Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1997
#2300-2302 --- 24 December - 26 December 1997

Updated 12th October 2002
Finished 31st July 2004

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NOTE: these episodes onwards are based on the officially released synopsis.

Finally thanks to Stevee who is allowing us to put up all the updates he posted to the Emmerdale Newsgroup back in 1997. . Others have been linked at the appropriate dates.

Episode #2300

Original Airdate ITV Wednesday 24 December 1997 at 7:30pm

{Granada Plus - Thu 17th Oct 2002)

Who's phoning Kim?

Cast Inlcudes :-


Official Synopsis:-

Tearful Kim watches as Ned, Roy and Seth join police in a grim fingertip search for baby James. And When they discover the child's bobble hat the police are in no doubts they are dealing with a kidnapping. Kim swears she'll die if anything happened to her precious child. Steve tells her it's time to come clean, he knows she's been receiving threatening phone calls.

The Dingle's and Pollard suss that Marlon and Billy were responsible for the booze hi-jack. But there's no sign of Billy when they visit the caravan - only Spot, Andy's puppy.

Worried when he hears the news, Jack goes to the caravan and discovers Andy, hidden in a tiny corner, unconscious. The near tragedy brings Jack and Sarah closer and she invites him to join the family for Christmas dinner.

Finally Rachel gets some news to cheer her up after the collapse of her affair with Jack - she's offered a job as the local school secretary.


James has been kidnapped from Home Farm. The Police have begun a search for him. Many in the village also help including Seth and Ned - and later the Dingles..

The Police are questioning Kim and she accuses the nanny (Alison) of being involved. Later Kim tells the Police that the kidnapper may have been either Ned or Sophie.

Meanwhile another plot involving Kim is under way. But are they connected?

Steve tells Kim that she isn't helping the Police by not telling them about the nuisance calls. Kim reveals to Steve that she is being blackmailed. The blackmailer is the man who she used to hire a look alike of herself when she went missing in February 1997. The plan had been for the woman to drive around in Kim's car so that Frank would think she was still in the country, but Kim had of course gone abroad. The "look-alike" woman later turned up in the quarry lake and Frank had been charged with the murder of Kim (see early 1997).

According to Kim, the blackmailer hasn't told her what he wants. Steve tells Kim that she must tell the Police.

The Police find out about the mysterious calls and that they have been made to Home Farm from a call box at Hotten cross roads. Kim denies knowing who the calls have been from.


Jan is acting mysteriously and is seen packing a thermos flask into a bag.

Zak and Butch turn up to help Jan with the mini car which has a puncture. Jan calls Zak, Jed which is the name of Zak's father. Zak tells Jan that they have a Jack but not a Sarah, joke is missed on Jan. Jan tells them she has to get to St Mary's, Zak makes a remark about her going to church.


Eric meets Zak and Butch in the Woolpack and tells them he wants to hire them as muscle.

Eric tells Zak and Butch that Billy knows who hit Sam during the hijacking and he wants them to sort Billy out.

Eric and the Dingles turn up at Billy's caravan but they think no one is in. Butch forces the door open and finds the puppy inside. Zak thinks that Billy and Andy have abandoned the dog to starve, he tells Eric that it's no longer business, it's personal.

Zak takes the puppy to Sarah so that the Sugdens can look after it. Zak tries to get a reward but gets nothing. He accuses Billy as being the kidnapper of James. Andy wakes up, he was in the caravan all of the time, and finds the puppy missing, he breaks down in tears.

Zak collars Eric in the Woolpack and demands payment for helping him. Eric won't pay as Billy wasn't at the caravan. Eric tells Zak that Dee is waiting for him.

Zak tells Sam to explain to Dee that Eric will be along in bits, Sam say's "you mean in a bit", no say's Zak along "in bits".

Eric explains Marlon's involvement in the hijacking. Jack is at the farm and is talking to Sarah about Billy and Andy's apparent disappearance. He agrees to check the caravan out on his way home.


