Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1997
#2246-2252 --- 21 August - 4 September 1997

Updated 11 July 2002.
Finished 30th July 2004

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NOTE: these episodes onwards are based on the officially released synopsis.

Finally thanks to Stevee who is allowing us to put up all the updates he posted to the Emmerdale Newsgroup back in 1997. . Others have been linked at the appropriate dates.

Episode 2246












Original Airdate ITV
21 Aug 1997

(Granada Plus - Mon 5th Aug 2002)










Wedding bells chime for Alex and Tara Cockburn while Kim Tate is left in no doubt that her one-night stand with his Lordship was strictly that. Lord Alex takes Kim aside and says while he'll always think fondly of her, their affair is definitely finished. Kim rarely fails to get her own way and is left smarting still more when Tara thanks her for saving her life, and admits the wedding would not have been possible without her.

For once it is Emmerdale's arch-schemer who has reaped her won reward but her longer-standing lover Steve Marchant casts her mind into even greater turmoil by asking her to marry him.

A gang of bikers ride into the village and among them is Colin Batty once held hostage by the Dingles during Emmerdale's 'Hot Dog Wars'. Since then he's been mates with Zak and Albert Dingle and is stood chatting to them when out of the blue, one of the bike gang lands a punch plum on his chin. It's the kind of blow bare knuckle fighter Zak can admire - but he's awe-struck when the person responsible reveals long blond hair under her crash helmet.

Zoe Tate pretends to be mad with Linda Glover for interfering in her life, but it's all in good fun as Sophie joins them to announce they are together again.

Episode 2247

Original Airdate ITV
26 Aug 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 6th Aug 2002)

Lisa Clegg is dressed to kill and has pampered herself with a makeover - all to impress a certain man in her life. But when she makes her big entrance, Zak Dingle has lost the plot and thinks it's all for someone else.

Ned Glover innocently invites Jack Sugden and Rachel Hughes to dinner. Rachel is not keen but agrees to go so as not to offend Ned and his family. But Jack has his own plans for desert and persuades Rachel to come back to his houseŗ. for a chat!

Kim Tate and Steve Marchant are on tenterhooks over his marriage proposal. When she finally agrees, she insists he must promise to stay out of her business dealings. But as the couple chat, Steve unwittingly insults Lord Alex - little knowing Kim's secret affair with him. A row blows-up, Kim storms off to her car, and as Steve tries to stop her he's left injured and unconscious in the road.

Episode 2248











Original Airdate ITV
27 Aug 1997

(Granada Plus - Wed 7th Aug 2002)









Village gossip Betty Eagleton witnessed the accident and can't believe Kim Tate drove away without stopping. But Kim was oblivious to the accident and only finds out what's happened when she's told by her nanny Sophie Wright. Before she can get to the hospital the Police arrive.

Meanwhile as Steve regains consciousness there are some questions the Police would like to ask him too. But he refuses to press charges against Kim and tells them he had been drinking. Then in a final show of love, he tells Kim she can have his share in Home Farm in return for marrying him.

Jack convinces Rachel he's not just using her and really does love her. With Jack's wife Sarah out of the way in Spain, the couple inevitably spend the night together.

Mandy Dingle is mad with her Uncle Zak for ignoring Lisa Clegg. And while Zak is slow to realise Lisa really fancies him, his brother Albert is making his own advances.

Jo Steadman visits the Woolpack with a man on her mind. Terry Woods can't hide his delight at seeing her - but she's not there to talk to him.

Episode 2249

Original Airdate ITV
28 Aug 1997

(Granada Plus - 8th Aug 2002)

Terry Woods is consumed with jealousy as Alan Turner sets-off with beautiful biker Jo Steadman.

Zak and Albert Dingle vie with one another for Lisa Clegg's attentions. Albert has had their names printed on his van while Zak has worked furiously in his garden to produce a flower bed that spells out Lisa's name. One of them is going to win her hand in marriage and Lisa has made up her mind - so who will be disappointed?

Jack and Rachel continue their affair, but Ned Glover realises their secret when he arrives at the farm and discovers a trail of discarded clothes.

Episode 2250









Original Airdate ITV
2 September 1997

(Granada Plus - Fri 9th Aug 2002)







Poor Zak appears to be a loser in love. His wife left him and just when it looked like he'd found another ideal mate - she's decided to marry his brother Albert instead.

Zak barely resembles the proud prize-fighter he once was, as he knocks-out the letter 'S' from a special flower bed spelling out 'Lisa' - his true love's name. Butch is puzzled, but realises, with a little explanation, that the new version nearly says Liar.

Dee is intrigued when the postman delivers a herbal remedy to her husband Eric Pollard. She seeks advice from village gossip Betty and decides to throw it away.

Ned now knows about Jack and Rachel's affair and gives her a piece of his mind.

Linda hands out invitations for her dad's 50th. She forgets a card for Rachel but innocently adds her name onto Jack and Sarah's invite.

