Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1997
#2277-2282 --- 4 November - 13 November 1997

Updated 12th October 2002.
Finished 31st July 2004

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NOTE: these episodes onwards are based on the officially released synopsis.

Finally thanks to Stevee who is allowing us to put up all the updates he posted to the Emmerdale Newsgroup back in 1997. . Others have been linked at the appropriate dates.

Episode #2277







Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 4 November 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 17th Sep 2002)










Jack and Rachel are reading a dangerous path as their affair blossoms once again. They tried to keep their hands off one another and vowed to end it all. But one kiss was all it tool to rekindle the flames and now Jack is seeking ways to keep his wife Sarah out of the way so he can see his young love. And when Sarah suggest she calls the Glovers that evening to lend Jan a shoulder to cry on, Jack seizes the opportunity. He tells Sarah he's capable of putting the kids to bed without her and urges her to stay as late as possible - after all she and Jan will have a lot to talk about. As soon as he gets the chance he rings Rachel and tells her to rearrange her pans and come over to the farm. It all seems too good to be true until Sarah arrives home earlier than expected.

Biff prepares to collect Linda's ashes form the crematorium. He's decided to scatter them on the 'proposing hill' which overlooks Emmerdale - and is where he and Linda spent time together when they first met.

It could only happen to the Dingles. Zak's gone to Ireland to see Sam after receiving a letter from Nellie. But Sam has arrived in Emmerdale unannounced on a secret mission to release his dad from the clutches of Lisa - he still believes his mum and dad will get back together again. Butch is mad with his brother for wasting their dad's time, while Lisa tries to persuade the youngest Dingle she and Zak love one another.

Clich here for Stevee's Update - Tuesday 4 November 1997

Episode #2278

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 5 November 1997

(Granada Plus -Wed 18th Sep 2002)

It's the morning of bonfire night and while Jack has stayed with Rachel at Mill Cottage after Sarah discovered their affair - he's eager to beg his wife's forgiveness. She even more eager to see a solicitor! Robert asks what his dad was doing with Rachel. Sarah is evasive but later knows exactly what she wants to do with her so-called friend when she marches into the tea-rooms and in front of the customers, and gossip Betty, thanks her for sleeping with Jack, then slaps her face.

Ned is keeping a lone vigil outside the gates of Oakwell Hall. He tells Lady Tara he's staying there until her husband returns. The errant peer's wife knows he'll have a long wait as Lord Alex is well out of the country by now. Undeterred Ned seeks his revenge and while bonfires roar and the night air is filled with the smell of burning timber he decides to have his own fireworks display.


Episode #2279

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 6 November 1997

(Granada Plus - Thu 19th Sep 2002)

The fire brigade are damping down the last burning embers of the Oakwell Stud which has been totally destroyed by fire.

Both Roy and Biff suspect Ned might have been responsible but decided to say he never left their side the previous night if they are asked.

The police once again find themselves at Oakwell Hall and one officer informs Kim and Lady Tara that they'll be checking for evidence of an insurance scam.

Zak returns from his fruitless trip to Ireland to find Sam - who he'd gone to see - back in the Dingle household.

Sarah is not giving Jack an inch. She wants to know where he wants his clothes delivering! In a private moment though the prospect of a broken marriage is too much and she breaks down in a flood of tears.

Click here for Stevee's Update - Thursday 6 November 1997

Episode #2280

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 11 November 1997

(Granada Plus - Fri 20th Sep 2002)

Cheating Jack is suffering the consequences of his affair with Rachel. First Jan Glover, who's allowed him to stay with her family, is annoyed at his behaviour and demands he finds somewhere else to live. Then when he returns home to try to reason with Sarah all he gets is a key and a list of rules as to how their relationship will be conducted in the future. She also tells him he is only allowed in certain parts of the house.

Kim gets an urgent business phone call which means she will have to fly to New Zealand. Steve reckons the stud - burned to the ground at Oakwell Hall on Bonfire Night - should be relocated to Home Farm. Kim thinks it's a good idea but Lady Tara takes more convincing. She has problems of her own with the ongoing vendetta waged by the Glovers. And this time she has to deal with a drunken Biff.

Becky turns up unannounced at the foster home where Geri is being looked after. She lies to the foster mother saying how much her daughter Emma is missing her baby - and is later surprised by her husband's calmness when she admits she went to see her granddaughter.

Episode #2281

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 12 November 1997

(Granada Plus - Mon 23rd Sep 2002)

Jack's life is in Turmoil and he's forced to ask Alan Turner to put him up while he tries to sort out his marriage. Kim entrusts her dealings to fiance Steve, as she jumps in a car on the first leg of a business journey to New Zealand.

Ned talks about the Oakwell stud farm fire to Jan. She says she understands but warns Ned to be careful.

Zoe and Sophie reach a crossroads in their relationship and have a huge argument - but can they stay together?

And there's more worries for Emmerdale's vet when she tear a strip off her colleague Paddy for being behind schedule and using the office phone to call Mandy in Australia.

Kathy is delighted to see Doug who's been away on holiday with his wife. He apologies for leaving her all alone but soon realises his absence has made her heart grow fonder.

And Emma stuns her mum when she has a day off school to help move things to Woodside. Then she come across some of baby Geri's clothes which Emma suggests they throw away.

Episode #2282

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 13 November 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 24th Sep 2002)

Kathy and Doug have spent a wonderful night together and the couple are set to spend the day together when their peace is shattered by his mobile phone. Doug says his son is suffering from appendicitis and he'll have to return to London immediately.

Sophie and Zoe have patched up their differences and Sophie admits she's changed her mind about the prospect of having children. She says if that's what Zoe wants then she should go for it.

Paddy and Viv are both without their partners - Mandy and Vic are in Australia with the rest of the Dingle clan. Viv asks Paddy if he fancies a drink and after an evening at the sine bar the two weave their way back to her house for a night-cap - but is that all she's after?

Jack goes to the farm to try to get some money. But Sarah arrives while he's there and with a wry laugh informs him that he is too late and she puts all the money somewhere he can't touch it.

Sam has been on the run ever since he broke a valuable plate in an antiques scam and now he's desperate to repent. But can he make a disbelieving bobby accept he's really a wanted man?

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