#2155-3260 --- 21 January - 30 January 1997

Upadated 13 June 2002
Finished 30th July 2004

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Episode 2155

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 21 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Fri 29th March 2002)

It's the day of the Dave's Inquest and Roy refuses to go. Roy later confides in Butch Dingle that Kim insists that James is Dave's son. Both console each other on their messed up familes - Butch lamenting the loss of his mother and how Zak only is looking for a replacement in Lisa. Butch concludes once something is gone, then it is best to let it go. When "some things are gone, they're gone."

Chris ignores Kim's grief as he pushes for power - demanding to know if she is going to accept his offer. She informs him that there has been another offer.

Rachel is not happy to hear of Steve helping Kim and warns him against her. Steve says she is a "puppy" while Rachel maintains she is a "Black Widow spider."

Kim tries to heal some old wounds, by making her peace with Kathy again. Kathy doesn't want to know but acknowledges that it is Kim's Birthday.

At the inquest, the events of Christmas Eve are re-counted, as is the past history of Kim and Dave's affair. Frank says Dave was a hero for saving his baby. Kim tells the hearing that she wanted Dave to run away with her, but he only came to say goodbye to her and the baby and he was loyal to his wife. Kim maintains she loved David and that James was his son - and he wasn't Frank's! Upon hearing this, Frank leaves.

The Inquest concludes that David was a hero who showed "courage and selflessness" as he lost his own life as a result of saving a three month old baby. The cause of death is marked down as "multiple organ failure" due to burnt injurie and severe smoke inhailation". The verdit "misadventure."

Jan as usual, picks up on the one negative thing suggested - as opposed to all the positive things said about Dave - and gets distressed as she felt the court implied that Dave was "too boozed up" (as a result of Linda's wedding) "to know what he was doing." The others assure Jan, that she has misinterpreted what the Inquest was saying.

After the Inquest, in the Ladies, Kim and Linda have a falling out. Kim says she lied to protect Dave's good name and to show him as a loving, honourable, caring husband (ie she left the bit out in court how Dave was going to run away with her). Howeve she is not prepared to lie to her son and wants James to know who his father was. This isn't good enough for Linda and they take their rowing back out into the corrider for Kathy and everyone to hear. Kathy makes Biff tell her what Dave really was going to do that night. Linda is left angry at her husband as well as Kim as realisation sinks in for Kathy, that Dave was going to leave her.

Steve calls at Home Farm and talks to Chris - while the others are out - and plays the part of Kim's "phantom buyer" to perfection.

Frank tells Chris that he was humiliated by Kim in court and tells her never to talk to him again - or so help him he'll swing for her.

Chris tells Kim that he is interested in paying the £350,000 asking price she wanted.

Mandy is still refusing to cook for a hungry Zak until he sorts out his problems with Lisa. She also states that the Dingle house is "like a pig-sty" and it is time Zak made it more welcoming if he wants Lisa to move in.

Chris tells Frank to get blood tests done to prove James' parentage once and for all.

Mandy offers her sympathies to Kathy and says what a wonderful man Dave was. Roy goes and visits his sister-in-law to get away from the bad atmosphere in the Glover household, however he is shocked to discover Kathy clearing out all Dave's belongings. While Kathy finds it impossible to forgive and forget.

Episode 2156

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 22 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Mon 1st April 2002)

Frank is determined to end the rumours surrounding James and arranges for blood tests to be done to sort out parantage once and for all.

Chris tells Kim he's got her money.

Zak has tidied up the house and has Lisa over for a romantic dinner. She still refuses to move in with him though.

The local newspaper has the headline "Lady Chatterley's Glover" and tells all about Kim and Dave's affair. This infuriates the Glovers. Jan wants to sue anyone who "sullies" Dave's name.

Jan and Kathy come to blows over Dave, as Kathy feels betrayed and cannot forgive him. She tells Jan to wake up to the truth regarding her son. He was a "cheating little rat."

