Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1997
#2259-2261 --- 23 September - 25 September 1997

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NOTE: these episodes onwards are based on the officially released synopsis.

Finally thanks to Stevee who is allowing us to put up all the updates he posted to the Emmerdale Newsgroup back in 1997. . Others have been linked at the appropriate dates.

Episode #2259






























Original Airdate ITV
23 September 1997

(Granada Plus - Thu 22nd Aug 2002)




























Official Synopsis:-

Chris Tate is loving every minute since he discovered Kim had taken money from the Home Farm account. And he turns the screws even further when he reveals that with one phone call he could have her sent to jail for misappropriation of company funds. Then in true Tate style he informs her he wants a cool £350,000 to buy his silence.

Becky Cairns wonders if Will's disappearance has anything to do with her husband's former army-work. Will's captor, Fiona, has now made contact and says she is working alone and is not seeking money.

Rachel comes across a very distraught Sarah who's had another bust-up with Jack. Later Rachel gives Jack the third degree for allowing Sarah to get into such a state.

Subject: Update - 23 Septemnber 1997
Newsgroups: rec.arts.tv.uk.emmerdale

Date: 1997/09/23

The kidnap story line continues with Fiona (the kidnapper) telling Will that his Father is not the soldier that he makes himself out to be. Tony Cairns is wary of alerting the Police etc as he doesn't know who is actually involved. It turns out that Cairns isn't really their name, they changed it to achieve anonymity but Tony reckons photographs which appeared in the newspapers when Jerry was dumped have spoilt this.

The saga with the money owed to Home Farm by Alex continues with Steve telling Kim that his reputation is on the line and he wont stand by her. Later he tells her that he has someone interested in buying the golf course and this could solve her financial problems. He further helps her out by going off to Hong Kong on business, thus making it impractical to hold the proposed board meeting. Kim goes to see Alex and demands the money. Finally, Chris tells Kim that unless she repays him the £300,000.00 that she swindled from him (the deal over the stables) then he will go to the authorities and tell therm about the fraud.

Vic decides he is going to Brussels, alone, on a "Business In Europe" junket. Viv tells him he can only go if he gets cover for the shop. He then goes round asking if anyone will help him out. He tries Eric and Dee and finally asks Sarah if she will help.

Rachel, Cathy and Sarah meet during Cathy's removals and asks if they know what is wrong with Jack. Cathy now knows about Rachel and Jack. Sarah and Jack have a big bust up, Sarah ending up in tears just as Rachel arrives. Sarah tells Rachel she doesn't know what she is doing wrong. Rachel has a go at Jack and tells him make a decision about telling Sarah about their relationship. Rachel thinks Jack is forcing Sarah to leave him. Cathy tells Rachel that she should tell Sarah what has been going on between her and Jack.

That's about it.
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Episode #2260






































Original Airdate ITV
24 September 1997

(Granada Plus - Fri 23rd Aug 2002)




































Official Synopsis:-

Kim is beside herself with anger when Lord Alex presents baby James with a thoroughbred pony for his birthday. Alex still owes Kim £40,000 for his half of a business deal and she's in deep trouble with the directors of Home Farm for using tax account money to cover they shortfall. But Alex stops her in mid-sentence by producing a cheque for the outstanding money.

Fiona is playing cat and mouse with Tony Cairns and reveals to Will the dark secret that has driven her to seek revenge against his family.

Vic tells Viv he's got important business and will be away for a day or two. Secretly he's on his way to a beer festival in Amsterdam. But his excitement soon cools when he realises his coach reservation is next to Terry - the man who had an affair with his wife.

Subject: Update - 24 September 1997
Newsgroups: rec.arts.tv.uk.emmerdale

Date: 1997/09/29

Tony is given the run around by the kidnapper, sending him instructions by telephone. At the same time the kidnapper, Fiona, tells Will that she wants to make his father suffer and that she is the avenging angel. Tony ends up at a farm and finds a bag which is marked in blood that it contains Will's finger. Instead it contains a laughing toy. Tony is lured into an open silo where he finds the sign "Remember Guatemala" written on the wall. Tony goes home and tells Becky that he has spoken to Will on the telephone and that he is OK (this is a lie). Fiona tells Will that his father cannot track her down and tells him that about her father and Tony travelling to a job in Guatemala. Evidently they were supposed to get a drug smuggler out of that country but her father was killed. She blames Tony Cairns.

Sarah and Jack are talking again. During a talk with Rachel, Sarah tells her that they wont be splitting up and thanks Rachel for being her best friend.

Kim gets harnessed by Chris over the missing funds and threatens to go to the authorities unless he gets his money back.

