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Emmerdale Updates Week 3-5 Nov.1998 Thanks to Andy


Paddy goes round to Betty's to see Mandy to try and find out about the
wedding. Lisa meets him at the door and tells him she can't discuss the
situation with him.

Viv takes Donna to school, but she pretends she doesn't want to go because
she is frightened of Robert. Viv says she will sort him out. True to her
word she corners Robert and tells him to leave her daughter alone. Robert
is too frightened to argue.

Graham is back at school. Rachel tries to ask him about his unannounced
holiday but he doesn't give her much information.

Butch asks Biff for advice on women. Biff says the best place to start is
by smartening himself up. Butch says he can't afford much, but Biff says
there is a good place for second hand clothes that he knows. After a little
effort Butch persuades Biff to take him there. Biff says he will do it

Paddy sees Butch and tackles him about the wedding. Butch says that Paddy
has missed his chance and now its his turn. After much shirtgrabbing they

Chelsea sees Donna at school and tells her she can't believe that she
allowed Robert to hit her. She says she didn't see it coming. Chelsea then
tells Robert and Andy she will sort them out at breaktime. Andy says to
Robert that its only 15 minutes and they should be able to keep out of their

Biff goes to see Kathy in hospital. She is bored out of her mind and begs
him to try and persuade the doctor to let her go home. He goes to see the
doctor and the doctor tells him that as she is a victim of severe concussion
they can't let her go out of hospital for several weeks yet. Biff goes back
to Kathy to tell her the bad news.

Chelsea catches Robert in the school yard at break and starts to punch and
kick him. He falls to the ground and then she eggs Donna on to start
kicking Robert really hard. Andy runs into the school to fetch Rachel and
Graham. Rachel breaks the fight up. As they are waiting to see the Head
Teacher Donna disowns Chelsea. Chelsea looks threatening when she finds out
Donna has turned on her.

Paddy sees Mandy about the wedding. Tells her that she cannot marry Butch
because she still loves him. She is unable to deny this. Lisa catches
Mandy crying. Mandy admits that she is hurting Paddy. Lisa tells her that
she is hurting herself too. Tells her that she cannot go ahead with the
wedding, but Mandy says she will because it is for the family and the family
are the most important part of her life.

Chris and Laura are in the office. He asks Laura if she has seen Kim
because he has a message for her. Laura tells him she has gone to the
Remand Centre to see Steve. Chris goes ballistic. Laura tells him to calm
down. She says he has a nice smile.

Kim sees Steve. He tells her he is OK "considering". He wishes he could
hold her hand but she tells him no because it might give the wrong idea. He
tells her the visits from her are the only thing keeping him sane. She
hesitates then says that this will be her last visit. He looks devastated.
She says she can hardly disown him with one hand then keep visiting him. He
says he thinks they should give all the money to the police but she says
that cannot happen because the money is their future. He is worried that he
will get a really long sentence, but she tells him the police are bluffing.

Trish wishes Terry good luck with the interview at the brewery. Says she
would miss him if he left but that he would make a great landlord. Scott
hears this and when Terry leaves tells Trish that she shouldn't keep leading
Terry on because she likes him more.

Rachel takes Donna home. Viv goes mad when she sees Donna and says that
Robert has been causing more trouble. Donna bursts into tears and says its
not Robert's fault, its hers, but Viv isn't listening to her. Graham takes
Robert home and Sarah also is angry, wanting to know why more protection
isn't provided by the school.

Graham goes round to Rachel's. She is excited to see him but her heart
sinks when she finds he has come round to discuss the Donna/Rachel
situation. After a while he says it was only an excuse to go round and see
her. They end up kissing.

Paddy goes round to Betty's again. Lisa lets him in. He talks to Mandy and
she tells him that if she marries Butch the house is safe. He asks her what
she means. She refuses to say. He gets angry when she continues to refuse
to finish the story, and then he accuses her of trying to blackmail him into
providing the money just to avoid marrying Butch. An angry row ensues and
he calls her a "money-grabbing bitch". She throws him out, and then
dissolves into floods of tears.


Vivs preparing to take Donna to school Viv is already fixing for a fight
but Donna is stressed out about it and says she can handle it all on her

Chris is in the vet surgery talking to Zoe. He suggests that Steve may not
know about the money and that Kim may know more than him. Zoe isn't
listening to a word he says and starts to wind him up. She tells him to get
a life.

Doctor sees Kathy on the floor and bursts into the room thinking she has
blacked out. In fact she is on the floor looking for a stray piece of
jigsaw puzzle. She talks to the doctor and tells him that she feels much
better. He accepts this but says that she will still be in hospital for
several weeks yet. She is shocked about this, and when he has left she does
an "Arthur Fowler" with the jigsaw, scattering it around the room.

Scott is talking to Trish and trying to put pressure on her for the way she
talks to Terry, saying he knows that she really prefers himself.

Chelsea and Donna are waiting to see the Head Teacher. Chelsea tells Donna
to stick to the story and she will blame it all on the Sugden boys. Later
Chelsea leaves the Head Teacher's office in floods of tears, followed by her
father who looks disgusted. This shocks Donna. The Head Teacher tells
Donna that her general behaviour and standard of work has been disgraceful.
Chelsea has been excluded permanently from the school, and but for the
intervention of Graham she would have had the same fate, but the hope is
that Donna's behaviour will improve without the influence of Chelsea.

Laura and Kim are at Home Farm. They look very happy with themselves when
Chris comes into the room. He asks why this is and Laura tells him she has
just sold a stud horse. Chris asks her why she went to see Steve at the
Remand Centre. Kim looks momentarily shocked but tells him that it was
because she wanted to see Steve to tell him how humiliated she felt by what
he had done.