Realising that Kathy has washed her hands of Dave's memory, Jan realises that James is all she has left of her son. Taking Kim on her previous word that the Glovers could visit any time, Jan heads for Home Farm and Kim allows her to spend time with James. Although Jan makes it clear that she hates Kim, she does tell her she is grateful for being allowed to spend time with her grandson and they declare a semi-truce. Frank interupts and is furious at Kim for messing around with peoples' lives and tells Jan that she is not James' grandmother.

The Sugdens are worried about money and Jack turns down Andy's request for £1 for sweets. When he protests Jack says if Andy isn't happy he can go back to the life he had before.

Tom has remembered Betty's birthday, while Seth hasn't. To make it up to her, Seth promises her a night out. In the Woolpack Seth worries what he is going to do which won't cost him much money. Eric offers to organise her something special in the Winer Bar.

Seth takes Betty out to the Wine Bar and Eric lays on all sorts of things. Seth has told Eric Betty is sixty-five years old and Mandy has made a cake. All goes well with the evening until Betty see's "65" written on the cake. She is furious that Seth has made such a mistake - she is only sixty-three.

Betty storms out of the Wine Bar and returns home to a shocking discovery - Kelly and Tom kissing on the sofa.

Episode 2157

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 23 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Tue 2nd Apr 2002)

Its the morning after Betty caught Kelly and Tom. Vic comes looking for his daughter - who it seems did not go home the night before. It seems Betty sent Kelly home shortly after catching her with Tom. Betty then threw Tom out as she wouldn't let him spend another night under her roof. Vic reacts violently to Betty's news of Tom kissing Kelly and is all ready to lynch the teacher.

As news spreads through the village that Kelly is missing, a search party is organised as everyone looks for Kelly.

Instead of finding Kelly, the searchers find Andy in the woods - who it transpires is skipping school. Andy is terrified by Jack's criticisms, however later they have a heart-to-heart and Andy agrees to give school a fresh go.

After spending the night with Zak, Lisa has to rush home to see to her pigs. Zak later cons Marlon and Butch into helping Lisa around her farm, so she will have more time to be with him.

Frank nearly catches Chris on the phone telling someone that he wants Kim to sign the contracts.

Kim and Jan come to some understanding over James and Kim makes it clear she wants Jan to be part of his life.

While later Frank shatters Kim's dreams for James by showing her results of the blood tests he has had done which prove Dave could not possibly be James' father.

Episode 2158

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 28 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Wed 3rd Apr 2002)

Frank's news shatters Kim's dreams as she had believed James was the last thing she had of David.

Frank is full of cheer at the news that James is definately his son. He can see a glorious future a head for James and his grandson Joseph.

Kim is still thinking over whether to sell to Chris. Chris tells her that she has nothing left in the village and they'd all be better off without her - including James!

Sometime later Chris thrusts a cheque for in Kim's hand and tells her that no one buys her sad act, so get the contracts sorted. To which Kim replies "fine, I couldn't care less anymore."

All is not business as usual at the Post Office. Butch spends much of the day trying to get his giro cashed - and even when Rachel points out the Windsor family crisis, Butch isn't sympathic. Later in the pub Lisa thanks Butch and Marlon for helping out at the farm and gives them a talking too on how her pigs need to be treated. Marlon tries to take control of the situation, but Butch points out that he is Zak's son and Marlon is nothing, so he (Butch) should be boss. Seeing as Butch has declared himself "the boss", Zak, Lisa and Marlon make him buy a round of drinks.

Kelly is still missing and with the Police not able to do anything, Vic goes up to the school in a rage - hoping they will be more helpful. He tells the Headmaster he wants Tom out of the school and out of the village or he will go to the press.

Viv blames Betty for saying anything in the first place, believing that if Betty had kept quiet, then Kelly wouldn't have run away. Viv questions what exactly did Betty see?

