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Emmerdale Updates Week 24-26 Nov.1998 Thanks to Andy


As a result of Kim being arrested Tara has informed Laura that she wants to
sell her share of the stud. Laura is discussing this with Chris when Zoe
and Kim walk in. Chris is surprised - it turns out that Zoe has bailed her
out of prison. Laura takes Kim into the office to discuss the stud and
Chris and Zoe row about her paying the bail. Zoe says she is the only one
who knows Kim is innocent because she was there on the night. Chris gets
really angry and throws her out.

In the diner Bernice sets her eyes on Biff and asks Betty about him. She is
really keen on him, and says he looks "fit".

Trisha tells Terry that she made a mistake with Scott and that he is far
nicer. Terry is disappointed about being called nice and she makes some
remark about his age as a joke. Unfortunately he takes it seriously and
starts to feel bad about getting old.

Laura confronts Zoe and asks her why she bailed Kim out and Zoe tells her
that Kim may be innocent, no one knows for certain.

Kathy and Biff row about her plans to start looking after Alice again.

Kim sees Zoe again and tells her it is so unfair that Tara is selling the
stud when she has done nothing wrong. Zoe tells her that everyone will
realise she is innocent in time. Zoe tells Kim she will look after James if
anything should go wrong. Kim looks shocked that this could happen. She
asks Zoe to look after James for a short while so she can go and see
someone. This turns out to be Kathy. Biff is angry that Kim has turned up
but Kathy is very supportive to Kim and says she doesn't care what people
say about either her or Kim and that they should stick together. She will
tell everyone that Kim is innocent and will "wipe the floor" with anyone who
says otherwise.

In the pub Bernice tries to attract Biff by leaving a motorcycle magazine on
the bar at Betty's suggestion. Unfortunately Biff is more interested in the
magazine than Bernice. She then tries something else by changing into a
more revealing top but this only succeeds in attracting Roy, who is well
known for having no taste whatsoever........ Biff says to Roy he thinks she
is tarty.

Chris goes round to Kim's and tells her he knows she deliberately picked Zoe
as a witness because she is gullible. Kim denies this of course. She says
that if she was guilty why hadn't she gone away. Chris says its because she
has no money and that its rather inconvenient with all these people watching
her every move for her to start digging up the money. Her face drops.

At the end of the night Alan and Terry go upstairs to bed, but Terry knocks
on Trisha's door. He gets no answer so goes back to his own room to find
her sitting on his bed. They start to talk and then end up kissing.


Flowers arrive for Bernice but there is no card on them. Both she and Betty
jump to the conclusion that Biff sent them. Betty tackles Biff about
sending them but he denies it which confuses Betty as to the identity of the
real sender.

Will and Roy think they have finished repairing the car, but on its first
test drive it blows up.

Rachel offers Kathy some help with looking after Rachel. Kathy blows her
top and refuses anyone's help.

Eric finds a Steiff teddybear in some of Ned Glover's old junk. He takes it
to an antique dealer who offers 2000 for it. Eric refuses the offer. He
takes the junk back to Ned and offers him 50. Ned agrees to this very
pleased with himself, but finds the bear in the box and removes it. He says
it was Linda's and has far too much sentimental value to sell. He then asks
Eric for the 50. Eric looks very disappointed.

Scott creeps up on Trisha in her bedroom and she is upset by this. However
he turns on his "charm" and she ends up sleeping with him. She obviously
had saved a little energy from the night before with Terry.

Later Terry sees Trisha because Alan has told him he will be taking a
sleeping tablet that night to help him sleep. Terry thinks this puts him on
to a winner but Trisha doesn't like it, saying it would be like taking the
mickey out of him.

Kathy goes to Rachel's with Alice to apologise. Rachel accepts the apology
and Kathy asks her to look after Alice whilst she does some shopping.

Kathy returns from shopping upset because she has lost Alice. Betty
suggests she ring Rachel but Kathy doesn't understand why. Betty rings
Rachel and Alice is there. She asks why she didn't let Kathy know that she
had Alice and Rachel says it was because Kathy asked her to look after
Alice. Betty tries to delicately tell Kathy that Alice is with Rachel and
Kathy then loses her temper and accuses all her friends of treating her like
an idiot. Kathy then does yet another Arthur Fowler with a poor defenceless


Kelly's birthday party in the village hall. Roy goes to Kelly and asks for
a birthday kiss. She blows him out. Scott follows Trisha around like a bad
smell and Terry catches sight of this and threatens Scott. Many appears at
the party.

Eric visits Ned and tells him that the bear is worth 100 and will offer him
half. Sarah manages to negotiate this figure up to 80 for Ned. However
Ned is not impressed and says that the bear means too much to him and is not
for sale at any price.

Rachel and Kathy meet for a drink. Kathy gets really bitchy about Betty,
calling her a gossip. Rachel tries to defend Betty and then Kathy gets
angry to leave. The glass in her hand is saved from a fate worse than
death. Rachel goes to meet Betty and Graham in the pub.

Scott continues to follow Trisha around and starts to get more and more
agitated. Terry reappears and Scott then tells Terry that he slept with
Trisha. Terry turns to her and she puts on expression number two when
trying to apologise to him. Terry storms out.

Eric sees Marlon and Biff in the diner. They discuss the bear and something
Marlon says makes Eric run out of the diner in a hurry. He is next seen
talking to the vicar. He says that he wants to hold a Toy Fair in the
village hall to "put something back into the community". He says he will
pay rent on the hall and a proportion of the profits back to the church.

Alan is angry that Terry is disappeared and goes outside to find him. He
does. Terry says he is feeling old. Alan replies that he didn't think
Terry was one to feel sorry for himself. After a pause Terry says he isn't
and heads back into the bar.

Terry turns off the disco and picks up the microphone. He says Trisha is a
wonderful girl and asks for applause. A small ripple. He then announces
that she has slept with him and Scott. Alan demands an apology from Terry
and that he then leaves. Terry says he needed to know. Alan then punches
Terry who falls to the floor. Alan then demands he leaves again.

Biff goes to see Kathy. She is tearful. Says that everyone is accusing her
of being a bad parent. She cuddles up to Biff and asks him to stick by her.

Alan goes to see Trisha in her room. She says she knows he is ashamed of
her. He says he isn't ashamed just disappointed. He feels she was badly
used by them both. She says she feels badly about the way she has treated
Terry, but Alan says he is not worth crying over.

Mandy sees Terry and tells him it wasn't his fault. He says it was the
worst thing he could have done. He loves Trisha and is fed up of failure.