Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1997
#2253-2258 --- 9 September - 19 September 1997

Updated 22 July 2002.
Finished 30th July 2004

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NOTE: these episodes onwards are based on the officially released synopsis.

Finally thanks to Stevee who is allowing us to put up all the updates he posted to the Emmerdale Newsgroup back in 1997. . Others have been linked at the appropriate dates.

Episode 2253































Original Airdate ITV
9 September 1997

(Granada Plus - Wed 14th Aug 2002)






























Official Synopsis:-

The big day is fast approaching for Albert Dingle and Lisa Clegg but both appear to be having second thoughts. And as the stage is set for a real Dingle-wrangle, Albert collars Marlon to be his best man - then begs him to make an objection during the ceremony.

Meanwhile Lisa confides to Betty that she only agreed to marry Albert when Zak failed to put up a fight for her. She fears she's lost the man she really loves.

Kelly is more than impressed with her new boyfriend Will when he fixes the Home Farm computer to put an extra £200 on her salary.

Zoe is concerned that Steve really does intend to marry her stepmother Kim and tries to talk him out of the relationship.

The pressure is mounting for Jack Sugden. His mate Ned continues to nag him about ending his affair. While his lover Rachel warns that his mood swings will give the game away to his wife Sarah

Subject: Update - 9 September 1997
Newsgroups: rec.arts.tv.uk.emmerdale
Date: 1997/09/09

Rachel breaks down in tears whilst with Cathy. Cathy thinks Rachel is upset because her former boyfriend steve is to marry Kim.

Zoe has a go at Kim for agreeing to marry Steve so soon after Frank's death.

Rachel and Sarah have a chat in which Sarah complains about Jack being "distant" and having a strange attitude since she got back from Spain. Rachel tells Jack about the conversation and tells him she is leaving the farm as she cannot stand the deceit. Later Sarah asks Rachel not to leave.

Zoe has a heart to heart with Steve in the wine Bar where she tries to put him off marrying Kim.

Will and Kelly mess on in Chris Tates office. will gets into the computerised payroll system and ups Kelly's wages by £200 per week. They are nearly caught when Chris comes back unexpectedly.

Lisa is showing off her wedding dress. She shows it to Eric and he thinks they are curtains, Cathy thinks its a bed spread. Dee asks Cathy if she is willing to swap her flat for Erics house, Cathy agrees to think about it. Albert tells Marlon he doesn't want to marry Lisa and only set out to get one over his brother Zak. Marlon agrees to stand up in church and object to the wedding.

Lisa has her hen party at Betty's house. It all ends in tears when she admits to Betty that she only loves Zak.

Lord Snooty )Alex) tries it on AGAIN with Kim with the usual brush off.

Vic brags to Alan Turners girlfriend, Jo, that there are ways and means of fiddling the VAT and Tax. Jo had told Vic she was a Civil Servant but wouldn't say what Department she actually works for. (spoiler? - she works for either the Customs and Excise or the Inland Revenue) That's it folks. Cheers Steve Stevee@globalnet.co.uk Whitley Bay North East UK

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Episode 2254
































Original Airdate ITV
10 September 1997

(Granada Plus - Thu 15th Aug 2002)






























Official Synopsis:-

Albert Dingle is a desperate man. It's his wedding day and he seems like he'll do anything not to go through with the ceremony. He's even prepared to shop himself to the law as the man responsible for a series of local burglaries.

Village gossip Betty tells Zak he's got to go to the church and stop the wedding otherwise he and Lisa may regret it for the rest of their lives.

Meanwhile Butch is so upset at what's happening he's decided to leave home.

The wedding ceremony rapidly descends into chaos as the police arrive. But who will get the girl - Zak or his brother Albert?

Kelly promises Will she'll throw a party when her wage packet arrives with the extra £200. And bike girl Jo has some disturbing news for Vic after his failed attempts to chat her up.

Subject: Update - 10 September 1997
Newsgroups: rec.arts.tv.uk.emmerdale
Date: 1997/09/10

Its the day of the big wedding.

The Dingle relations turn up thinking its Zak who is getting married. Albert anonymously telephones the Police and tells them that it was Albert Dingle who carried out the recent burglary in Emmerdale and that he can be arrested at the church. Albert doesn't want to marry Lisa.

Steve wants Kim to set an early date for their marriage but Kim says its too early after Franks death.

