Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1997
#2212-2217 --- 4 June - 17 June 1997

Updated 22 June 2002.
Finished 30th July 2004

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NOTE: these episodes onwards are based on the officially released synopsis and their reviews,

Episode 2212

Original Airdate ITV
4 June 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 18 Jun 2002)

Cast Includes :-


Frank's mourners cluster around the outside of a locked Home Farm wondering what's up.

Inside, Zoe is stunned to find Kim alive. Zoe also has to contend with her brother's planned suicide and pleads with him not to do it. Chris tells her that he plans on sticking around for a while to make sure Kim doesn't get a single penny.

PART 1 - Continuous episode ; Zoe is convinced that Chris arrange to meet Kim at the house ; this is more trouble than Kim hoped to cause & she is pleased ; the mourners are wondering what is going on ; Alan disapproves of Zoe not attending the burial ; they don't know whether to go to Home Farm for the tea or not ; Steve takes charge & tells everyone to follow him ; Zoe is disgusted with Chris & the scene that she saw (end of EP 2211) ; she then turns on Kim ; Kim tells her that when she arrived, Chris was about to kill himself ; she nods towards the bottles of pills ; it is closing time at the Woolpack everyone wants Terry to have a lock in ; he is reluctant, but then Eric stands everyone a drink & he changes his mind ; the funeral party arrives at Home Farm ; Sophie is still avoiding Butch ; he thinks it is just because he doesn't have a flash car like Steve's ; Sophie & Rachel wonder why the front door is locked ; Kim looks out at everyone ; she wants to make a dramatic re-appearance, but Zoe stops her ; she asks Sophie to get rid of everyone ; Linda is sick outside the house ; Sophie tells them all to go ; Betty is put out & Vic moans about losing an afternoon's takings ; Alan invites them back to the Woolpack ; Zoe is trying to find out why Chris didn't tell her that he couldn't cope today ; he reassures her that he intends to stick around now ; if only to make sure that Kim doesn't get her hands on all the Tate money ; Alan leads everyone into the Woolpack by the back entrance
; he asks them not to wake Terry, but then finds that the
pub is still open & filled with the Dingles ; he is mad
with Terry , but Seth wins him round ; Jan sends Biff & Roy
off to the pub so that she can have a chat with the sickly
Linda ; Vic asks Zak if he wants to join a band only this
time without Terry ; Kim has put James to bed ; Zoe listens
as she tells her baby that she has missed him ; she demands
to know whose body was actually in the quarry ; Kim claims
that she does not know ; Zoe has called the police.

PART 2 - DI Cooke is shocked to be introduced to Kim ; she
tells her that the murder inquiry is still open ; Kim looks like she had not bargained for this ; Jan is thrilled to
hear that Linda is pregnant ; Kathy is touchy when Karen
brings Alice home ; she does not want her to take Alice out
again, but Alice seems quite keen on Karen ; Kim is putting
on a good act for the police, Chris & Zoe ; she has got her
story all worked out - she went to Manchester Airport where
she left her car ; as she was afraid that Frank may have
hired a private detective to follow her, she did not check
into the hotel & caught the train to London instead ; she
then went to Paris by Eurostar & flew on to Mauritius ; DI
Cooke tells her that this will all be checked ; Kim is
confident as she has kept tickets etc ; she then claims
that she returned to Europe a week ago & heard about
Frank's death ; Jan wants to celebrate Linda's pregnancy
with a drink ; Linda is reluctant ; she tells her mum about
Biff's illness ; DI Cooke wants to know how Kim's car ended
up in the quarry in Emmerdale ; Chris actually drops his
father in it ; Roy has bought Charlie a drink ; she remarks
on how smart he is looking ; he tells her that he is
wearing Dave's old suit (Jan has altered it) ; Butch is
depressed when he sees Biff talking to Sophie ; Mandy feels sorry for him & loans him a tenner to buy her a drink ;
Jack & Alan discuss schools ; Jack is drinking so that he
doesn't have to go home & face Andy ; Biff offers to give
Sophie a lift up to Home Farm just as Butch has got the
drinks in ; Kim is getting ready to go to the police
station ; Chris is still bitter about the #350,000 ; Jan is
comforting Linda ; Biff is just dropping Sophie off at Home
Farm when Kim is driven out in a police car ; they are both

Episode 2213

Original Airdate ITV
5 Jun 1997

(Granada Plus - 19 Jun 2002)

Kim Tate is well and truly back and Sophie is hurt that Zoe excluded her.

In the Stables, Biff comes face to face with the recently deceased Mrs Tate and warns her to watch herself.

At the Tea Rooms, Betty is still offended at the fiasco after Frank's funeral telling Kathy about the farm being locked.

Biff tells Linda he's made his mind up about his medical condition.

Up at Home Farm, Zoe has called the police about Kim's return and DI Cooke has some news.

Episode 2214

Original Airdate ITV
10 Jun 1997

(Granada Plus - Thu 20 June 2002)

Becky Cairns has some bad news for Sarah Sugden. Sarah is fuming and heads off for a confrontation with Viv.

At Home Farm, DI Cooke points out the current police position to the Tates.

Sophie is unhappy at Zoe's recent behaviour.

