Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1997
#2271-2276 --- 21 October - 30 October 1997

Updated 13 August 2002.
Finished 31st July 2004

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NOTE: these episodes onwards are based on the officially released synopsis.

Episode 2271






































Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 21 October 1997

(Granada Plus - Mon 9th Sep 2002)

Cast includes :-

Biff Fowler-STUART WADE; Linda Fowler-TONICHA JERONIMO; Kathy Glover-MALANDRA BURROWS; Doug Hamilton-JAY BENEDICT; Lord Alex Oakwell-RUPAM MAXWELL; Rachel Hughes-GLENDA MCKAY; Jack Sugden-CLIVE HORNBY; Lady Tara Oakwell-ANNA BRECON;
































Horrified Doug and Kathy come across grief-stricken Biff who has found Linda seriously injured following the crash. Doug calls or an ambulance as Kathy gives basic first aid. Linda is rushed straght to the resuscitation room at Hotton General Hospital but doctors can do little. Biff is shattered when Doctors tell him his beautiful young wife is dead.

Alex arrives back at Home Farm where Kim is astonished to find him dazed and wiping blood from himself. He claims he had a row with Linda and she threw him out of the car. His furious wife accuses him of messing with farm girls.

The tragic news is broken to Jan and Ned by Biff. Their grief is almost indescribable as they face up to the death of another of their precious children.

Kim reels with shock when the police officer arrives to tell her of the crash and the death of Linda Glover. Though for now she doesn't know for sure that Lord Alex was to blame, she relaises it was her meddling that brought Linda and Lord Alex together.



PART 1 - continuous episode (from the 16th);

Biff is trying to wake Linda ; Kathy & Doug have stopped their car to help ; Doug phones for an ambulance using his mobile ; Alex has sneaked back to Home Farm ; the party is still going on ; Jack & Rachel are still together at Kathy's ; Jack is reluctant to go ; Tara finds Alex washing his face in the bathroom at HomeFarm ; Linda is taken away in an ambulance ; Biff has been breathalysed & is going to drive himself to the hospital ; the Glovers leave the party ; Jan tells Kim that she is really pleased for her & thinks that Steve will make a good husband & father ; Tara asks to speak to Kim rather urgently ; the wine bar is winding down ; Mandy & Paddy are smooching ; Terry is depressed ; Kim is furious with Alex ; she tells Tara that she caught him taking cocaine ; Alex claims that he left Linda in a layby & that she drove off at speed ; they all decide to stick to this story to protect the name of the business ; Jack arrives home ; Sarah is worried about them & suggests going out more ;Jack just goes to bed ; Linda is brought into the hospital & taken straight to the rescucitation room ; Biff arrives moments later & is told that he cannot see Linda ; the doctor asks about Linda's parents ; Ned & Jan have arrived home & are in a frisky mood ; they think that Biff & Linda must have gone off somewhere & are about to go up to bed when Biff phones them from the hospital.

PART 2 - Biff is feeling bad about the row he & Linda had at the party ; he regrets his jealousy ; Kathy & Doug try &
comfort him ; Biff blames Kim as well for winding him up so
that he chased after Linda & Alex ; Kim & Steve are still
saying goodbye to their guests ; Steve wants to name the
day quickly ; Kim wants to wait ; she tells Steve that she
has sent Alex & Tara home because Alex was drunk ; Tara is
hurt by Alex's behaviour, but feels even worse when he
tells her what really happened with Linda ; Biff is told
the terrible news that Linda has died from uncontrollable
internal bleeding caused by a fractured pelvis & ruptured
spleen ; Biff is shocked ; Kelly & Roy are still at the party ; Biff cries as he looks at Linda's body ; he kisses
her & tells her that he will always love her ; Tara takes
control of Alex ; she is not risking everything for him ;
Biff cries as he talks to Linda ; Jan & Ned arrive ; Kathy
says goodbye to Doug ; Rachel comforts her as she is
remembering Dave's death ; she tells Rachel that Doug is
married ; Rachel talks about her feelings for Jack & Sarah
; a policeman wants to talk to Biff & the Glovers ; Steve
wants Kim to let go of Frank's memory ; Tara has burnt all
Alex's clothes ; he tells her that he wiped his
fingerprints from the steering wheel ; she is appalled by
his behaviour & despises him ; Roy offers Biff his bedroom
for the night ; Biff is trying to work out what happened to
Linda & why there was no sign of Lord Alex ; he wonders if
Kim was lying about them going off with each other ; next
morning & the police arrive at Home Farm ; Kim thinks that
they have just come to tell her that Steve's car has been
found ; when the police press her about Linda going off
with Alex, Kim lies & says that Lord Alex came straight
back ; she is shocked to hear that Linda is dead.