Episode 2251




























Original Airdate ITV
3 September 1997

(Granada Plus - Mon 12th Aug 2002)

























Official Synopsis:-

The feud between the Dingle brother heightens when Zak and Butch discover Albert on the wrong side of a partition fence they've erected. Lovelorn Zak forces Albert back to the other side. But when Albert offers to cancel his wedding Zak says he must not because it would break Lisa's heart.

Rachel and Jack face the wrath of Ned, who's discovered their affair. Ned tries to talk sense into jack but he's having none of it. And when he tries to confront them together, Rachel storms off. Later Rachel reluctantly suggests they end the affair.

Linda's come up with a great idea for her dad's 50th. She'll get together some of her mates and mimic the Spice Girls. At their first rehearsal though Zoe, Linda Sophie and Kathy are let down by Kelly leaving the way open for Old Spice Betty to stand in.

Alan Turner's closeness to biker Jo is driving Terry crazy, so much so he seeks advice on women from Zak and Butch!

Alex is still trying to persuade Kim to be his mistress, but she's not playing. Instead she visits Steve and insists he asks her to marry her again. Will he be able to forgive and forget.

Subject: Update - 3 September 1997
Newsgroups: rec.arts.tv.uk.emmerdale

Date: 1997/09/03

Wednesday nights episode:

Ned confronted both Rachel and Jack concerning their affair. Jack threatened Ned with his job if he opened his mouth and let anyone else know.

Tension between the Dingles increases with Zac building a Berlin type wall between his house and Alberts flat. Marlon disowns his father and lets Lisa know that he disapproves of her chucking Zac in favour of Albert.

Linda, Zoe, Kathy, Betty and Zoe's girlfriend (cannot remember her name) practice as the Spice Girls for Neds forthcoming 50th birthday party.

Marlon provides Eric pollard with his "pick me up" pills. Eric thinks they are illegal drugs but they are only vitamins. Marlon is ripping Eric off.

Alex (Lord Snooty) attempts, again, to have Kim as his mistress, she again, tells him to get lost.

Kim finally agrees to marry Steve.

The episode ends with what appears to be Rachel and Jack ending their affair. Cheers Steve Stevee@globalnet.co.uk Whitley Bay North East UK

Episode 2252



































Original Airdate ITV
4 September 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 13th Aug 2002)

































Official Synopsis:-

Sarah returns Spain and ironically gives Rachel a friendship ring for looking after her husband! Jack has already told Ned that the affair is over and Rachel has decided she must quit her job at the farm.

Later at Ned's birthday bash Rachel tells Jack she' confused about their relationship.

Ned tells the pair of them unless they really have ended their affair he's telling Sarah.

Albert is desperate to call off his wedding but Marlon refuses to help him.

Meanwhile Kim breaks the news of her impending nuptial to Chris, to test his reaction.

The stage is set for Ned's bash but there's no place for Old Spice Betty as Kelly arrives to take her place. But there's a shock for all the girls when they bound on stage only for their music backing tape to fail.

The Woolpackers come to the rescue and as they perform, Betty has a smile put back on her face when she's invited to join in the dance routine.

Subject: Update - 4 September 1997
Newsgroups: rec.arts.tv.uk.emmerdale

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Date: 1997/09/04

The Jack and Sarah saga continues with sarah and the kids returning from holiday. Jack has said to Rachel that he has a loveless marriage and wants to leave Sarah. Rachel doesn't want to be the cause of Jack's failed marriage.

Rachel goes to Ned's 50 th birthday party and is upset when she see's Jack snogging with Sarah. Rachel runs out followed by Jack. Ned intervenes and tells Jack that unless he finishes his affair with Rachel he will tell Sarah about what has been going on.

Kim entertained Lord Snooty (Alex) to lunch at Home Farm and he is still trying it on. Nice line from Alex to Jan " What lovely perfume, its the same as my Grandmother used to wear".

Kim and Steve tell Chris about their forthcoming marriage. Steve tells him that once married he will give his shares in Home Farm to Kim. Hardly needs saying that Chris is not best pleased. Kim introduces Steve to Chris as his new "Step Daddy".

Albert continues to have doubts about his forthcoming marriage despite a practice of the ceremony in tonight episode. The actual ceremony wasn't shown.

Dee comes up with the idea of having Eric buy Cathy's flat and sell Cathy their house. Eric thinks the pills supplied by Marlon are doing the trick and he ends up giving him some more money. Whilst he's got his wallet out Dee comes in and demands to know what's going on. Thinking on his feet, Eric says he is paying Marlon for last weeks wages. Marlon takes advantage by telling Eric he has paid him £20 short (classic).

Ned's party is held and the guitarist for the Wool Packers doesn't turn up. Vic fills in despite his previous disagreements with Terry. The girls finally perform their Spice Girls routine at the party, including a guest appearance by Betty.

Cheers Steve Stevee@globalnet.co.uk Whitley Bay North East UK

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