Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1997
#2224-2237 --- 2 July - 31 July 1997

Updated 22 June 2002.
Finished 31st July 2004

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    NOTE: these episodes onwards are based on the officially released synopsis,
Episode 2224

Original Airdate ITV
02 Jul 1997

(Granada Plus - Thu 4th July 2002)

Butch's latest act is too much for Zoe who wastes no time in calling the police.

Zak is disappointed when he realises what Butch has been up to.

Jan Glover has begun her new job as house-keeper at Home Farm and Kim wastes no time letting her know who's boss.

At the Sugden's, Andy receives a visit from his Social Worker, Carmel, who has some news about his dad.

Zoe decides to tackle Zak about Butch and his behaviour.

At Home Farm, flirtatious Kelly uses all her charms on odious Chris Tate.

Episode 2225

Original Airdate ITV
03 Jul 1997

(Granada Plus - Fri 5th July 2002)

Creepy Chris has found out about Kim's affair with Steve Marchant and can't resist having a go at his wicked Step-Mum.

Butch's latest exploits are well out of line and Zak tries to get through to his son.

Kelly begins her first day as a chalet maid at the Holiday Village to find she's going to have to work with a familiar face Lynn, who's not at all happy to see Kelly.

The Sugden's have taken Andy to meet his real father who desperately wants to be friends.

It looks like all Zak's words have been to no avail as Sophie discovers Zoe's car has been broken into.

Episode 2226

Original Airdate ITV
08 Jul 1997

(Granada Plus - Mon 8th Jul 2002)

Jan Glover is not pleased to have walked in on Kim and Steve as she tells her husband Ned. Meanwhile, Kim Tate has a surprising offer for hated step-son Chris. Chris's first task is to demote Biff.

At the holiday village the rivalry between teen-temptress Kelly and Lyn hots up as Kelly delivers a few home truths.

With the return of Andy's real father, the Sugden's have some difficult decisions to make as Sarah explain how attached she has become to Andy.

Zoe Tate loses her cool at Butch's latest action over Sophie and gives Zak a stern warning, but it's to no avail as Butch has let himself into Zoe's house while Sophie is alone.

Episode 2227

Original Airdate ITV
09 Jul 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 9th Jul 2002)

While Zoe finds she's been sent a hoax call out and realises the awful truth, her girlfriend Sophie is trapped, alone and terrified with raging Butch Dingle. Sophie is petrified but she's angry too.

At Oakwell Hall, Kim Tate is casting her expert eye over a desirable stallion.

Chris Tate gives feuding chalet-maids Lyn and Kelly and ear-bashing.

Episode 2228

Original Airdate ITV
10 Jul 1997

(Granada Plus - Wed 10th Jul 2002)

Despite all the advice to the contrary Biff is determined to take part in a bare-knuckle fight.

Zak thinks it might not be too bad.

Meanwhile pregnant Linda Fowler returns from Hotten and collapses, Jan rushes her to hospital and sets about getting hold of Biff unaware that he is at a secret fist fight. Later, at the hospital Roy is anxious for news.

Episode 2229

Original Airdate ITV
15 Jul 1997

(Granada Plus - Thu 11th Jul 2002)

Linda has lost her baby and blames her past but the doctor is optimistic. Back at home Linda turns on her husband.

Rachel finds herself with some explaining to do to Sarah after Andy's dad turns up and insists on taking him out.

Chris is amused to watch Kim's behaviour with Lord Alex.

Biff's latest argument with Linda has been the last straw and he's walked out and straight round to Kathy with a request.

Episode 2230

Original Airdate ITV
16 Jul 1997

(Granada Plus - Fri 12th Jul 2002)

Andy has stayed out with his Dad all night and Jack and Sarah are now very worried, guilty Rachel tries to be optimistic.

Kim has accepted an invitation to Lord Oakwell's without telling Steve, which gives Chris the pleasure.

It's Charlie Cairns 18th birthday and Mandy has arranged a surprise party and to Charlie's delight the return of her ex-boyfriend Greg. Of course Mandy feels one good turn deserves another as she tells Charlie. Charlie's delight later turns to horror as she comes downstairs at the cottage to hear Greg demanding answers from Emma.