Lisa goes to her wedding dressed in white having changed her dress because of the things people had said in last nights episode. She goes to the church on the back of Alberts truck with Seth driving.

Jo, Alan Turners girlfriend turns up at the post office and introduces herself to Vic as a VAT Inspector. At the same time she overhears Eric calling the VAT people vampires and blood suckers. Jo's come to look at Vics books after what he had said in last nights episode.

Betty goes to see Zak and tells him that Lisa still loves him.

At the wedding Barry (Lisa's former husband) objects to the marriage on the grounds that he is still married to her. Lisa tells the vicar they aren't married and the Dingle relations chuck Barry out.

Zak finally turns up at the church and proposes to Lisa. Lisa accepts Zaks proposal, much to Alberts relief.

Rachel and Sarah have another heart to heart.

Kelly tells Will that the extra pay has gone into her bank account.

The vicar blesses Zak and Lisa's relationship. The police turn up at the church, Albert's hides under Lisa's wedding dress and avoids arrest.

Zak receives a letter from Butch saying that he has left home.

Cheers Steve Stevee@globalnet.co.uk Whitley Bay North East UK

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Episode 2255
































Original Airdate ITV
11 September 1997

(Granada Plus - Fri 16th Aug 2002)






























Official Synopsis:-

Zak is triumphant as he serves breakfast in bed to his new bride Lisa. And the incredible goings on at the wedding become just a distant memory as the happy couple start their honeymoon, with not a care in the world.

Lord Alex and Kim spot a horse at the auctions they want to buy for their stud. The price is £80,000, but Lord Alex admits he's skint. Kim reluctantly pays for the thoroughbred from the Home Farm Business account and warns her new business partner he'll have to cough-up soon.

Kelly blows her ill-gotten gains on a party, but wishes she hadn't bothered, when Will chats up a dishy looking stranger. The gatecrasher suggests she and Will slip outside to a secluded place she knows, where they can be alone. She takes him to a deserted barn, with Will the worse for wear with drink, But he's got more than a hangover to worry about when he wakes up the following morning.

Subject: Update - 11 September 1997
Newsgroups: rec.arts.tv.uk.emmerdale
Date: 1997/09/11

Kim and Alex go to a horse auction and it turns out that Lord Snooty's credit is no good. Added to that he owes the auctioneer £100,000.00. Not put off by this Alex bids £80,000.00 for a horse and Kim ends up paying £180,000.00 to buy the horse and clear Alex's debt's. Kim pays with Home Farm funds and is later seen trying to hide the payment within the company's accounts.

Alan Turner has a go at Eric about his and Dee's attempts to move into the flat above the tea rooms. Turner suspects Eric is trying to rip Cathy off.

Zak changes the name on the truck from A. Dingle & Clegg to Z Dingle & Clegg. He promptly takes Lisa off in the truck for a night of nuptial pleasure. Turns out later that he has taken her to Roblefield Reservoir where they end up singing in a rowing boat.

Turns out Turner didn't know that Jo worked for the VAT people. However she takes him out for a meal at Erics Wine Bar. Knowing that Jo is coming for a meal, Eric hides the bootleg wine that he is selling in the back yard. Unfortunately Will Cairns is having a party and he and Roy Glover find the wine, assumed it has been chucked out and promptly take it for the party.

Lynne, who Kelly got sacked at the holiday village, turns up at the post office and threatened Kelly into giving her some lager for nothing.

The party at the Cairns is nearly stopped by Betty but Linda and Biff agree to make sure everyone behaves themselves.

Will gets off with a stranger and they disappear somewhere quiet. The episode ends with Will Cairns lying face down in a barn. Looks like he is unconscious and when he wakes up finds that his hands/feet are tied. The girl who he thought he had scored kicks him and tells him that there is no escape. Strange ending?????????.

Cheers Steve Stevee@globalnet.co.uk Whitley Bay North East UK

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Episode 2256


































Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 16 September 1997 at 7pm

(Granada Plus - Mon 19th Aug 2002)
































Official Synopsis:-

Rachel hardly knows which way to turn when Sarah pours out her heart following a heated row with Jack. And to make matters worse Sarah asks her if she's any idea what's making Jack so irritable.

