Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1997
#2265-2270 --- 7 October - 16 October 1997

Updated 13 August 2002.
Finished 31st July 2004

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Main Cast of 1997

1997 - The then cast celebrate 25 years of Emmerdale


NOTE: these episodes onwards are based on the officially released synopsis.

Finally thanks to Stevee who is allowing us to put up all the updates he posted to the Emmerdale Newsgroup back in 1997. . Others have been linked at the appropriate dates.

Episode #2265

Original Airdate ITV
7 Oct 1997

(Granada Plus - Fri 30th Aug 2002)

Sarah hopes that having a new baby might help heal the rift that has come between her and husband Jack. He says he is worried about her age, but Sarah says she will go to the doctors surgery for a check up.

Zoe has also got the baby blues, but she doesn't count on her partner Sophie's strong feelings about lesbian parents.

Kim reckons Doug is paying way under par for the golf course but reluctantly is forced to accept his offer. Doug meanwhile has teed-up a diner date with Kathy who is more than impressed with his chauffeur driven limo. They set off for a night at the casino. Kim who's enjoying a night out with Lord and Lady Oakwell at the casino isn't too impressed when her business client turns up with Kathy on his arm.

Episode 2266

Original Airdate ITV
8 Oct 1997

(Granada Plus - Mon 2nd Sep 2002)

These are heady days for publican Alan Turner who's head-over-heels in love with leather clad biker Jo. And he's decided he's going to sell the Woolpack and rev-up his humdrum life by joining her on a dream trip to America.

Chris thinks he's got Kim where he wants her. She's been forced to hand over a cheque for £350,000 to stop him contacting the Fraud Squad about her illegal use of Home Farm tax money to stand up a deal for her stud farm interests. In return he provides her with a letter confirming his total confidence in her financial management of Home Farm affairs. But why is Kim so keen to get Chris to say out loud that this is blackmail money? And is she about to turn the tables on him as she so often has before.

Chris gives his PA Kelly a flee in her ear about the extra £200 on her last wage cheque and says if he finds out she's been getting pay-off's from Kim he'll fire her.

Zoe decides she needs some time alone to think about her relationship with Sophie and books a last minute holiday to the Caribbean.

Jan and Ned are having sleepless nights thanks to Linda and Biff's amorous antics.

Episode 2267

Original Airdate ITV
9 Oct 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 3rd Sep 2002)

Paddy is back and he wants to make things up with Mandy - but what will Colin think?

A dishevelled Terry arrives back from his trip to Amsterdam to the bombshell that Alan Turner is selling the Woolpack - and that for now , at least, Jo is moving in.

Vic gets more than a frosty welcome from Viv when he arrives back from his secret trip to the Amsterdam Beer Festival. He went missing for days and had better be careful to dodge those flying ornaments!

Pollard appears to be in trouble after an environmental health officer visits the wine bar following a call forma local doctor. Ned, Roy and several other customers are showing symptoms of food poisoning and the best advice to Pollard is that he close the place down voluntarily until the source is confirmed.

Linda and Biff can't keep their hands off each other and stop off in a lover lane for a bit of hanky-panky. But just as their passions rise there's a knock on the car door from an unwelcome visitor.

Chris tells Kelly he's overlooking the £200 but that she now owes him a favour

and Rachel goes for a job as a school secretary.

Click Here for Stevee's Update - 9 October 1997

Episode 2268

Original Airdate ITV
14 Oct 1997

(Granada Plus - Wed 4th Sep 2002)

As well as being embarrassed Linda is also incredulous that her husband Biff lost his temper and gave her dad's name, after they were caught by the police down on lovers lane.

Kathy is more than a little angry with Eric Pollard and blames him, somewhat prematurely, for shoddy practices which she feels has led to the closure of her tea-rooms as well as his wine bar by environmental health officers.

Paddy pours out his heart to Mandy and tells her he'll pursue her to the ends of the earth until she relents and agrees to a date with him.

Poor Terry is trying to interest Kim in buying the Woolpack, but his plans fall on deaf ears.

Lady Tara has a stark warning for her philandering husband - give up the expensive habits or he'll ruin everyone.

Pollard realises his food cannot be to blame for the suspected outbreak of food poisoning - but then realises the dodgy vodka he bought might be.

Steve arrives back from Hong Kong and reveals to Kim he's made a fortune and reveals he's going to organise an engagement party to remember.

Episode 2269

Original Airdate ITV
15 Oct 1997

(Granada Plus - Thu 5th Sep 2002)

Poor Ned can't understand why he has received a summons from the police. He knows it must be a mistake but gets down to the local station fast to see what's going on. And when the police describe the man they're after he realises it's his son-in-law Biff. Ned's furious and shops him.

