Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1997
#2206-2207 --- 20 May - 21 May 1997

Updated 19 June 2002.
Finished 30th July 2004

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Episode #2206

Original Airdate ITV Tuesday 20 May 1997
(Granada Plus - Monday 10 June 2002)

Cast Includes :-


Home Farm's most recent addition, Rachel, gets short shrift from her charmless husband Chris.

Frank's release has set Kathy thinking about her brother Nick.

Viv gets her hopes up when Terry calls round at the Post Office but he's not staying because of her.

Petulant Chris complains at his father's intervention in his divorce with Rachel, though Frank has some strong words for his scheming son.

Now he's found out how much work will be needed on their new home, Tony Cairns goes storming round to have it out with Jack Sugden.

Linda Glover is finding it very tough to come to terms with her husband's medical condition as she tries to explain this to Biff.


What a week it was to miss! Luckily the video did work (recommend hiding the digital remote behind a pile of books and many post-its are a must!) Got a bit distracted by the football and the Stella Artois final but have watched the episodes now! More to come as and when!

Monday 10th June’s episode…

Terry was suffering the effects of the previous night’s drinking session and when Betty gave him the engraved tankard they had bought him as a leaving present, he was forced to admit that he had changed his mind, much to Betty’s annoyance. Terry went to the Post Office to tell Viv of his decision not to leave but before he could tell her, she told him that it was best if he just left. When he finally revealed that he was staying, Viv was delighted and suggested that this time they could make it work, but Terry was adamant that nothing would happen between them and he was only letting her know out of courtesy. Later, Alan conceded that Terry had given up a lot to stay at the Woolpack and offered him a stake of the profits, which delighted Terry but Terry’s continued presence at the pub upset Mandy who became convinced that she would no longer be needed.

The Dingles realised that sending Mandy to Coventry was not having the desired effect and decided that direct action was the answer and thus mounted a picket line on the Woolpack forecourt. While Albert busied himself signing the petition for every member of the village, Zak paraded his placard and Butch, who had changed into a jacket, shirt with neckerchief and straw boater in an attempt to impress Sophie, tried to stop people going in. It was however, unsuccessful, with Sophie managing to go in to meet Charlie when she told Butch he looked different. When she came out, Butch asked Sophie on a date, but she told him she was busy before walking away. A delivery van came to turn round on in front of the Woolpack and the Dingles, believing he was delivering supplies to the Woolpack, angrily chased the van away. However, an extremely angry Viv, who had seen the commotion from the other side of the road, told them the delivery was for the Post Office and for that display she was barring them from her shop.

Biff became annoyed and snapped at Ned when he suggested he should take a day off, considering his father’s death. When Linda told Biff his behaviour was uncalled for, he replied that he never knew his father and asked why he should play the grieving son. He went on to suggest that he was the only one with the illness round his neck despite her protestations that they were in together as they were married. The argument continued later when Biff returned from work. With Linda upset that Biff was disregarding her feelings, she told him that although he was the one who might have the illness, she had just found out that her husband and any children they may have could die and that she needed him to be strong because as it was only the two of them that knew about the illness, she felt she couldn’t cope on her own.

Tony, Charlie, Becky were in the tearooms talking about the new house and when Betty inquired what they were celebrating. Becky replied that today was the day when they found out when they could move into their new house. Later, however, Tony was absolutely livid to discover that the house was falling down and it would cost £50,000 to put everything right. Becky and Tony argued about what they should do with Tony placing the blame purely on the Sugdens. Becky replied that it was Tony who only had a quick survey done and that the Sugdens seemed like nice people. She then did her utmost to dissuade him from going and having it out with Jack, but failed. Sarah, Jack, Ned and Andy were busy at the new farm, emptying out all the old furniture when Tony arrived. He furiously accused Jack of being a liar and of ruining his family, adding that his grandaughter may even be taken into care because of this. Jack was impatient with Tony’s attitude and when Tony called Sarah a liar for not showing them the survey, Jack became riled. When Ned tried to intervene, Tony twisted his arm before threatening Jack and driving away. In the Woolpack, Becky was pleased that Tony hadn’t killed anyone and was more reflective on the situation, but Charlie reminded them that they had promised the Social Services that Geri would have a proper home.