Rachel has a surprise visitor, it's the headmaster from the school she tried to get a job at. He tells her that he has an early Christmas present for her, its the offer of the school secretary's job.

Turner gets Betty to help him prepare sandwiches for the folk searching for James.

Turner is talking to Terry and Vic in the Woolpack. He wants to call off the Christmas lunch.

Marika comes in and Turner asks Terry to find out how long she is staying for, he comments that she seems to be making herself at home. Terry ends up making a date with Marika for Boxing Day with whispered instructions as to what he should wear.

Sarah invites Jack for Christmas day.


Kim explains to Steve that she is too frightened to tell the Police about the blackmailer as she thinks he is capable of doing anything.

Jack goes to the caravan and finds Andy unconscious.

Jan's odd behaviour is explained. She has James at the abandoned St Mary's General Hospital. Jan tells James that his father will be along in a moment. THE END!

Click here for Stevee's Update - Wednesday 24 December 1997


Yorkshire Television Review :-


PART 1 - The police have been called to Home Farm about the disappearance of James Tate ; dog handlers have been searching the outbuildings ; Kim has given the police a photograph of her baby ; she gets annoyed because she thinks they are not searching hard enough for her son ; Alison the nanny is questionned again ; the house has been searched ; Seth has called at the Glovers to get help from Ned in the search for James ; Jan is behaving strangely ; Kim is in a state ; she is sure that James has been kidnapped ; the nanny is taken home, but not before Kim has accused her of hiding James ; Zak & Butch come across Jan & the mini ; she has got a puncture ; she calls Zak by his dad's name (Jed) & tells them that she has got to get to St Mary's quickly ; they think that she is referring to the church ; the search party arrive at Home Farm (Seth, Tony, Roy, Terry, Ned & Vic) ; the policeman refuses to let them in ; Zoe arrives as well ; Kathy calls at Mill Cottage & tells Rachel about James's disappearance ; Rachel teases Kathy that she had a motive to take James ; Kim tells the police that Ned Glover had a grudge against her ; then she mentions Sophie's name to the police ; Zoe is furious when Kim tells DI Farrar that Sophie was Zoe's lover ; Rachel hasa visit from Nigel Dobson, headmaster of Hotten Comprehensive ; he has come to offer Rachel the job of school secretary as the other person has let them down ; DI Farrar questions Kim about a phone call that the nanny took
yesterday ; the man asked for Mr Tate & then Mrs Tate ; the
police know that other calls have been made from the phone
box at Hoten crossroads.

PART 2 - Steve talks to Zoe & Chris about the phone calls ;
he thinks that Kim is hiding something ; Kathy & Rachel
celebrate her job ; Kathy invites her to spend Christmas
with her & Alice ; Eric asks Zak for some help ; Alan
suggests to Betty that they make some sandwiches for the
search party ; Zak warns Eric not to involve any more of
his family in any trouble ; Eric tells him that he just
wants to frighten Billy Hopwood into telling him who was involved in the booze hijack ; Kim is not happy to see Tara ; she starts to cry & Steve comforts her ; he wants to know
what she is hiding ; she reveals that she is being
blackmailed - the body that was pulled from the lake was
hired by Kim to impersonate her ; she was meant to drive
round in Kim's car to give Kim time to flea the country ;
she just wanted to throw Frank off the scent ; now this man
is ringing her up ; Steve wants her to tell the police ;
just then a policewoman brings in a cap belonging to James
; it has been found in the grounds ; Zak, Butch & Eric
arrive at Billy's caravan ; Andy hides inside as Butch
prises the door off ; he finds Spot the dog inside & Zak is
furious because he thinks that Billy has left him to starve
; Betty & Zoe serve sandwiches at Home Farm ; Zoe tells
Betty that fortunately Sophie has been in Tenerife so she
is not a suspect ; Alan & Terry think that it would be
better to call the Christmas dinner party off ; Marieke
arrives back from Christmas shopping ; Alan wants to know
how long she is staying ; Terry talks to her & she tells
him that they can have a date on Boxing Day, but he has to
wear something special ; Zak has taken Andy's puppy to the Sugdens ; he speculates that Billy Hopwood may have taken James Tate ; Andy wakes up to find that Spot has gone ; he
starts to cry ; Zak threatens Eric with violence if he does
not tell him who was responsible for Sam getting hurt in
the hijack ; Eric tells him about Marlon's involvement in
the set up ; Zak & Butch look shocked ; Jack is worrying
about Andy ; Sarah tells him that she does not want him to
have Christmas dinner alone & invites him to spend it with
her & the kids ; he is delighted ; Steve tries to encourage
Kim to tell the police about the blackmailer ; she is
frightened that something will happen to James ; Jack calls
at the Hopwood's caravan to see what has happened to them ;
he finds Andy unconscious under a sleeping bag ; exts St
Mary's General Hospital ; Jan is inside with James ; she
tells him that his daddy will be here soon.

