Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1997
Episode #2208 --- 22 May 1997 - Kim Tate returns from the dead

Updated 21 June 2002.
Finished 30th July 2004

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Episode #2208

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 22 May 1997

(Granada Plus - Wed 12 June 2002)

1 Hour Special.

Cast Includes :-


[Kim Tate returns and stands by and watches husband Frank have a fatal heart atatck without doing anything to help.]

OFFICIAL SUMMERY:- At Home Farm, Frank's Company Secretary has some good news and some bad news.

The normally saintly Kathy is at the end of her tether at the possibility of losing Alice and can do without Linda's comments.

Linda of course is unaware of her husband's true state of mind as Biff begins to climb along the edge of the viaduct.

At the end of a particularly bad day, Frank Tate tries to settle down for the evening until a face from the past appears.


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Wednesday 12th June’s episode…

Possibly the best episode of Emmerdale….ever! (until another compilation of scenes comes out which will render it the best episode of Emmerdale….ever part 1!) Bit of a long write up this one...but so much going on!!

The woman who had been at the tearooms went to Alice’s school and when Kathy failed to turn up, as she was stuck behind a lorry, she offered to walk Alice home. Alice said that she didn’t go anywhere with strangers but the woman replied that she wasn’t a stranger and began to tell her all the things she knew about Alice. Alice seemed at ease and accepted the woman’s offer. Kathy was frantic when she arrived at the school gates and feared Alice had been snatched. She raced back to the tearooms only to find Alice and the woman there. The woman explained that she thought they would have seen her on the way back but Kathy was furious until the woman revealed her identity – her name was Karen Johnson and she was Nick’s fiancée. Kathy invited Karen upstairs to the flat where Karen revealed how she and Nick had met and their plans to get married regardless of how the verdict went. If Nick was released Alice and Nick would go to live in America with her and if he was convicted she would be staying in the UK. Karen encourage Kathy to go and visit Nick to make sure that her story tallied and left her card, but Kathy was resentful and declined the opportunity for the two and Alice to meet up again. Kathy confided in Betty her worried about Nick’s motivation and the fact that Karen was probably building up his hopes only for them to be dashed. She admitted that she didn’t want to lose Alice but that meant that she must want Nick to be convicted. However, Betty pointed out that despite the verdict, if the wedding went ahead Karen would be Alice’s stepmother and might want Alice with her. Alice was confused about the situation but seemed excited about the prospect of living with her father, Karen and Kathy.

Dee and Eric returned from honeymoon but just as they were about to kiss, Betty burst in telling Eric that he was needed urgently at the tearooms, leaving Dee looking disappointed.

Linda was worried sick about Biff as he had not been home that night but seemed a little reassured when Roy told her that there was no need to worry. A distraught Biff turned up at the Glovers but was unseen and after muttering that he was sorry to himself he headed off to the viaduct. He climbed up onto the edge screaming, “why me?” as Andy (who had gone on a bike ride as he had been more hindrance than help as the Sugdens prepared to move out) arrived. Biff and Andy began to talk and Andy told Biff that he knew he had run away as he had heard Ned tell Jack but that Ned had put it down to him being upset about his dad. Biff explained that his father had died but he hadn’t met him until recently whilst Andy replied that the only trouble with running away was that you had to find somewhere better to go. Biff was astounded at a boy Andy’s age having such maturity. Andy asked Biff what would have happened if Biff had changed his mind on the way down and even if he had survived the fall he might end up in a wheelchair like Chris Tate. Biff said he wouldn’t want to end up bitter and no good to anyone like Chris and Andy seemed to agree. Biff returned home to find a tearful Linda delighted and told her that he had had a lot of time to think and said that it wasn’t what time they’ve got it was what they made of it before the two kissed.

Zak continued to brew his own alcohol but insisted that Butch keep it a secret from Albert and Marlon. Albert asked Charlie where the beer that she had bought for him was but she replied that her father had found it and that she had had to give it to him as a gift. Emma met with Dean and his friend, Stewie, in the park where she discussed life at boarding school but citing Geri as an excuse left early. However, on the way home she was set upon by Lyn and her friend. Dean came to her rescue and offered to walk a tearful Emma home.