Rachel bumped into Chris whilst walking round the grounds of Home Farm and again stated her intention to stay there until Joseph was given what was rightfully his. Chris accused her of being money-grabbing and of using Joseph as a meal ticket in the ensuing row, which prompted Frank to act as mediator and tell the pair that he would see them both in the office that afternoon as they were obviously unable to sort out their own problems. He told his father it was none of his business. Frank then left for his car but discovered all the tyres had been let down and “murderer” had been scrawled across his windscreen. In the office, Frank discovered a poison pen letter saying, “Get out murderer” whilst Chris jokingly suggested that Rachel and Joseph were the culprits. He complained that Rachel had the perfect motive as she hated both of them and indeed his own son would grow up hating him because of Rachel’s attitude. Frank, however, made it clear that it was all his own fault and made a jibe about never stooping as low as his son in that he would never rape the staff. Chris retorted that at least he wasn’t a murderer, hinting to a shocked Frank that it was his belief that his father had bought his way out of prison. Later, Frank told Chris to sign Mill Cottage over to Rachel as a divorce settlement. He refused, telling Frank that if they didn’t give Rachel any money, when she could no longer support Joseph he would be given custody. Frank, however, was unimpressed and told Chris that he was hated in the village and unless he signed, he would let everyone know what had gone on between him and Linda Fowler. Given this threat, Chris begrudgingly signed and Rachel, who had warned Frank and Chris not to try anything, was delighted whilst Frank made it clear it was a one off.

Steve came to see Frank and asked him if he could buy the shares that were up for sale. Frank said he admired Steve’s nerve in coming to Home Farm but made it clear he had no intention of selling to him because he was a vulture. Steve said he would have it all in the end and after Frank made reference to Kim’s murder and his innocence, Steve told him that he wouldn’t let a little thing like murder get in the way of a good deal, before a brick was thrown through the office window, with a message attached. Frank took it to the Woolpack and told the a full bar that he was innocent and that he didn’t care if people didn’t believe him but he just wanted to be left alone to grieve for his wife, adding that he loved her and waking up without her was more painful than anything anybody could scrawl on his car.

Yorkshire Television Review :-


PART 1 - Rachel greets Chris first thing in the morning ; he had hoped that she might have left ; Frank hears them trading insults & summons them to a meeting that afternoon ; he then goes to find that the tyres have been slashed on his car & the word `Murderer' written on the windscreen ; Linda thinks that Biff should have more time off work ; he wants to go in though & is rude to Ned ; Linda tells him to stop being so selfish ; Terry has got a hangover ; he is embarrassed that he has now had two leaving do's & is still in Emmerdale ; Alan is about to put a proposition to him when Betty walks in ; she is surprised to see Terry & embarrasses him further by giving him his leaving present - a silver tankard ; she is fed up to hear that she wasted her time with the present ; the Dingles are still ignoring Mandy ; she gets the better of them though & they have to think of a new plan ; Butch comes downstairs ; he has dressed up to impress Sophie ; he is wearing a cravat & pocket handkerchief ; Frank doesn't know who has slashed his tyres ; he then receives an anonymous note calling him a murderer ; Chris wonders if it could have been sent by the Dingles, but Frank points out that it is spelt correctly ; Chris even thinks that it could have been Rachel ; Frank would support Rachel over a custody battle ; he then can't believe it when Chris insinuates that he did murder Kim & bribe his way out of prison ; the Cairns are waiting to find out when they can move into their house ; the Sugdens are preparing to move into their own farm ; at
last it totally belongs to them ; Viv is surprised to see
Terry ; he tells her that he is staying on in Emmerdale ;
she gets the wrong idea & thinks that he is staying because
of her ; he tells her in no uncertain terms that he does
not want anything more to do with her ; Rachel visits Steve
; she wants her wages ; their relationship is ending
bitterly ; Butch & Marlon find Zak picketting outside the
Woolpack ; his slogan is "reinstate the Woolpack eight" ;
he has started a petition ; Marlon points out that there
are only four of them ; Sophie manages to sneak by ; Marlon has no luck with Mandy either ; she is upset to see that
Terry is back ; she joins Sophie & Charlie for a drink ;
Alan proposes to Terry that he takes 10% of the Woolpack
profits ; Terry snaps his hand off ; Tony Cairns finds out
that the repairs on Woodside Farm are going to cost #50,000
; he is furious (underpinning, new foundations etc) &
marches off to see the Sugdens after a row with Becky.