Kathy agrees to take up Eric Pollard's offer of a house/flat swap which will cost her £25,000. Meanwhile the demands of a young wife are preying heavily on Pollard's mind. So much so he's been blindly buying what the believes are pep pills for Marlon.

Jo arrives at the Woolpack on her motorbike to whisk landlord Alan Turner away for a camping break and there's only one tent!

Tony, Becky and Emma Cairns return home from their holidays to a scene of devastation after Will's impromptu party. But their wayward son is nowhere to be seen. Roy tells Tony about the party, and that Will left with a young woman. Unknown to the family, Will is being forcibly held - but his captor, for now at least, will not tell him why.

Subject: Update - 16 September 1997
Newsgroups: rec.arts.tv.uk.emmerdale
Date: 1997/09/16

Firstly a quick reminder, there is no episode of Emmerdale on TV tomorrow night due to the Newcastle United v Barcelona soccer match being shown live (I don't mind as I'm a Magpie supporter). Episodes will be shown on Thursday and Friday instead.

Quite a few of the regulars returned home tonight. The Cairns returned home to find the remnants of Wills party, no will to be seen, only a mess and Roy Glover.

Lisa and Zac returned from their "honeymoon". Mandy returns from visiting a relative's to find Lisa and Zac are "married" and Butch has run away.

Then episode opened tonight with a picture of Will tied to a chair, the mystery blond putting a gag on him.

Zac and Lisa come back home, Zac calling Lisa Mrs Dingle. Zac hurts his back carrying Lisa over the threshold. Marlon gets the OK from Zac that he can stay following the departure of his father, Albert.

Jack and Sarah continue to bicker.Sarah ends up having a drink in the Wool Pack with Rachel and Cathy. Cathy agrees to swap her flat with Eric and Dee for their cottage plus cash. Eric gives Marlon some more money for pills and is seen by Dee. Dee later looks through Erics jacket and finds some pills.

Jo and Turner go off on the motorcycle for a day in the country. Jo announces that she has brought her tent and a bottle of wine. Problem is she wants to stay in the tent overnight and she's only brought one sleeping bag. Looks like Turner's in for a night of hay making.

The mystery blond kidnappers phones Tony Cairns to tell him Will has not turned up at school. The episode ends with Will pleading with the kidnapper to let his parents know he is OK. She tells him that she wants his father to be frantic, he ruined her life and now she wants to ruin his.

That's about all.
Cheers Steve
Whitley Bay North East UK


Clich Here for Stevee's Update - 16 September 1997 at its original location

17 September 1997

No Episode - due to football.

Episode 2257












































Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 18 September 1997 at 7pm

(Granada Plus - Tue 20th Aug 2002)











































Official Synopsis:-

Even Emmerdale's arch schemer Eric Pollard is lost for words when his wife Dee tells him he's been taken for a ride by Marlon Dingle. The pills he thought would help his libido are, according to vet Zoe Tate, in a container used for pig steroids!

Kim is furious with Alex when he admits that he's broke. She's covered his half of the horse deal with Home Farm tax account money and needs it back in the account within two days. Her worst fears are realised when Chris learns of the missing money and demands answers.

Lovebirds Jo and Alan pack away their tent after a camping trip they'll both remember and she admits she's more than a little smitten with him.

Tony and Becky are increasingly worried about their missing son.

Fiona, who's holding Will captive tells him it is his father she intends to make suffer.

Subject: Update - 18 September 1997
Newsgroups: rec.arts.tv.uk.emmerdale

Date: 1997/09/18

Cathy has finally signed an agreement to swap her flat with Dee and Eric Dee asked Rachel and Cathy about the pills Eric has been taking and Cathy suggests they are something that Zoe may dispense.

Sarah asks Ned about Jacks behaviour. Ned suggests that he and Jan have Sarah's kids for the night so that she and Jack can have some time together.

Will is still tied up. He tries to escape and gets a kicking from the mystery blond for his troubles.

Alan Turner and Jo have a chit chat following their night of passion under the canvas. Alan wants to spend another night sharing her sleeping bag.

Colin, the bloke who was involved in the hot dog stall storyline, turns up at the Dingles on his motor bike. He's come to see Mandy.

Ned tells Jack about his offer to look after the kids so that Jack and Sarah can be alone together. Jack tells Ned to keep his nose out of his business. Ned storms off.

Turner makes his return to the Woolpack after his night of passion.