Episode #2301

Original Airdate ITV Thursday 25 December 1997 at 6pm

One Hour Special (Exact Running Time 48:59)

(Granada Plus - Fri 18th Oct 2002)

Will Kim find James?

Cast Includes :-


Official Synopsis:-

Kim Tate is rarely so vulnerable - but now finds herself between a rock and a hard place. Her baby is missing presumed kidnapped - and there's a strong possibility the blackmail calls she's been receiving are tied in. She's desperate not to tell the police the details of the blackmail which is about her involvement in the death of the 'lady of the lake' last Christmas. But all is not as it seems and after an unexpected visit, Kim, Steve and the police chase a new lead. Will baby James be all right?

Young Andy wakes up in hospital surrounded by the Sugdens. Social worker Carmel is angry Billy deserted his son. But can the Sugdens keep their marriage difficulties under wraps and take Andy home with them for Christmas?

Dough is desperate to win Kathy's affections again - despite her discovery about his wife. A horse and carriage arrives outside her house and Kathy, Rachel, Alice and Joseph are taken on a magical Christmas Day ride before stopping at a woodlands retreat which ahs been decorated with lights and tinsel, and laden with presents.

Zak is astonished Sam never spilled the beans on Marlon after he'd been set-up for the hijack. And Lisa is shocked Marlon could have been so devious. There's only one thing for it - a time honoured Dingle trail. When Marlon walks in, Butch reveals they know everything and Zak informs him he's judge. For a moment the wayward Dingle thinks they are joking - but not for long. Despite his pleas for leniency Marlon receives the worst punishment possible.


Subject: Stevee Update - Wednesday 24 December 1997 (One Hour Special)
Newsgroups: rec.arts.tv.uk.emmerdale

It's Christmas day in Emmerdale. The Dingle family join in the hunt for James. Kim is annoyed at the press attention the disappearance of James is creating and is also frustrated at not being able to join in the hunt. The Police want her to stay at Home Farm incase the kidnapper make's contact.

Roy and Ned are worried about Jan's apparent disappearance, she has been missing all day and its now Christmas morning. Ned thinks that Jan may be responsible for James's disappearance.

Andy is unconscious in hospital, Jack, Sarah, Robert, Victoria and Andy's social worker are around his bed. The social worker confirms she knew nothing about Billy leaving Andy on his own. Andy wakes up, bright as a button, you wouldn't have thought there had been anything wrong with him. Sarah tells Andy that Jack saved his life. Andy tells then that he doesn't know where his dad has gone.

At the abandoned hospital, Jan tells James that his daddy is late and is probably down at the Woolpack, she calls James, David.

The Police want Kim to make an appeal for information at a press conference. Kim refuses to do it.

Zak tries to get Sam to remember what happened during the hijacking. Sam cannot remember much but knows that Marlon was trying to get him out of the van to take a leak.