Kathy gently tries to explain to little Alice what could happen at Nick's trial.

Teen-mum Emma finds herself in a frightening situation with new friend Dean.

Episode 2215

Original Airdate ITV
11 Jun 1997

(Granada Plus - Fri 21 June 2002)

Cast Includes :-


Biff is gloomy about Nick's trial prospects but for once Jan Glover is optimistic.

Spiteful Viv Windsor, ups the stakes in her vendetta against Andy by going to see the Head.

It's the day of the reading of Frank's will and Chris is feeling confident. However, Kim as always is full of surprises as she reveals to Zoe, but Zoe is more interested in her new friend Sophie.


PART 1 - Will & Emma are leaving for school ; Tony asks Emma if Dean will be coming home with her again as he liked him ; Emma's opinion has changed & Tony is puzzled ; Kathy is setting off for the trial again ; she is worried about Alice ; Eric is pleased to have got a cheap deal on some wine ; Dee thinks that they should be trying to attract more upmarket customers ; Viv is trying to get support against Andy amongst the other parents ; Jack overhears her ; the head calls Viv into her office ; Jack is going to speak to Alan because he is a governor at the school ; Kim is going for a ride even though the will reading is this afternoon ; Chris is confident that she will not inherit anything ; the head tries to reason with Viv about the Andy situation, but Viv is determined to cause trouble ; she threatens a strike ; Kathy has to come out of the courtroom ; Seth & Biff are there as witnesses ; Karen wants to know why Kathy has not brought Alice ; she reiterates that Alice will soon be her daughter ; Vic asks Eric if his new band can play in the wine bar ; Viv arrives back from the school & tells Vic that she & the other parents are going to boycott that school ; she has started a petition ; Jack & Sarah call to see Alan ; they explain the situation at the school ; they want Andy back in the mainstream class ; Alantells them that the school does not need a scandal ; Seth is worried that he did not help Nick's case with his evidence ; they are making Nick out to be a violent criminal ; Kathy tells them that the summing up is about to start ;
the Tates are waiting for Kim to arrive to start the reading
of the will ; Chris is confident that she will not get a
mention & does not want to wait ; Kim arrives & the
solicitor begins ; the will reads as follows - Chris & Zoe
each inherit #500,000 ; James inherits 10% of shares when
he achieves the age of majority ; the rest of the estate -
money, land & property go to Kim ; she is as shocked as

PART 2 - Chris is furious ; he cannot believe that his
father would have left anything to Kim ; the solicitor tells him that the will dates back 2 years with a codicil
which provides for any subsequent heir ; Chris can't
believe that Frank conned him by pretending that he was
making new wills ; Kim is happy as she looks at all she
owns now ; Emma is really upset on the school bus home ;
Will wants to know what is wrong ; the jury is still out at
Nick's trial ; Karen tries to get Biff & Seth on her side
against Kathy ; Dean starts making remarks about Emma while
she is walking home ; Will attacks him ; Nick has been found
guilty ; Kathy is devastated ; Karen wants to see Alice
again before she goes back to America ; Kathy refuses ; Will
& Dean are fighting ; Emma has been to get Tony ; he hauls
Dean off Will ; Kim is trying to appeal to Zoe to support
her at next weeks board meeting ; she claims that she wants
to keep Home Farm as Frank would have intended ; Tony &
Becky are upset for Emma ; they know about Dean now ; Chris
is also trying to get Zoe on his side ; Sophie tells her
that she has just got to make up her own mind ; they are
going out to dinner tonight ; Eric tells Dee that he has
secured the services of a local band ; it is not quite what
she had in mind ; Betty is trying to get Alice to bed, but she is excited about the thought of her dad coming home ;
Kathy arrives back from court with Biff & Seth ; they tell
Betty that Nick got 10 years ; Zoe is telling Sophie that
she thinks Home Farm is cursed ; she warns her not to get
involved ; Sophie just wants to be with Zoe ; Kathy has to
explain to Alice that her daddy will not be home for a long
time ; they only have each other now.

Episode 2216

Original Airdate ITV
12 Jun 1997

(Granada Plus - Mon 24th June 2002)

The row between the Sugden's and the Windsor's escalates as Jack has to escort Andy and Robert past a school picket line.

After the surprises in Frank's will, Christopher is outraged because Kim thinks she has all the control.

There's trouble brewing for the Cairns after Tony has a visit from Dean's father.

Jan glover is surprised to be welcomed at Home Farm by Kim Tate and Absolutely delighted at her assurance. Later at Home Farm,

Chris is still ranting at Kim letting her know that he is not going to sit back and watch her take everything away from him.

Episode 2217

Original Airdate ITV
17 Jun 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th June 2002)

With Kim now in charge of Home Farm, Chris is determined to have his revenge by informing the police. Kim however, makes threats of her own stopping Chris in his tracks.

It looks as if Tony Cairns' encounter with Dean could have serious repercussions.

Chris Tate hopes to get new shareholder Steve Marchant on his side, but Steve is scathing about Chris's judgement.

Zoe is angry at Chris' suggestions about Kim and demands an explanation.

Kathy and Biff are drawn closer together as she sadly confides that she would be secretly pleased to see her brother go to prison so she can keep Alice.