Tom is forced to face the consequences, when the Head suspends him from his teaching duties at the school.

Tom pleads for his job but to no avail.

Marlon is resenting doing all the hard work at Lisa's farm, while Lisa and Zak spend romantic moments together. So Marlon arranges for Lisa's pigs to escape in order for him to sell them on to a butcher in Hotten. He warns Butch not to say anything.

A panic-stricken Viv bangs into Linda and Biff and asks if they have seen Donna?

Viv goes mad at Terry, when Donna turns up home two hours later - she and Terry have been looking for Kelly in Leeds. Viv later apologizes to Terry.

Tom cries on Steve and Rachel's shoulders (as he is staying with Steve). However it becomes clear that while Rachel buys Tom's story, Steve has his reservations.

Meanwhile Kelly rang Betty's house in hopes of Tom answering. When he didn't and Betty did, she hung up without speaking. It later transpires that it isn't the first "silent call" Betty has had.

Biff and Linda decide to have romantic evening at home in front of the TV - although one feels Biff had other ideas.

While Frank is spending time with James and telling his baby the plans he has for James future, Kim walks in and has a go. Frank however says it is better that James takes after his father than after Kim.

While a terrified Kelly is left alone and in trouble when a gang of men approach her. They rip her picture up of Tom. She is only saved by the arrival of the gang's bus. The incident seems to make Kelly realise the prediciment she is in.

Episode 2159

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 29 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Thu 4th Apr 2002)

Zak and Lisa share a romantic morning in bed while Butch and Marlon are seeing to her pigs. Later Lisa decides the Dingle house needs cleaning and makes Zak help her clean up. Later in the Woolpack, Zak complains that the whole reason for Butch and Marlon working on Lisa's farm was so he and Lisa could have some relaxing time together and not work. Lisa says she has always been a worker and it looks like Zak is going to have to get used to it.

Marlon is furious to discover that someone has blocked up the hole he made for Lisa's pigs to escape. Butch denies all knowledge of it. So if it wasn't Butch, who did save Lisa's pigs? Later on other things happen at Lisa's farm when Butch's spades go missing and while he's arguing with Marlon outside, inside Marlon's plate of beans also go missing. Is someone or something else staying at Lisa's farm too?

When it is night, Butch and Marlon go ghost hunting however they soon flee in the Dingle van when they hear banging coming from one of the out-buildings.

Kelly hitch-hike's to Hotten Comprehensive where she meets up with Donna before anyone else can see her. Donna informs her that their Dad has got Tom suspended.

Seth reports to Viv about the mystery phone calls Betty is getting. Each time the person is taking longer to hang up and Seth says that they feel it is Kelly which must mean she is okay. Meanwhile Betty is refusing to clean Steve's house while he has Tom - "a pervert" - living there. While Rachel is sympathetic to Tom's plight, she is starting to realise that Steve is just interested in business and couldn't care less about Tom or the missing Kelly.

Linda is at last ready to consemate her marriage to Biff and they plan a honeymoon at home. Chris however has been hassling her again.

Frank visits Kathy and tells her that he is the father of James. Upon hearing this, Kathy goes to 'Home Farm' stables to have it out with Kim once and for all. Kathy accuses Kim of ruining everything for her as well as using Dave to try and get what she wanted. Kim tries to say that she loved Dave. However Kathy doesn't accept this and accuses her of not loving anyone including her baby. Kathy goes on to say that the baby is just being used (just as she and Dave were) in the on-going war between Kim and Frank. James will never know love and would be better off had he died too that night.

Frank apologises to Kathy for hurting her more (by telling her that James wasn't Dave's). Biff takes a wound-up Kathy home and as he leaves he tells Kim to leave Emmerdale and that she isn't wanted in the village. Chris has the last word, telling Kim that's what everyone thinks, so she should do.