Paddy returned and whilst Butch was at Home Farm asking Sophie on a date, he overheard Paddy sharing a plethora of Dingle jokes with Seth and Roy. Seth asked Paddy why he had returned to which he replied that he had come back to see a few old pals before starting a new job and subsequently headed off to the Woolpack to see a delighted Mandy. They didn’t have time to chat as Mandy was called back to the bar. Paddy told a subdued Mandy that he was leaving to take up a new job in Galway and she replied that despite her shift she would meet him outside in ten minutes. From there they went back to the Dingles home where he gave her a Celtic heart and after dispensing with trying to find a corkscrew to open the wine, they went upstairs to Mandy’s bedroom. In the Woolpack, Marlon commented that he should have had a bet on how long it would take Mandy to go to bed with Paddy but an appalled Butch, still with Paddy’s cruel jibes on his mind, decided to return to Wishing Well Cottage with Marlon. As they arrived, Mandy and Paddy were shrieking as they had just unwitting caused the corks on Zak’s bottles of alcohol to pop covering them both in the home made liquor. Butch and Marlon dragged Paddy out of the bedroom and told him what they thought of him and told a confused and annoyed Mandy of Paddy’s conversation. She wouldn’t accept his excuses that it was not how it seemed and told him to leave. Outside, where Paddy was waiting, Marlon told him to go away as he had upset Mandy and warned him to leave the village while he still could. Marlon and Butch seemed pleased that they had defended Mandy and the Dingle’s honour but she angrily berated them telling them that by telling her what Paddy had said they had hurt her more and any stranger ever could.

Frank was furious that his broker and personal friend had sold 20% of the company’s shares to Steve and after furiously telling them both to get off Home Farm property, he later invited Steve back and tried to offer to buy back the shares with interest. Steve wasn’t interested and Frank’s increasingly generous offers fell on deaf ears until the phone rang. Frank seemed shocked when he heard a voice on the other end say, “ It’s me…three guesses”. Whilst still deep in thought over the call, and other silent phone calls he had had previously that day, Frank told Steve he had accepted Steve would not be taking his offer and that he should leave. After Steve’s departure, Frank rang 1471 but was annoyed that the caller had withheld their number.

In the Woolpack that night, the newly reformed Woolpackers (minus Vic) performed to a packed bar. Steve ordered a bottle of champagne and offered to share it with Charlie, telling her that he was celebrating buying a stake of Home Farm, to which Rachel, who had been listening, asked if that was where her redundancy money had gone as Steve smiled. Later, Charlie and Steve shared a passionate kiss as a jealous Rachel looked on.

Kim surveyed the house with binoculars from a car and witnessed Sophie and James leaving to prepare Zoë’s cottage for her arrival back from Zurich. Frank answered the phone to a mystery caller but was horrified when Kim revealed herself and threw the phone across the room. Later in the evening, Frank was watching television as a gloved hand locked the front and back doors. Frank heard a noise and shouted to whom he thought was Sophie but when he turned round was disturbed to see Kim standing there. Frank struggled to comprehend the situation. Kim told Frank to touch, feel and smell her because she wanted him to know she was real but he broke down as Kim comforted him with a smile on her face. Once he had recovered, he told her that he had often dreamed about this moment before the recriminations began. He said he had been to hell and back in prison but she claimed that the first she knew of it was when she saw a copy of an old newspaper in the hotel in Mauritius. She let slip that she was lying low, licking her wounds and getting ready for the fight and when he angrily questioned her about what she meant, she told him she wanted James back but he was adamant she wouldn’t see him. He told her he thought her death was a nightmare as he frantically searched for his pills and retorted that he had forgotten just what being in the same room as her was like. He called her an unfit mother but she offered him a deal, if he gave her James, she would clear his name. He said his name was already clear and that her presence there proved it but she replied that no one had seen her arrive and she was technically a dead woman to which Frank replied that if that were the case, if he were to kill her now, nobody would be any the wiser but she said it worked both ways before she went on to discuss how he would kill someone. Kim questioned Frank about who really killed the woman in the quarry, whom she had hired to drive her car. He accused her of staging the whole thing but she denied his allegation that she had killed the girl in the quarry. Kim told Frank she had the power to start the accusations again. When he told her her story wouldn’t wash with the police, she told him that the girl in the quarry ended up dead somehow. He grabbed her but as he told her how he felt about her, he began having a heart attack and eventually fell to the floor, where, in agony, he pleased with he to call an ambulance. He offered her everything and said that she could take James but when she passed him the phone, he realised it wasn’t plugged in. She began to taunt him, “You’re a dinosaur Frank…and you know what happened to them” before telling him she no longer had any respect for him. He said he loved her and she loved him before collapsing completely. As he lay on the floor, Kim drank a toast to “life” before using her compact mirror to see if he was still breathing and then to reapply her makeup. Satisfied she left, switching the lights off, unaware that Frank’s fingers had twitched.

