Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1997
#2209-2211 --- 27 May - 3 June 1997 - Frank Tate Dies with picture

Updated previously 23 June 2002.
Finished 30th July 2004

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Episode #2209

Original Airdate ITV Tuesday 27 May 1997
(Granada Plus - Thu 13 June 2002)

Cast Includes :-

Sophie Wright-JANE CAMERON; Frank Tate-NORMAN BOWLER; Betty Eagleton-PAULA TILBROOK; Alan Turner-RICHARD THORP; Terry Woods-BILLY HARTMAN; Jack Sugden-CLIVE HORNBY; Ned Glover-JOHNNY LEEZE; Sarah Sugden-ALYSON SPIRO; Charlotte Cairns-SARAH GRAHAM

Zoe checks her Dad's heart
On 27th May 1997, ZoŽ Tate discovers Frank's Body, unaware of Kim's part in his death.

[Frank Tate dies.]

After last night's performance by the re-formed 'Woolpackers' Betty is less than impressed with the state of the pub.

Biff Fowler tells Linda how worried he is about his upcoming tests.

Kathy has got herself all worked up at the thought of losing Alice to Nick's new fiancce but Eric is sceptical.

After having to watch newcomer Charlie getting to grips with strapping Steve last night, jealous Rachel has some strong words for her.

At Home Farm, Zoe has returned to make the heart-breaking discovery that her father has collapsed.


Thursday 13th Juneís episodeÖ

Biff apologised to Linda for his behaviour and admitted that disappearing wasnít a good idea, but said that it had given him time to reflect on his situation. He went on to say that if he did have the disease they would have to handle it but when Linda replied that she was pleased he was finally facing up to things, Biff told her that she had to face up to things too and determinedly told her that the baby would have to have the test too and if it proved positive they would have to consider a termination. Linda was appalled and told him that the very idea that he could even think about ending their babyís life disgusted her before storming off. Later, she told ZoŽ about her pregnancy but didnít share in ZoŽís obvious delight about it and requested a chat with her in the Woolpack that lunchtime.

Betty was annoyed at the mess in the bar from the previous evening and was horrified when Alan told her that the Woolpackers would be playing regular gigs at the pub because it had been a huge money-spinner. She refused to clean the bar and told Alan that she would no longer be cleaning for him. Alan was disappointed about Bettyís departure as she was so reliable and wondered to Terry if there was any way to persuaded her to return. Alanís suggestion was to do a little remedial tidying up but Terry found the notion of cleaning up for the cleaner amusing and strange. When Betty returned home, she found a dishevelled Paddy on her doorstep who asked her if he could have a bath at her house as he had spent the night in the Dingleís pig-pen. She was mortified that he was still carrying a torch for Mandy but he told her that the torch had been well and truly extinguished. In the pub, Mandy complained to Charlie about Paddyís remarks, but Charlie was amused by them prompting Mandy to say that it was okay for her as her family were not the laughing stock of the village. Paddy tried to apologise but Mandy told him that she had nothing to say to him but he was persistent, telling her that he was only having a laugh and hadnít meant it to go so far. He also said that he only came back to Emmerdale because he really cared about her but before she could reply, Butch and Marlon interrupted and told him to stay away from Mandy and leave the village. When there was no answer from Mandy to Paddyís inquiry as to whether she would like to see him again, he left but Mandy ran after him. At the bus stop, she asked him when he would come back and the two kissed before Paddy got on the bus having promised he would return.

Sophie arrived at Home Farm with James to find the place locked up and returned to ZoŽís Cottage to await her arrival. When ZoŽ arrived home, she was determined that she should go straight to Home Farm and tell her father how things had gone on the trip but Sophie tried unsuccessfully to stay so they could have a chat. Outside Home Farm, in the car, Sophie was upset as ZoŽís apparent rejection of her and questioned her about it. ZoŽ made it clear that she didnít want to ruin Sophieís life as Emmerdale is a very hard place to come out in and also cited he fatherís displeasure at his daughter having a relationship with his sonís nanny. Sophie was unwilling to accept the excuses and told ZoŽ to tell her that she didnít want her, which ZoŽ was unable to do. When ZoŽ and Sophie entered Home Farm, ZoŽ found Frank lying on the sitting room floor and after shouting to Sophie to call an ambulance, she knelt down to try and help him. Frank was trying to speak and as she held her ear to his mouth, ZoŽ heard him utter Kimís name before he finally passed away.