Steve gets a visitor in the Remand Centre - it turns out to be Chris. Chris
tells Steve that Kim has come into a lot of money, but doesn't say from
where. Chris suggests that Kim has taken the money from the horse theft,
but Steve says that Kim will stand by him. Chris laughs and tells Steve to
use all the time that he has on his hands to think about being much more
co-operative with the police because Kim is likely to betray him.

The buyer pulls out of the purchase of the stud horse. Kim is upset. Laura
tells her that everyone in equestrian circles will know about the horse
theft and that the only way of saving the stud farm is to divorce Steve and
Kim should disassociate herself from the Marchant name. Kim pretends to be
upset at this thought.

Terry returns from the interview full of excitement. He has been offered
the chance to run a rock 'n roll theme pub in Dundee, and he can have his
choice of staff. He asks Trisha if she will come with him because he thinks
they would make a good team. She asks for time to think about it but he
says that he needs to know by that night because the brewery need an answer
in the morning. Scott, who is again eavesdropping, tells Trisha that its
make your mind up time between Terry and himself.

The Head Teacher tells Viv that Donna was bullying Robert and Andy. Viv
says it was a mistake, but the Head Teacher says it wasn't and that she
knows exactly what had happened. Viv's retort was that the Sugden boys
obviously deserved it because they were nothing but trouble, and that as
soon as she sees Sarah she will "sort her out". The Head asks Viv if the
language of violence is often used in front of Donna, but Viv says it was
just a figure of speech. Graham then says that problem children are often
from troubled homes. Viv says "I hope you're not suggesting that we are one
of those dysfunctional families!" She looks mortified. After further
conversation the Head says that she is looking for parent volunteers for a
school trip to Bolton Abbey. Viv, of course, volunteers, but doesn't look
particularly happy about it.

Biff and Butch return to the Diner after the shopping trip. Biff is tired
out but Butch is full of himself. Betty asks what he is going to do next.
He looks bewildered. She says that there is more to romance than just
looking nice, you have to take the girl somewhere nice too. This shocks

Kathy decides to discharge herself. A taxi arrives to take her home. She
says "hi Dave, take me home". Obviously she still hasn't fully recovered
from the knock on the head.

Laura invites Chris to a night out. He accepts.

Butch goes to see Mandy. She is really impressed by his new look. He says
that he has been "done over". He asks her out for a curry the following
night and she agrees. Pleased, he leaves. She giggles to herself.


Marlon goes to the diner early in the morning to find the front door already
open. He goes in expecting to find a burglar but instead Kathy.

Zoe and Laura are in the surgery. Zoe asks Laura to let her know if Chris
continues to get too worked up about Kim. Laura says he was alright the
night before, and goes on to tell Zoe about their night at the opera.

Terry goes to see Trisha before she has got up and pesters her about the
Dundee situation. She says she still needs more time so he reluctantly
agrees to put the brewery off for a few more days.

Betty and Marlon try to persuade Kathy that she is wrong for discharging
herself but she refuses to listen telling them to get on with some work.
Betty gives her a present telling her she intended visiting her in hospital
that afternoon. Kathy opens it and it is a jigsaw.

Vicar tells Alan that he has booked a gospel group for the church hall
before the Woolpack arrangement started and has only just remembered about
it when their manager rang. Alan says it is out of the question because he
doesn't want to lose trade. The vicar reminds him that their contract
states that Woolpack business won't interfere with the running of the church
hall, and so Alan has to give in.

Sarah and Viv are arguing in the Post Office. Viv tells Sarah that she is
going on the school trip and that if Robert and Andy go anywhere near Donna
she will be down on them like a ton of bricks.

Marlon goes home at lunch time to find Roy and Scott lazing around. They
ask him for a fiver so they can go for a drink but he tells them to get lost
and if they want money they should go out and earn it.

Scott sneaks up on Trisha then pretends to be angry when she says she
thought he was Terry. Asks he if she has thought anymore about being with
him. She says she needs to roadtest the merchandise. They agree to meet
after she has finished work.

Butch goes to collect Mandy for their date and is disappointed to find out
that Lisa and Zak are going too. They get to the Indian restaurant and Zak
embarrasses everyone throughout the night. When the meal is complete he
tries to run out without paying, but much to his disgust no one follows him.
Butch asks for the bill. Zak asks him what has got into him.

Chris is sitting in the Home Farm living room listening to Rigoletto with a
dreamy look on his face. Zoe walks in and asks him if it was Rigoletto that
he was listening to. He says that he wasn't aware that Zoe was an opera
buff. She replies that she had heard about his "little date". Chris looks
all indignant saying it wasn't a date. Zoe tells him to lighten up and that
it had been ages since she had seen him look as relaxed as he did when he
was listening to the opera. He smiles.

Sarah tells Jack she is going to go on the school trip too, to pretect the
boys from Viv. Robert and Andy are really disappointed and say that it
would be a waste of time them going if she went. Jack agrees with them but
Sarah is determined to go still.

Viv and Sarah argue in the "pub". Sarah tells Viv that she is also going on
the school trip.

Alan asks Laura if she is settling in to her new home. She replies that
there are a lot of jobs that need doing to the house and she needs to get
someone in to do it. Scott overhears and offers the services of himself and
his mates. Laura doesn't like the idea, but Alan suggests that it might do
her standing in the local community a lot of good if she employs local
people rather than from Hotten. She eventually agrees that they can do the
work but insists that they do the job correctly.

Terry tells Vic that he doesn't want to leave without Trisha.

At closing time Scott catches up with Trisha and takes her back to his
place. They sneak past the sleeping Terry and go upstairs.