The Bitch is Back

She's Back!  Kim watches Frank die.

Kim went missing on the 5th February.

The bitch was dead - or so locals thought when, in March 1997, they gathered at the cemetery to say their farewells to Kim Tate. A body, which Frank had identified as that of his wife's, had been found in Kim's car at the bottom of a quarry on 4th March.

Frank was arrested for her murder, but eventually released due to lack of evidence. Then, days later, Kim turned up at Home Farm under the cover of darkness and revealed that she had planned everything to set him up. Frank was furious and attacked her, only to suffer a heart attack in the struggle that followed. Pleading with Kim to fetch his tablets, Kim waited until Frank was dead, holding her mirror over his mouth to check he had stopped breathing, before coolly reapplying her lipstick and walking away.

The bizarre storyline came about after Emmerdale producers decided it wasn't such a good idea to end Claire King's contract. Just two days after she left the soap, she received a call asking her to come back, sparking one of the most incredible storylines since Bobby Ewing reappeared in the shower in Dallas

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Yorkshire Television Review :-


PART 1 - the strange woman is at Alice's school ; Biff has been missing all night ; Linda is worried about him ; Biff is crying at the Glovers ; Dean invites Emma out again that night ; Thomas Molyneux has sold off 20% of Home Farm for Frank ; he is pleased until he sees that Steve Marchant has bought the shares ; he immediately refuses to sell & sacks Thomas ; the Sugdens are moving out of Annie's Cottage ; Andy is getting in the way & decides to go off for a bike ride ; Frank is in a fury about Thomas selling to Steve ; he thinks that he is being set up ; Sophie tries to get him to calm down ; the phone rings, but no one speaks when Frank answers it ; Paddy returns, but Linda is too preoccupied with worrying about Biff to make a fuss of him ; she goes rushing off ; Biff is in a state & seems to be contemplating suicide at the viaduct ; Linda wants to know if Kathy has seen Biff ; she suspects that Kathy knows more than she is saying ; Betty falls in the tearoom kitchens & hurts her wrist ; Linda is trying to talk to Kathy when she realises that she is late picking Alice up from school ; she just drops everything & leaves Linda in charge ; Alice is waitingat the school gates for Kathy when the stranger starts to talk to her ; she tells Alice that her name is Karen & she seems to know alot about Alice's family ; she persuades Alice to go for a walk with her ; Biff climbs onto the wall of the viaduct & shouts "why me" ; Kathy panics when Alice is not at the school gates ; Frank wants to buy back Steve's stake in Home Farm ; Steve is puzzled by this offer ; Eric
carries Dee over the threshold to the cottage ; they are
back from their honeymoon ; Betty immediately calls round &
tells him that he is wanted at the tearooms ; Kathy arrives
back to find Alice in the tearooms with Karen ; she is
furious & tells Karen to leave her alone or she will call
the police ; she then has a go at both Eric & Linda ; Kathy
is further infuriated by Karen calling her by her name when
they have never been introduced ; she does introduce herself
though - Karen Johnson - Nick Bates fiancee ; Andy finds
Biff about to jump off the viaduct ; Frank is increasing his offer to Steve ; he gets another phone call, but this time
the person speaks - it is Kim.

