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Andy steals from the First Aid box at Jack and Sarah's to tend to Billy's
wound. Andy thinks its too cold in the barn so suggests that Billy goes to
Ned's empty house, which he does. Quite how he gets there unseen isn't
explained. Kieran?

Andy asks why Billy has come back and he says that he has come to take Andy
away. Andy comes over all 22 year old scriptwriterish, saying "thats all
you ever do, raise my hopes then knock them down again" and refuses to go
with him.

Billy tells him they are going to Holland because he can get a job there and
at first Andy hates the idea but slowly begins to warm to it. Billy falls
as Andy makes for the door. He tells Andy he needs him. Andy says its the
first time Billy's ever said that to him.


Butch goes to the surgery looking for StudPaddy. Zoe returns and throws him
out. Butch comes over all hard and threatening and unusually for a Dingle
is quite convincing. Well done, Paul Loughran. He later tracks Paddy down
to the Woolpack where he demands to see him outside. StudPaddy thinks he is
in for a battering but is shocked to be told that Butch and Mandy are now a
"proper married couple" because they are sleeping together. StudPaddy
doesn't know whether to believe Butch or not.


Kathy tells Biff she is going to see a shrink. Biff comes over all peculiar
because he thinks its his advice thats done the trick but is deflated when
he finds out its Chris that has persuaded her. Tries to warn her that Chris
is up to no good. Almost a bit of body contact as Biff does his sensitive
caring human act as she walks out of the door. Guess who is going to be
disappointed on Christmas Day.

Chris takes Kathy to see the shrink and while they are waiting they start
talking about old times and he tells her he is buying a haulage business.
She reminds him about the time she did some driving for the company. They
laugh again and as she is called in to see the shrink he holds her hand. As
she walks away he smiles again. Two smiles from Chris in one episode.
Things can't get much worse.


Air-Wick cons an all purpose Northern actress into buying some cheap
crockery in the belief that its a designer name. Incredibly she pays 1000
for it!!!! Eric starts to sniff round and invites her for lunch at an
exclusive French restaurant in Hotten. She says she will pay and his eyes
light up. Beauty and Wealth.... What can she want with Eric? The
producers seem to have heeded our comments about the proliferation os
southern actors with this new character. Not sure how genuine she is though
as her accent spanned the whole of the North in the space of half a dozen



Eric is seen getting ready for his hot lunch date with the all purpose
Northern actress. Goes down into the Diner and gets a great deal of stick
from Betty, Marlon and Biff about his after-shave. Of course, we all know
Marlon and Biff as men of style and breeding.

At the restaurant Eric goes into charm overdrive with his date. However,
things get mysterious when she is unable to make head or tail of the menu.
Its obvious that this character has been brought in for the long term. Not
a problem as she's actually a half decent actress. Eric suggests something
from the menu that she might like as well as ordering a very exclusive
bottle of wine.

Eric spots a painting which he realises will be valuable and while eating
his meal tries to persuade the proprietor to exchange it with one of Eric's
with the difference in value being made up by the cost of the meal being
waived. Eric tries the "you'll have to be quick because I have other people
interested" line and remarkably it works yet again. Surely there can be no
one left in the whole of Britain who hasn't heard that one before.

Stella and Eric are then seen talking after the meal and the conversation
gets quite personal between them although she is very careful not to give
anything away about herself. He tries to get her phone number but she
avoids doing this telling him she knows where to find him if she needs him.
The playing it cool treatment just serves to arouse Eric's interests in her
even more. He gets on the phone to one of his contacts about the painting.
Its not explained how a painting in a restaurant hadn't been noticed before,
especially by someone who is supposed to frequent the place on a regular

Stella seems to have traded in the roaming northern accent for one of those
non-existent northern ones that always appear in BBC plays set anywhere
north of Watford. Oh well, it'll do I suppose.


Several scenes involving Andy and Billy, none of which progressed the story
much. Andy persists in bringing unsuitable food (tins with no opener etc)
and Billy keeps going on about needing money to get to Holland. Obviously
the buildup to the big Christmas storyline.

Andy, Robert and Donna are heading to school when he tells them he is
bunking off because he has something to do. Later at school Donna tells
Andy she will work out his secret soon enough and Andy tells her to keep her
nose out else she'll be in big trouble. Donna looks very frightened. She's
apparently forgotten that a few short weeks ago she was kicking the crap out
of Andy......

In the final scene of the show Laura and a workman appear at Ned's house.
Billy tells Andy to be quiet. Laura enters the room that Billy and Andy are
in, but she fails to look behind the door so doesn't notice thats where they
are. Whilst they are behind the door in a literal sense its obvious that
its her that is figuratively.......


In early scenes Paddy goes out of his way to ignore Mandy. Not easy. She
finally corners him in the surgery with the assistance of Zoe who whisks the
cantilever bra-ed Kelly off for lunch. I've heard of making a lot of not
very much but thats ridiculous. After much beating about the bush, Paddy
eventually tells Mandy that Butch has told him Mandy is sleeping with him.
StudPaddy continues to dig the hole when its too deep already by saying "as
a vet I don't recommend interbreeding". Mandy posts her displeasure at this
remark with a carefully aimed righthanded slap. She storms off saying
"Butch Dingle, you're dead".

She finds Butch at home and rounds on him telling him he's got to go round
to Paddy to tell him he made it all up. She returns later in the day to
find Butch hasn't done this and lays into him again. Butch remembers the
days when he could stand up for himself and launches into a spirited defence
asking her why she can't love him because he loves her very much. Mandy
looks appalled at this and flees telling him to keep away because she can't
stand the sight of him.


Zoe and Chris argue over the fact that she is giving evidence at Kim's
trial. She says its not her fault because she has been summoned. He then
tells her he is thinking of buying into a haulage business. She tells him
to get out of his Dad's shadow (cue moronic posting from Mr Hammond) and to
get a life and a love life. I suspect Zoe was implying the chinless one but
the faint smile crossing Chris' face suggests his thoughts are more along
the lines of a certain blonde song-strangler.


One other rather pointless scene involving Mandy and Slapper. Slapper is
seen looking at clothes. Slapper comments "thats the trouble when youre a
size 8, nothing fits....." OK, so she's not Mandy Dingle, but there is NO
WAY she is a size 8!!!!!!!!!!!