Mandy's caught in the middle of a menage-a-trois - and she hasn't a clue how to get out of it. Colin is mad with Paddy for muscling in on his action - but the final decision will go to Mandy.

Chris Tate meets with Alan Turner about the sale of the Woolpack and posts an offer which is £10,000 higher than the one Terry has managed.

Kim is at the accountants with Lady Tara intent on sorting out the severe cash flow problems associated with the stud farm. There is a loud noise outside and Alex arrives seemingly intoxicated and intent on making a nuisance of himself. His wife takes him to one side and warns him, that he had better start controlling himself.

Click here for Stevee's Update - Wednesday 15 October 1997

Episode 2270

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 16 October 1997

(Granada Plus - Fri 6th Sep 2002)

Emmerdale is 25 years old.

[Linda Fowler (nee Glover) dies]

An hour long 25th Anniversary Special.

Kim Tate has finally got her man and Steve Marchant is in heaven. It the day of their engagement party and Steve has presented Kim with a beautiful diamond engagement ring.

While Kim and Steve appear to have their lives mapped out, the same cannot be said of Mandy who is caught in a triangle of affection. On the one hand she loves Paddy, but on the other Colin is solid and dependable. Lisa, who's recently sealed her relationship with Mandy's Uncle Zak tells her from bitter experience to follow her heart and not her head.

Terry is as fed up as he can be. He's returned from his ill-fated trip to Amsterdam to find that Alan Turner is selling The Woolpack - effectively putting him out of a job and a home. And there's worse in store for him and his Amsterdam pal Vic when the police turn up and reveal more about their missing days abroad. Viv will not be happy.

Kathy's fixed-up for Rachel to baby-sit while she goes on a date with the new man in her life, Doug, but is angry when Jack arrives and she realises the two lovebirds had planned a night together in her home!

For those not invited to the engagement party there's an informal gathering at the wine bar where Mandy finally chooses her man, while Pollard makes a timely escape from a gang of thugs.

Back at the engagement party the penny finally drops as Kim realises why her titled business partner never has any money - he's hooked on cocaine. Kim catches him in the toilet and informs him she'll not stay in business with a drug user. She tells his wife lady Tara that the secret is out and later, when Lord Alex makes overtures to her, she tells him to go and bother Linda Fowler instead - a casual remark she will come to regret.

Meanwhile Biff is getting more and more annoyed with star-struck Linda as she knocks back the bubbly at the glitzy party. Biff feels out of place and is livid when Linda starts to dance with Lord Alex. Linda is taken in by the errant peer and pours her troubles out to him as they walk outside the marquee. She naively believes he's interested in her troubles when all he cares about is getting his wicked way. And she makes the worst decision of her life when she accepts a lift home. It is a decision she would turn down - if she ever had the chance to make it again! Biff, who is desperately pursuing them, can hardly imagine what lies in store for him when he eventually find his lovely young wife.


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Credits Text
Producer - MIKE BEST

Commissioner & Production Companies

Running Time

Synopsis Text
As Yorkshire Television's soap opera Emmerdale celebrates its 25th anniversary, past and present members of the cast reminisce. The new purpose built studios are also opened and begin production.

Shots: PART ONE : Old Emmerdale Farm titles, i/cut brief INTVs stars of show & split-screen fx boxes featuring var cast members ; Richard Whiteley ptc pulling pint behind bar of Woolpack ; ws bar with studio camera ; teases ; Lib ftge - BW clip from first episode ; INTV SHEILA MERCIER (Annie Sugden) ; s' filming in progress in Esholt ; s director & producer at work ; INTV KEITH RICHARDSON (executive producer) ; INTV RONNIE McGILL (Amos Brearley) ; pan Dales countryside ; INTV FRAZER HINES (Joe Sugden) ; Lib ftge - clip of Amos & Seth with badger ; INTV STAN RICHARDS (Seth Armstrong) ; Lib ftge - clip of Annie Sugden with grandad Sam & vicar ; Lib ftge - Amos Brearley & Henry Wilks hugging outside Woolpack ; Lib ftge - Henry Wilks funeral, Amos reading lesson (0.00-7.40). Richard Whiteley ptc sitting in Woolpack, listing types of deaths in Emmerdale ; ints script conference, incl producer Mervyn Watson & writers discussing death of Frank Tate ; INTV DAVID LANE (script writer) ; Lib ftge - vars plane crash, fx & fireball ; INTV IAN ROWLEY (special effects) ; clips from production video - fireball hits stable door ; INTV FRAZER HINES ; INTV NORMAN BOWLER (Frank Tate) ; INTV MERVYN WATSON (producer) (7.40-13.36).

