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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

They were previously on his site. Please go and visit: it is a great site


Bill's Weekly Blubberings 6-8 October 1998

Thanks to friends and video to aid a failing memory I have done the first of
the new weekly style update.
I have done it by picking up the main story-lines and omitting the minor
details. If you don't like the style tough! But don't worry Dionne and Andy
will be taking turns from next week so comments are welcome for their guidance.
All updates will continue to be posted up to the web site.

The Great Horse Robbery.

DI Spalding has just about run out of ideas until Chris interrupts lunch at the
police station with his thoughts. He tells Spalding that he believes that the
Marchants committed the robbery. He has been accompanied by Laura who pours
scorn on this theory, as does Spalding who points out that they have the
perfect alibi. Chris says that is theory is that the horse was stolen at lunch
time and replaced by another, disguised, horse. Spalding likes this idea and
gets the Marchants in for questioning but they hold firmly to their stories and
are released, much to Chris's disgust. Chris continues to harass Steve
prompting Laura to look for a way to keep them apart. She achieves this whilst
at the same time belittling Chris by making Steve her admin. assistant. Chris
is gobsmacked but Laura males it clear that, in Tara's absence, she is in
charge and she can always replace him as MD if he doesn't behave. Steve is
happy with the new post but still nervous and upset that Kim will not tell him
where the loot is hidden.

Ned Glover

He blots his copy-book even more by giving the boys boxing lessons. Jack upsets
all three by putting an end to it.


We meet Donna's new friend, Chelsea, who is a thug of the first order. We see
her first making a mess in the Diner and giving Betty a lot of lip. She is a
typical bully and her main target is Andy Hopwood.

Scott Windsor

Scott is forced to tell Viv and Vic all about his fling with Cass but, of
course, with the help of Miss Piggy he modifies it to make them believe that
she did all the chasing. He tells how she told her army medic husband who
offered Scott a medical discharge if he left her alone. Scott did this but the
doc. had the last laugh by making it a psychological discharge which will
affect his chances of employment in the future.


She drops a bombshell by telling Alan that she must move on. He cannot bear the
thought of her going and talks her into staying. It seems that it is all part
of her master plan to wrap Alan and Terry around her little finger. Later she
offers to help out by going to the cash and carry, getting Alan to agree to
allow her to spend some money to "brighten up" her room. To Alan's annoyance
she comes back with boxes of Rice Crackers and Bombay Mix and, of all things,
FIREWORKS, asking to be allowed to run a halloween/Guy Fawkes bbq. To crown it
all she purchased a 300.00 tv/vcr combo to "brighten up" her room. Needless to
say she is forgiven.


Zak and Butch are lodging with Rachel whilst Lisa and Mandy are with Betty.
Lisa arranges with the bailiffs to get their possessions from the house and
even arranges them a council house on the Agincourt Estate in Leeds. Zak says
no to such a move.


Much to Barbara's disgust, Mandy and Paddy get together again. The happy couple
announce this to the Dingles in the Woolpack causing Zak to throw a wobbler and
call a family conference. At the conference they vote on whether Mandy seeing
Paddy is acceptable and when Lisa votes with Mandy against Zak and Butch, the
result is 2-2. Zak then says the choice must be Mandy's to be with Paddy or to
be in the family. She goes to Paddy and gives him the bad news. Meanwhile
Barbara goes to see Viv to get ammunition to make sure the split is permanent.

Everyone seems to be trying to throw them together but Graham seems reluctant.
The week comes to a head for them when Rachel, having been drafted into an
after school meeting, dumps Joseph on a very busy Betty in the Diner. Graham
comes in to find Joseph soaking wet from spilling his drink and Betty unable to
cope. He takes Joseph to Rachel's to change him and put him to sleep. When she
comes home, Rachel rips into Graham for removing Joseph from Betty's care.


Kathy is visited by a tearful Eric who apologises for his treatment of her in
the past and even suggests that he hoped that they may have had a future
together. Later while Betty and Jack are visiting, Kathy opens her eyes for a

Well I think that is all, I am sure someone will let be know different.