PART 2 - Frank's thoughts are elsewhere as Steve tells him
that he has no intention of selling his share back to him ;
when Steve leaves, Frank rings 1471 to get Kim's number ;
she called on a mobile though ; Andy has managed to stop
Biff jumping off the viaduct ; they talk ; Biff is amazed
how mature Andy is ; Kathy has calmed down ; she has taken
Karen up to the flat ; she explains that she has been
working in Nick's prison ; her contract ends in July & she
is due to go back to Boston in the USA in August ; she &
Nick are obviously going to move to America if he is found
innocent at his trial ; Alice overhears this ; Andy & Biff
are still on the viaduct ; Andy asks lots of questions &
talks about his dad ; Karen wants to be friends with Kathy,
but she isn't sure ; Butch has gone to Home Farm to invite
Sophie to the Woolpack ; she makes an excuse ; he then
overhears Paddy, Seth & Roy telling jokes about the Dingles
; it upsets him ; Mandy & Charlie have been shopping ; Terry
has had to promise Zak free beer all night if he will play
in the band ; Kathy is upset that Nick has not bothered to tell her about Karen & also that she may lose Alice ; Betty
tries to make her realise that she is not Alice's mother ;
Butch is really upset when he remembers the jokes about the
Dingles ; Zak makes him help with the home brew ; he wants
to hide it from Albert ; Kim is watching Home Farm ; she
hides from Roy ; Biff arrives home ; he is in a different
frame of mind, more positive ; the Sugdens have their first
meal in the new farm ; they all make a wish ; the Dingles go
to the Woolpack ; Mandy is so pleased to see Paddy ; Emma is
with Dean & his friend ; she tells them that she has been to
a couple of boarding schools; they seem to get on well ; Kim
watches as Sophie loads James into the car ; the Woolpackers
(minus Vic) are playing in the pub ; Steve buys champagne
to celebrate buying into Home Farm ; Rachel is bitter ;
Frank speaks to Zoe on the phone; then he gets another call
from Kim ; he throws the phone across the room ; Lyn starts
to hit Emma, but Dean finds her ; Paddy tells Mandy that he
has really missed her ; he is going to work in Galway
tomorrow ; she agrees to meet him outside the post office in
two minutes ; Sophie is getting Zoe's house ready for her ;
Terry lets Mandy off for the night when she begs him ; Kim lets herself into Home Farm ; she locks the doors & gets
Frank's pills from the kitchen drawer ; Frank is watching
television with Peggy ; he hears a noise & thinks that it is
Sophie ; he can't believe it when it turns out to be Kim.

PART 3 - Frank breaks down in Kim's arms ; he can't believe
that Kim is really alive ; Alice has realised that Kathy
does not like Karen ; she is planning for when her dad
comes home ; Frank's anger comes out towards Kim for
everything that he has been through ; he wants to know
where she has been ; she claims that she had to get away &
has been in Mauritius ; she only found out about her
supposed death & Frank's ordeal when she saw a newspaper 2
days ago ; she says that she wants her son ; Mandy takes
Paddy to the Dingles ; he has bought her a celtic claddah
ring ; Frank is wrecking the kitchen looking for his pills
; he claims that Kim is an unfit mother ; she points out
that no one knows she is here ; this makes Frank say that
he could kill her now & no one would ever know ; Rachel is
furious as she watches Steve kiss Charlie ; Butch is
telling Marlon about Paddy making jokes at their expense ;
Mandy is having a fit because she cannot find the corkscrew for the wine ; in the end, passion takes over ; she & Paddy
kiss ; Kim is being menacing towards Frank ; she talks
about murder & gets the knives out of the kitchen drawer ;
Kim still thinks that Frank just murdered the wrong woman ;
she can prove that she was nowhere near the scene of the
crime ; Mandy & Paddy are in the bedroom, but Butch &
Marlon arrive home ; Butch is upset to think that Mandy has
Paddy in her bedroom ; he stored Zak's home brew under
Mandy's bed & the bottles start to explode ; Butch & Marlon
interrupt them & Butch orders Paddy out ; Mandy is tearful
; Kim cannot remember the name of the woman she hired to be
her double ; she wants to bargain with Frank - she gets
James in return for going to the police & clearing his name
; Frank won't do any deals & grabs Kim ; his heart gives
out as they struggle ; she lets him drop to the floor ;
Butch explains why he is so hostile towards Mandy ; he
thinks that Paddy is just making fun of her ; Mandy tells
Paddy to get out ; Frank pleads for an ambulance, but Kim
just waits for him to die ; she tells him that she no
longer respects him ; Paddy shouts for Mandy outside the
Dingles ; she cries inside ; Butch makes her a cup of tea ; she blames both Butch & Marlon & throws Paddy's ring into
the fire ; Frank is unconscious on the floor ; Kim pours
herself another drink & raises her glass to Frank ; she then
clears up & checks Frank's breath on her mirror before
leaving as silently as she entered.


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