PART TWO : Richard Whiteley ptc in studio, walking around var sets ; Lib ftge - John Major opening new studios, meeting actors, making speech, unveiling plaque ; s Mervyn Watson arr at studio morning after opening ; INTV NORMAN BOWLER ; ints studio, crew at work ; INTV MERVYN WATSON ; s' scene being filmed & int control room ; s director Graham Weatherall saying "Cut" (15.00-19.16). S' Emmerdale Official Fan Club members arr at studios & on tour ; INTVs tour guides ; vox pops fans ; INTV JENNY GODFREY (?organiser) ; s' fan club meeting members of cast ; INTV PAULA TILBROOK (Betty Eagleton) ; Jeremy Turner Welch (teacher Tom Bainbridge) giving fan a kiss, she is ecstatic ; s' fans eating meal with actors ; INTV NORMAN BOWLER ; INTV MERVYN WATSON ; Lib ftge - Lesbian kiss between Zoe & Emma, & Zoe telling Frank she's gay ; Lib ftge - Dingle family in Woolpack ; INTV MERVYN WATSON ; Dingle actors sending themselves up, pretending to be "luvvies" ; brief s filming ; INTV STAN RICHARDS ; cu sign "Arncliffe" (19.16-25.26)



Running Time


Cast List Includes :-


PART 1 - Kathy arrives at the tearooms & finds a hungover Eric has spent the night on the floor ; Linda is already excited about the party at Home Farm ; she has laid her dress out ; Biff would rather go to the Woolpackers event at the wine bar ; he asks how much Linda's dress cost & is horrified to hear that she has spent #120 ; they row about it ; Lisa teases Mandy about having two men chasing her ; she can't seem to decide between Paddy & Colin ; Marlon is busy planning his menu for tonight (Saucisson au Woolpackers) ; Roy talks to Kim about Dave ; he worries that she is forgetting his brother because she is engaged to Steve ; she is quite harsh with him ; Terry is getting depressed trying to look for another job ; Betty has words with Alan about it ; Linda is late for work ; Paddy tells her that he is going to the wine bar tonight instead ; he wants to see Mandy ; Betty & Eric exchange words ; Lord Oakwell has called into the vet's surgery ; Linda tells him that his account is overdue ; she is flattered by Alex's attentions & even agrees to go to lunch with him at the Woolpack ; the lads are working hard to get the marquee set up ; Steve cracks the whip ; Biff is still so bitter towards Kim ; Eric has gone to Longmans warehouse to demand his money back on the vodka ; Longman is not happy to see him & is determined to sort him out ; Dee is regretting falling out with Eric ; Kathy tells her & Marlon that Eric has gone off to see his drinks supplier ; Marlon worries & Dee asks him to help Eric ; Terry is strumming in the Woolpack ; Seth tells Alan that the pub will be deserted if he sells to
Chris Tate ; Zak asks Butch how Nellie was in Ireland ;
Butch tells him that she has "turned into a right slapper" &
that Sam is not happy ; Jeff Longman has turned nasty on
Eric ; he force feeds him the vodka ; Biff is not happy to
see Linda having lunch with Lord Oakwell ; Alex gets his
name wrong ; Colin is looking forward to his night with
Mandy watching the Woolpackers ; Gerald Taylor makes an
appearance in the pub & tells Alan that he & Britt are
interested in buying the Woolpack ; Eric is being made to get drunk on the vodka by Longman & his thugs.