Jack buys Ned a drink in the Woolpack and apolgises for his behaviour. He promises to make it up with Sarah.

Dee takes the pills to Zoe who informs her that they are pig steroids. Zoe whispers something about side effects.

Lord Snooty (Alex) has lunch with Kim and calmly tells her that he cannot repay the £180,000.00 she "loaned" him. Chris discovers the money is missing from Home Farms Tax account and confronts Kim. Kim says the money has been borrowed for personal reasons and will be repaid in two or three days time.

The kidnapper tells Will that she wants his father to sweat over his disappearance. Becky Cairns calls in the Police over Wills disappearance. The kidnapper lets Will know that because of his father she hasn't got a home now.

Jack and Sarah go to Pollards Wine Bar for a meal. Rachel is working there as a waitress which leads to embarrassed glances between her and Jack.

Mandy and Colin are seen snogging outside the Woolpack.

Alan Turner has bought himself a big motor bike and turns up at the Woolpack on it.

Marlon sells Eric some stronger pills but Dee stops Pollard from taking them, telling him to spit them out. She then tells Eric that the pills are pig steroids and that the side effects of taking them could lead to a decline in performance and the development of breasts.

Chris meets with Zoe and tells her about Kim's misappropriation of funds. He thinks they have got a hold over Kim now.

The kidnapper turns up at the Cairns house and introduces herself as Fiona from London and that she had arranged to meet Will there. She tells Wills parents that he didn't go to London with her after the party and is worried by his disappearance. Will is left thinking that the blond girl has left him suspended over a booby trap. He isn't, she simply tipped the chair he is tied to and left supported on a piece of wood. He thinks he is balanced with spikes at his back. That's it..

Cheers Steve
Whitley Bay North East UK

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Episode 2258




























Original Airdate ITV
Friday 19 September 1997 at 7pm

Extra Episode to make up for Wednesday's missing one.

(Granada Plus - Wed 21st Aug 2002)

























Official Synopsis:-

Poor Eric Pollard is more used to pulling stunts than having them done to him. But Marlon Dingle's taken him hook, line and sinker with the pills he's been selling him. Pollard thought they were pep pills to help his libido. But Marlon finally owns up, when he's confronted, that the pills were firstly vitamins and latterlyàlaxatives.

Chris Tate rarely misses his cue when give the opportunity to challenge Kim's authority. And after discovering the missing tax account money he wastes no time calling a directors meeting. Kim admits she's 'borrowed' the money, but Chris isn't letting her off that easily. He wants to call a board meeting to seek her resignation if she doesn't replace the money immediately.

Rachel talks to Kathy about always failing for the wrong man and admits she's talking about Jack.

Fiona finally starts to reveal her hand and seeks a meeting with Tony. But as the chase to find Wills intensifies, will the Cairns get to their son in time?

Subject: Update - 19 September 1997
Newsgroups: rec.arts.tv.uk.emmerdale

Date: 1997/09/22

Eric is ill, having now learned that the pills supplied by Marlon are not for human consumption. Eric and Dee go to the Dingles to confront Marlon and to find out what exactly the pills are. Eric is so ill he is walking with the aid of a stick. Marlon admits the first set of pills were vitamins and the second lot laxatives. Eric has a miraculous recovery and ends up chasing Marlon all over the farm yard.

Mandy has a word with Lisa and warns her that she will be answerable to her if any harm comes to Zak.

Chris convenes an informal board meeting with Steve, Zoe and Kim to discuss the money missing from the tax account. Chris lets Steve know that Kim has had her hands in the till. Kim speaks to Alex on the telephone asking for the money back. Alex cannot pay. Sophie defends Kim by telling Zoe that everyone is putting her down, including Zoe. The informal board meeting is held and Kim is informed that unless she gets the money back by the next day a full board meeting will be held at which they would demand her resignation. Kim is furious that Steve is not backing her.

Rachel has a meal with Cathy and lets it slip that she is having an affair with Jack.

Fiona the kidnapper lets Will know she will kill him without a moments regret. She lets him know the kidnap has nothing to do with money. She telephones Tony Cairns, telling his she has Will for ransom. She warns Cairns not to get in touch with the Police/Army etc as his house is under surveillance. She tells Cairns to sit tight and await orders.

That's it :-)
Cheers Steve Stevee@globalnet.co.uk
Whitley Bay North East UK

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