Episode 2231








































Original Airdate ITV
17 Jul 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue Mon 15th Jul 2002)

Cast Includes :-

Charlotte Cairns-SARAH GRAHAM; Greg Cox-DANNY TWEED; Anthony Cairns-EDWARD PEEL; Biff Fowler-STUART WADE; Betty Eagleton-PAULA TILBROOK; Seth Armstrong-STAN RICHARDS; Rachel Hughes-GLENDA MCKAY; Jack Sugden-CLIVE HORNBY; Ned Glover-JOHNNY LEEZE; Emma Cairns-REBECCA LOUDONSACK;

































Charlie can't believe what she's heard, Greg is panic-stricken. Seth finds Emma alone and devastated. She tells him that Charlie knows and might tell her dad.

Zak launches the Dingle's Medieval Theme Park with a speech.

Angry that Greg has tried to blame Emma for his seduction, Charlie tries to find out the truth but she's amazed at Emma's revelation.

PART 1 - continuous episode ; Charlie is demanding to know what happened between Greg & Emma ; she accuses him of raping Emma, but Greg insists that she was willing & he was drunk ; he is scared that Charlie will tell Tony ; he knows about his temper ; Tony interrupts them & Charlie leaves ; Biff tries to go home, but can't face it ; he ends up back at Betty's ; she wants to know where he has been & gives him a lecture ; Seth finds Emma sitting on the swings with Geri ; she is feeling guilty & tells Seth that there is no one she can talk to ; she thinks that Charlie is going to tell Tony the identity of Geri's father ; Rachel is working hard on the farm ; Emma is behaving strangely & Charlie is also in a mood ; Tony & Becky do not know what is going on ; Biff asks Kim for some time off & cannot believe it when she is actually nice ; it seems that Seth asked her to be kind for once ; she admits that she quite enjoyed it ; Becky PART 1 - continuous episode ; Charlie is demanding to know what happened between Greg & Emma ; she accuses him of raping Emma, but Greg insists that she was willing & he was drunk ; he is scared that Charlie will tell Tony ; he knows about his temper ; Tony interrupts them & Charlie leaves ; Biff tries to go home, but can't face it ; he ends up back at Betty's ; she wants to know where he has been & gives him a lecture ; Seth finds Emma sitting on the swings with Geri ; she is feeling guilty & tells Seth that there is no one she can talk to ; she thinks that Charlie is going to
tell Tony the identity of Geri's father ; Rachel is working
hard on the farm ; Emma is behaving strangely & Charlie is
also in a mood ; Tony & Becky do not know what is going on ;
Biff asks Kim for some time off & cannot believe it when she
is actually nice ; it seems that Seth asked her to be kind
for once ; she admits that she quite enjoyed it ; Becky calls Charlie downstairs & asks what is going on ; she
refuses to say ; Greg panics when Tony decides to get to the
root of it ; Lisa has made a pair of stocks & the Dingles
medieval museum is nearly complete ; Lisa has dressed up as
Nell Gwyn ; Biff & Linda meet for a drink ; Betty watches
them like a hawk ; Biff tells Linda that he has booked them
a holiday in Majorca ; she is really touched & hugs him.

PART 2 - Greg leaves the Cairns & Charlie runs after him ;
she cannot accept what he has done & slaps him when he
calls her a spoilt brat ; Kim turns up at Oakwell Hall for
Alex's party ; she says that Steve is ill when Alex asks
after him ; Becky & Sarah walk past the Dingles where their
civil war exhibition is advertised with the poster '
Cromwell's Dunjon ' ; Marlon welcomes them dressed as King
Richard & demands #4 ; Lisa sells them some tomatoes &
Butch is put in the stocks ; Sarah & Becky chuck the
tomatoes at him ; Alex & Kim chat about the upkeep of their
houses ; she is not happy when Steve arrives ; a crowd has
appeared at the Dingles & Zak makes a speech about the
Battle of Beckindale ; he has got his facts wrong & Becky &
Sarah find it amusing ; Marlon is forced under the guillotine & someone faints ; Charlie is not coping well at
work & runs out of the tearooms when Betty has a go at her
; Mandy catches up with Charlie ; she tells her the whole
story about Greg ; Mandy wants to get the Dingles to sort
him out ; Charlie can't bear to talk to Emma about it all ;
Lord Oakwell shows Kim & Steve around his stables & then
asks her if she would consider going into business with him
; this is just what Kim wanted - to set up her own stud
farm ; Steve thinks that the board should be consulted &
Kim gives him a filthy look ; Charlie finds Emma on her own
& they talk about what happened between her & Greg ; Emma
doesn't want their mum & dad to be told ; they row as Emma
accuses Charlie of being selfish ; Kim admits that she did
not want Steve to go to Lord Oakwell's ; he tries to warn
her off going into business with Alex, but then admits that
he is only saying it because he is jealous ; he tells Kim
that he loves her ; she looks uncomfortable as they kiss ;
Charlie finds Emma & wants to know what really happened
between her & Greg ; Emma accepts total responsibility &
even admits that she wanted to get back at Charlie ; she
wanted her boyfriend ; Emma pleads with Charlie not to hate her ; Charlie hugs Emma but says that she can never love
Geri now that she knows the truth.