Sophie blamed herself for not trying the back door that morning as it had been unlocked but ZoŽ said that she wasnít to know that. As the body was taken away, a distraught ZoŽ was angry that even after everything Kim had done to him, hers was the last name on his lips. She was, however, even more angry when the detective who had investigated Kimís death arrived to see if there were any suspicious circumstances surrounding Frankís death. When the detective tried to offer her condolences, ZoŽ berated her, accusing her of causing her fatherís death by hounding him and putting him in prison. When the detective suggested it may have been suicide, ZoŽ was irate that she would even dare to suggest it and despite her protestations that she was only doing her job, ZoŽ told her that he father was innocent and that she hoped that the detective had sleepless nights for the rest of her life. ZoŽ was worried that she didnít know what to feel and Sophie was worried that she shouldnít be trying to organise everything because she was still in shock. Later, when Tony came to collect the deposit they had paid for the chalet he put his foot in it by asking what her excuse was for being bad tempered. That evening, Sophie told ZoŽ that they would look after James together but ZoŽ was very upset at the thought that Frank had been lying alone in pain for so long and broke down in tears.

Kathy decided to go and visit Nick to find out the truth about Karen and was determined that she wouldnít let Alice go anywhere near her. On her return, she told Dee that everything Karen had said was true and that regardless of what happened to Nick, she would be Aliceís stepmother and that it was Nickís wish for Alice to live with Karen. Kathy told Dee that she had been to see her solicitor and admitted that even though she was appalled at the prospect of taking her own brother to court over his daughter, she felt she had to do it because Alice was all she had left. Emma continued to be taunted by the bullies but once again Dean and Will leapt to her defence. Andy was worried about returning to school and tried to feign illness but Sarah saw straight through it and both her and Jack were adamant that he was going. Jack was worried about Andy having to cope with Viv and Donna on his back and conceded to Sarah and Rachel in the Woolpack that he was worried that Andy was too much to handle but Sarah was determined that they were not going to give up on him. Rachel told Charlie what she thought of her and told her that the only reason why she had thrown herself at Steve the previous evening was because she was after his money. Charlie, however, retorted that Rachel was only jealous. Linda discovered what had happened to Frank when she had gone to find ZoŽ at Home Farm and ask her why she had stood her up that dinnertime. She then announced Frankís death in the Woolpack, a piece of news that gained mixed reaction. Alan was very sorry, adding that he would miss Frank, but Jack was delighted saying that he hoped that he would rot in hell and that the world would be a better place without him.


Yorkshire Television Review :


PART 1 - Sophie has brought James back to Home Farm, but cannot get in ; she goes away again ; Frank is still lying on the floor ; he is still alive ; Betty is furious at the state of the pub after the band played last night ; she has found a pair of knickers underneath a table ; she complains to Terry & Alan & when she finds out that Alan is planning more band nights because it was successful, she refuses to clean for them anymore ; Ned & Jack are moving more stuff into the new farm ; Charlie arrives to collect the keys for the cottage ; she is sarcastic towards Jack ; Andy doesn't want to go back to school after his suspension ; he fakes an illness, but Sarah makes him go ; Biff tries to be more positive with Linda ; he tells her that he would never contemplate suicide (she doesn't know about the night before) ; she is hurt when he talks about getting rid of their baby if it has HD ; she storms off refusing to contemplate it ; Tony drops Emma & Will off at school ; she is immediately faced with some graffiti on the wall ; Betty finds Paddy banging on her door ; he is in a state after sleeping rough last night & needs a bath ; Zoe is back from Zurich ; Linda tells her that she is pregnant ; Zoe is pleased until she sees the look on Linda's face ; Sophie is pleased to see Zoe & wants her to wait before going to Home Farm to see Frank ; Zoe is reluctant to start all that again & wants to see why Frank did not pick her up from the airport ; Kathy is going to see Nick in prison ; she wants to know whether Karen was telling the truth about their
relationship ; Eric isn't very supportive & Dee is annoyed
with him ; Sophie wants to know why Zoe has gone cold on
her ; Zoe is worried about her father's reaction, village
gossip etc ; this hurts Sophie, but they touch hands ;
Mandy tells Charlie all about Paddy telling jokes about her
family ; she is really hurt & doesn't want to see him again
; unfortunately, he walks into the pub at that moment ;
Mandy is cold towards him ; Peggy is pleased to see Zoe ;
she walks into the living room & finds Frank on the floor ;
he manages to utter Kim's name before dying.