PART 2 - Frank wants Chris to sign Mill Cottage over to
Rachel ; he refuses & laughs at Frank's cheek ; Frank tells
him that if he doesn't sign, the whole village will find
out about his attempted rape of Linda Glover ; Chris has no
option ; Rachel can't believe it ; Chris feels totally put
down by his father ; Andy has hung the Emmerdale Farm sign
outside the Sugden's new place ; Tony arrives in a fury &
accuses Jack of conning him ; they have a row which ends
with Tony grabbing Ned to show just how tough he is ; he
then threatens Jack ; the Dingles have got through loads of
cans outside the Woolpack ; their petition has over 3000
signatures on it ; Sophie turns Butch down again ; a wine
delivery van turns up outside the Woolpack, but the Dingles
threaten the driver & he drives off ; Viv is furious because the delivery was for the post office, not the pub ;
she bars the Dingles from the shop ; they now have nowhere
to buy their beer ; Steve visits Frank ; he offers to buy a
stake in Home Farm, but then makes a remark about Frank
being a murderer ; Frank turns nasty ; a rock is then
thrown through the window with the words murderer on ;
Steve & Frank are shaken ; Biff & Linda start arguing the
moment he gets home from work ; he is not thinking of her
feelings ; the Cairns talk about their financial problems ;
they are most worried that it might affect their care of
Geri ; Frank walks into the Woolpack with the brick that
was thrown through his window ; he makes an emotional
speech & tells them all that he loved Kim & did not kill

Episode #2207

Original Airdate ITV Wednesday 21 May 1997
(Granada Plus - Tuesday 11 June 2002)

Cast Includes :-

Frank Tate-NORMAN BOWLER; Rachel Hughes-GLENDA MCKAY; Anthony Cairns-EDWARD PEEL; Rebecca Cairns-SARAH NEVILLE; Charlotte Cairns-SARAH GRAHAM; Will Cairns-PAUL FOX; Emma Cairns-REBECCA LOUDONSACK; Zak Dingle-STEVE HALLIWELL; Butch Dingle-PAUL LOUGHRAN

The pressure is really getting to Biff as he reveals to Kathy his unhappiness with all of the attitudes surrounding him.

With Rachel for support, Frank pays a visit to Kim's grave.

Now he's a partner in The Woolpack, Terry wants to re-form 'The Woolpackers'.

Later on Kathy finds herself being confided in by the other half of the Fowler's as Linda pours her troubles out.


Tuesday 11th June’s episode…

Rachel thanked Frank for his support and for getting Chris to sign the deeds of Mill Cottage over to her. Frank replied that he was only too pleased to help her out because of all the anguish his family had caused her and after an intervention from a bitter Chris, Frank wondered where he had gone wrong in bringing him up but Rachel was reflective and commented that children will be what they want to be. As the two chatted, Rachel told Frank that she was moved by what he had said in the Woolpack the previous evening but Frank dismissed it as his turn to be angry before asking Rachel if she would accompany him to Kim’s grave that afternoon. She seemed only too pleased to help. By the graveside, he told her that it was the first time he had felt at ease when visiting her grave and added that he wanted to know the truth about how she had died in order to try and to come to terms with his loss. Rachel replied that sometimes in life it was hard to find out the truth before Frank lay down a wreath.