Episode 2232








































Original Airdate ITV
22 Jul 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 16th Jul 2002)

Cast Includes :-

Linda Fowler-TONICHA JERONIMO; Biff Fowler-STUART WADE; Ned Glover-JOHNNY LEEZE; Jan Glover-ROBERTA KERR; Zoe Tate-LEAH BRACKNELL; Anthony Cairns-EDWARD PEEL; Rebecca Cairns-SARAH NEVILLE; Emma Cairns-REBECCA LOUDONSACK; Will Cairns-PAUL FOX; Charlotte Cairns-SARAH GRAHAM; Steve Marchant-PAUL OPACIC;


































Steve uses Charlie as a shoulder to cry on about his woman trouble. Charlie grasps her chance and invites herself back to his home. Little does Steve realise that his real troubles are just about to start.

Zoe, Sophie and Rachel are having a girls night out. But the party spirit leads to a few drinks too many and as emotions rise, Sophie declares her undying love for Zoe.


PART 1 - Biff & Linda are all packed & ready for their holiday to Majorca ; they seem more relaxed with each other ; Zoe arrives just in time with her camera because Linda & Biff do not have one ; she hopes they have a great time ; Tony gets a mystery phone call ; Charlie cannot bear to see baby Geri & her family are stunned by her reaction ; Steve turns up at Home Farm & demands that Kim drop everything & accompany him to York ; she makes it clear that she has a business to run & also she is not that serious about him ; they row in front of Chris ; Steve roars off ; the Dingles are still putting on their pageant ; Butch wants to be Richard III, but Marlon refuses to change places ; they have only had 4 people so far & Zak is downhearted ; Sarah thinks that Andy's behaviour has got worse since his dad came on the scene ; she is ranting on at Jack & says that she is going to contact Andy's social worker ; Rachel arrives in the middle of a row ; Kim informs Seth that the council aregoing to be putting planning permission signs up around the holiday village ; she is going ahead with the prison plan ; Chris overhears & warns her that she may have lost Steve's vote now ; he also makes a comment about Seth being the onlyperson on the estate who has not slept with Kim ; Marlon has let Butch dress as Richard III ; he has used one of Mandy's best bras ; two customers arrive ; Sophie tells Zoe that she thinks that Steve & Kim go well together because Steve will stand up to her ; Zoe is more sceptical ; Rachel invites them both for a drink ; Mandy tells Sophie that Butch has
started wearing her bra ; Steve talks in the pub about Kim's
change of feelings ; Mandy tells him to play her at her own
game ; the Dingles are working hard to impress their
customers ; Butch is about to be put in the guillotine, when
the mystery couple identify themselves as being from Hotten

