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Bill Sands -


Tates Talk 29/31 Dec. 1998


Very little in the way of storyline tonight, just grieving about Vic and
rejoicing about Baby Dingle. Unexciting episode brightened up by fine
ensemble acting led by brilliant performances by Terry and Viv (for a
change) and yet another performance that suggests the kid who plays Andy
should be winning some kind of Child Actor of the Year award.....

Opening scenes in the Post Office. Alan and Viv there, Alan trying to do
what he can to look after Viv. She tells him she has to go and identify the
body and Alan offers to take her there. She accepts his invitation. Later
on, she is called in to identify the body and says she wants to do it
herself but breaks down and asks Alan to go in with her. After the
identification Viv goes in the Wooly and sits on her own with a G and T.
Much conversation about this by the likes of Betty and Pollard.

Dingles in the hospital. Zak and Butch cooing over a baby which they think
is theirs until Lisa walks into the ward carrying her daughter. Embarrassed
looks all round. Lisa begs Mandy to stay in the village and after some
persuasion she agrees. Lisa is thrilled. Marlon's facial "bruising" fades
but spreads over even more of his face. The head of the Make-up artist
should be rolling as I type.

Over at the empty Glover house Billy is planning to leave without Andy,
knowing that the break-in has gone wrong. Andy isn't sure why Billy is such
a hurry to go, especially as he is so badly injured.

Brief scene at the pub - Terry has slept on the sofa - he and Dopey are
discussing the incident. Terry starts to reminisce about Vic, and in what
could be one of his final scenes in the show Billy Hartman turns in a moving
portrayal of someone grieving for a friend. Dopey, on the other hand,
realising she is the only adult left who can't act has taken to using the
Kelly Windsor approach to attracting attention. I suspect Eva Herzigova has
appeared on her last billboard.

Scott and Kelly bicker. She realises he is only interested in himself and
refuses to have anything to do with him. Scott appears to be warming even
further to his "village pervy" role and suggests he gives her a hug to
comfort her. Kelly looks disgusted and says she knows where his "hugs"

Jack tells Andy about the break-in and that Vic died as a result. Andy
looks horrified.

Zak and Butch go in the pub and Zak goes overboard trying to tell everyone
about his surprise news. Butch comments "you'll die when you hear it!"
Betty replies that there's been enough dying. When he is told what has
happened Zak feels very guilty. As they are leaving the pub Butch takes
Paddy on one side and tells him that he never slept with Mandy. StudPaddy
asks him why he said he did and Butch replies that he wanted to sleep with

Kelly goes to tell Mandy what happened. Lisa walks in and gives the baby to
Kelly to hold. She gets very tearful thinking about her own baby and how
Vic would have been a Grandfather by now if things had been different.

Final scenes with Andy going back to the Glover house and verbally laying
into Billy. Billy pleads that he didn't know that it was going to end this
way and that he only was defending himself from Vic. Andy says he wants
nothing more to do with Billy and ends up getting slapped. Billy
apologises. Andy bursts in to tears because he thinks everyone will blame
him for whats happened. Billy exploits this, telling him that is why he
must never say anything about it to anyone.


Fine episode rather spoiled by the final scene. Oh well, at least we are
heading in the right direction.


Two scenes with him pleading with Lynn to reconsider and take him back. She
refuses, in one instance making dark threats about a New Years Eve party in
Hotten in which she knows two guys who fancy her will be there.

Later at the house Will and Biff, the well-known Casanovas, are advising
Marlon on what to do next. Biff suggests that he goes overboard making a
fuss of Lynn to try and show he cares. Both he and Will point out that up
to now Marlon has treated Lynn badly. The bruising returns to manageable

In the Wooly Butch attempts to apologise for hitting Marlon, but Marlon,
with Lynn on his mind gets up and walks off before Butch has finished,
leaving Butch confused as to whether or not the apology has been accepted.


Few scenes with the Windsors. Mostly Viv going around as if nothing has
happened. Kelly is still distraught and seems to be the only one affected,
apart from Donna who is so upset she has disappeared from the village

Scott takes another opportunity to put his arm around Kelly who goes mad at
him. He says that they need to discuss "their relationship", but she tells
him that as far as she is concerned there is no relationship.

Sarah comes into the Post Office to offer her condolences but Viv throws her
out saying she is only there to "salve a guilty conscience". Kelly tells
her Sarah only wanted to help and Viv then runs after Sarah to apologise.
Sarah offers her help if needed and Viv asks her to help her sort out a
dress for the funeral.


In the diner StudPaddy apologises to Mandy, telling her that Butch has told
him they never slept together. A later scene in the Wooly has them chatting
and looking very happy in each others company until Studs puts his foot in
it (again) with another ill-timed comment about Mandy and Butch. She tells
him to get lost. This one will (unfortunately) run and run.

A new sub-plot is introduced here with Dopey making cow eyes at Paddy and
telling him how wonderful he is for delivering Lisa's baby. Kieran never
was known for subtlety was he?????


Lisa says that there need to be a lot of changes now that Tinkerbell is
here. Only the Dingles could call a baby Tinkerbell. Well, them and Paula
Yates. She insists that Zak makes his peace with Paddy which later in the
Woolly he grudgingly does. He goes home to Lisa to tell her but she is
still not satisfied. He wants to know what she means by "changes" and a row
ensues. Butch tells them both to shut up because they will wake the baby,
but Zak just says he doesn't care and storms out.


Early scenes showing Billy in a terrible state. Andy hasn't been able to
bring any food and Billy is very angry. Andy implores him to give himself
up, but Billy refuses and tells Andy that if he informs the police he will
kill them both. In a later scene Billy apologises to Andy, saying that he
was hungry which accounted for his behaviour. Andy again asks him to give
himself up, saying he'd be really proud of his Dad if he did but Billy just
returns to talking about how good things will be in Holland.