PART 2 - Frank's body is carried out of Home Farm ; Sophie
feels guilty about not trying the back door this morning ;
Zoe thinks that it is ironic that the last name Frank
uttered was Kim's ; she is furious when DI Cooke arrives ;
they have a bitter exchange ; Zoe blames the detective for
hounding her father & causing his death ; Linda has got fed
up waiting for Zoe in the Woolpack ; Paddy tries to
apologise to Mandy ; she is softening towards him when
Marlon & Butch arrive & drive him out again ; Mandy runs
after him ; Alan tells Terry that he thinks they should
clean up for Betty ; Mandy stops Paddy at the bus stop ;
they kiss & she is in tears as he leaves ; Zoe doesn't know
what to do ; she can't cry ; Chris is in London ; Linda
arrives & is annoyed with Zoe for keeping her waiting ; Lyn
bullies Emma in front of Dean & Will ; Tony is banging on
the door at Home Farm ; he wants his deposit back from the
chalet ; he is rude to Zoe, but then feels bad when she
tells him that her father has just died ; Eric smashes some
plates in the tearooms ; Kathy comes back & is obviously
upset ; Nick has confirmed Karen's story ; Sarah is annoyed
with Viv for hounding Andy at school ; Rachel confronts Charlie in the Woolpack about her behaviour with Steve ; they have a bitchy exchange ; Linda announces to everyone
in the Woolpack that Frank Tate is dead ; Alan is really
upset, but Jack is happy ; Dee checks on Kathy ; she finds
out that Nick loves Karen & wants her to look after Alice
when they marry ; Kathy is going to fight this ; Alice
overhears their conversation ; Zoe looks at a picture of
Frank & James ; she knows that she has to take care of the
baby now ; she cries as she admits to Sophie that she is
really going to miss her father.

Wednesday 28 May 1997

No Episode

Episode #2210

Original Airdate ITV Thursday 29 May 1997
Granada Plus - Friday 14 June 2002)

Cast Includes :-


The news of Frank Tate's death is the talk of the village as poor Zoe find's herself confiding in Betty.

Zak Dingle admits he's sorry things didn't work out between Tina and Frank.

Spiteful Viv Windsor is angry to hear that wayward Andy is allowed back to school today.

It's also Emma's first day back at school after giving birth and she's not looking forward to it.

Kathy reveals to Rachel her fears for Alice

and Mandy and new friend Charlie have a day out shopping but it's posh Charlie who ends up causing serious trouble for Mandy.

At Hotten Comprehensive, Emma finds herself the butt of cruel taunts but big brother Will leaps to her defence leaving school bully Lynne in no doubt about his intentions.


Friday 14th Juneís episodeÖ

News of Frankís death continued to spread round the village and Jan was in a reflective mood commenting, much to Royís disgust, that Frank had always been good to them and respected them. Biff was concerned about what would happen to the estate, given that things nearly fell apart when Frank had been in prison, but Jan replied that it wasnít all just about jobs and houses whilst Linda added that it was James who she felt sorry for having lost his father.