PART 2 - Mr Hendry explains to Zak that he does not have an
entertainments licence & that the guillotine is lethal ;
they could be prosecuted & Hendry tells them to close down
this event ; Mandy comes to see Charlie at work ; Charlie blames her for interfering & inviting Greg to her party ;
she unfairly tells her that she has ruined the Cairns lives
; Mandy runs out in tears ; Kim admits to Jan & Sophie that
she does not want anymore children ; she tells Sophie that
she can no longer spare her tonight, but she can take James
to Zoe's ; Rachel is shifting bales of hay on the farm ;
Jack is annoyed when Sarah decides to buy Andy a pair of
trainers rather than Robert ; Jack thinks that Sarah is
trying to buy his affections ; Rachel & Ned overhear ; Will
comes in to the tearooms to see Charlie ; he wants to know
what is going on between his sisters ; Charlie tells him
that Greg is Geri's father ; Will is furious ; he thinks
that Greg raped her ; Charlie begs him to leave it & not
tell their parents ; Kim finds Seth ; he advises her that
she is going to be very unpopular when news of the prison
spreads ; she talks to Seth about her problems with Steve ;
he tells her just to have some fun ; Will tells Emma that
he knows about Greg ; she repeats that she knew what she
was doing ; Tony & Becky walk in on them ; they want time
alone ; he has been asked to work for his old boss on a
security contract (#1000 a day for 4 days) ; Becky is worried ; Charlie is drowning her sorrows in the wine bar ;
Steve comes in & he asks her to join him ; Jan & Ned offer
to babysit so that Jack & Sarah can have a night out ;
Sarah will not go because she is paranoid about Billy
turning up & taking Andy away ; Jack goes off with Jan &
Ned instead ; Sophie has brought James with her to the
Woolpack to have a drink with Zoe & Rachel ; Jan
disapproves when she sees James outside the pub ; Ned isn't
bothered ; Steve & Charlie have dinner ; Dee comments that
they make a nice couple ; Charlie suggests to Steve that
they go back to his place ; Rachel is quizzing Sophie about
her feelings for Zoe ; Sophie is drunk & determined to tell
the world about her love ; she stands on the bench outside
the pub to declare that she loves Zoe & then kisses her ;
Zoe is mortified & storms off ; Jan looks disgusted ;
Sophie & Rachel giggle ; Steve has been talking about Kim
all the time & Charlie tells him to think about something
else ; she leads him upstairs & as they kiss, Kim walks in
& sees them ; she shakes her head & walks out again.

Episode 2233

Original Airdate ITV
23 Jul 1997

(Granada Plus - Wed 17th Jul 2002)

Charlie and Steve start feel the backlash after Kim's unexpected entry the previous night. Steve attempts to say sorry, but will his efforts to regain Kim's affections work?

Village gossip puts a strain on Zoe and Sophie's relationship and their work. But last night's emotional outburst said in the heat of the moment or could it be true love?

Getting permission for the open prison becomes public knowledge and Alan Turner leads the protests against Kim Tate, who is behind the idea.

Episode 2234

Original Airdate ITV
24 Jul 1997

(Granada Plus - Thu 18th Jul 2002)

Charlie confronts Greg and lets him know he isn't going to get away lightly with messing about with her little sister Emma.

Jan refuses to let Sophie's comments about Zoe be forgotten and wonders if Sophie is fit to be the nanny of her baby grandchild James.

Chris Tate is pressured to defend the plans for an open prison when he's confronted by angry villagers. But little does Chris know that it's all the work of scheming Kim, who has a surprise announcement to make.

Episode 2235

Original Airdate ITV
29 Jul 1997

(Granada Plus - Fri 19th July 2002)

Chris is deeply suspicious of Kim's motives for giving up so quickly on the open prison development.

Sophie's mother is sick of the gossip surrounding her daughter's relationship with Zoe. So she confronts the pair to ask them for the truth. Zoe tries to calm the situation and says they are just friends. But Sophie refuses to hid her feelings and confesses they are a couple and deeply in love. Meanwhile,

Charlie finds the pressure of knowing that Greg is the father of Emma's baby unbearable.

Episode 2236




































Original Airdate ITV
30 Jul 1997

(Granada Plus - Monday 22nd July 2002)



































[Charlie Cairns leaves.]

Kim Tate decides to make the villagers pay for opposing her plans to sell off the holiday village for an open prison. And outrage quickly spreads when they discover she plans to hit them all where it hurts - in the pocket.

Angry Charlie says her sister Emma has driven her away from home. Armed with a rucksack she tells Mandy she's off and promises to send a postcard.

Kim in a rare sympathetic mood, gives comfort and support to Sophie over the strain of her relationship. She tells her to have as much time off as she needs.

