Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1998
#2342-2354 --- 1 April - 30 April 1998

Updated 10th December 2002

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This Month's Cast List includes :-

Rachel (GLENDA McKAY),
Will (PAUL FOX),
Farmer Outhwaite (TONY MELODY),
Fireman Jez (ADAM FOGERTY),
Steve's Dad Jonathan (ALAN ROTHWELL),
Sam Dingle (JAMES HOOTON),
Mandy Dingle (LISA RILEY)
Barbara Kirk - Paddy's Mum (JUDI JONES),
Lisa (JANE COX),

Lady Tara (ANNE BRECON),

Episode # 2342

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 1 April 1998

(Granada Plus - Mon 16th Dec 2002)

Becky's bombshell is too much for Tony and he makes plans to leave for Germany. But before he goes he decides to have a word with Zoe. An intense argument erupts between them which threatens to turn to violence. Paddy tries to calm down the situation but regrets getting involved.

Kathy and Rachel go on a double date with two strapping fireman.

Pollard's suspicions concerning his wife are justified when he finds Dee and Will in an embrace.

And Jan decides to venture into the village and visit the Woolpack. But although Jack and Turner giver her a warm reception, the occasion is spoilt by spiteful Viv.

Episode # 2343

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 2 April 1998

(Granada Plus - Tue 17th Dec 2002)

A knock at the door of Pollard's flat brings bad news for Dee - her mother had died. When she confronts Pollard he admits that he has been keeping letters and phone calls secret from her. The news is too much for Dee and she tells Pollard she's leaving him.

Jan gets a surprise visit form journalist Helen Ackroyd asking her to give her side of the story concerning the abduction of baby James.

Emma overhears a conversation between her mother Becky and Rachel. She is shocked to learn that her parents have split up.

Jack offers Farmer Outhwaite a job at Emmerdale Farm.

Episode # 2344

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 7 April 1998

(Granada Plus - Wed 18th Dec 2002)

Eric Pollard's world is falling apart, his wife Dee has left him and not even Kathy's intervention can persuade her to return to him.

Dee tells Kathy that she can never forgive Pollard for preventing her from seeing her dying mother - she's going home to the Philippines.

Will begs Dee to stay and offers her a new life with him, but is left heartbroken.

Pollard races to the airport to try to changer her mind but to no avail.

Ned is approached by journalist Helen Ackroyd for his side of the story concerning the abduction of baby James.

Kathy misses the company of dashing fireman Jez.

When she asks Rachel for a drink that evening she declines saying she has work to do. But is she telling the truth?

Episode # 2345

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 8 April 1998

(Granada Plus - Thu 19th Dec 2002)

There is trouble in the Windsor household when Vic discovers £30 is missing from the Post Office till. Viv blames Kelly. But, when Viv confronts her, the cunning teenager turns the situation to her advantage.

Will relents and tells Emma that their parents have split up because her mum has been having an affair with Zoe Tate.

Steve offers Kelly a pay-off to say that the miscarriage was caused by an accident, and no-one else was involved.

Paddy is unhappy to learn his mum is coming to visit him. He tells Zoe his mother will criticise his lifestyle.

Episode # 2346

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 9 April 1998

(Granada Plus - Fri 20th Dec 2002)

Scott as played by Ben Freeman makes his debut

Vic's attempt to resolve the resentment between Viv and Kelly fails when the two women begin to argue violently. But there is suddenly silence when Scott returns unannounced on leave from the army.

Tony offers Emma and Will a home in Germany. But when Becky tries to talk to him, he tells her he's here to see the kids, not her.

Miserable Sam admits to Kathy that he fears any woman he likes will never be more than a friend.

Episode #2347

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 14 April 1998

(Granada Plus - Mon 23rd Dec 2002)

Steve runs into dire financial problems and turns to an old friend Sal, for advice. But his solution leaves Steve with a real problem - his dad.

Rachel and Kathy discover that they are both being tow-timed by fireman Jez. The girls resolve to make him pay - by going on a double date with him!

Ned and Biff decide to give journalist Helen Ackroyd their side of the story concerning the abduction of baby James. But Biff starts to have second thoughts.

Becky tries to repair her broken marriage. And although Tony accepts some responsibility, he refuses to back down on the job in Germany.

Wednesday 15 April 1998



Episode # 2348

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 16 April 1998

(Granada Plus - Thu 26th Dec 2002)

Kathy and Rachel hatch a plot to get revenge on two-timer Jez. But the unlikely intervention of Sam Dingle threatens to destroy all their hard work.