Sophie comes to comfort an obviously disturbed Kim and takes her back to the main house where Kim tells her that she really did love Dave despite what people think. Chris interupts them and tells Kim that the only thing left for her to do is to get out of Emmerdale. No one would mourn her and her son would soon forget her. He then orders Sophie out as he has business to discuss with Kim. He then gets down to disuccsing their arrangement.

Kelly sends a message to Tom via Donna. Later Tom and Kelly meet up. After a bit of kissing, he tells her to come home and deny everything. He assures her the only way they can end up living together is ride this storm out for now. Kelly must do her exams in a few months time and then Tom can start looking for a job away from Emmerdale. After that they can be together. However if anyone finds out before then about their relationship, his career as a teacher will be over. Kelly reluctantly agrees to keep their love secret and Tom takes her back to Emmerdale.

Sophie finds James crying in his cot while Kim just sits opposite and stares into space. Realising the village have turned on her, Kim rejects James. Sophie explains that even though he is Frank's baby, he is Kim's too and that she suddenly can't turn off her feelings. Kim explains that she no longer knows what she feels. She walks out of the nursery saying that Kathy was right, James would be better off dead.

While Kelly gives the Windsor's a final ultimatum (this includes not quizzing or preasurising her when it becomes clear that Vic is still out for Tom's blood) by telling them that they accept her back on her terms or they never see her again!

Episode 2160

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 30 January 1997

(Granada Plus - Fri 5th Apr 2002)

Andy gets into yet more trouble.
Vic causes more trouble for Tom,
While Butch and Marlon meet an unexpected stranger.

Its the following morning in Emmerdale (from the previous episode). Andy ecourages Donna and Robert to skip school with him, particularly as Donna and Andy haven't done their homework. Andy brags how he used to always skip school and joyride when he was on Leeds. Skeptically the others tell him to go on then and steel a car. Which is exactly what he does with Robert and Donna in toe. They nearly get caught by Sarah as she goes by. Later the children have left the car and it transpires that they never actually drove off anywhere in it because Donna and Robert got cold feet. Donna and Robert complain that they should have gone to school, Andy looks up Sarah heading straight for them and Andy has to agree with Robert.

Sarah is furious with both Robert and Andy, and reflects on when Robert went missing once before. Did he not know what axiety that had caused his parents and if anyting had happened to him no one would have known because they would have all assumed he was in school. Andy says it was his idea, in an effort to save Robert from more trouble. Both get sent to their room to await Jack's return.

Viv is also angry with Donna for skipping school and tells her that she must not go near Andy again. Donna complains that no one is taking any notice of her anymore and all they ever talk about is Kelly.

Jan is still convinced that James is her grandson and believes Frank has the money to fiddle the blood tests. Even so, she'll never stop believing that James is a Glover and there's nothing Frank can do about it. This is of great concern to Ned.

Chris is still desperate to get Kim to sign the contract and presents her - yet again - with the cheque and the contract and tells her all she needs to do is sign. He asks her what is wrong with her and tells her that she looks like she hasn't slept for a month. Kim doesn't speak or sign the contract and just walks off.

A tearful Kim visits Dave's grave and pours out her heart. She tells him how much she loves/loved him and how sorry she is for everything that happened.

Later on Kim goes to see Chris and says she'll sign the contract, however she doesn't want a cheque, she wants £350,000 in cash. Chris is not best pleased, but she gives him 24 hours to come up with the cash or the deal is off.

Meanwhile down at the Post Office, Vic is not a happy man and neither is Kelly a particularly happy girl. Just as Kelly heads out of the door to go to school, he calls her back and tells her that she will not be leaving their house until he knows exactly what has/is gone/going on between her and Tom. Vic wants to go down to the school with a case against Tom. He tries to get Kelly to confess to having slept with Tom (which at this stage we don't even know if she has)? Furthermore did he force her?

Kelly is adamant that she has nothing to be ashamed of and that Tom was just a firiend during Viv and Vic's marriage break-up.