PART 1 - Betty storms up to Zoe first thing in the morning ; she has received notification of the 15% rent increase & wants an explanation ; Zoe tries to make her see that she is not involved in the day to day running of the estate ; Sophie & Jan have a confrontation in the kitchen ; Jan calls Sophie a pervert & Sophie slaps her ; this scene is witnessed by Kim ; Becky is worried about Tony when he phones to say that he will be home early ; Will has dressed up for his first day at the post office ; Becky & Emma tease him ; Kim makes Sophie apologise to Jan ; Jan is quite smug until Kim turns on her ; she threatens to sack her for being a bigot & makes Jan then apologise to Sophie; Albert & Marlon are woken up by an angry Zak ; he has received the letter about the rent increase ; Lisa wants Albert & Marlon out of bed & ready to start work ; she wants the stone slabs that Albert promised ; Viv & Kelly row about Kelly staying out late ; Kelly refuses to take any notice of Viv & Vic will not interfere ; Will arrives in the middle of the row & speaks to Kelly, but she virtually ignores him ; the wine bar has been reviewed in the Hotten Courier ; Eric is pleased until he discovers that he has been described as "a buffoon" & a wine waiter ; Kim finds Sophie sitting outside worrying about things ; she is reallysympathetic to her & offers her some time off ; Zoe arrives to talk about the rent rises, but Kim tells her to talk to Sophie first ; Albert & Marlon steal some flag stones from a pavement ; a woman comes to look at Charlie's car ; she is
selling it ; Sophie calls Zoe a coward & thinks that she is
scared of admitting that she is a lesbian ; Charlie tells
Emma that she needs to sell her car because she is leaving
Emmerdale - she cannot stand spending another night with
Emma or her baby.

PART 2 - Charlie counts the money she has earned from the
car ; Emma tries to make her change her mind about leaving
; she pleads with her not to say anything to Becky & Tony
about the identity of Geri's father ; Seth moans about the
rent increase ; Zak still refuses to work for Lisa ; Dee has framed the Hotten Courier review ; Eric isn't happy ; Dee
suggests that he doesn't deal with the customers ; Marlon
has stolen some flags that have yellow paint on them ; Lisa
demands to know where they have come from ; Steve calls to
see Kim ; he invites her out for a meal ; Will is doing well
in the post office, but Kelly ignores him again ; Zak gloats
when he hears about Albert & the stolen paving stones ;
Charlie is packing her rucksack ; Emma & Will try & stop her
going, but she won't listen ; Emma cries ; Albert claims
that Hotten Council were selling the stones off ; Jan has
told Ned & Roy about Sophie & the letter ; he is worried
that she will lose her job ; he doesn't even believe that
James is their grandson ; Charlie says goodbye to Mandy ;
they both admit that they will miss each other ; Sophie
tells Zoe that she is having a few days at home & that she
wants their relationship to end ; Kim is bitchy to Rachel
when she & Steve go to the wine bar ; she asks Dee if she
can cook for a dinner party tomorrow night ; Dee is keen to
impress ; Kim tells Steve that she is having dinner with
Alex tomorrow night ; she does not want a serious
relationship with Steve, but they can have fun ; Becky has picked Tony up from the airport ; he refuses to say what he
has been doing ; they bump into Charlie & think that she has
come to meet them until they see her rucksack ; she explains
that she is going to Gibraltar & then on to do some
travelling ; Becky senses that she will not be coming back &
Charlie admits that she is leaving home.

Episode 2237












































Original Airdate ITV
31 Jul 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 23rd July 2002)











































Rachel receives the tragic news that her mother has died as a result of a brain haemorrhage.

Jack consoles Rachel and say's he will always be there for her and not just as a father figure. Rachel pours out her feelings and they kiss with an unbridled passion.

Lord Alex introduces his upper-class fiance Tara at a small gathering at Home Farm. Steve takes immediate interest much to Kim's annoyance.