Paddy is surprised when a night out with his mum at the Dingles turns into a resounding success - that is until a police officer enters to arrest Sam.

Sal warns Steve the money raised from the sale of his Dad's house is not enough to get him out of trouble. Unless he finds a new way of financing his business it will be destroyed in a couple of weeks.

Tony manages to persuade Becky to move to Germany with him. But Emma and Will are not so happy.

And Eric Pollard is finding life difficult without Dee who has left him and returned to the Philippines.

Episode # 2349

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 21 April 1998

(Granada Plus - Fri 29th Dec 2002)

The future looks bleak for Sam Dingle when he appears in court charged with assault. And he does himself no favours when he refuses to apologise for attacking fireman Jez.

Jan's worst nightmare comes true when she opens the morning newspaper to discover a story accusing her of being a menace to children. And she is knocked for six when Ned reveals that he was the source.

Sparks fly between Paddy and his mother when she tells him that he is throwing his life away with a girl like Mandy.

Will refuses to move to Germany with his parents. But Jack comes up with a solution to his problems - he can stay in Annie's cottage.

Episode #2350

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 22 April 1998

(Granada Plus - Mon 30th Dec 2002)

Steve devises a plan to solve his financial problems and it involves wife to be - Kim. He invites her to his new office complex, and she in turn asks to be financially involved in the company.

Zak, Lisa and Butch cause havoc at Marlon's Fish'n'Chips night when they refuse to pay their bill.

Jan is confronted by an angry Kim Tate who warns her to stay away from Home Farm.

Mandy tells Paddy that she is not ready for marriage and children. She wants to be a mum, but first she also wants to achieve something with her life.

Episode # 2351

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 23 April 1998

(Granada Plus - Tue 31st Dec 2002)

Jan is humiliated by Viv when she goes to collect Alice from school. Viv tells the other parents that Jan is the woman who kidnapped the Tate's baby.

Ned wonders why Jan can't keep her head down. She retorts saying he betrayed her by talking to a journalist.

Kim decides to take out an injunction against Jan to keep her away from baby James.

Kim's solicitor advises her against putting her fortune into Steve's business. But to Steve's delight Kim ignores this advice and tells him she wants in.

Lyn agrees to go out with Scott for a night - on the proviso that they go as friends. But, the night turns to passion.

Chris asks Kelly if she will be returning to work soon. But she informs him that she has not intention of coming back.

Episode # 2352

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 28 April 1998

(Granada Plus - Thu 2nd Jan 2003)

Jan's life is turned upside down when she receives an injunction preventing her from going near James.

Steve can hardly contain his excitement when Kim signs the papers making her full partner in his business.

Pollard is in for a real shock when he is questioned by the police about serving under-age drinkers.

Chris is left crest fallen when Kelly tells him that she has no intentions of rekindling their relationship.

Scott admits to Lyn that he is not interested in a relationship - last night was fun, but that's all.

Emma tells Will that she has run away from her parents in Germany and she has no intention of returning.

Episode # 2353

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 29 April 1998

(Granada Plus - Fri 3rd Jan 2003)

Pollard is furious with Marlon for his mismanagement of the Wine Bar. Not only is his reputation in tatters, he's also facing the loss of his licence.

Emma tells her mother Becky that if she is forced to return to Germany she will run away again.

Zoe offers Kelly the receptionist's job at the surgery. But the teenager can not help but wonder why Zoe has thought of her.

Steve offers to help Kim with the financial management of Home Farm.

Lady Tara visits Steve's father to invite him to his son's wedding. But she is outraged to discover that Steve has thrown his father out of his home and moved him into a bedsit.

After being offered retirement by Steve, Seth decides to make ends meet by helping the Dingles with their latest scam.

Episode # 2354

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 30 April 1998

(Granada Plus - Mon 6th Jan 2003)

Chris and Zoe investigate Steve's new business venture. And it is not long before they realise Steve is up to no good.

Jan tries to persuade Kim to remove the injuction against her. But her efforts are futile and even her husband Ned refuses to help.

It's the last straw and Jan decides that she can no longer live with a man who will not stand by her.

Pollard is served a Court summons charging him with an underage drinking offence.

Kelly begins her first day as receptionist at the Vet's surgery, much to the surprise of Paddy.

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