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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

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Bill Sands -


Bill's mini Blubberings 17-19/11/98

Mandy is still down about the wedding, Butch is still trying to be the loving hubby. She has to go to see her father who has got to hear about the wedding and wants to know where his cut of the money is. Ashley has told Lisa that Butch really loves Mandy so she tries to talk some sense into him. He tries to convince her that all is ok.

Tricia is feeling guilty about Terry having no work and, realising that Alan will not have him back, approaches Ashley to take him on. This annoys Alan an he and Terry become very childish with Terry refusing to take orders from anyone but Ashley. Later Ashley points out to Terry that he only got the job because Tricia begged for him, Terry changes his attitude and apologises to Alan, whilst at the same time thinking Tricia fancies him again. Tricia is seeing Scott who gives her an ultimatum that she tells Terry the truth or he will. With Mandy off for the week Alan is short of staff until Betty offers to step in as she stands more chance of seeing Seth there. (He returned Tuesday)

Unable to find a partner for her London weekend, Kathy asks Marlon, who is told by Eric that he cannot as he has promised to work for him in London that weekend. Roy steps in to stand in for Marlon. Roy is keen to get to London as he has seen a newspaper photo showing someone who Roy thinks is Alex Oakwell. He has tried to get Ned and Biff to go with him but neither wants to drag up the past.

Having had an ultimatum from Rachel, Graham decides that he wants them to go public. They decide that the best way is to be seen by Betty who will then spread the word. To their amazement she ignores their smooching in the diner only to let them know, later in the Woolpack, that she knew all along.

Chris visits Steve and winds him up by telling that Kim is filing for divorce. Steve is astonished and calls Kim in for a visit. She tells him that it is all for appearances and has to be done. He offers up an idea for them to give up money to the total of 100,000 to make it look convincing as this will leave them with 300,000 for themselves. Kim refuses. As she leaves, Steve phones Spalding. Steve is brought into the police station where he tells Spalding the whole story, saying that Kim planned it all. Much to Chris's delight, the police have Kim in for questioning and she puts Steve's change of story down to spite, induced by her announcing the divorce. Spalding can understand this and tells Steve that he believes Kim. Kim goes to see Steve the next day in prison. He wants them to try again but she tells him that he will be there for a long time as it is all over between them and there is nothing he can do to harm her.