Marlon is cooking the Christmas lunch at the Wine Bar, Eric isn't best pleased as six guests have cancelled their bookings due to the search for James. Marlon suggests that they give the lunch free to the searchers.

Back at the hospital, no not the abandoned one, the social worker tells Jack and sarah that she will report Billy to the Police for breaking his probation conditions and abandoning Andy. She confirms that Billy won't be getting Andy back. She asks if the Sugden's will have him back as he needs a loving and steady family.

Turner turns up at the hospital dressed as Santa Claus and gives presents to Andy, Robert and Victoria. (This was the scene when Jack (Clive Hornby) was caught for This Is Your Life). The kids think its great as santa calls them by name.

Doug sends a horse and carriage for Cathy and Rachel. Kims had enough and goes out to look for James. Cathy doesn't want to go out in the carriage considering a child is missing. However, both she and Rachel end up going, for Alice's sake.

Mandy meets up with Paddy and lets him know that the Christmas lunch at the Woolpack has been cancelled. Mandy tells Paddy that he cannot come to the Dingles family meal as there is family business to discuss.

Butch and Sam surprise Kelly and Will who are snogging in a barn.

The horse and carriage takes Cathy, Rachel etc to a Christmas grotto in the woods. The driver explains the gifts are from Doug.

Kim turns up on her horse and gives both Cathy and Rachel the evil eye. Cathy tells her that it was Doug's idea for the grotto and not hers.

Jan is still missing and Roy wants to tell the Police. Ned tells him no.

Turner passes Kelly and Will on his motorcycle, still dressed as Santa Claus.

Steve tries to get Kim to take part in the press conference. Kim tells him that she is frightened in case it forces the blackmailer to harm James.

Jack, Sarah and the kids come across Turner who has run out of petrol on his motorcycle.

Ned goes to the Dingles to see if they have seen anything of Jan.

Zak mentions the puncture that he fixed for her yesterday and tells Ned that Jan said she was going to St Mary's. Kelly and Will end up in the caravan.

Billy turns up and threatens them both. Kelly tells Billy that Andy has been rushed to hospital. The Dingles are all dressed up for the meal that Marlon has been making.

Zak tells Marlon that they have some questions to ask him about the hijacking. Zak explains that the charges against Marlon are so great that a Special Dingle Court is to convened, the first since Uncle Zebadiah set up home with a Swaledale sheep. Butch is to act as prosecutor and Sam as defence. Marlon is charged with setting up a member of the Dingle family for a severe pasting.

Marlon admits his deal with Billy over the hijacking but explains that Sam getting hurt was a mistake. Marlon is pronounced guilty.

Cathy and Rachel are back home and feel guilty about Kim catching them enjoying themselves.

Roy and Ned turn up at St Mary's church. Ned realises that Jan will be at St Mary's Maternity Hospital.

Billy is looking for Andy at the hospital. He learns that Andy has gone to the Sugden's. Back at the Special Dingle Court, Zak pronounces the sentence that Marlon is no longer a Dingle and must not communicate with any member of the dingle family. Zak tells Marlon that he has 10 seconds to get out of the house. Marlon makes his escape.

Roy goes to see Kim and tells her that she must promise not to tell the Police what he is going to tell her. He tells her that Ned thinks Jan has kidnapped James. They both rush off to find Jan, Kim telling Roy to go ahead whilst she gets her bag. Ned arrives at the Maternity Hospital and see's a light on in an upstairs window.

Eric finds Marlon in the Wine Bar. Marlon tells Eric that he has been thrown out and needs somewhere to chill out. Eric gets Marlon to cook him and Dee a meal, the reward being a blanket and the chance to sleep on the kitchen floor.

Terry and Vic continue to vie for Marika's attention, she in turn is playing one against the other.

Dee gives Marlon a key to the flat and tells him he can sleep on the sofa when she and Eric have gone to bed.

Ned finds Jan and James. Jan tells him that she is glad he is home before David goes to bed. It is clear that Jan is living in the past and thinks James is actually her son David.

