heed Steve’s advice and when Sophie declared that she had nothing really to do on her night off, Zoë invited her to have a meal with her, an offer, which, Sophie seemed pleased to accept. Afterwards, over a glass of wine, Zoë asked Sophie about her love life. Zoë told her that maybe she hadn’t met the right boy yet before going on to suggest that perhaps they should forget the conversation took place. Sophie, however, replied that she didn’t want to forget and the two leant forward as if to kiss each other but at that moment Frank burst in, declaring that he was out.

Episode 2202
Original Airdate ITV Thursday 8 May 1997
(Granada Plus - Tuesday 4 June 2002)

[Ron Hudson was Biff Fowler's biological father, he died of Huntington's disease which is hereditary.]

Frank Tate is out and he's not going to waste any time settling a few scores with those that tried to hurt him while he was down.

When Biff gives Betty the news about Frank, she's aghast.

In the village, a confused Sophie reveals her situation to an astonished Charlie.

At Home Farm, Steve Marchant finds himself first on Frank's hit-list

and Linda Fowler finds out about Biff's visit to his father.

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Tuesday 4th June’s episode…

Frank made his presence felt at Home Farm and, ignoring Zoë’s plea to take things easy, he declared he would find out who had stitched him up and get the company back on track. He called upon Chris, who was keen to express that he knew his father was innocent all along, to compile reports on each area of the company for him to do this. Chris sullenly suggested that this was Steve’s job now but couldn’t hide his wide smile when Frank declared that he had other matters to talk to Steve about. A meeting was called for one o’clock but before Frank’s arrival, Chris told Steve the reports didn’t make for good reading to which Steve replied that if his ideas had been implemented they wouldn’t be in this mess. Chris, however, was determined that it was Steve’s fault and that none of the blame for this catastrophe should be placed on him. When Frank arrived, he accused Steve of acting to line his own pockets and told him his services were no longer required. Steve told Frank he was making a big mistake as Chris began to gloat and said how pleased he was that someone had finally seen through Steve. As Steve left following a warning from Frank, Chris told his father he should have left him in charge but Frank said he was no better than Steve and he would deal with his involvement later. Chris protested that it was all Steve’s fault but Frank told him he was under no illusions about his son’s selfishness and was angry when Chris tried to dismiss his money situation as being of Kim’s design telling his son he was just plain greedy and Kim exploited that. Zoë stepped into calm the situation telling them they should all be working together which Frank seemed to accept but not before telling Chris he hadn’t finished with him yet.

Frank told Sophie that she should move back into Home Farm immediately because he needed his son with him at this time. Later, Sophie met Charlie whilst she was taking James for a walk to the park and the two had a conversation about babies, Charlie making it clear she was tired of Geri dominating events in the Cairns’ household. Sophie told a shocked Charlie about what had happened with Zoë but when Charlie said she must have been delighted by Frank’s interruption, Sophie replied that she wasn’t sure if that was the case. Back at Home Farm, Zoë and Sophie had a chat and Sophie told a delighted Zoë that she would like them to get to know each other better. Zoë suggested that they should meet up but away from the village because there were too many distractions. After Frank told Sophie to go and see to James, he told Zoë that he needed her to go to Zurich again as Pete McCarthy had discovered some new evidence that would clear his name once and for all. Zoë wasn’t happy about going but had to agree eventually when Frank pointedly asked her if there was anything to keep her in Emmerdale, knowing full well a relationship with Sophie was in the offing.

With Lisa far more interested in fixing up the bus, the Dingle boys tried to cope without Mandy’s culinary presence in the household alone and Butch succeeded in burning a hole in the bottom of the frying pan. However, Albert revealed that as well as securing some cheap alcohol from a friend he had been a trustee in the prison kitchen. Zak seemed delighted by this revelation and after persuasion, gave Albert some money to go and buy some better ingredients. At the Post Office, however, Albert kept Viv talking whilst Marlon helped himself and shoved the shopping down his jumper. Later, they approached the man in the ice cream van with whom Albert had struck a deal over the alcohol, but the man seemed to recognise Marlon and after muttering that he had a long memory told Albert that he would deliver the alcohol after lunch. However, when the delivery failed to arrive, it was discovered that the man was, in fact, the owner of the shop in which the Dingles had squatted over Christmas and that he would be keeping the money as back rent instead. Marlon declared war on the owner of the shop, but when Butch questioned how they would achieve this, Albert began to devise a plan.