PART 1 - Rachel, Jack & Ned come into the farm kitchen for their lunch ; Sarah shows Jack a letter & a photograph from Andy ; he is having a good time on the new farm ; Jack is pleased & displays the photograph, but Sarah makes a snide comment about him not caring about Andy when he was here & the atmosphere grows tense ; Jan is cleaning the kitchen floor when Dee walks in ; she tells Jan that she is cooking dinner for Kim tonight & Jan is very put out ; she is further annoyed to hear that a new nanny starts tonight, but that she is only temporary ; Kelly & Lyn are laughing together in the village ; a man stops them to ask the way to Mill Cottage ; he is looking for Rachel Hughes ; Kelly directs him to Emmerdale (up the Skipdale Road for 3 miles, left after bus stop) ; Becky is pleased with Lisa's work so far ; Albert downs tools as soon as they are out of sight ; he has a plan ; Will is pleased to see Kelly when she comes home ; she takes some alcohol & a bar of chocolate from the shop & Will asks her to leave the money or a note by thetill ; she refuses ; he keeps talking until he finally asks her out tonight ; she cruelly picks up some shampoo & says that she is washing her hair ; the mystery man arrives at Emmerdale farm ; he wants to get a message to Rachel ; Becky pays Lisa for the materials & is imressed when Lisa says that the job will be finished on Monday ; when Becky gets in the car, she demands to know what is wrong with Tony ; he tells her that on his trip to Guatemala, one of the men was shot, ruptured his spleen & died ; he had to tell his wife ;
he feels a failure & that he let down one of his men ; Will
is shocked to see that Emma is wearing one of Charlie's
shirts ; he feels bitter that Charlie has had to leave &
that Greg has got away without any responsibilities ; Becky
& Tony argue ; she wants him to stop being a soldier & think
about his family (the dead man had 2 children) ; Emma tells
Will that she wishes Charlie was still here, even if she
does hate her & Geri, but that she cannot risk her father
doing anything to Greg ; Rachel is working hard trying to
lift a bale of hay ; Jack & Ned are laughing at her ; Sarah arrives with the mystery man & he introduces himself as
Keith Billington, her mum's boyfriend ; Rachel starts to
talk about visiting her mum, but Keith tells her that she
died yesterday of a brain haemmorhage ; Rachel looks

PART 2 - Keith tells Rachel that he owns a fruit & veg shop
in Sheffield & met Kate there ; he knows about her past ;
Rachel wants to know if she regretted not seeing her
daughter & grandchild very often ; he says that Kate
understood & had lost so many people in her life anyway ;
Kelly & Lyn are hanging about in the village ; Roy walks
past in a suit ; he tells them that he has got a date with
Kim Tate (he is just going to serve drinks at her dinner
party) ; Lyn winds him up again & invites him out tomorrow
night ; she tells him to wear his suit ; Chris has come to
be with Rachel at the Sugdens ; he offers to take Joseph for
her ; Mandy is thinking that she is responsible for everyone
leaving her, but Zak is not sympathetic ; Kathy & Zoe have a
drink together ; Zoe talks about Sophie ; Kim tells Roy to
tie his hair back ; she offers more money for him to serve
food ; Rachel is worrying about the cost of the funeral & who was with her mum when she died ; she is staying at the
Sugdens for the night ; Chris is winding Kim up because Lord
Oakwell is late ; when he does arrive, Kim is furious to see
that he has brought a young woman with him ; she is
introduced as Tara Cockburn ; (Chris calls Alex 'duffer' &
he calls Chris 'Bugs') ; Chris decides to invite himself to
supper & Kim has to tell Dee that she is now cooking for
four ; Dee copes & Kim kisses her ; Rachel talks to Jack
about Mark & how her feelings are different towards her mum
because she had not seen her for a while ; Sarah is thinking
about Andy & goes off to bed early ; Jack reminds Rachel
about how her mum used to be ; Tara makes comments about the
house ; Alex asks Kim if they can meet up again tomorrow -
on their own to discuss business ; Kim looks pleased, but
then finds out that Lord Alex & Tara are actually engaged ;
Jack & Rachel are on the whisky ; Rachel is going through
her life ; she realises that the only constant thing in her
life has been Jack ; they kiss ; he looks serious & asks her
what she thinks of him - father figure? ; she wants to know
if he looks on her as a surrogate daughter ; he admits that
he used to, but his feelings have changed ; they both look uncomfortable & Rachel hurries off to bed.

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