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Emmerdale Updates Week 27-29 Oct.1998

Bill's Blubberings Tues 27 Oct.

It is half term. Sarah offers the boys a pound each to do a job for her. Andy is eager until he realises that it involves going to the PO where he may meet Donna. He cries off, blaming it on a headache.

At Pear Tree Cottage Kim thanks Zoe for babysitting overnight while she has been with the police. They talk of Steve's involvement and Zoe obviously believes in Kim's innocence.

Tricia brings Alan breakfast in bed. He complains that the food tastes smokey. He is very low and says that he cannot be bothered to call the insurance company regarding the fire.

The police arrive to see Kim with a warrant to search the cottage. She tries to save them some work by obligingly showing them where Steve keeps his papers.

At Lisa's garage Zak is reading wedding advice to Butch from a copy of Brides magazine. Lisa wants Zak out of the way so that she can talk to Butch alone.

Tricia talks to Ashley about possibly using the Village Hall as a temporary pub until the Woolpack is ready. He agrees as long as the Village Hall fund gets 30% of the profits.

Butch tells a dubious Lisa that he is only going through with the wedding to get the money to buy the house.

Tricia puts the Village Hall idea to Alan who agrees. She says that it was Terry's idea but Alan says that there is no way that he will allow him back into the Woolpack.

At the farm Robert asks Ned for more boxing lessons. Ned says that he doesn't need any as he is ready to take on all-comers.

Tricia tells Terry of her idea and Alan's reaction to hearing of Terry's involvement. He thanks her for trying to help.

Robert finds Donna at the playground on his way home. He tells her to stop picking on Andy. She laughs and pushes robert away. He puts the shopping down then swings a beautiful punch to Donna's face. She is shocked and very hurt.


In the PO the Windsors are telling Terry how much takings have gone up since the Woolpack caught fire when Donna comes in sporting a bloody nose and mouth.

In prison Spalding visits Steve trying to get him to cooperate. It is obvious that Spalding suspects that Steve had an accomplice.

At the farm Viv turns up to tell Jack and Sarah that Robert has attacked her 'innocent little girl' and she wants compensation. As Viv storms off Sarah goes to find Robert whilst Jack goes after a guilty looking Ned who has been looking on.

At Home Farm Laura gives Chris the good news/bad news. Good that Steve has been charged and bad that Kim is not under suspicion. He cannot believe this and storms out.

Sarah finds Robert with Andy and says that he should not hit girls. He , rightly points out that that is a sexist remark and she comes back saying that he shouldn't hit anyone. He says that he was defending himself but she is not listening and grounds him for the rest of half term and stops his pocket money indefinitely.

Laura follows Chris outside and they have a heart to heart where he explains that he cannot bear the thought of Kim getting away with this as she has got away with too much in the past.

Andy comes in the house to ask Robert why he hit Donna. Robert says that he was standing up for Andy. Andy takes exception to this and they start to fight. Sarah finds them and erupts, sending them to their room. Jack comes in as this happens and together he and Sarah go to find Ned.

Kim visits Steve on remand. She tells of the police search and says that she is scared. He says that he will plead guilty and say that he was alone so as to take the heat off Kim.

Ashley sees a very happy Butch who says that he will tell him something as long as he promises secrecy.

Back at the farm Ned says that he was just teaching the boys self defence as they cannot be adequately protected by the 'namby-pambys' at school. Jack and Sarah disagree and Ned says that he had better find himself a place to live and leave asap.

Ashley tries to warn Butch about loveless marriages but Butch is adamant that Mandy will learn to love him in time as he loves her.


Tate'sTalk Wed 28 Oct

Jack gives Andy and Robert a list of chores because Robert hit a girl and
neither of them will admit to why. Robert tells Andy that it is well worth
doing the chores to avoid the embarrassment of admitting to why it happened.

Laura gives Chris a days work in Bolton to get him out of the office because
he is driving him mad going on and on about the horse theft. He tries to
protest but she doesn't give him an opportunity.

Kim seeks sympathy from Laura over a cup of tea. Tells her that she thinks
everyone still believes that she was involved with the theft. Laura says
that isn't the case and that she believes her but admits that Chris is still
obsessed with the situation. Kim tells Laura how the feud with Chris
started. She thinks he may have had a thing for her and that "it must be
hard being for him now he's in a wheelchair"

Tricia speaks to Turner and suggests that he takes the pub into '50s retro
when he shows her a brochure with the style in it. Reluctantly he accepts
it could be a good idea and says he will speak to the architect.

Paddy's mum is in the surgery talking to Zoe. Paddy walks in and demands to
know why she is there. She gives him a ticket for a holiday in Venice
because she knows he has always wanted to go there. He refuses to go and
tells her to stop interfering with his life. She gets up to leave but
doesn't take the ticket with her.

The Vicar talks to Butch and asks him if he realises the wedding is a sham.
He says he knows that Mandy doesn't love her but that she will in time and
that she'll be the happiest bride in the dales. Vicar keeps pressing Butch
and Butch says "Vicar, you're a man of God. If you don't leave this alone
you'll be seeing him sooner than you think".

Biff goes to see Kathy in hospital. Tells her he still feels bad about
leaving her in the restaurant. She tells him not to worry about it because
a lot of things could have happened that night and it wasn't really his
fault that she ended up in hospital. Biff tells Kathy all thats been going
on while she's been trying to promote her record, sorry, recovering from her

The Vicar talks to Paddy and asks him if sees much of Mandy. He says he
doesn't. Vicar says he hopes that he will marry him and Mandy one day and
Paddy replies that he will, but not together. There is no hope for a

Police Inspector is questioning Steve and tells him he knows he isn't
co-operating fully. Steve says he is. PI asks him what happened to all the
money. Steve says he was caught with it. PI says there is no way that he
could only have got 10,000 for a horse worth 300,000 but Steve says that
is what happened. PI tells Steve that if he doesn't co-operate he could be
looking at a very long prison sentence. Steve looks shocked.

Ned tells Jack that the reason he was teaching the boys boxing was that they
were being bullied. He also tells him that it was girls doing the bullying
"and maybe he hit the bully". Jack is shocked to find that Donna is
involved in bullying his son.

Tricia tells Terry that she is still trying to get her Dad to accept Terry
back. Terry tells her not to bother. She walks off and he ignores her
goodbye. On her way she sees Laura and accuses her and Eric of stabbing her
Dad in the back over the injury claim. Laura asks her what she means and
Tricia tells her that she is giving Eric legal advice. Laura tells Tricia
that this is not the case and she advised him to drop the case. Tricia
replies that Eric is going round telling everyone that she advised him to
sue. Laura says she will sort out Eric.

Betty, Rachel and Viv in the Post Office. Betty asks Rachel if she is
missing Graham and Rachel says she isn't that bothered. Viv says he has
cancelled his papers for the entire week and Rachel says "really?", sounding
very surprised. Betty turns to Rachel and says "if you're going to pretend
not to be bothered you really are going to have to work on those responses".
Rachel laughs.

The Vicar sees Mandy and tries to talk her out of the wedding but she tells
him that she will do whatever it takes to keep her family together and a
roof over their heads as her family are the only constant in life.


Tate'sTalk Thur 29 Oct