Over at Steve's, Tom is convinced he is going to get his job back, while Steve is worried about loosing money from shares. Tom foolishly suggests that Steve sells everything and gets a proper job. Steve does not take kindly to such talk, particulary from someone in Tom's sticky position. It is quite clear that their is tension building between these two men. It is left to Rachel interupt to keep the peace.

Like a man possessed, Vic drags Kelly to the school for a meeting with the Headmaster. Tom has been telling the Head that surely he can have his job back as Kelly has told the Windsors nothing happened. The Head however, says that he isn't prepared to make a hasty decision and will only decide Tom's future after he has spoken to Kelly. When Kelly and Vic arrive for their appointment, the Head asks Vic to wait outside while he speaks to Kelly alone. Kelly admits to the Headmaster that she's had problems at home and Tom has been a good listener. She even admits to once having a crush on Tom, but says that he told her that she was just a pupil and nothing would ever happen between them. Kelly concludes to the Head that she is now over her "stupid" crush.

The Headmaster calls Vic and Tom into the office to hear his decision. He has decided that Tom and Kelly should return to normal school routine as soon as possible. The Head feels that Tom was "naive" to allow Kelly to visit him after hours and get too involved with her problems, but he feels that both Kelly and Tom have had time to reflect on their actions and now feels that the matter should be put to rest. He suggests that Vic should take more time to notice his daughter and may be she will turn to him with her problems instead of going elsewhere. Vic is furious by this decision seeing it as a "white-wash" saying that Tom "molested" his daughter and he will go to the Governors and have Tom and the Head sacked.

Vic comes home and has a row with Viv (who has been working in the Post Office) after she says that they should let the matter drop for Kelly's sake as much as anything. Vic wants to go to the papers and is determined to ruin Tom. He should have been teaching Kelly "Shakespeare, not the Karma Sutra." When Viv points out that Kelly is no longer their little girl and that she is sixteen, Vic says that he is not surprised Viv would take that stance and that he doesn't want Kelly turning out like her. Afterall Viv will go with anyone "who just comes in here for a stamp."

Kelly confides in Viv that she can't take muc more of her father, but is still adamant that she never slept with Tom. Tom tells a similar story to Steve in the Woolpack. Seeing as Tom has been cleared, Steve tries to get Tom to confess, but he sticks to the story that he and Kelly have been putting about (that he was just a friend comforting her over her parents' breakup).

Betty is furious to see Tom drinking in the pub and they have a row for all to hear. Tom says that Betty had spread malicious rumours him about over nothing. She didn't see anything. He was just comforting a distraught girl. Betty however knows what she saw (Tom and Kelly kissing) and storms out of the pub in disgust.

Zak isn't happy that Butch and Marlon came home the night before (instead of staying at Lisa's farm) and ruined his night of passion with Lisa. As a result Lisa has had to go home early to feed her pigs. Zak tells Butch and Marlon that it isn't much to ask of them to stay over for one night and help look after Lisa's animals - so Zak and Lisa can be together. Despite the boys' protests that there is something strange at Lisa's farm, Zak tells them that they don't want people thinking the dingle men are a "bunch of fairies."

Butch and Marlon take Zak to the farm to try and prove to him that something isn't right there. They recount the events of the previous day, well Butch does, Marlon starts to dis-associate himself from the whole saga when it becomes clear that Zak doesn't believe them. Zak leaves telling them that they are going to stay there otherwise Butch will become a ghost haunting Lisa's farm.

Later that night, Marlon and Butch see flashing lights coming from one of the out buildings (a shed). Marlon has decided its time they investigate.

As the boys look through the windows of the shed, they are approached from behind by a man with his head covered and threatening them with a blow torch. While Butch and Marlon reveal who they are and Butch pleads for his life, the stranger reveals that he lives at the farm, his name is Barry, and he is Lisa's husband!

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