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Emmerdale Updates Week 24-26 Nov.1998 Thanks to Dionne(Tuesday, Wednesday) and Bill (Thursday)


Aftermath of the robbery
Chris is still trying to prove that Kim was involved in the robbery,
while Steve realises that if he's going down, then Kim really should
accompany him on his descent. Kim laughs at Chris's attempts to nail
her, but his luck changes when Steve contacts him.

At the prison, Steve tells Chris about what happened on the night of the
robbery. Chris already knows the details, except for one thing - Kim's
phone call to Steve just before the accident. This will be logged on her
mobile phone bill (just as several ng regulars pointed out some time
ago), and Chris realises he can use this to take to the police.

Soon Chris is at the cop shop, waiting for DI Spalding. He is suitably
unimpressed at first, but decides to call in Zoe & Ashley to check their
alibis. At first Ashley sticks to his story, until he remembers that Kim
took out the rubbish at some point during the evening. Funnily enough,
around the same time she phoned Steve on her mobile...

Zoe proves a harder nut to crack - even when Spalding confronts her with
the rubbish theory she refuses to believe that Kim was involved. After
questioning she rushes round to tell Kim the latest. However, Spalding
feels he's cracked the case and comes round to arrest Kim. Chris gloats
quietly in a corner of the village.


Yes, Terry & Scott prove that the have finally lost their marbles by
continuing to lust after Tricia. She sneaks out of the Post Office
(again) while Terry is in the kitchen. Scott is annoyed with the
situation, and tells Tricia that if she doesn't tell Terry the truth, he
will go off with another girl (he needs to find one with a personality

Gormless bites her lip all day and not even glares from Scott can force
her to tell Terry. After closing, Terry tells Gormless that he's falling
in love with her, when Scott comes out of his hiding place (the Gents)
to tell him that he's a pathetic old man, and that *he* is with Tricia.
Terry takes the news badly, and moves out of the Windsors; he ends up
sleeping rough in the village hall. Meantime, Tricia feels sorry for him
and refuses to speak to Scott (no great loss there). Terry is grateful
for this, and tells Gormless that he'll be there for her if it all goes
wrong with Scott.

Lads, I'm sure everyone at RATUE would agree when I say - the single
life is far better than 5 seconds with Gormless.

Apres London
Marlon, Eric, Kathy & Roy (with 2 black eyes) return to the village.
They're staying tight lipped about their weekend. You know what you have
to do viewers - BUY THE VIDEO!!

The temporary Woolpack
Gotta love Betty - full of humour and good intentions, but she's a crap
barmaid. Pulls pints which are more froth than beer, serves sherry
instead of brandy, doesn't want women drinking pints, thinks Tricia's
dress sense is inappropriate - the list is endless. Mind you, Gormless
has a nice line in belts that makes Miss Piggy's outfits look like
ballroom gowns.

Anyway, the regulars aren't impressed, and Alan realises that the
situation needs to change when Gormless starts to complain.

Betty (to Gormless): I was pulling pints before you were born.
Tricia: That's because you're so much older than me Betty
Me: shut up Gormless. At least Betty can act.

Back to the plot (before I go on another Tricia-induced rant...) - Alan
finds a temporary barmaid and gently sacks Betty. Terry helps him by
persuading her to put up the barmaid.

Cue the arrival of Bernice, complete with painted nails and - shock -
some acting ability. She askes Viv for directions to Betty's, little
realising that Betty is standing next to her as she describes her as "an
old dragon". Betty is suitably unimpresed, but changes her mind when
Bernice apologises. Meantime, Bernice gets to know the locals,
impressing Alan with her barmaid skills and impressing Paddy with....
I'll leave you to decide.


Thursday 26th

The Robbery
As you may expect, most of the time was spent with the ongoing robbery story:
Kim started off in her usual cocky way with DI Spalding until he produced the
mobile phone bill when, all of a sudden, she decides that she needs her
solicitor. Steve's euphoria is short lived when Spalding tell him that the
money is still missing and therefore all charges against him are still being
considered, including the attempted murder of Kathy. Chris is really on a high
but Zoe still believes in Kim's innocence and the ep. ends with her saying that
she will help Kim prove her innocence before ordering Chris to leave.

Poor thing is showing signs that she is not fully recovered. She is snapping at
everyone and even managed to cock up an order with a supplier to the tune of
900 bottles of orange juice, then denied all knowledge of it, blaming Biff.

Once again she manages to twist Alan around her little finger to get Terry his
job back at the Woolpack.

She, the newest tart in Emmerdale, seems to be hitting it off with Betty and
even more so with Ashley who see tries to pull when he arrives in the temporary
Woolpack in his 'civvies'. Betty is quick to put things straight.

That was about it folks apart from Miss Piggy trying to find a venue for her
18th. birthday bash. Alan will not have it anywhere near the Woolpack. with the
rest of the dogs at the nearest kennels would be more fitting.