Emma didnít want to go to school telling Tony that she wanted to stay at home with Geri but Tony replied that you have to stand up to bullies and that shying away from the problem would only make it worse. Emma suggested to Will that they bunk off but Will said that he couldnít as he had exams and it wouldnít help as then she would have Lyn and their father on her back. Becky was worried about Emmaís situation at school, but Tony was sure that they would soon tire of picking on the new child, but Becky wasnít convinced as she knew that Geri was a far bigger difference between Emma and the other children than a pair of trainers. Becky was convinced that they would be able to pay for the repairs to Woodside Cottage from their savings but Tony was worried that none of them were earning and suggested that he contact some friends about some freelance work. Becky was adamant, however, that she wouldnít even be happy about him working as a consultant because she wanted him alive. After witnessing Emma being verbally abused again, he grabbed Lyn and pulled her into the toilets where he violently threatened her into leaving Emma alone before pushing her to the floor.

Mandy and Charlie went shopping together and whilst in a posh department store, Mandy complained that he lipstick made her look like a clown, to which Charlie replied that it was because it was cheap and picked up an expensive lipstick from the counter. Mandy said she couldnít afford it and Charlie insisted it was a gift from her but when Mandy questioned how Mandy was going to pay for it, Charlie replied that she wasnít and dropped it in to Mandyís bag. On the way out of the store, a detective and several security guards stopped them but Charlie managed to run away but Mandy was caught. Whilst being interviewed, Mandy refused to give the name of the other person involved even though the detective had seen that it wasnít Mandy who had stolen it but when she gave her name, the detective seemed uncomfortable and told Mandy she had decided to let her go with a caution. After Mandy left, she explained her decision to another security guard telling him that the last time she had a Dingle in court, they had been besieged by ďevil hoards of throwbacks reeking of pigsĒ. Mandy caught up with Charlie, who seemed amazed that Mandy would not have to go to court and that she hadnít dropped her in it but amused when Mandy revealed that she had stolen the lipstick from the table anyway. Their later discussion seemed to highlight the different attitudes of the two families, which seemed to make Mandy think about things. Zak and Terry talked about fame and fortune and when Zak said he could make his fortune out of music, Terry was poured scorn by telling him you can only really get somewhere if you can write good music. When Zak said he could, Terry told him that if he brought him a song, he would give him free ale.

Kathy was still worrying about the situation between Nick and Karen and Albertís comments in the pub about prison life did not help matters. When Karen came to the tearooms, a hostile Kathy asked her what she thought she was playing at raising Nickís hopes of being released. Karen accused Kathy of not wanting Nick to walk free from court and told Kathy that both she and Nick felt it would be a good idea if she had regular contact with Alice. Kathy very grudgingly agreed when Karen backed her into a corner.

Donna left the Post Office for school telling Viv that school should be fun because Andy was returning from his ďbenderĒ. When Viv inquired as to what this meant, she replied that Andy made lessons fun by driving the teachers nuts, but Viv remained unimpressed and declared that Andy should be banned from school. Vic and Viv talked about Kelly and Viv conceded that they couldnít do anymore to make her come home, whilst Vic just seemed pleased that they had had more contact from her. Vic put his foot in it with Kathy when she came to buy a sympathy card by mentioning Kim and Daveís affair. Kathy left without taking the card as she said she didnít want to be a hypocrite. Andy was making a concerted effort to be good at school, but when Robert told him the wrong answer to one of Miss Cullenís questions and he blurted it out proudly, she sent him to sit on his own. Still upset, he became more withdrawn as Miss Cullen explained the new computer to the class. When the time came for Andy to have a go he was angered by Donnaís comments about him being scared of computers. Miss Cullen didnít help matters by insisting he had nothing to be scared of and Andyís response was to push the computer off the desk, causing it to smash on the floor.

Betty was surprised that ZoŽ was still working given the circumstances but ZoŽ replied that animals still got ill but when Betty tried to set aside the differences she had had with Frank, ZoŽ replied that she was aware that Betty wasnít the only person to have fallen out with her father as he seemed to thrive on it. After, Bettyís departure, ZoŽ again burst into tears only to be comforted by Sophie. She told her she didnít know how she was going to get through it and admitted that she felt guilty that she hadnít been there for him. ZoŽ began to make arrangements for the funeral. Steve brought ZoŽ a bunch of flowers but when Chris arrived home, he made it clear that Steveís presence was inappropriate so he slinked off whilst Chris and ZoŽ shared a hug. Over a cup of tea, she asked him how the tests went and dismissed his flippant replies by telling him that she was asking because she cared. She told him that she wished that she had been there more for her father but Chris replied that there was no mileage in ďif onlysĒ and that he should know because he is an expert in them. Outside a newsagents, someone was reading of Frankís death in the local paper and that person was revealed to be Kim, who wore a large smirk on her face.