Billy goes to the Sugdens looking for Andy. The family, including Andy are sitting round the fire enjoying themselves. Billy is in tears and leaves a card for Andy outside the door.

Having finished their Christmas lunch, Zak tells Butch that as it's Christmas he can wash up. Jack and sarah are having a cosy chat.

Jack wants to apologise and explain his relationship with Rachel. Sarah tells him that she doesn't want to get back together yet.

Kim and Roy come into the hospital and fins Jan, Ned and James (David). Jan doesn't recognise Roy so Roy passes himself off as a nurse. He tells Jan that he needs to take James (David) for some tests, Jan hands the baby over. Roy passes the baby over to Kim who in turn shouts to the Police that they can come in and arrest Jan. Roy shouts at Kim that they had agreed the Police wouldn't be involved. The scene/episode ends with Kim craddling James and Jan being arrested.

Cheers Steve Stevee@globalnet.co.uk From Whitley Bay North East England ( Christmas has been and gone, same with New Years Eve, back to normal I suppose)

Click here for Stevee's Update - Thursday 25th December 1997 (One Hour Special) [Note wrongly labelled as Wed 24th]


Yorkshire Television Review :-


PART 1 - the media have gathered outside Home Farm ; the Dingles have arrived to help with the search party ; Kim is getting desperate ; Ned & Roy wonder where Jan has got to ; she has not come home ; Ned starts to worry that she may have taken James as some sort of revenge on Kim ; Sarah & Jack are by Andy's hospital bedside ; Carmel, his social worker has come to visit ; she is angry that Billy left Andy to starve in the caravan ; Andy wakes up ; Robert tells him that Spot is fine & that he has got some presents waiting for him under the tree ; Andy doesn't want to gethis dad into trouble ; Rachel arrives to spend Christmas Day with Kathy & Alice ; Jan is calling James by David's name ; she seems to be living in the past & starts to talk about the new barmaid at the Woolpack (Dolly Acaster) ; DI Farrar tries to force Kim to make an appeal for James's return through the media ; she can't face that though ; Zak questions Sam about the hijack ; he wants to know about Marlon's part ; Sam drops Marlon in it unintentionally & Butch swears revenge ; Marlon is stuffing a giant turkey, but Eric is depressed because they have had loads of cancellations due to the search for James ; Marlon tells Eric that he should turn this to his advantage by feeding the searchers & police ; Eric isn't interested until Marlonpoints out that Alan Turner will only do it if he doesn't ; lan is going somewhere mysteriously with a bag ; DI Farrartells Steve to try & persuade Kim to talk to the press ; Ned has come to Home Farm ; he is still worrying that Jan has
had something to do with James's disappearance ; Carmel
tells Jack & Sarah that Billy has broken the conditions of
his bail & neglected his child ; she wants the Sugdens to
take over fostering Andy again ; they both look
uncomfortable when she calls them a "stable family" ; Alan
then appears in the childrens ward dressed as Father
Christmas ; he gives Andy, Robert & Victoria their presents
; Carmel tells Andy that he can go home with the Sugdens ;
Rachel & Kathy are drinking to life without men when they
hear the sound of a carriage outside ; Doug has sent it for them ; Steve & Chris row ; Kim storms off outside to search
herself ; Kathy doesn't think that it is right for them to
have a carriage ride, but she is persuaded by Alice ; Mandy
tells Paddy that the meal is off at the Woolpack ; she then
tells him that she has some family business to sort out ;
Kelly has phoned Will as an excuse to get out of the house ;
neither of them want to be with their families ; Betty has
brought refreshments for Seth ; Zoe tells her that Eric is
offering free food at the wine bar ; Betty can't believe it
; Butch & Sam creep up on Will & Kelly who are snogging in a
barn ; Kathy, Rachel & the children enjoy their carriage
ride ; it ends up in the woods where Doug has left them all
presents by the side of a giant Christmas tree ; Kim rides
up & looks disgusted to see them enjoying themselves.

