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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

They were previously on his site. Please go and visit: it is a great site

Bill Sands -

Dionne's Weekly Ditherings 13-15 Oct 1998

Here it is - the first of my weekly updates. Andy (aka Chris Tate) & I
will be alternating these from next month, and Bill will put them on his
site. I will also follow his format for the mini blubberings he kindly
provided earlier this week - makes life so much easier.

Let me know what you think.

The Dingles

Mrs Kirk is determined to break Mandy & Paddy up. First she offers to
set Mandy up with her own business in Harrogate, on the proviso that she
never sees Paddy again, Mandy tells her where to go (no swearing from
me!) as she's far richer with her family than Mrs K will ever be.
In despair, Mrs K turns to her new friend Viv, who suggests that she
could buy Mandy off. Ping!! A light goes off in Mrs K's head, and she
offers to give Mandy the money for the Dingle's patch if she marries
anyone but Paddy. Again Mandy tells her to bog off, but later changes
her mind when she sees how happy her family are (aside from Lisa). Mrs K
lays down the law - Mandy has to find a fiance within a month, she has
to stay married to him for 2 years, and she must never tell Paddy about
the arrangement.
Now, who to marry? Zak provides a list which consists of the runts of
the Dingle litter, while Butch offers his services. Inexplicably Mandy
turns to Miss Piggy, who puts her one brain cell in gear and suggests
Roy. Mandy follows this up and actually proposes to him,; he takes
several stiff drinks and says no. Not even the offer of sex after
marriage can sway him.
She tries to tell Paddy, but he feels he only wants her for his money
and refuses to listen to her. Eventually, she accepts Butch's offer, but
only for money, not love (Butch is disappointed).


Now off the ventilator, but no real signs of life. She's opened her eyes
quite a bit though. Several people are keeping a bedside vigil, and
Betty is convinced that Kathy will get back to normal (the doctor tries
to tell her otherwise). Eventually, she wakes up and asks Biff about the
Diner and why she's in hospital.

Which leads nicely on to....the Marchants

Steve is doing a nice line in freaked out bloke as Kathy's showing signs
of life. Chris is taunting him constantly; the Rottweiler tries to stop
him, but to no avail. In desperation Steve goes to the hospital to see
Kathy for himself. He meets the mother of a coma victim who tells him
that Kathy will never be the same, even if she recovers. Steve is
Meantime, Kim, who has spent the best part of several episodes trying to
calm Steve down so that he doesn't draw attention to himself, is alarmed
at his change of attitude. Steve admits that he's relieved that Kathy
may not recover, as it means they're home free. A caring man, our Steve.


Getting back to being friends again, after he babysat Joseph at short
notice last week. He offers to do so on a more regular basis, as he
really likes him.
Chris hears about this and goes into his normal strop, telling Rachel
that he's not impressed that Joseph is being cared for by a total
stranger. Rachel reminds him of his fatherly responsibilities, which
he's completely forgotten about, and asks him to babysit at short
notice. He says no, but turns up the next night to do so (and to score
points against Graham).
Meantime, Graham tells Rachel that he's a widower, but asks her not to
tell anyone.


Going through a hard time, as the Teeny Thugs (aka Chelsea & Donna) step
up their bullying. First, Chelsea beats up Andy (in possibly the worse
staged fight I've ever seen);when graham steps in to break it up,
Chelsea turns on the tears and Andy gets the blame.
Andy feigns sickness to get time off school, but Sarah grows suspicious
as he makes a quick recovery *and* his watch is missing. He seems to
want to spill the beans, but Robert walks in.
Of course, Donna wants to impress her new best friend (where *is* Kirsty
anyway?) and goes on a bullying tip on her own, surrounded by
"admirers". In the canteen, after school - Andy is hounded everywhere
and is losing the will to fight back.
Donna to Andy : "I thought you were hard! Out of my way."

Yes, Terry is still lusting over our favourite wooden barmaid, and is
pulling out all the stops to lure her into his bed.Alan has been invited
to a brewery do, which he invites Tricia to, but she turns him dowm
(much to Terry's delight). He responds by putting on a load of
aftershave and a jet black shirt, which looks hideous. Mandy thinks he
looks like an ageing Tom Jones, which I felt insulted Tom.
Terry to tricia: "Do you like my shirt? I've got one in red too..."
Tricia looked unimpressed. My thoughts? Change your wardrobe, Terry.