Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1997
#2303-2304 --- 30 December - 31 December 1997

Updated 18th October 2002
Finished 31st July 2004

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NOTE: these episodes onwards are based on the officially released synopsis.

Finally thanks to Stevee who is allowing us to put up all the updates he posted to the Emmerdale Newsgroup back in 1997. . Others have been linked at the appropriate dates.

Episode #2303

Original Airdate ITV Tuesday 30 December 1997 at 7pm

{Granada Plus - Tue 22 Oct 2002)

Jack acts like a new man when Sarah agrees to take him back.
Kim wants to meet her blackmailing tormentor.
Ned visits Jan in a psychiatric ward after her breakdown.

Cast List Clive Hornby, Alyson Spiro, Paul Opacic, Roberta Kerr

Jack Sugden is like a new man when Sarah agrees to take him back. He convinces her his affair with Rachel is truly over, but he must still prove he really means it as Sarah lays down some basic ground rules. It's all great news for Robert who can't wait for his dad's return.

Kim is still getting blackmail calls and is insistent she must go and meet her tormentor. Steve tell her he doesn't think it's a good idea as her life may be in danger.

Ned Visits Jan in a psychiatric ward after her breakdown and is heartened when she rushes to him for comfort. But when she tells him she needs to get home to take care of baby Dave and the family, he realises she needs more help.

Marlon chances his arm at the Dingle's pleading to be taken back into the family fold. Lisa begs the family to listen to him but Zak is having none of it. Marlon broke the Dingle rule - family first and is warned never to darken their door again.

Click here to read a more detailed updated by SteveeUpdate - Tuesday 30 December 1997


Yorkshire Television Review :-

PART 1 - Mandy is moving in Marlon's old flat ; Butch & Sam are moving her furniture in ; Lisa still regrets disowning Marlon, but the rest of the family are resolved - he is no longer a Dingle ; Vic is throwing out his ridiculous clothes from last night ; Viv tells Kelly to stay away from Roy after what has happened to Jan ; Kathy arrives at the tearooms to find Betty deep in thought ; she doesn't know what to think about Jan kidnapping James ; she blames Kim, but then Kathy explains how she felt when Alice was kidnapped & Betty changes her mind & blames Jan again ; they are both shocked to see Marlon appear from behind the bar ; he has obviously slept there ; Roy breaks down with Kelly when she offers sympathy ; Carmel calls at the ugdens to see Andy ; they act strange because Jack is not there ; he turns up though ; Kelly & Roy talk about Jan ; she then ruins it when she asks about Biff ; Ned visits Jan ; she expects to come home & still thinks that James washer baby Dave ; Marlon looks rough after his night behind the bar ; Kathy persuades him to speak to Sam & he fools him ; Jan gets hysterical when she is prevented from going home ; Jack & Sarah are relying on Andy not saying anything to Carmel about their split ; Jack uses this to try & get Sarah to let him move back into the farm ; Eric offers to buy the Dingles drinks for chucking Marlon out ; they take advantage ; Marieke has sent a postcard to the Woolpack with the picture of Vic & Terry on it ; Viv & Mandy have a good laugh ; Sarah decides that Jack can move back in, but with conditions.

PART 2 - Sarah tells Jack that he must do his own cooking,
washing, cleaning & he must sleep in the spare bedroom ;
she is enjoying punishing him ; Ned speaks to a
psychiatrist about Jan ; Kim admits to Steve that she
cannot face seeing Roy ; she feels bad that she is always
involved in the Glovers problems ; Ned is told that Jan is
suffering from a psychotic depression ; Jack & Sarah tell
Robert & Andy that Jack is moving back in ; they are really
pleased ; Viv has had the picture of Vic & Terry blown up ; she thinks it is funny, but Kelly isn't impressed ; Roy is fed up when Betty calls at the Glovers to bring a casserole
; he thinks that she is just being nosy ; Ned thanks her
though ; the Dingles are playing snooker with tangerines ;
Butch tries to make Sam see that he is not supposed to talk
to Marlon ; he then turns up at the house to ask to be let
back into the family ; Zak remains hard ; Betty & Kathy
have a drink together ; Alan is glad that Terry & Vic are
friends now after the joke that Marieke played on them ;
Mandy is kind to Ned & Roy when they come to the Woolpack ;
Steve catches Kim on the phone arranging to meet the
blackmailer ; Zak calls Marlon "smarmy & scheming" & Butch
throws him out ; Steve & Kim row as she insists on
arranging to meet the blackmailer.