PART 2 - Kim makes Kathy & Rachel feel guilty ; she reminds
Kathy that Dave died a year ago ; Ned has been searching
for Jan ; Marlon carves the turkey ; the Dingles tuck in to
the free food ; Marlon doesn't know what is planned for him
; Kelly & Will look on in amazement as Alan rides past on
his Harley Davison dressed as Santa ; Kim cries again ;
Jack & Sarah tell Andy that the social worker does not know that they have split up ; they then come across Alan who
has run out of petrol ; Eric knows that the Dingles have
got something unpleasant planned for Marlon ; Seth comes
across Kelly & Will & asks them to climb some rocks by
Keller Fell to look in a cave ; Alan jokes with Robert &
Andy ; Kim's mobile phone rings, but before she can say
anything Steve grabs the phone ; Kim is furious with him &
Zoe has to comfort her ; the Dingles watch as Marlon cooks
; Ned knocks on the door & asks if any of them have seen
Jan ; Zak tells him that he saw her yesterday & that she
was going to St Mary's ; Will & Kelly come across the
abandoned caravan ; they start to kiss & are interrupted by
Billy this time ; Vic & Marieke have a walk ; she agrees to
a night out ; Kelly tells Billy that Andy has been rushed
to hospital ; Marlon has set the table for the Dingles
Christmas dinner ; they have all dressed smartly & Marlon
is made to sit ; Zak tells him that it is a Dingle family
court ; Butch is prosecuting & Sam is his defence ; Zak
outlines the case ; Marlon admits it & he is pronounced
guilty ; Kathy shows Rachel the gift that Doug has sent her
- a diamond necklace ; Ned & Roy have raced to St Mary's Church in the village ; then Ned realises that St Mary's
was also the name of the maternity hospital in Hotten where
Dave was born ; Ned sets off there & tells Roy to go home ;
Billy has gone to the hospital ; he gets really nasty when
he hears that Andy has been taken home by the Sugdens ; Zak
tells Marlon that he is no longer a Dingle ; they will not
communicate with him anymore & he has to leave the building
; he gets really upset & runs out.

PART 3 - Jan is making James some supper ; she is still
talking in the past ; Roy calls to see Kim ; he asks to
speak to her alone & tells her about Ned's suspicions about
Jan taking James ; she tells him to go to the car while she
goes for her mobile ; he has asked her not to inform the
police ; Ned arrives at St Mary's & sees Jan's car there ;
Eric finds Marlon in the wine bar ; he tells him that he
has been chucked out so Eric asks him to cook their meal ;
Marieke has arranged dates with both Terry & Vic & has
asked them to wear something special ; Mandy is planning to
take Paddy back to Marlon's flat ; Dee gives Marlon the key
to the flat & says that he can sleep on their sofa ; Ned
finds Jan & James ; she gets upset when he tries to tell her that the baby is not Dave ; Billy looks at the Sugdens
enjoying Christmas Day ; he cries as he leaves Andy his
Christmas card outside ; the Dingles have enjoyed their
meal cooked by Marlon ; Zak refuses to forgive Marlon when
Lisa pleads for him ; Sarah tells Jack that nothing has
changed between them ; Roy & Kim arrive at St Mary's ; Roy
pretends that Kim is a nurse & she hands James over to him
; once Kim has got him, she calls the police in ; DI Farrar
cautions Jan (Janice) & then arrests her ; she is lead away.

Episode #2302

Original Airdate ITV Friday 26 December 1997 at 5:50pm

Extra Episode

(Granada Plus - Monday 21st Oct 2002)

Cast Includes :-


Jan to stand trial?

Kim can hardly believe the true identity of James's kidnapper.

Steve tells Kim he will stand by her despite the blackmail threats.

Sarah worries about getting Andy back.