The Dingles were suffering withdrawal symptoms from alcohol and Albert persuaded Charlie to buy him some cans of lager in the Post Office for a small fee. However, when she came out to give them to him, Lisa who had appeared was suspicious and amidst her disapproval of Albert, Charlie was forced to claim that they were hers, although Lisa didn’t seem sure. Later, Charlie was wondering to Roy what they should do with them.

Terry was wondering about reforming the Woolpackers but Alan was sceptical because he feared there would be trouble between Terry and Vic but Terry reassured him Vic would not be invited to join. He asked Mandy if she would ask Zak to reprise his role as drummer but she replied that he would have to ask Zak himself because she had been sent to Coventry. Terry went to Wishing Well Cottage to see Zak, who at first was unwilling to let him in given the circumstances. However, when Terry told him there would be money in it for him, he replied that he didn’t want money, he would settle for being unbarred from the Woolpack. When Terry tried to suggest it, Mandy was adamant that if they lifted the ban now, the Dingles would think they were a soft touch and suggested that the ban remain for one more night. Later, when the Dingles tried to order a drink, Terry told them they were still barred and after he convinced them he wasn’t joking, Zak left him in no uncertainty that he wouldn’t be doing any drumming.

Tony was still furious about how much work needed doing at Woodside Cottage but Becky was trying to play down the extent of the work to the Will but Emma was upset and worried that because of the delay in moving in, Geri would be taken away by Social Services. Sarah was worried about the situation with the Cairns but Jack was determined that it was their own fault for not having had a proper survey done and was dubious when Sarah suggested that they let the Cairns move into Annie’s Cottage. Jack said that Sarah could please herself but that the Cairns would pay rent, citing Ned’s injury at Tony’s hands as a reason for not being lenient with them. However, when Sarah went to the chalet to propose the idea to Tony, he slammed the door in her face appalled that having duped them over the sale the Sugdens were now attempting to extort rent money from them as well. However, when Becky returned she was disgusted with Tony’s behaviour and insisted that they go round to the Sugdens and accept the offer. Becky forced Tony to apologise but his flippant remarks about the rent did not help matters and Jack refused to shake his hand when a deal was finally agreed.

Dean asked Emma to meet him in the park after school and when Will inquired as to why Dean was so happy, Emma told him that it was because she had agreed to go to chess club with him and that was what he was to tell their parents. However, Dean failed to show up and Emma was set upon by Lyn and another girl, who continued to taunt her. They tried to steal her bag, but Roy stopped them in their tracks and offered to walk Emma home. Tony demanded to know where Emma had been because he had phoned the school and they had told him she was not there, she retorted that she was allowed to see her friends, but Tony told her that she had a responsibility to look after Geri and expressed his unease at her mixing with boys.

Biff was still struggling to come to terms with his suspected illness and went to the tearooms to talk to Kathy. He said felt ashamed that he had cried in front of her and after telling her that Linda had fallen pregnant, admitted that he was scared to look Linda in the eye for fear of her hating him. Kathy told him the he had done nothing to make her hate him and told him that despite everything Dave had done she still loved him. Biff worried though that if he had told her before the wedding, things would have been better, but Kathy told him that he could never have known that his mother was telling the truth. Linda told Kathy in the Woolpack that she was worried that Biff was becoming withdrawn and that wished he confided in her more, but Kathy thought that perhaps Biff just needed time on his own to think. When Biff came into the Woolpack, Linda asked him where he had been as she was worried sick but he became angry and told her he wished everyone would leave him alone before storming out.