PART 2 - Marlon arrives at Longmans warehouse ; Eric is
really scared ; Marlon charms the guard dog ; Gerald shows
Terry a photo of his & Britt's son Michael ; he is
deliberately provoking Terry who rises to the bait & grabs
Gerald just as DS Lomax arrives to talk to him ; the kids
are having a protest outside the post office about being
accused of stealing ; Andy is leading it with Robert & Emma
; Viv makes a nasty comment to Emma about Geri & refuses to
be intimidated by them ; Donna joins the group ; Eric is
relieved to see Marlon ; he raids the petty cash tin before
making a run for it ; Jeff Longman is outside paying Billy
Hopwood for doing some driving for him ; Eric & Marlon drive
through the warehouse gates ; Longman vows to get him ; Vic
persuades Viv not to ban the kids from the post office ; DS
Lomax turns up with Terry & asks to speak to Vic about an
international cheque fraud ; the kids all laugh ; Rachel
arrives to babysit for Kathy ; she is waiting for Doug to
arrive to take her to Kim & Steve's engagement party ;
Rachel seems anxious for Kathy to go & the reason becomes
clear when Jack arrives with a bottle of wine ; Kathy is furious ; DS Lomax tells Vic & Terry that a car hire vehicle
was taken in Amsterdam using their papers & other offences
were committed ; they both claim to have an alibi for the
date that offences occured ; DS Lomax tells Viv that the
pair were actually arrested for being involved in a brawl at
a bordello ; Doug arrives to pick Kathy up for the party ;
she is uneasy about leaving Jack & Rachel together ; Doug
makes her change her mind ; Steve arrives at Home Farm in
his new porsche ; the Glovers also arrive squashed in
Linda's mini ; Biff complains to Steve that he is blocking
the parking with his porsche ; he gives Linda the keys so
she can move it ; Kathy realises that Doug is married by the
way he talks about Jack & Rachel ; she agrees to stay with
him ; Linda is eager to dance as soon as she gets to the
party ; Biff will not drink because he is driving ; Kim is
looking glamorous in a gold outfit ; Betty takes the
opportunity to speak to her about Steve ; she warns her not
to do anything silly ; Alan & Jo arrive ; the band are
playing ; Alan tells Chris that if he buys the Woolpack, he
will not have any customers left ; Alex & Tara arrive ; Biff
is jealous when Linda waves at Alex & he is still bitter towards Kim ; Dee is anxiously waiting for Eric & Marlon to
come back ; Zak, Butch & Lisa arrive to set up the band in
the wine bar ; Colin is their roadie ; Butch agrees that he
is better suited to Mandy than Paddy ; Eric finally arrives
home & Dee is humble ; Linda is still dancing & drinking ;
she can even cope with Chris when he talks to her ; Biff
looks on ; Kim notices that Sophie is not drinking much ;
she doesn't want to get drunk & make a fool of herself again
; Kim admits that she cannot help wishing that Dave was by
her side & not Steve ; DS Lomax has been invited to the wine
bar ; Vic & Terry have sorted out the misunderstanding in
Amsterdam ; Viv is worried that Vic may have caught some
disease ; Vic points out that she is hardly likely to catch
it now anyway (they obviously no longer sleep together) ;
Mandy arrives in the wine bar ; Eric panics when he knows
that DS Lomax is in the wine bar ; Gerald Taylor arrives as
well & Terry sings 'Hound Dog' ; Steve finds Jan & Ned in
the nursery cuddling James ; he tells them that he intends
to be a great dad for James ; Kim overhears him say that he
loves Kim & intends to take James on ; Kim slips into the
bathroom so as not to be noticed ; she finds Alex in there snorting cocaine.

PART 3 - Kim is furious with Alex ; she disapproves of
drugs & the fact that Alex spends his money on it ; she
decides to cause some trouble & tells Alex to go off with
Linda for some fun ; she watches as Biff looks on while
Alex asks Linda to dance ; the Woolpackers are going down
well ; Colin tries to ban Paddy & Butch encourages him to
fight ; Mandy is pleased to see she has two admirers ;
Terry & Gerald have a confrontation ; the Woolpackers play
their Linedance Party record ; Jeff Longman walks into the
wine bar as they finish ; Becky tells Tony that she is
enjoying herself at the Home Farm party ; Seth looks
jealously on at Alan & Jo ; Linda & Alex are enjoying
themselves ; Tara decides to ask Biff to dance, but he snubs
her & barges through Alex & Linda ; Alex suggests that they
go outside ; Kim watches them disappear ; she tells Steve
that she wants to make a speech & gets up on stage ; she
thanks everyone for coming & also tells Steve that she wants
to get married ; he gives her the ring ; Eric tells Jeff
Longman that DS Lomax is in the wine bar & he leaves quickly
; Sarah is bored on her own & decides to ring Rachel up ; Jack is still with her & it is awkward ; Linda suggests to
Alex that they go for a drive in Steve's porsche because she
has still got the keys ; he wants to drive ; Kim sees them
leave ; Sarah asks Rachel about Kathy's new man ; Rachel
makes an excuse to get off the phone ; Kathy tells Doug that
she wants to go home now ; Kim smugly tells Biff that Linda
has gone off with Alex & that he is "a bit of a lad" ; Biff
rushes off ; Linda is talking to Alex about Biff ; he pulls
over in the car ; Biff races off in the mini ; Alex gets his
cocaine out ; Linda is shocked ; the Dingles try & warn
Paddy off Mandy ; Alex has taken some drugs & is driving
again ; he starts to touch Linda, but she doesn't want him
to & tells him to stop ; they fight & Linda screams as Alex
crashes the car into a tree ; Mandy senses that the Dingles
are up to something in the kitchen ; she finds them
threatening Paddy ; Alex is conscious after the crash ; he
sees that Linda is badly injured & moves her over into the
driving seat, kisses her & runs off ; Paddy tells Zak to let
Mandy choose between Colin & Paddy ; Zak makes a speech
about how Colin could be a Dingle & this convinces Mandy to
choose Paddy ; Biff finds the crashed Porsche & is hysterical.

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