Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1997
#2298-2299 --- 23 December 1997

Updated 12th October 2002
Finished 31st July 2004

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NOTE: these episodes onwards are based on the officially released synopsis.

Finally thanks to Stevee who is allowing us to put up all the updates he posted to the Emmerdale Newsgroup back in 1997. . Others have been linked at the appropriate dates.

Episodes #2298 & 2299

Original Airdate ITV Tuesday 23 December 1997

A shock for Kathy.

1 hour Episode. (Episode #2298 was probably originally supposed to air Monday 22 December 1997)

{Granada Plus - Wed 16th Oct 2002)

Running Time
47:2 minutes

Kim is keeping the blackmail threats a secret from her fiance Steve, but how long can she keep up the charade? If she thought things were bad there's an even bigger shock in store when she and Steve return home from the Oakwell Christmas bash to find a frantic nanny and no baby James. Could this be the work of the blackmailer?

Kathy Glover is in for a real shock when she discovers who her lover Doug's real wife is! She and her mate Rachel decide to crash the golf club do even though Doug insisted she mustn't. But the pair sneak into the glamorous party, only to leave hot-foot when the truth dawns.

Mandy Dingle is just a girl who can't say no. And when Paddy proposes marriage in front of whooping regulars at Pollard's Wine Bar she says yes. But will she feel the same way the morning after?

Just when Viv and Vic looked to be getting it together again, Marika turned up from Amsterdam to put a spanner in the works.

Jan looks like she's finally come to terms with Dave's death when she starts to clear out his belongings.

Kelly is working overtime on Roy trying to make up for being caught in bed with Biff. She tells him she really loves him - but will he fall for her charms again?

And it looks like being a bleak Xmas for young Andy. His dad's disappeared again and all he's got for company is the puppy his errant father brought. He is alone, cold and hungry.


Subject: Update - Monday 22 December 1997 (1 Hour Special)
Newsgroups: rec.arts.tv.uk.emmerdale
Date: 1997/12/31
The episode opens with Jan loading dave's old clothes into the mini
car, Ned explains to Roy that his mother id taking the clothes to a
charity shop.

Marika is having her breakfast with Vic,Viv and Kelly having spent the
night at the Windsor's. Viv is stone faced.
It turns out that Vic had told Marika that he had a chain of
Viv tells Marika that their is a good youth hostel in Hotten.

Rachel suggests to cathy that they gate crash Doug's party at the golf

Marika calls on Terry.
It appears that Terry has also been exaggerating, having told Marika
that he once played rugby for England.
Terry suggests Marika stays with him and Turner at the Woolpack. Alan

Jan is cooking loads of pies so that she can fill up ther freezer.

Marika agrees to enter Tony Cairn's village fun run. Vic and Terry
also volunteer along with Dee and Eric.

The telephone is ringing at Home Farm but Kim won't pick the receiver
up. Steve wants to answer it but Kim tells him not to.

Andy is in the caravan , alone except for the puppy. He is trying to
fix a leaking window.
He unsuccessfully tries to light the caravan's gas fire.

Kim won't talk to Steve about the nuisance calls and tells him the
person making them will give up in time.
Steve tells Kim that he only wants to help.

Jack is working on the farm but wants to take his meals in the farm
house so that he will see more of the kids.
Sarah doesn't think it's a very good idea, not yet that is.
Jack doesn't know where he stands with Sarah and she doesn't know what
she wants.

Zak is still moaning on about the cement mixer.
Lisa agrees to take her's back.

Jack and Sarah are having a drink in the Woolpack.
Jack comments that it is like being on a first date.

Andy is in the wine bar with his puppy, begging the customers for
Eric tells him to get out and threatens to call the Police.
Lisa gives him a bag of crisps.

Kelly meets Roy in the wine bar and asks him if they can give it
another go.
Kelly gives him a kiss and this convinces Roy to give her another

Betty and Seth are talking to marika in the Woolpack and are trying to
get her to tell them how she met Terry and Vic.
Marika mentions the tatoo's that Terry and Vic have (her name tattooed
on their backsides) but Vic denies it.
Terry tells Vic to prove it.

Butch is in the wine bar. It's a special two for the price of one
He asks mandy if it means that you can get twice as drunk.

Paddy proposes to mandy in the wine bar.

Zak and Lisa go home.
Zak finds his Christmas present, a reclining chair all wrapped up.

Cathy and Rachel manage to get into the golf club party.
Rachel starts to chat up one of the guests, Richard.
Richard tells Rachel she is wasting her time chatting him up.
Just then Doug arrives and asks Cathy what is going on.
Cathy tells Doug that she only wanted to see what his wife looked
Richard introduces himself as being Doug's wife, yes, Doug swings both

Mandy tells Lisa that she has accepted Paddy's marriage proposal.

Doug goes to see Cathy that next day and asks for forgiveness.
He tells her he loves her and not Richard and wants another chance.
Cathy tells him that she doesn't love him anymore.

Kelly is all togged up in an expensive dress and fur wrap. She tells
Viv that Kim has lent her the clothes for Tara's party.

The fun run sets off, the prize is a barrel of beer supplied by Alan

Mandy tells Paddy that she made a mistake in accepting his marriage
proposal. Paddy storms off.

Jan is still loading gear into the mini and talking to herself, or
someone who isn't there.

At Tara's party Kim and Steve find Tara dressed as a waitress.
Tara explains that it is an Oakwood tradition for the bosses to wait
on the staff for the day. She gives Steve and Kim their uniforms to

The nanny talks to the anonymous caller and when the person asks to
speak to Kim, explains that she is out, only ther nanny and James
being at home.

Butch is at the Oakwell party and shouts at Kim for another drink,
calling her Tate.

Kim spots that Kelly is wearing her dress.
She goes over to Kelly and pours champagne down the front of the
Kelly asks what is going on and Kim tells her that she didn't give
permission for her dress to be worn. Kelly explains that Chris told
her permission had been given.

Cathy and Rachel win the fun run.

Steve is at the end of the fun run and tells Tony that the outdoor
adventure idea may work. He tells Tony that they will speak about it

Mandy catches up with Paddy and tells him she still loves him, but she
isn't ready for marriage.

A prowler is looking into the windows at Home Farm.

Andy is trying to light a fire to cook his beans but the matches are
He ends up sharing a meal of cold beans with his puppy.

Back at Home Farm the nanny hears something and goes to investigate.
She bumps into Steve and Chris coming back from the party.
Kim arrives and starts to give Chris grief over the dress incident.
The nanny give's out a scream and shouts for Mrs. Tate.
The nanny comes back screaming into the room, Kim slaps her face and
asks what is going on.
The nanny tells Kim that James is gone.

And that's where it ended.



Update - Monday 22 December 1997 (1 Hour Specia Extra Episodel)

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