Yorkshire Television Review :-


PART 1 - Jan is wondering what is going to happen to them now that Frank has died ; Biff wonders what will happen to the estate ; Butch is having to wash himself all over because the dogs have got fleas again ; Zak embarrasses him by letting Charlie in when she calls round for Mandy ; Butch is mortified that she has seen him in such a state ; Charlie & Mandy are going shopping ; Zoe has thrown herself into her work ; Betty tries to make her feel better & apologises for not always getting on with Frank ; Zoe cries when she has gone ; she feels guilty for not being there when her dad needed her most ; Sophie arrives & comforts her ; Zoe even admits that for a while, she thought Frank was guilty ; Kathy is buying a sympathy card for the Tates; Vic hints that she is a hypocrite & she walks out ; Viv warns Donna to stay away from Andy ; Emma doesn't want to leave Geri ; Tony knows that she just wants to avoid the bullies ; Betty offers her services as a cleaner to Tony ; Rachel has had a haircut ; she asks Kathy about Nick ; it is a touchy subject ; Tony broaches the subject of him taking on some freelance work ; Becky is against it ; at school, Miss Cullen is trying to teach ; she asks a question & Robert gives Andy a false answer so that he looks stupid in the class ; Andy then hits Robert & has to sit on his own ; Zoe is organising the funeral arrangements ; Steve turns up with a bouquet of flowers for Zoe ; he feels unwanted though when Chris arrives home ; Mandy is having a great time shopping with Charlie ; she is appalled
at the price of everything ; Charlie offers to get her a
lipstick, but Mandy can't believe it when she just drops it
in her bag ; Albert reckons that there is going to be a
power struggle at Home Farm ; Kathy asks him what it is
like in prison ; he doesn't cheer her up ; Mandy & Charlie
are stopped by the store detective outside the shop ;
Charlie runs off, but Mandy is caught.

PART 2 - Mandy is interviewed by the store detective ; she
knows that Charlie stole the item & wants Mandy to give her
name ; Mandy brazens it out ; Karen Johnson comes to the tearooms ; Betty turns on her ; she is smug when Kathy
arrives ; Mandy gives her name to the store detective ; as
soon as she hears the name `Dingle', she lets Mandy go ;
apparently she has prosecuted Nellie Dingle before & cannot
face that again ; Mandy makes off with the lipstick though
; Chris has been to London for tests ; he tries to comfort
Zoe ; Charlie is relieved when Mandy finds her & tells her
that she did not give her name ; they laugh ; Karen wants
to start taking Alice out ; Kathy has no choice in the
matter ; Miss Cullen shows the new computer off to the
class ; Andy feels left out when Donna boasts ; Zak is
wishing that Tina had married Frank ; she would be his
widow now ; Terry reminds him that Tina could have had him
; Zak agrees to write a song for a pint ; Charlie can't
believe that Mandy would have taken the blame for her ;
Mandy explains that appearing in court means nothing to a
Dingle ; then she realises how sad that sounds ; Lyn taunts
Emma again ; Will has had enough & grabs Lyn ; he manages
to scare her into leaving Emma alone ; it is Andy's turn on
the computer ; Miss Cullen tries to encourage him, but he
starts to panic & pushes the computer onto the floor ; the Hotten Courier placard reads `Local Landowner found dead' ; Kim smiles as she reads it.

Episode #2211

Original Airdate ITV 3 Jun 1997
(Granada Plus - Mon 17 Jun 2002)

Cast Includes :-


It's the day of Frank Tate's funeral - a time for Jack Sugden to celebrate.

Chris Tate does not intend attending his father's funeral and sit with a bunch of people who are glad that he's dead.

Betty is not impressed with the turn-out considering David Glover's send off.

Meanwhile at Home Farm, a deeply depressed Chris Tate contemplates a row of pills, his hated stepmother Kim walks in and tells Chris that he was always second best when Frank was around.



