Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1997
#2238-2245 --- 5 August - 20 August 1997

Upated 22 June 2002.
Finished 30th July 2004

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    NOTE: these episodes onwards are based on the officially released synopsis,
Episode 2238

Original Airdate ITV
05 Aug 1997

(Granada Plus - Wed 24th July 2002)

Rachel Hughes and jack Sugden struggle with guilt following their passionate embrace. His wife Sarah insists the pair stay overnight in Sheffield following Rachel's mother's funeral and unwittingly urges jack to take good care of Rachel.

Kim Tate hopes everything will be perfect for an explosive lunch with lover Steve, potential partner Lord Alex, who she's taken a shine to and his fiance Tara Cockburn.

Chris Tate stumbles across Will Cairns, Kelly Windsor, Roy Glover and Lyn Hutchinson having a party in one of the holiday chalets and spares no detail in a call to Kelly's dad Vic. Vic alerts Tony Cairns and the 'fathers-in-arms' arrive at the holiday village just as temperatures begin to rise.

Episode 2239

Original Airdate ITV
06 Aug 1997

(Granada Plus - Thu 25th July 2002)

The board of Tate Holdings meets to decide whether to invest in the Oakwell Stud Farm. For once Kim Tate's best laid plans appear to meet with strong opposition.

Chris Tate lays down the law to his employees Kelly Windsor, Lyn Hutchinson and Roy Glover over their antics in the holiday chalet. He says their jobs are on the line.

Kelly discusses her career with Chris as the others leave. Chris tells her he needs assurances but not necessarily work ones.

Jack Sugden phones his wife Sarah. To let her know how the funeral went. As he hangs-up there's a knock at his bedroom door. Does Rachel need jack's shoulder to cry on or has she other ideas?

Episode 2240

Original Airdate ITV
07 Aug 1997

(Granada Plus - Fri 26th July 2002)

Neither Jack Sugden nor Rachel Hughes have any regrets about their affair and Jack wants to stay longer in Sheffield.

Kelly Windsor and Lyn Hutchinson are cleaning a chalet and find a wallet containing £20 tucked beneath a mattress. One of the girls cashes in and earns herself a promotion - but which one?

Teenage mother Emma Cairns takes 6-year-old Alice Bates to the playground with her baby daughter Geri. But while she is distracted by some of her school pals, Alice and the baby go missing. The whole village rallies round but only one child is found.

Episode 2241

Original Airdate ITV
12 Aug 1997

(Granada Plus - Mon 29th July 2002)

Rachel Hughes and jack Sugden travel home from Sheffield after their night of illicit passion. Jack's consumed with guilt and insists on stopping at a service station to call his wife Sarah. During the conversation he learns of Alice Bates' abduction and by a quirk of fate spots the youngster being led from the services by a woman. Jack hangs up, races outside and literally risks his life to stop them getting away.

Kelly Windsor starts her first day as personal assistant to Chris Tate but quickly realises it will not be an easy job when she's confronted by Kim Tate.

Sarah, unaware of her husband's affair, has fixed a holiday in Spain with the children, visiting their grandmother.

Episode 2242

Original Airdate ITV
13 Aug 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 30th July 2002)

Jack Sugden is deeply unhappy that his wife Sarah and their children are off to Spain. And to add to his problems, Rachel, his lover, believes Jack's engineered the whole thing to get Sarah out of the way. She tells him she is not impressed.

The Cairns family prepare for another case conference with social workers about their schoolgirl daughter Emma's baby. But Emma shocks them all when she announces she doesn't want to keep the child anymore.

Kim Tate and Lord Alex Oakwell meet to discuss the future of the stud farm. He's intensely attracted by her ruthless business style, and the flame is lit for a night of unbridled passion.

Episode 2243

Original Airdate ITV
14 Aug 1997

(Granada Plus - Wed 31st July 2002)

Kim Tate has carved another notch on her bedpost, but her latest lover, Lord Alex Oakwell is overcome with guilt for cheating on his bride-to-be Tara Cockburn. Later, when Kim arrives at the stud farm, dressed to kill, he's frightened she's come to tell Tara what happened. But it's Kim who is left shocked when she is presented with an invite to the wedding.

Tony Cairns is deeply distressed that he might lose his baby granddaughter Geri.

And while Rachel Hughes and jack Sugden struggle to keep their emotions under wraps, he finds it impossible to hid his true feelings.

Episode 2244

Original Airdate ITV
19 Aug 1997

(Granada Plus - Thu 1st August 2002)

Lord Alex's wedding to Tara Cockburn is looming and Kim's attentiveness, following their one-night stand, is getting him down. He's still worried she might spill the beans and when Kim and Tara decide to go riding, he tries to follow, but is left behind.

Tara explains his Lordship is not the horseman his forefathers were, as the two women gallop away. But danger lurks and the wedding plans are thrown into chaos when Tara is taken to hospital in an ambulance after a bad fall.

Kathy Glover gives Eric Pollard the third degree after a drunken customer from the Wine Bar staggers into her private rooms looking for the toilet. Pollard says if she feels unsafe, she should move.

Zoe Tate tells Linda Glover that it was her mother Jan who caused the rift with Sophie Wright, by writing a poison pen letter to Sophie's mother telling her they were lovers.

Episode 2245

Original Airdate ITV
20 Aug 1997

(Granada Plus - Fri 2nd August 2002)

Jack Sugden apologises to Rachel Hughes for behaving like a love-sick schoolboy but insists they discuss their relationship soon. Rachel is fighting her emotions for the sake of Jack's family and in particular his wife Sarah, who is one of her best friends. She tells him they must keep their distance.

Kathy Glover is shocked to find Eric Pollard has won a drinks extension for the Wine Bar without consulting her. Her rooms are upstairs and it will mean more disruption to her life. She tell him she's moving out.

Tara Cockburn is recovering from a concussion and a fractured wrist after her falling from her horse. Kim Tate, who was riding with her, visits her in hospital, and is forced to feign delight when Tara announces the wedding will go ahead regardless.

Linda Glover and Rachel play cupid when they take Zoe Tate to a restaurant, knowing that Sophie Wright will be there too. Zoe agrees she let Sophie down and they decide their relationship needs an injection of fun.

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