Viv was angry that she had been left to cope alone in the Post Office again and took her anger out on Vic when he returned from another unsuccessful attempt to find Kelly. Vic and Donna accused Viv of not caring about what has happened to Kelly and later, when Vic asked Donna if anything had happened between her and her mother whilst he was away, Donna replied that Viv had been to see Terry and she had heard her say she didn’t love Vic and never would.

News of Frank’s release began to spread through the village with Betty convinced that Frank must have escaped. Later in the Woolpack, she told Terry and Steve that she had phoned the police and they had told her that he had been released through lack of evidence but it was intimated that his money had secured his release. Terry asked Steve if he had any insider information but Steve’s suggestion that his dismissal was perhaps to help a cover-up at Home Farm was met with disapproval from Alan who said that they ought to be careful about what they said. Betty, however, was undeterred.

Biff went to visit his father again and told him that no matter what he had done in the past he was still his dad, but the conversation was cut short as Biff’s mother entered, seemingly delighted that he had come to visit. Biff was confused by his mother and father’s closeness and demanded an explanation but left the two alone on his mother’s instruction. Sandra found Biff in the corridor and tried to explain to him the events surrounding his birth but he didn’t like what he had heard and when he told her he was going to finish what she had started, she pulled him back but the expression on her face told him that he was too late and that his father had just passed away. In the chapel at the nursing home Biff told his mother to leave him in peace and that she had done enough, practically signing his death warrant. She told him that if Linda couldn’t cope, she would always be there for him, but he replied that he would never need her help.

Biff and Linda were working in the wine bar and Linda excitedly told Biff she had some news for him but was dismayed when Chris arrived, fearing he would spoil her mood. Chris demanded to know where Biff had been that afternoon and Biff replied that he had been at the bedside of his dying father and if that wasn’t good enough for him he could stick his job. Linda was shocked and told Biff she wished he could have confided in her before revealing that there was a very high chance she was pregnant because she hadn’t been taking the pill, much to Biff’s horror who struggled to comprehend what she was telling him

Episode #2203
Granada Plus Wed 5th Jun 2002
Original Airdate 13 May 1997

As the Winsor's sham of a marriage continues to collapse Vic places the balm on Viv.

Zoe Tate is dismayed at her recently released father's business obsession telling him that he has learned nothing. As Zoe sets off on another overseas errand for her father she leaves new friend Sophie with some serious thinking to do.

Biff explains his illness to new wife Linda telling her it's a hereditary disease.

Almost bankrupt Chris Tate is surprised at the strength of Rachel's determination

and Linda is stunned when se realises the direction Biff's plans lie.

The Home Farm Stud

Hello Lois! Bit behind with this week's episodes but will try and get them done some time over the weekend. Here's Wednesday's episode though, I fear it may be a bit rambley (if indeed that is an adjective!) but I wrote it after the football...I think the general ideas are there somewhere though!
Wednesday 5th June’s episode…

Biff told Linda that he couldn’t get his father out of his mind to which she replied that she knew that he’d had a bad time with his parents, but they would get through this together and grow old together with all their children and grand-children round them but Biff seemed uncomfortable. Roy offered his condolences as Biff told him he had compassionate leave from work and subsequently told Linda that they could use this day to have a serious talk. She told him it must have been very difficult to see his father for the first time on his deathbed. He nervously told her that his father had died of Huntingdon’s and that it was hereditary, leaving Linda struggling to grasp the concept that Biff may well have it too. He told her that there was a test but that most people prefer not to know. A distressed Linda thought that perhaps he was worrying about nothing and wanted to know more about when the symptoms would manifest themselves but he replied that there were no rules to the disease and that if he had it he could be struck down at any time. He wanted to know whether if he had told her before the wedding she would still have married him to which, she said that she’d rather spend a year with him than a lifetime with anybody else, before declaring that perhaps it was better they didn’t know and just live for the moment. He reminded her that it was a hereditary disease and she was horrified at the prospect of him passing it on to her baby. Linda asked Biff if he remembered when they had buried the letter for her unborn baby and told him that she had wanted to make up for what she had done by them having a baby and giving it all the love that the other one could have known. Biff tried to comfort her by telling her that even if he is positive he might not pass it on to the baby but she was still adamant that they must be being punished and that there had to be a reason but Biff replied that it was nobody’s fault, it was just the way things were. Linda told Biff she didn’t know she was definitely pregnant but he cautiously told her that whilst he knew how much she wanted a baby, they couldn’t ignore the possibility that if he tested positive, an abortion would probably be for the best. She furiously rejected this suggestion and said she wanted to have it no matter what but he replied that he couldn’t stand the thought of dying knowing all he had ever given her was hard work and pain. When he offered to leave her, she told him she had meant every word of her wedding vows and would stand by him like he had stood by her throughout everything. Biff acknowledged it was not going to be easy before the two hugged each other.