Monday 17th Juneís episodeÖ

ZoŽ was walking Peggy and when she bumped into Sophie, the two discussed how Chris and then ZoŽ were coping. ZoŽ saw Jack pull up in his landrover at the gates of Home Farm and went over to see what he wanted. Jack had cracked open the champagne that Frank had given him as a peace offering over Emmerdale Farm, but ZoŽ was horrified that Jack could be so callous. He told her it was between him and Frank and that Frank had tried to ruin him jut to make a quick profit, ZoŽ replied that Frank always thought of Jack as a friend before telling him to finish his drink and get off their land. Jack couldnít finish it and poured the champagne away.

Sarah met with Miss Cullen to talk about Andyís behaviour and Miss Cullen was determined that Andy would be excluded. Sarah, was defensive and suggested that it was Miss Cullenís incompetence in dealing with a mischievous boy that was partly to blame and persuaded the teacher to let Andy explain. Begrudgingly, Miss Cullen agreed to hear Andyís side of the story but was outraged when Andy accused her of picking on him because he couldnít answer questions and vowed to have him excluded until he knew how to behave properly.

Zak took up Terryís offer to provide lyrics in return for beer and penned a little number called ďThe ballad of Frank TateĒ which was less than complimentary. In the pub, when Terry asked for the money for the drinks he had bought, Zak placed a pile of lyrics on the counter and a reluctant and bewildered Terry said that he would get his guitar. Eric came into the pub with Dee and was very happy about having a drink to his old friendís passing. His glee at a prospective singsong about Frank though, seemed to unnerve Terry. However, once things got into full swing, everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves. Zak began to think about Frankís death and declared that Frank was no better than anyone and that he was not so dissimilar to him as he grafted for his family. He then went on a tirade about how unfair money can be with Frank getting away with murder and wreaking havoc with evictions and sackings because of it whereas his family were prosecuted for minor misdemeanours.

Rachel arrived at Home Farm and when Chris inquired as to where Joseph was, she replied he was at the childminders, as she didnít think he would understand. Chris was upset that he hadnít been consulted but when Rachel offered to go and fetch him, Chris, with scotch in hand, told her that it didnít matter. ZoŽ was pleased to see Rachel but was surprised at how few people had arrived at Home Farm but Rachel suggested that they would probably meet them at the church, before Chris accidentally dropping his glass on the floor in the living room interrupted them. Sophie asked if they should call a doctor for Chris but he was adamant that he was okay but that he wouldnít come to the service telling them that he couldnít bear to sit in a room with people who were glad Frank was dead, adding that he was sure his father would understand. He declined Sophieís offer to stay and help him look after James and as they left, ZoŽ kissed him. When they left, he broke down in tears and began to talk to James about how he felt he had been a failure in his fatherís eyes and told his little brother that there was more pressure to be successful now than ever, whilst he touched an array of pill bottles. He told James that he had made things worse for him because to Frank he was perfect and wondered what people would tell him in the future about his father before a voice in the background chipped in.

Jan was keen to give Frank some thought but the rest of the Glovers were nonchalant about his passing with Roy commenting that Frank would not care if one of them had died. On the way to the church, unaware that Kim was observing them, a reserved ZoŽ said that she wished Chris could have opened up to her, as she knew he was hiding everything away. As people came to the church, including Butch who wanted to see Sophie, Betty remarked how empty it was compared to the send off for Dave Glover and added that this was perhaps justice. During the ceremony, Ashley was reflecting on how much Frank had done for the community, which he had made his home, before going on to say how much had suffered in the previous weeks and months, with the death of his wife and everyone believing that he was responsible. Betty snidely remarked if Ashley was talking about the same person. ZoŽ felt she had to leave immediately after the service as she felt something was wrong, she told Sophie to stay. Viv remarked that it was telling that only one of his children could be bothered to turn up and were just waiting for the reading of the will but Vic replied that he wondered how many of their children would mourn them.

