Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1997
#2262-2264 --- 30 September - 3 October 1997

Updated 23 July 2002
Finished 31st July 2004

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NOTE: these episodes onwards are based on the officially released synopsis.

Finally thanks to Stevee who is allowing us to put up all the updates he posted to the Emmerdale Newsgroup back in 1997. . Others have been linked at the appropriate dates.

Episode #2262










































Original Airdate ITV
30 September 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 27th Aug 2002)








































Official Synopsis:-

Fiona is determined to make Tony pay the price for the death of her father during an army exercise in Guatemala. She's kidnapped his son Will and in a final twist dumps him in a grain silo which is being regularly filled. After a mocking goodbye kiss she calls Tony and challenges him to find his son - adding he'll survive about three days without food and water. Both Tony and Beck are beside themselves with worry - but will his SAS training help him solve Fiona's cryptic clues and win a desperate race against time?

Kim brandishes Tara's cheque at Chris - which will replace the money she used from the Home Farm tax account. But Chris reminds her of the £350,000 hush money he wants to stop him informing the Fraud Squad.

And there's a tinge of sadness as Alan Turner realises he might lose the latest love in his life, Jo. She is trying to sell her flat to finance a dream trip to America which will mean leaving her landlord lover.

Subject: Update - 30 September 1997
Newsgroups: rec.arts.tv.uk.emmerdale
Date: 1997/10/05

Becky wants the Police brought in to help in the search but Tony Cairns tells her he can handle the kidnapper. Will wakes up in the corn silo to see that its rat infested.

Alex goes to see Kim and tells her that he is getting grief from his wife Tara over the repossession of the horses caper. Kim in turn gets grief from Chris about the money she owes him.

Dee orders a big old fashioned jukebox for the wine bar. Unbeknown to Eric. The jukebox is delivered and Eric, who has just got out of the shower, wanders around in just a towel. Much to the merriment of Betty who calls him Mahatma Gandi.

Its Cathy's birthday and Jan give's her a brooch which used to belong to David's Grandmother. Sarah tells Rachel that she (Rachel) would make an excellent farmers wife. (If only she knew). Robert has invited Andy to come over for tea, Jack doesn't think that its a good idea.

Fiona the kidnapper leaves a message on the Cairns answer phone. Its a riddle.

Marlon asks Zoe if she thinks he has artists hands. He wants to be a chef after watching a chef on TV. Zoe tells him to go for it if he wants a career as a chef.

Back at the silo, the local farmer is about to tip the corn in. Will is covered up to his waist with corn. Becky has worked out the riddle left on the answering machine and realises that Will has only been moved from the barn to the silo. She and Tony rush off to the silo. They find the farmer just about to top the silo up with corn. They stop the farmer and save Will who at this stage is buried by the corn.

Kim has a discussion on the telephone with the potential buyer of the golf club. The buyer is wanting to lower the asking price.

Kim tells Chris that she realises her partnership with Alex was a mistake and that she was wrong to listen to Steve Marchant when he recommended the buyer for the golf club.

The kidnapper confronts Tony, Becky and Will, saying the group of them would make a nice family photograph.

Cathy has a party for her birthday. Jack and Sarah are there and Rachel is working. Lots of embarrassed stares etc.

Rachel confronts Jack and complains about him turning up. They end up kissing and Cathy walks in a nd finds them locked in an embrace.

Turner cooks a meal for Jo. During the meal Jo tells Alan that she has resigned from her job so that she can pursue her Master Plan. This is to take Route 66 across USA on her motorbike.

Cathy complains to Rachel about the smooching at her party.

Back at Alan and Jo's meal, Turner tells Jo he is in love with her. And that's where it ended.
Cheers Steve
Whitley Bay North East UK

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  1 October 1997 No episode

Episode #2263












































Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 2 October 1997

(Granada Plus - Wed 28th Aug 2002)










































Official Synopsis:-

Fiona could have killed Will and now she's climbing into bed with him - none of which meets with the approval of his parents. But they're determined to keep the whole kidnap saga under wraps which is why Fiona has ended up at the Cairns' home after Will's dramatic rescue from the grain silo. Tony explains to Fiona how her father Tommy was killed, and says he didn't stop to pick him up because he feared for his own life.

Rachel's affair has got everyone hot under the collar and she decides to cool things with Jack by taking Ned's advice to quit her job at the farm.

Alan Turner admits to Jo that he's in love with her. It will break his heart to see her leave. Jo says she feels the same and why doesn't he join her?

Doug Hamilton has business dealings with the Tate's and is in Emmerdale to strike a deal over the golf course. But before he gets there he's in big trouble with Kathy when his dog frightens her niece Alice.

Subject: Update - 1 October 1997
Newsgroups: rec.arts.tv.uk.emmerd
Date: 1997/10/05

Fiona, the kidnapper, is invited back to stay for the night at the Cairns. She ends up kissing Will in his bedroom. Becky and Tony think that she's gone when they wake up in the morning, they think she has left early in the morning before they got up. Becky tells Tony that Fiona is obviously mentally ill.