Betty continued to gossip about Frank’s release and told Terry, Mandy and Alan that she had a friend who knew a detective in the police force who had recently acquired a lot of money for home improvements which fuelled her unfounded suspicions that Frank had indeed bought his way out of prison. Tony said how much he was looking forward to the Cairns having a proper family home but Becky was worried about how much the barn conversion was going to cost when she discovered an estimate in Tony’s pocket. Tony reassured her that this was just the estimate of a local builder who obviously thought he could fleece them and went on to say that the Sugdens were decent people who wouldn’t have sold it to them had they known the renovations would be much more than anticipated. Viv discovered that some stock was missing and put it down to the Dingles, but when Vic angrily retorted that she should have stopped them as it was their profit going out of the window an argument began with Vic again referring to Viv’s affair. Donna took Vic’s side and told her mother to stop telling lies.

Frank was still trying to get to grips with the state of Home Farm and called Roy to book about the state of the Holiday Village before asking Zoë to reconsider her decision not to go to Zurich. Frank told he was disappointed in her decision as he thought he could trust her to help him before she replied that she was unhappy that he seemed to have learned nothing and disagreed with the way he was treating people. Frank told her that he hadn’t accepted Steve’s advice to sell now because as his reputation was at rock bottom, the offers for parts of the estate would also be rock bottom and he needed to make enough money to safeguard his and James’s future. On a walk round the grounds, Sophie told Zoë the reason why she’d agreed to go to Zurich for Frank and tried to explain that perhaps it was for the best as it would give them both time to think about what they were getting themselves into. Sophie’s initial thought was one of suspicion of Frank’s motives for suggesting the trip but subsequently accused Zoë of using the trip as a way of letting her down gently. Zoë’s furious denial of this accusation was met with a wide smile from Sophie. Later, Chris witnessed Sophie and Zoë’s intimate conversation before her departure and told them mockingly it was touching.

Steve was still angry about the way Frank had treated him and whilst trying to avoid speaking to the prospective buyer for the holiday village he had had to put off, declared that that was the last time he got involved with the Tates. Rachel said she regretted getting involved with the Tates too and when she told Steve that she was still having trouble with Chris regarding his financial situation, Steve suggested that she should bypass Chris and go straight for Frank as he doubted that even Frank would wish to see his own grandchild destitute. Rachel met Chris in the Woolpack and told his how angry and unhappy she was and that even if he didn’t have money to give her, Frank did. Chris tried to convince her that his father wouldn’t give him a penny but Rachel was adamant that unless she received a satisfactory outcome she would go to the papers about the Tate’s selfishness.

Butch, Marlon and Zak were unhappy with Albert’s cooking but his response to their complaints was to tell them he had other things on his mind like planning the raid on Longman’s warehouse. When they arrived, Butch was worried that guard dogs patrolled the area but Albert was convinced the signs were just for show and after picking the lock on the warehouse, went to wait in the van. Butch went in first and grabbed a crates worth but when Marlon went in he was met by Longman. Marlon was cocky and declared that he wouldn’t dare call the police because the alcohol was illegal anyway but was terrified when Longman set the guard dog loose and ran away following the van which had started to speed off. However, the van broke down on the way home and Albert’s only way of persuading Butch and Marlon to push it was to give them some of the beer. By the time they arrived back at Wishing Well Cottage, Albert handed Zak only couple of cans and declared that it was Zak’s turn to do his bit with Marlon telling him that he better get himself down to the Woolpack to sort Mandy out. Later, Zak pointed out to Mandy that if they weren’t allowed to drink in the Woolpack then by rights neither should Frank Tate. He told her that they missed her at home but she was dubious that they only missed her because she cooked them meals but after persuasion she told Zak she would come home that evening. He seemed delighted and assuming that she would unbar them, asked for a pint but Mandy angrily told him to get out, much to Zak’s disgust. Frank arrived at the pub and after making a public declaration of his innocence, put money behind the bar for everyone to have a drink to celebrate his freedom. He then called Steve a bad loser for not taking advantage of the free drinks.