Subject: Update - Friday 26 December 1997
Newsgroups: rec.arts.tv.uk.emmerdale
Date: 1998/01/03

Roy and Ned are at the Police station. The Police won't allow Ned to speak to Jan until she has been questioned. Ned blames roy for telling Kim about Jan and James being at the Maternity Hospital and involving the Police. Jack goes to the farm and tells Sarah about Jan being James's kidnapper. Jack and Sarah discuss the situation regarding Andy and agree to say nothing to the social worker about being separated. Eric is up early making a cup of tea for Dee. This wakes up marlon who is still asleep on the sofa. Marlon tries to sneak out but is caught by Eric. Jan is being interviewed by the Police, she tells them the babies name is David not James. Kim tells Steve that she will not be hiring another nanny and that she herself will look after James. Kim is playing with James. Chris comes in and says "poor little soul, from the clutches of loopy granny Glover back into the arms of a woman 10 times madder". The Police arrive at Home Farm and let Kim know that Jan is going before the Magistrates that day. Kim tells them that Jan must get kept in custody because if she see's her she will kill her. Back at the Police Station, Jan tells the detective's she must go as David will need feeding. Marika has prepared Terry's breakfast. Terry tells her that he usually has a fry up. Marika explains that such a meal is no good for Terry's bad heart and weight condition. Vic has been telling lies again. Sarah show Jack the card that Billy left outside the house. Jack tells Sarah not to show it to Andy. Ned and Roy are waiting at the Magistrates Court when they are joined by Cathy. Ned is worried about the length of sentence that Jan may get. Ned asks Cathy not to tell Betty what has been going on as it will be all around the village. Cathy explains that it is too late for that, the news has spread. Steve complains to Kim about her not telling them about the blackmailer. Steve wants to help Kim. Kim tells him that she doesn't want the Police involved. Back at the Court, Jan's solicitor meets up with Ned, Roy and Cathy. He mentions Jan's name as Janice, Ned tells him that she hasn't used her full name since her mother died. The solicitor tells them that Jan is in a confused state. The social worker calls at the Sugdens. The fact that Jack and Sarah have split up is kept out of the conversation. Jan appears in Court. Her solicitor explains about the recent deaths of Dave and Linda. The Magistrate announces a hospital order under section 35 of the mental health act. Ned interrupts and shouts that Jan should be allowed home with him. After the Court case, Jan's solicitor explains that she is better off in hospital where she will receive treatment. Ned tells him that folk don't come out of those places. The solicitor confirms that Jan will be kept in hospital for 4 weeks and then will appear in Court again. Marlon tries to sneak back to his flat at the Dingles. He finds Butch, armed with an axe, guarding the stairs. Butch won't speak to marlon who asks for his gear. Butch throws Marlon's stuff to him in black plastic bags. Eric is in the post office and complains about the business he has lost due to James's disappearance. Viv tells Eric that she always thought Jan looked mad. Marlon goes to speak to Mandy but she won't have anything to do with him. Steve wants to know what Kim intends to do about the blackmailer. He suggests that he has friends who can help. Kim refuses Steve's help and explains that she will pay the blackmailer off. Vic turns up at a strange pub, i.e. one not in Emmerdale. He has his hair tied back in a pony tail. He buys a drink and sits down. Marika is having a chat with Viv in the Woolpack. She tells Viv about the lies that both Terry and Vic had told her whilst they were in Amsterdam. Terry turns up at the same pub that Vic has gone to. He asks the bar man what kind of a pub it is, its full of men only. Marika is on her way to Scotland but makes a phone call to the pub that Terry and Vic are in. At this stage neither Terry nor Vic know each other are there. The bar man answers the call and asks if anyone is waiting for a call from a lady, both Vic and Terry go to the bar. Both are dressed in silk shirts and flowery waistcoats. The barman takes a photograph of their surprised looks. (it is clear that Marika had set them up in this gay bar, both expecting to be having a night of passion with her). Ned and Roy are back home. Roy wants to go down to the Woolpack, Ned won't go as he thinks everyone will think that they are mad. Roy asks Ned if he wants a cup of tea, Ned tells Roy that he will make it. Ned then asks Roy where his mother keeps the tea bags. Ned breaks down in tears and tells Roy he won't be able to cope without Jan. And that's how it ended. Cheers Steve Stevee@globalnet.co.uk From Whitley Bay North East England ( Christmas has been and gone, same with New Years Eve, back to normal I suppose)