Sarah turns up at the post office as cover for Vic who has gone on his "business" trip. Vic had forgotten to tell Viv who was covering.

Mandy complains to Turner about being left in the lurch by Terry's "holiday".

Ned has a go at Rachel about her affair with Jack. Rachel accuses Ned of being jealous.

Vic goes all coy when Viv wants to see the brochure for his business trip.

Biff agrees to cover for Terry's absence at the Wool Pack. Mandy gets agreement from turner that she acts as Temporary Acting Manager during Terry's holiday.

A birthday party is held for James. Alex and Tara turn up with a present for James, a pony.

The bus to the beer festival in Amsterdam is about to leave and Terry and Vic sit next to each other, not knowing that the other is going. There is no room for them to switch seats. Both agree not to acknowledge each other whilst they are in Amsterdam.

Jo stays at the Wool Pack with Turner, Alan suggests she stays in the spare room. Jo will have none of it and tells Turner she wants to be with him.

Alex finally pays over the money he owes to Kim.

Betty reckons that Jo is a gold digger. Alan asks Mandy for advice about taking his relationship with Jo to a further stage. Alan tells Jo that he cannot go through with the proposed night of passion, saying its been a long time since he last did it. Jo says there is no pressure on Alan to perform.

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Episode #2261









































Original Airdate ITV
25 September 1997

(Granada Plus - Mon 26th Aug 2002)







































Official Synopsis:-

Chris is having the time of his life and refuses to let his step mother Kim off the hook. She has taken money from Home Farm without permission, and Chris reminds her she's got exactly one day to repay it in full. Kim is rarely embarrassed by her business dealings, but her association with Lord Alex Oakwell appears to have been a real mistake. The cheque he gave her to cover the outstanding money on the horse deal has bounced so she decides to remove her livestock from the stud farm. Tara Oakwell is furious with her new husband and reminds him she is the one with money. On this occasion, she says, she'll settle the outstanding money with Kim.

Gossip Betty's tongue is set wagging when she arrives to clean the Woolpack and discovers doe-eyed Alan Turner settling down to breakfast with Jo. And they spare nothing to Betty's imagination by admitting they spent the night together.

Roy and Seth spot Fiona struggling to close a gate and recognise her as the woman Will left the party with. Roy tells Will's father Tony who immediately sets off with his to where she was sighted. But when they arrive, the barn is deserted and for the Cairns', the agony of Will's disappearance continues.

Subject: Update - 25 September 1997
Newsgroups: rec.arts.tv.uk.emmerdale

Date: 1997/09/29

Tony admits to Becky that he knows the kidnapper is after him rather than Will and explains the Guatemala connection. Tony tells her he didn't know that the job he was going on involved getting the drug smuggler out. He suspects Will is being held by South American drug dealers.

Betty discovers that Jo has spent the night with Turner at the Wool Pack.

Roy and Seth are driving along and spot Fiona coming out of a farm track.

Kim sends the pony that James got as a present from Alex to the auctions as it an inappropriate gift. Chris continues to harass Kim about the money he is owed. The bank manager calls at Home Farm and tells Kim that Alex's cheque has bounced. Mrs bank manager also tells Kim that she wouldn't touch Lord Oakwell with a very long barge pole.

Fiona, the kidnapper, nicks a car to move Will.

Sarah walks out of the post office because of Viv's attitude.

Kim instructs Biff and Roy to go with her to Alex's stud farm to get his horses. They start to take his horses away when Alex turns up and tells Kim she is being unreasonable. Kim tells him that the horses are in lieu of the money Home Farm is owed.

Will is moved to the inside of a silo. he tells Fiona that he has lost respect for his father.

Zoe argues with Linda about lesbians wanting children. Zoe tells Linda that she wants a child more than anything.

The Oakwells go to Home Farm to get their horses back. Tara threatens Kim and eventually gives her a cheque for the money owed.

Betty agrees to help Viv out at the post office as its pensioners day.

Becky wants to tell the police about Will's abduction. Roy turns up and tells Tony where he has seen Fiona.

Sarah and Jack aren't speaking again. Sarah has a chat with Rachel and asks her to tell her if she knows what is up with Jack.

Tony turns up at the farm but finds that Will has been moved.

Marlon turns up at the Wool Pack and enquires about Turners night of passion. It appears Mandy has let the cat out of the bag.

Betty and Seth exchange words about the marital problem that they are having, bedroom problems that is.

Fiona tells Will that she will meet his father that next day when either she or Tony Cairns will end up dead. That's all for now.
Cheers Steve
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