Ned catches Andy crying and he thinks Andy is upset about Vic dying, not
realising Andy's involvement. It becomes obvious that Andy is actually
trying to tell Ned what happened but Ned, perceptive as ever, misses his

Andy then talks to Jack, and tells him that his Dad is back and was
responsible for Vic's death. He begs Jack not to tell the police, but in
the next scene police officers are at the house asking Andy question about
Billy and the injury, and whether or not he has a gun.


The Glover house is surrounded by highly armed police. Obviously North
Yorkshire Constabulary (or is the new set in West Yorkshire????) have
invested a lot of money in a SWAT team and need to use it.

A gun goes off and the feeling is that Billy has shot himself. Fresh from
dress shopping Sarah and Viv appear outside the Glover household.
Presumably this coincidence can be explained by the fact that the house is
on the main Hotten road. Which makes Billy's unnoticed presence in the
house all the more curious. Anyway.

Billy smashes a window and throws the gun out, shouting "don't shoot".
Remarkably for a man debilitated by wounds, he appears at the front door
within 5 seconds but then needs to be dragged the rest of the way. Viv
realises that Billy is responsible for the death of Vic and turns her venom
on Andy saying that if it weren't for him "my Vic" would still be alive.
Words cannot adequately explain the level of overacting by Deena Payne in
this scene. Obviously she is still worn out by actually being convincing in
Tuesdays episode.......


The last real show of the year and very good it was too. Main storyline
based around the funeral of Vic with a fine sub-plot involving Kim, Chris,
Kathy and Laura.

First scenes at the Windsor household. Viv and Kelly bickering. Kelly gets
the best line, saying "first my Mum, then my Dad. Who's next on your hit
list?" Viv looks suitably stunned at this comment.

Next scene at the Sugden's. Jack and Sarah discussing the funeral. Jack is
all set to go but Ned and Sarah advise him that his presence would not be
welcome. Ned says he will pass on their respects.

At Home Farm Chris and Laura are discussing Christmas. She says it was the
usual holiday - eating too much and drinking too much. She mysteriously
comments that she already has made her New Year's resolutions. The
passionate look in her eyes suggests that the wheeled wonder is the object
of at least one of those resolutions. Chris mentions that he spent Christmas
with Kathy and it was the best Christmas he can remember. Laura makes a
bitchy remark. Chris throws a wobbler when he opens his mail to find he has
been called as a defence witness for Kim.

Much harmony in the Dingle family pre-funeral. This is obviously no longer
Zak's "wrong week"..... Zak appears to be getting ready to attend the
funeral but we later find this isn't the case as he turns up at the wake
much to Betty's disgust, which of course, she cannot resist sharing with

At the church, Laura and Chris are discussing New Year's Resolutions and she
suggests he makes some. The charm offensive fails however as soon as Kathy
walks into the church and Chris' attention turns straight to her. He even
asks Laura to move up so Kathy can sit next to him. What remains of Laura's
chin hits her chest in disappointment.

At the Sugden's Jack and Sarah are discussing Andy and Jack voices concern
about how Social Services will react to the way Andy has acted in the whole

Viv lays into Ned when she sees him, telling him to inform the Sugdens that
she "hasn't finished with them yet!" MadAshley gives the eulogy, going on
(and on) about what a wonderful father and family man Vic was. Pollard
makes several disparaging remarks under his breath.

At the burial, Kelly bursts into tears. Roy makes a move to offer comfort
but despite this she turns to Scott. Chris spots Kim at Frank's grave.
Pushes over like someone with no experience of a wheelchair (come ON Peter,
you can do better than that), then tells her she is a hypocrite. Not for
the first time, everyone's favourite lesbian rushes to Kim's defence and
demands to know when he is going to leave Kim alone.

At the wake in the Wooly Viv meets up with Terry. Terry says it was good of
Vic to stay a mate despite what happened between them all. Viv tells Terry
she is going to need a friend now. Eric loudly announces that he thinks the
Sugden's are to blame for Vic's death, with which Viv agrees, and this
brings Kelly over and she causes a scene in front of everyone before
storming out. Scott moves to go after her but Viv plays her trump card,
saying "don't go Scott, *I* need you now". Terry asks Betty if he can stay
awhile at her place because he wants to be there for Viv. Betty agrees but
Seth says he can stay on one condition "That you keep away from my woman"!

Lynn and Roy talk to Kelly to try and console her. Roy tells her he has
been through all this and knows how she feels and if she needs anyone to
talk to she knows where he is. She thanks him.

Back at the Sugden's Jack and Sarah try and comfort Andy before he has to
give a statement to the police.

Zak takes a cot back to the house to show Lisa but she is disgusted because
its really old and tells him that 'Bell will only have new stuff and not
hand-me-downs. This means that either she will have to go back to work and
Zak will have to look after the baby, or *he* will have to go and get a
proper job. He looks stunned at this turn of events.

At the Marchant's Kim and her solicitor are talking. Kim has reservations
about calling Chris as a defence witness, but the solicitor tells her that
her plan is to make Chris look like a mad obsessive, and then call up the
whiter than white Zoe to prove Kim's innocence.

A storming final scene at the Post Office between Kelly and Viv. Kelly
continues her assault on Viv and tells her that she now considers herself an
orphan. Viv eventually rounds on her, reminding her that Kelly didn't spend
much time thinking of her Dad in all the times that he asked her to let
bygones be bygones for the sake of the family and she ignored him. Kelly
dissolves into tears and Viv says "the truth hurts. Well, you can't stand
me and the feeling is mutual, but for the time being we are stuck with each
other". Brilliant stuff.