Episode #2204
Granada Plus Thursday 6th Jun 2002
Original Airdate 14 May 1997

Finally back at the help again, Frank Tate announces his new plans to his motley workforce.

It's a testing time for the Fowler's as Biff takes the first step to finding out if he has Huntingdon's Disease.

Frank Tate has spotted Sophie's interest in Zoe and wastes not time in warning her off.

Linda Fowler has also take a test - a pregnancy test.


Thursday 6th June’s episode…

Albert tried to flirt with Lisa whilst she was fixing the bus up, but she told him that he would be for it if Zak found out what he’d been up to. Albert was annoyed when he caught Butch and Marlon sneaking back from getting breakfast elsewhere telling them that if they didn’t like his cooking they only had to say, he then sent them on an errand to get a wheel for the bus as Lisa was unable to fix one of the existing tyres. However, Des at the scrap yard didn’t have a wheel but after they told him they would tell everyone that they had caught him reading “Sense and Sensibility,” he begrudgingly leant them a jack. Marlon parked the van on a country road and waited for the service bus to come along and when it stopped, Butch tried to get on with a pig under his arm. The driver and Betty, who was travelling on the bus, were alarmed and the driver told him that there was no way he was bringing a pig on his bus regardless of whether he paid for its fare or not. Whilst trying to stall for time at Marlon’s request, he made a dig about Betty not being respectable because she lived over the brush with the gamekeeper prompting Betty to beat Butch with her handbag. The two were thrown off the bus and Betty insisted that the Dingles take her home as it was their fault she had been evicted in the first place. After they drove off, the bus driver tried to start the bus and when he got out to investigate why the vehicle wasn’t moving discovered that one of his back wheels was missing.

Frank called a meeting of his staff and declared that during his enforced absence, he had had a lot of time to think and had decided to put all the bad memories of Home Farm to rest by turning it into a health farm, much to Chris’ disgust, who said that it was family business that should not be discussed in front of the workforce. Frank made a point of telling everyone that despite Chris’ expensive education he had learnt no manners and went on to say that he would be around for a long time yet so that he could share his ideas with his son, James and grandson, Joseph. Chris was mortified and upset when Frank then proceeded to invite everyone to a party at Home Farm the next evening to celebrate his freedom and dispel rumours about his guilt. Later, Chris told his father how upset he was by the way he had been left out of his father’s plans but Frank replied that it was his son’s own fault and that his time in prison had changed him for the better. Rachel turned up at Steve’s Cottage with Joseph to find Chris and Steve deep in conversation about Frank’s health farm idea. She apologised that she had to bring Joseph, but Victoria was ill and she didn’t want Joseph to catch it. Steve was slightly annoyed and when Rachel asked why he was so interested in the funding of Frank’s business after the way he was treated, he replied that if they were going to have to work round Joseph, he’d probably be in need of a health farm.

Mandy suggested to Alan that they have a party for Terry on his last night in the village an idea which, Alan was readily agreeable to, especially as the Dingle’s were still barred from the pub and therefore couldn’t cause any mayhem. Later, in the bar, Seth and Roy were complaining that they would be expected to attend Frank’s party at Home Farm but Mandy replied that they could thank Terry for their get out clause as his party was to be held simultaneously. Terry overheard this and seemed delighted that they were going to go to so much effort and that, according to Mandy, it was Alan’s suggestion in the first place.

Albert went to see Kathy and offered to transport customers to the winebar in the bus and after much reassurance that none of the other Dingles would be involved, she agreed for a price of £1 per head. The Dingle’s delivered a bus load of people to the winebar that evening, much to Kathy’s delight who told a smug Albert that she would settle up with him later. Albert told Marlon that they would not be drinking as they were on duty and Zak, seemingly not wanting to be outdone by his brother declared that neither he nor Butch would be drinking either and ordered four orange juices, although when the others weren’t looking, he slipped Vodka into two of the glasses. Butch tried to chat up Sophie who tolerated his continued presence, but Charlie was not so patient with Marlon, who had told her that there were no hard feelings and that he had pulled her. A drunken Marlon tried to start a karaoke session and began with a rendition of “My Way”. His behaviour prompted Kathy to ask Biff to stop him who took great pleasure in taking the plug out of the socket. Kathy thought it was time that they took everybody home but when Albert tried to stand he fell over. Zak told him he was drunk and that Butch, whom he had kept sober, would drive the bus. However, Butch was nowhere to be found as he had volunteered to take a reluctant Sophie back to Home Farm in the bus because she had lost track of time and would have been late. Albert was annoyed and a drunken brawl began outside, with Albert accusing Zak of being jealous of his get up and go mentality. When Biff tried to step in and stop things, Albert tried to attack him prompting Biff to bar all of the Dingles from the winebar.