Chris didnít seemed shocked that the voice should belong to Kim, who told him that she had come as soon as she had heard about Frankís death, before saying she felt awful about what had happened. She realised what Chris had been about to do and told him that she would stand in his way and seemed thrilled at the prospect. She told him that he had always been second best when Frank was around and he was even less than that now he had gone and that was what his suicide attempt was about. She asked him how he felt when he heard she had died to which he replied that he didnít believe she had but still hated her even if she wasnít around and that he could still hear her and see her taunting him, which made Kim laugh. When she made a jibe about him taking the tablets, he told her she was predictable but she said that coming back from the grave wasnít predictable and continued to goad him by telling him that things were about to get worse as now she was back, as Frankís wife, she would be entitled to everything. Kim began to kiss Chris telling him that she knew that she was the only thing that Frank had that he wanted and having her would make him feel like his own man but he was unresponsive. S
She continued to tell him that he wanted her and when he responded negatively she told him his emotions were confused because he lover her whilst still kissing him. She pulled away but at this point, ZoŽ walked in and was extremely shocked at her stepmotherís presence.


Yorkshire Television Review :-


PART 1 - Zoe is out walking Peggy ; she looks down on Home Farm & feels so sad that her dad is no longer with her ; Kim is in a hotel room ; she orders a full English breakfast ; she seems to be preparing for something ; the Glovers & Fowlers have different opinions on the demise of Frank ; Sophie tries to get close to Zoe ; she assures her that Chris is coping ; Zoe notices Jack Sugden getting out of his landrover & wonders what he is doing ; Zak is working on his song ; he has decided on a tribute to Frank Tate ; he gives Mandy & Lisa a burst ; Lisa is impressed ; Mandy despairs ; Butch is going to Frank's funeral ; Mandy knows that it is just to get close to Sophie ; Jack is cracking open a bottle of champagne at the gates to Home Farm ; it is the bottle that Frank gave to him when he left the farm (EP 2148) ; Zoe & Sophie can't believe his insensitivity, but he reminds Zoe how Frank treated him over the farm ; he forced the Sugdens out & Jack is bitter ; he promised that he would drink the champagne when Frank was carried out of Home Farm in a box ; Zoe storms off & Jack doesn't have the heart to actually drink the champagne ; Andy waits outside Miss Cullen's office while she talks to Sarah about him ; Miss Cullen has decided to exclude him from class ; Sarah is furious ; the funeral tea is all laid out ; Rachel has come early to see if she can help ; Chris is nasty towards her because she has not brought Joseph & he thinks that she never really liked Frank anyway ; Zoe tells Rachel that she
thinks Chris is coping well, but then he drops his glass &
appears to go into shock ; Andy tells Sarah that Miss Cullen
picks on him in class ; she thinks that this is unfair ;
Sarah takes Andy's side ; Chris has decided not to go to the
church ; he can't face people ; he cries when Zoe leaves ;
Zak presents Terry with his song ; he wants his free pint
now ; Eric & Dee come into the Woolpack ; he wants to drink
to Frank ; photographers try & get pictures of the funeral
guests ; Kim is watching ; Chris is drinking back at the
house ; he talks to James & starts crying again ; he has got
bottles of pills lined up ; he is still feeling the pressure of being Frank Tate's son & feels guilt at letting Frank
down ; he resents James ; Chris is speechless when Kim turns

PART 2 - Kim puts on an act for Chris claiming that she has
just heard about Frank's death ; she can't wait to hold
James ; Kathy is amazed how similar Steve is to Frank when
he sits next to her in the church ; Jack has decided to
come to the funeral ; Sarah tells him that Andy has been
suspended from school again ; the funeral service begins ;
Zoe is pleased to see Jack there ; Butch stands next to
Sophie ; Zak performs his tribute to Frank in the Woolpack
; Lisa plays violin & Terry plays guitar ; he then gets all
philosophical ; many of the church congregation are
surprised by the vicar's sermon ; he makes Frank out to be
a saint ; Kim is taunting Chris about her return from the
dead ; she realises that he was maybe about to commit
suicide & laughs ; Zoe has got a feeling that something is
wrong & wants to get back to Home Farm ; Kim is really
taunting Chris now ; she says that she knows he has always
wanted her & starts to kiss him ; Zoe walks in on this