Click here for Stevee's Update - Friday 26 December 1997


Yorkshire Television Review :-


PART 1 - Ned & Roy are still at the police station waiting to see Jan ; she is being assessed by a doctor ; Ned blames Roy for telling Kim ; Sarah tells Andy off for playing outside ; he is still recovering from his exposure ; Jack arrives & tells Sarah that Jan took James ; he does not know the whole story ; they are both waiting for the social worker to arrive ; they are going to keep up the pretence that they are still married so that they can keep Andy ; Marlon has spent the night on Eric & Dee's sofa ; he has to sneak out, but Eric sees him ; Jan is being interviewed by DI Farrar ; she insists that James is her baby (Dave) & that she was in hospital ; Kim is spoiling James with his delayed Christmas presents ; the police tell her that Jan is not likely to get bail ; Kim hopes not ; Jan gets very upset when she is not allowed to leave the police station ; Marieke has made breakfast for Alan & Terry ; Terry is disappointed because it is only a croissant ; apparently, Vic has told Marieke that Terry has got a bad heart & shouldnot eat fried food ; the Sugdens are worried that someone will tell Carmel the social worker about their marriage problems ; Sarah knows that Billy is back because she found the card that Billy left ; the Glovers are waiting for Jan while she makes her court appearance ; Ned knows that it is a serious charge ; Kathy arrives to offer her help ; Ned is upset to hear that everyone in the village knows what has happened ; Kim signs her statement for the police & they leave ; Steve wants to know why she has not yet told them
about the blackmailer ; she claims to be worried about what
he could say to incriminate her ; Toby Pearson introduces
himself to Ned ; he is Jan's solicitor ; he doesn't seem to
know alot about Jan's family history & admits to Ned that he
has just had time to catch up on the case ; Carmel visits
Andy at the Sugdens ; he asks to stay with them ; Carmel
warns him that his dad is in trouble ; Jan appears in court
; her solicitor tries to plead mitigating circumstances, but
the magistrate imposes a hospital order & commits Jan under
section 35 of the mental health act ; Ned is upset & pleads to take Jan home.

PART 2 - Jan's solicitor tries to explain to Ned that Jan
is better off in hospital ; he is not convinced ; Marlon
tries to sneak into the Dingles to pick up his belongings ;
Butch has bagged them up for him, but still refuses to
speak to Marlon ; Viv is gossipping about Jan ; Marieke
comes over to check that Vic is still on for their date
tonight ; Ned & Roy don't know what to do about Jan ; Sarah
explains to Robert that he can't say anything about her &
his dad splitting up or else they will lose Andy ; Marlon
uses the back door of the Woolpack to try & speak to Mandy,
but she is still ignoring him ; Terry sneaks out in his
overcoat for his date with Marieke ; Kim wants to pay the
blackmailer off ; Vic arrives at a bar with his coat
tightly closed ; he is also wearing his hair in a ponytail
; Marieke tells Viv that she is leaving ; Viv stops being
hostile & suggests that they have a drink ; Seth buys
Marlon a pint because Mandy will not serve him ; Terry
arrives at the same bar as Vic ; there are no other women
there ; Marieke has obviously let Viv in on the joke ; she
slips off to make a phone call ; Vic & Terry are both dressed in bright shirt & waist coat & are called to the
bar where the barman takes a photograph of them both after
the call from Marieke ; Roy & Ned are on their own at home
; Ned wonders why Jan didn't talk to him ; he feels useless
without her & tells Roy that he can't cope without Jan.

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