Linda and Biff went to the hospital to see someone about taking a test for Huntington’s disease and had an appointment with a man who turned out to be a counsellor. Biff was adamant that he did not need counselling and that he merely wanted to take the test because he had been living with the doubt for months. The counsellor pointed out that a little while longer wouldn’t make a lot of difference unless of course Linda was pregnant. Biff and Linda looked guilty but when the counsellor asked them if indeed Linda was pregnant, she was quick to deny it. When they left, Biff was angry that the whole thing had been a waste of time and asked Linda why she had denied her pregnancy but Linda replied that she didn’t know she was pregnant. Biff told her this should be the happiest time of their lives but they were spending it arguing and worrying over his illness. As they worked at the winebar that evening, Linda took a pregnancy test and tearfully revealed to Biff that it had proved positive. Biff couldn’t believe that Linda was expecting and angrily asked her how she could have been so stupid.

Episode #2205
Granada Plus Friday 7th Jun 2002
Original Airdate 15 May 1997

It's the funeral of Biff's dad and Linda finds herself facing his mum.

Frank invites a crowded Woolpack to celebrate his freedom at a party at Home Farm - but very few people show up and even Kathy shocks Frank with her opinion on Kim's death.

One guest who Frank hadn't expected is his angry daughter-in-law Rachel.


Absolutely cracking episode this one!

Friday 7th June’s episode…

Marlon, Zak and Albert were searching for Butch so that the retribution for the previous night’s disaster could begin although Albert argued that Zak was equally to blame for spiking the drinks. They found him sleeping in the bus and were outraged when he told them the reason why he had disappeared was to take Sophie home. Albert, Zak and Butch tried to apologise to Kathy for the fiasco and handed her some flowers by way of an apology. However, when she read on the card that the flowers were “In loving memory” she was even more unwilling to listen and when Albert suggested they run the bus trip for free that evening, she told them to go away.

Charlie received a letter from Greg, whom Will described as the squaddie with the body. Charlie told Emma that Greg had remembered her name but when Emma asked with interest if he had said anything else about her, Charlie questioned why on earth he would ask about her little sister. Will made fun of Emma when he told Tony and Becky that she had sex education that day, by remarking that at least she was ahead of the others in her year at one thing, a comment which seemed to disgust Tony. At school, Emma was the victim of cruel taunts from a group of girls including Lyn and Kirsty Hutchinson, who continued to call her “easy,” however, Will and his new friend Dean arrived at the right time and Dean told Lyn and the others where to go. Later, though, Kirsty cornered Emma as she was eating her lunch in the cloakrooms and questioned her as to the paternity of the baby. When Emma told her it was none of her business, Kirsty suggested to a furious Emma that perhaps the baby was actually her sister and that her father was the baby’s father which prompted a fight to break out between the two girls. Emma ran away crying and bumped into Dean who tried to comfort her, telling her the only reason why Lyn was having a go at her was because she was jealous that Emma had class and she was common.

Steve was angry when Rachel turned up at work with Joseph again, as Victoria was still ill. He told her that it wasn’t a nursery but when she replied that Joseph wouldn’t get in the way of her doing the work, Steve replied that there wasn’t an awful lot for her to do as he had been working through the night, adding that he was surprised how little collating she had done. She told him this was because he’d been too busy at Home Farm but he seemed disinterested in her excuses. When Steve came downstairs to find Joseph had spilt his drink on some of his papers he told Rachel he was furious that she’d turned his office into a crèche and because of her costly mistake he had lost his best client and couldn’t afford to keep her on before telling her to get out. Rachel was extremely distressed when Chris came to visit her at Mill Cottage and complained to him that she was sick of his promises regarding the maintenance he owed her. He was unsympathetic and said that she would get the money eventually, but that in the meantime she should ask Steve for the money seeing as how she was quick enough to jump into bed with him and end their marriage before telling her nonchalantly that he had to go as he had a party to attend. As he left she threw a glass at the wall and he snidely told her that he hoped that she wouldn’t expect him to pay for it.