Sarah tells Jack about Rachel being drunk at Cathy's party and thinks that is why she hasn't turned in for work that morning.

Its Frank Tate's 60th birthday and Zoe reminds Chris that they are going to lay flowers on their fathers grave. Zoe asks Kim if she will be going to the grave but Kim thinks it would be too emotional for her.

Will and Fiona stroll down the stairs hand in hand. Becky thinks the kidnapping has been a practical joke to cover the fact that Will had a party without her permission. Tony tells Fiona that he is sorry for her fathers death. Will has a verbal go at his father telling him he is on Fiona's side.

Rachel tells Sarah and Jack that she is quitting her job at the farm.

Tony tells Fiona and his family the full story about his trip to Guatemala. He needed the money and took the job on thinking he was to escort a business man and his family out of the country. He didn't't know the person was a drug barron. Evidently Fiona's father went ahead of Tony, who was driving the business man and his family, to check out a bridge. Tony was being pursued by bandits and couldn't stop to pick Fiona's father up. This was how he was killed. Tony admits that he didn't want to die and that was why he didn't stop.

Zoe and Chris lay flowers at their fathers grave. During their conversation Chris tells Zoe she would make a perfect mother.

Marlon is still going around telling people how Nigel Ibbert the TV chef is his hero.

Cathy talks to Rachel. Rachel thanks Cathy for not telling Sarah and promises to end things with Jack. Cathy has taken Alice to the park. Alice is knocked over by a dog. The owner of the dog, some business gent with a chauffeur driven car apologises to Cathy and Alice.

Will tells his parents that he wants to be with Fiona and leaves with her. He tells Tony that Fiona is worth 10 times more than him. Tony tells Becky that Will's behaviour is typical of a kidnapper/victim relationship. Outside, Fiona tells Will she doesn't want him to go with her. She wont be his girlfriend. Fiona then rides off on her motorbike.

Viv, Alan and Jo go to meet the buses from Brussels (Vic) and Amsterdam (Terry). However, neither Vic nor Terry are on the bus when it arrives.

Andy comes to the farm for his tea.

Viv ends up sloshed in the Woolpack.

Kim and the business bloke (the guy with the dog in the park) come into the Woolpack. The guy is the buyer for the golf club. Viv tries to pick the business bloke up.

Andy comments that Jack has changed. Robert tells Andy that Jack worries too much. Sarah tells jack that she thinks they would make ideal foster parents as they have such a stable relationship and home life.

Jo asks Turner to come with her to the US. And that's how it ended.
Cheers Steve
Whitley Bay North East UK

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Episode #2264
































Original Airdate ITV
Friday 3 October 1997

Extra Episode (to replace Tuesday's missing episode)

(Granada Plus - Thu 29th Aug 2002)




























Official Synopsis:-

Lesbian nanny Sophie is horrified when her lover Zoe reveals she wants to have a baby.

Kathy is bowled over when suave businessman Doug Hamilton apologies once again for frightening Alice and asks her out to dinner.

Jo wants an answer from Alan about her invitation to join him in America. Marlon fancies himself as a chef and has created a perfect vegetable terrine which everyone at the wine bar agrees tastes wonderful.

Rachel and Jack can't seem to end their affair but there's a close call when they are spotted by Chris coming out of Rachel's cottage.

Becky eventually finds Will and despite being angry with him for disappearing is relieved he's safe. But Will shocks her still further when he admits he's in love with Fiona.

Subject: Update - 3 October 1997
Newsgroups: rec.arts.tv.uk.emmerdale
Date: 1997/10/05

Will has a go at his father over the death of Fiona's father. Betty is worried about Terry's disappearance. Roy bumps into Will and asked if he had his wicked way with Fiona.

Marlon is experimenting in the tea room kitchen, making vegetable tourine. He walks into the tea rooms with a box of vegetables. Betty asks him "What have you got there", Marlon replies "Vegetables of course", to which Betty responds "So its a Dingle family's day outing is it?" -CLASSIC LINE.

Jack tells Ned that Rachel has left her job at the farm. Jack goes to Rachel's house with the excuse that he is delivering a chainsaw to someone's farm. Jack and Rachel end up in each others arms.

Marlon makes his vegetable tourine in jelly molds, shaped like rabbits etc. Eric etc taste it and are pleasantly surprised.

Kim and the golf club buyer go for a meal at the wine bar.

The business guy asks Cathy out for a meal by way of compensation for his dog knocking Alice over. Cathy accepts despite disapproval from Betty.

Vic and Terry still haven't turned up. Becky finds

Will in the park and has a go at him about his behaviour towards his father.

Terry rings the Woolpack and tells Turner/Viv that he and Vic have been mugged in Amsterdam.

Zoe and Sophie have a romantic meal in the wine bar. Sophie thinks Zoe is about to propose to her and tells Zoe she isn't ready for marriage. Zoe tells her that wasn't her intention and that she wants to have a baby. And that's where it ended.

Cheers Steve
Whitley Bay North East UK

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