A woman in the tearooms was acting suspiciously but when Kathy asked her if she could get her anything, she left. When she returned later, she gave Alice a teddy bear and when Kathy inquired as to where Alice got it from she told her it was from a customer but by the time Kathy got outside, the woman had driven away. That evening, when Kathy returned from the Woolpack, the woman was waiting in a car opposite the tearooms but when she knocked on the window and asked if she could help in any way, the woman sped off leaving Kathy confused.

Yorkshire Television Review :-

PART 1 - Rachel calls at Home Farm early in the morning to apologise to Frank for her behaviour over the last few days; he doesn't blame her as he knows what Chris is like ; he admits that he still feels responsible for Chris ; the Cairns are worrying about paying for building work on Woodside Farm ; Emma is upset because she thinks that social services are going to take Geri away from them because they do not have a suitable home ; Rachel tells Frank that she was proud of him last night ; he reaffirms his feelings for Kim ; the Dingles are finding it hard doing without beer ; they have bet each other #10 that they can stop drinking ; Betty is pleased to see Alan & Terry back together ; Terry tells Alan that he wants to start theme nights to increase the takings ; he wants to re-form the Woolpackers ; Biff calls in at the tearooms & asks Kathy if she is free at lunchtime ; Kathy notices a woman behaving strangely in the tearooms ; Jack & Sarah are cleaning up Annie's Cottage ; Sarah wants to let the Cairns live there whilst they wait for Woodside Farm to be made habitable ; Jack doesn't want anything to do with the family, but Sarah has a conscience ; he tells her that she can offer them the cottage, but that they must pay rent ; Frank admits to Rachel that he is bored with all his money ; he vows to make the people closest to him happy ; Chris hears this speech & makes a sarcastic remark ; Frank asks Rachel to accompany him somewhere ; Albert asks Charlie to buy him some beer from the post office ; he has to pay her
first ; Dean catches up with Emma at school ; he asks to
meet her after school & tells her to say to her parents
that she has been to chess club ; Lisa sees Albert &
Charlie with the lager ; they make up a story, but she
isn't fooled ; Tony is looking after Geri when Sarah calls
round ; she offers Annie's Cottage to the Cairns ; as soon
as she mentions the rent he slams the door in her face ;
Linda is looking for Biff ; Roy hasn't seen him all day ;
Terry mentions to Mandy the idea of getting the Woolpackers
back together ; he is not asking Vic though ; Biff tells Kathy that Linda is pregnant.

PART 2 - Kathy has taken Biff upstairs to the flat ; he has
been crying ; he is blaming himself for getting married &
thinks that Linda must hate him ; Kathy tries to make him
see otherwise ; Becky insists that Tony thinks of the
family & accepts Sarah's offer ; Frank takes flowers to
Kim's grave ; he wants to know the truth about her death ;
Lisa bribes Albert to keep on working ; the strange woman
who was in the tearooms has given Alice a teddy bear ;
Kathy runs after her, but she drives off ; Emma is waiting
for Dean at the park, but Lynn & friend turn up ; they run
off though when Roy arrives ; he offers to walk Emma home ;
Zak dreams that a fizzy drink is a pint of beer ; Terry
turns up & invites Zak to start up the band again ; Zak just
wants to be unbarred from the Woolpack ; he is delighted
when Terry agrees ; Tony apologises to Sarah ; they agree to
rent the cottage, but Jack refuses to shake Tony's hand ;
Terry has to tell Alan that he has unbarred the Dingles ;
Mandy asks if they can be banned for one more night as this
will make them be on their best behaviour ; Tony has checked
up on Emma & found out that she was not at chess club ; he just wants her to act responsibly towards Geri ; the Dingles
arrive at the Woolpack with a bucket for their beer ; Terry
has to tell them that they are still barred ; Zak refuses to
join the band now ; the strange woman is sitting outside the
tearooms in her car ; when Kathy taps on the window, she
drives off.

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