Episode 2272

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 22 October 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 10th Sep 2002)

There's a raging fury building inside Biff Fowler. His wife is dead and he isn't really sure what happened. But when flowers of condolence arrive from Kim. Ned manages to calm him but not before he's told Kim that Linda would still be alive but for her meddling. Later he is even more anguished when police officers ask if Linda was a drug user as the post-mortem revealed that she had taken cocaine.

The realisation what he's done is starting to sink in but when Lord Alex seeks comfort from his wife she coldly rejects him. And Lady Tara, who's been bailing him out of trouble ever since they married, says that if he's implicated in the death the seemingly endless supply of cash from her father will end.

Sophie is worried how Zoe, who was Linda's boss, will react to the news of the tragedy when she arrives back from her Caribbean holiday.

Zak is disturbed by a letter from Ireland from his estranged wife Nellie. She sys Sam has reacted badly to news of Zak's new love Lisa. Mandy tells her uncle hel'll have to cross the water to explain things to Sam, immediately.

And Kathy is surprised when Dough turns up unannounced. He should be in London with his wife. He's due to go abroad on business and invites Kathy and Alice to join him.

Episode 2273

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 23 October 1997

(Granada Plus - Wed 11th Sep 2002)

The police are hot on the heels of errant peer Lord Alex Oakwell. They visit Oakwell Hall but his wife insists she hasn't seen him all night. They now believe Linda's unconscious body was moved from the passenger to the driver's seat to make it look like she'd been driving. When police reveal this to Kim and Steve, she's horrified and storms out intending to confront the Oakwell's. She later tells Lord Alex he's as good as murdered Linda.

Kim's conscience for once is weighing heavy, but when she says she's going to ring the police Lady Tara reminds her that she's already told one lie to them. The coldly, and selfishly, with her inheritance clearly on her mind, Lady Tara tells Kim that she's ready to fight her if needs be.

The Glovers and Biff are in complete shock, but news that Linda's body had been moved inside the car has Ned reaching for his shotgun before storming off to Oakwell Hall for a confrontation. Kim is still with Tara when Ned bursts with Biff at his side demanding to know where Alex is. Biff tells Kim he'll never rest until she has suffered like himself and the Glover family.

Episode 2274

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 28 October 1997

(Granada Plus - Thu 12th Sep 2002)

The events of the last few days become too much for Lady Tara Oakwell who breaks down when police arrive with a warrant for her husband's arrest. She is told that she'll face charges of aiding and abetting if she's hiding him. But Lady Tara says she intends to file for divorce and ads they should speak to her missing husband's business partner, Kim Tate, who might have more answers.

Zoe arrives back from what should have been a restful holiday in Jamaica, to face up to the problems in her relationship with Sophie and the death of her employee and friend Linda.

Biff swears he will make the Tate's pay for Linda's death as he sits alone at the side of her coffin.

And Alan is having second thoughts about selling the Woolpack, leaving Emmerdale and joining his motorbike loving girlfriend Jo on a dream trip to America. Is he about to burst their bubble?

Episode 2275

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 29 October 1997

(Granada Plus - Fri 13th Sep 2002)

Biff Fowler faces the worst day of his life as he prepares for the funeral of his wife Linda. Only days ago they were a fun loving young couple getting into trouble with the local police for their antics down a lovers-lane. Now all that's left for Biff are memories of the happier times they spend together. Biff is introduced to the funeral gathering by the vicar and in a faltering voice begins to tell everyone what a wonderful woman Linda was. Then he notices Kim sat at the back of the church and launches into a tirade against her - claiming that she helped end Linda's life. As the tears roll down Biff's face Steve ushers Kim outside.

The funeral places temptation in the path of Jack and Rachel. Sarah and Jan think Rachel looks run down and insist Jack drives her home. They have agreed to end their affair - can they keep to it?

Jo is heartbroken and wonders if Alan has been stringing her along. He's admitted he cant' leave Emmerdale nor sell his pub, but he is desperate to make her realise he really does love her and doesn't want to lose her. And in a final selfless moment he tells Jo to go and live-out her dream but to remember he'll be waiting for her when she returns. Later with one last emotional glance at the Woolpack, Jo climbs onto her motorbike, pulls on her helmet and rides away.

Episode 2276

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 30 October 1997

(Granada Plus - Mon 16th Sep 2002)

Lovelorn landlord Alan Turner still can't believe Jo left without one last goodbye - and he's doubly hurt when Terry says he'd have only been a millstone around her neck in America.

Jack informs Rachel that Sarah thinks she could come back to the farm to work while Ned is on compassionate leave. Rachel is unsure and tells Jack it's hard enough trying to conceal her emotions.

Lady Tara is checking her feed order when Ned appears. He wants revenge for Linda's death and is reluctant to believe that Lord Alex has simply vanished. Ned stubbornly refuses to leave even though Lady Tara threatens him with calling the police.

And at the Dingle's things are going bump in the night - literally! But when Mandy bounces a saucepan on the head of an apparent burglar she's taken aback when the intruder gasps 'where's dad?' It can men only one thing - Sam's back!

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