Episode #2304

Original Airdate ITV Wednesday 31 December 1997

{Granada Plus - Wed 23rd Oct 2002)

Kim meets her blackmailer.
Roy is upset when he visits his mother in hospital.
Robert can't wait to tell Rachel that his dad is coming home.

Cast List Clive Hornby, Alyson Spiro, Paul Opacic, Roberta Kerr

Kim agrees to meet the blackmailer at the Tate quarry to listen to his demands. He wants £50,000 to keep quiet about the 'lady in the lade' affair - and reveals he also has video tape evidence of her involvement. Unbeknown to both, Steve watches anxiously from the quarry top.

Jack starts to move his tings back to the farm. Robert cant' wait to tell Rachel his dad is coming home.

Mandy and Paddy decide to christen her new flat but are caught out in mid-passion when a pig appears at the door. It seems Sam was stuck for somewhere to hid Zak's birthday present.

Roy is upset when he visits his mother in hospital and she fails to recognise him.

Kathy agrees that Marlon can lodge with her until he finds somewhere to live.

And Tony finds a new backer for his outdoors activities centre when Steve pulls out.

click here to Read Stevee's detailed Update - Wednesday (wrongly labelled as Tuesday) 31 December 1997


Yorkshire Television Review :-


PART 1 - Betty spots Jack moving out of the cottage & is shocked when he tells her that he is moving back in with Sarah & the children ; she disapproves ; Marlon slept rough last night & looks terrible ; Betty takes pity on him ; Steve wants Kim to let him deal with the blackmailer, but she refuses & tells him that if he interferes, she will call off the engagement ; the Dingles discuss Zak's birthday next week ; Butch & Sam have planned a surprise present for him ; Zak seems depressed about it all ; Jack moves his stuff back into the farm ; Sarah doesn't want him to take it all for granted ; Ned wants to start work as soon as possible ; Rachel has an awkward meeting with Robert in the post office ; he takes great delight in telling her that his dad is moving back in with them today ; Marlon is just about to enjoy a breakfast in the tearooms when Butch comes in & covers the plate with salt ; Mandy invites Paddy back to her flat this afternoon ; Chris has oticed that Kim & Steve are having problems ; he takes delight in mentioning it & then offers to talk to Tonyabout his business scheme ; Roy doesn't want to go & see his mum, but Ned forces him ; Mandy & Paddy arrive at her flat to find Butch & Sam behaving strangely ; she can't wait to get him inside ; Lisa pretends that she has forgotten Zak's birthday next week ; Alan has had the photograph of Terry & Vic framed ; Mandy is wearing sexy lingerie, but she & Paddy's love life is interrupted when a pig appears from under a table.

PART 2 - Butch & Sam have bought the pig for their dad's
birthday ; Mandy is furious with them for leaving it in her
flat ; Butch is pleased that he disturbed Paddy's passion ;
Jan looks at a baby picture ; Roy & Ned arrive to visit her
; Kim is leaving to meet the blackmailer ; Steve has a last
attempt to stop her going ; Kathy is fed up having Marlon
looking such a mess sitting in the tearooms all day ; she
ends up agreeing to let him stay with her for a few days
after pressure from Eric ; Jan has ignored Roy all
afternoon ; Zak wants to know what everyone is whispering about behind his back ; Kim meets the blackmailer ; he
forces her to drive to the quarry ; Kelly meets up with Roy
; he tells her that his mum seems to have forgotten him ;
Paddy has noticed some cows on some Woodland near the
Sugdens ; Jack tells him that they probably belong to Jed
Outhwaite ; he has nipped into the Woolpack for a quick
pint ; Alan tells him that he is glad to see him back with
Sarah ; Paddy is exhausted after his afternoon with Mandy ;
the blackmailer reminds Kim that she arranged the murder of
the lady in the lake ; he checks that she is not bugged
before speaking ; Zoe offers to send Jan some flowers, but
Ned is short with her ; Jack is about to leave when Rachel
walks in the pub, they exchange a few words ; the
blackmailer tells Kim that he wants #50,000 & that he has
got a video of her setting up the deal to murder her
lookalike just to frame Frank ; they are watched by Steve.


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