Chris was concerned over Frank’s health farm plans and it was clear he thought his father was making a big mistake, but Frank assured him that his spell in prison had given his more than enough time to think about what he was doing and how he was going to do it. Over a drink in the Woolpack, Chris told Steve about how his father was planning to finance the health farm. Steve was angry because Frank’s financial plan involved selling off parts of the estate, which was the very thing he had been sacked for suggesting. Chris worried that his father had gone mad, something which he reiterated to Steve after Frank had entered the Woolpack and invited everyone to a gathering at Home Farm to celebrate his freedom. Alan seemed pleased to have Frank back in circulation but the Dingles were not so welcoming and again pleaded with Mandy for the ban to be lifted citing the anomaly that if Frank, a suspected murderer, was allowed to drink there then why shouldn’t they. This prompted Mandy to angrily throw them out. Later in the day, they tried to get Terry to invite them to his leaving do at the Woolpack as special guests but he said that they would have to clear it with Mandy first prompting Zak to declare that they would send Mandy to Coventry, a term which Butch had trouble understanding. When she bragged that they would be missing out on a big party and left the house, Marlon suggested that they should mount a picket line but Butch told them they could count him out as he was going to the Tates party with Sophie. At the mention of the word party, the rest of the clan decided that they would join him.

Biff apologised to Linda for his behaviour the previous evening and told her he knew how much having this baby meant, adding that he wished he could have told her sooner. Later, they were the only attendees of Biff’s father’s funeral before his mother turned up, sparking a row between Sandra and Linda where Linda called her mother-in-law a spiteful cow for saying she wished she had stopped the wedding. After the service, Biff offered his mother a lift home but she was reflecting on how disappointing Ron’s send off had been. She angrily told a disapproving Linda not to judge her and told Biff that she prayed nightly that he won’t have the disease but Biff and Linda walked away.

Frank asked Kathy to do the catering for the party to celebrate his release and she reluctantly agreed. Besides the Dingles, there weren’t a lot of people at the party. Frank was appalled when Albert tried to talk to him about renovations at the prison where they had both been held and made his excuses. He tried to talk to a hostile Kathy about his innocence but his speech was met with deaf ears as Kathy replied that it had been a shame he hadn’t had chance to make his speech in court, making it clear that in her opinion, although many people would have wanted to kill Kim, Frank was the only one who would actually do it. Frank replied that he would never kill Kim because he loved her before Rachel appeared with Joseph. Frank seemed pleased that Rachel had come but was mortified when she said she hadn’t come for the party – she wished to move in. A huge row ensued between Rachel and Chris, with Rachel complaining to Frank that if it had been left to Chris she would have been out on the streets. When Chris said he thought that seemed appropriate she slapped him across the face. He reiterated that if she wanted money she should go to Steve as money was all she wanted any man for, prompting Frank to tell his guests it was time for them to leave. However, they weren’t keen on doing so as Rachel revealed that she had lost he job because Steve had become obsessed with Home Farm, just as Chris had, and now she was here to see what the attraction was. She told them she would be staying until something was sorted out and asked an embarrassed Frank, which room was hers.

In the evening at the Woolpack, it was supposedly Terry’s leaving party only Terry had earlier disappeared in a taxi and was drinking in a hotel where he questioned to the barmaid whether anyone would actually miss his presence. When Alan discovered Terry’s belongings had disappeared, he wondered if he might be back so told Mandy to stall the guests who had been assembling in the bar. Steve asked everyone, although more specifically Charlie, if they would like to go to a casino after Terry’s party had finished but Roy, who was slightly annoyed by Charlie’s interest in Steve, pointedly asked him if Rachel was with him. He seemed dismayed when Steve announced his professional and personal relationships with Rachel were both over. Charlie was telling Mandy, Steve and Roy about Greg and her dilemma as to whether or not she wanted him back. Mandy told her that if she didn’t all eyes were on Steve who was the only eligible bachelor left in the village now Terry had gone but Roy was annoyed that he hadn’t been included in this equation too. Alan was clearing up after everybody had gone home but when someone persisted in their hammering on the door, he went out to see who it was only to find a drunken Terry sitting on the doorstep. Terry told Alan that he was making a big mistake and asked him if he could stay.