Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1998
#2397 - 2408 --- 4 August - 27 August 1998

Uploaded 1st February 2003

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Tuesday 4 AUGUST 1998

Episode 2397

(Granada Plus - Thu 6th Mar 2003)

Kathy Glover (MALANDRA BURROWS) is displaying all the business acumen of a seasoned tycoon.

She's made an offer to buy out Pollard (CHRIS CHITTELL) but he's insisted on an independent valuer - who he's given a back-hander to - in return for placing a higher price on the business.

But Kathy has double-guessed Pollard and arranged for another firm of chartered surveyors to attend at the same time. Pollard's man takes fright and leaves. With the licensing committee due to sit, Pollard reveals to Marlon his final plan to hang onto his business. He's going to blame everything on Dee's departure and Marlon's shoddy running of his affairs while he was recovering!

Chris (PETER AMORY) and Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL) rumble that all is not well with Lady Tara (ANNA BRECON). They invite her and her lawyer Laura (LOUISE BEATTIE) for dinner to find out what's wrong.

Both are shocked when Laura cuts the small talk and outlines plans that have wide implications for Emmerdale.

Lyn (SALLY WALSH) is convinced her sister Kirsty (ANNE MARIE JOWETT) has got bulimia after catching her bingeing on chocolate and then being sick after she ate her tea.

She confides in Rachel (GLENDA McKAY) who says she must tell her mother before it goes too far.

And Will (PAUL FOX), nursing a sprained arm, is crestfallen when Terry (BILLY HARTMAN) is forced to tell him that his dreams of becoming a professional rugby player are over.




Episode 2398

(Granada Plus - Fri 7th Mar 2003)

Legal-eagle Laura (LOUISE BEATTIE) shows Lady Tara (ANNA BRECON) exactly why she's worth £150 an hour,

She knows that to make the asset-stripping of Home Farm go smoothly she needs to get Chris (PETER AMORY) on-side.

Initially Chris seemed as if he'd joined forces with his sister Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL) to try to protect the business built-up by their father, But with a little smooth talking and a salary increase he's soon eating out of her hand.

Lyn (SALLY WALSH) forces her mother Heather (SIOBHAN FINNERAN) to follow Kirsty (ANNE MARIE JOWETT) when she rushes out after a meal. Heather is shocked to see her daughter being sick behind the village hall.

Pollard (CHRIS CHITTELL) loses his final gamble to save his business when magistrates strip him of his license. He looks a forlorn figure as he writes a sign saying that the wine bar is now closed. Pollard later tells Kathy to get her solicitor to draw up the transfer of the business ,., she's won!



Episode 2399

(Granada Plus - Mon 10th Mar 2003)

Tragedy has dogged the lives of the GIover family in Emmerdale.

First eldest son Dave died in a fire saving baby James (JAKE MEAYS), the child he believed to be his by his lover Kim (CLAIRE KING). Then only daughter Linda was killed in a car crash which led to her mother Jan (ROBERTA KERR) suffering a nervous breakdown and leaving the family.

Now, following baby James' sudden illness, Ned Glover (JOHNNY LEEZE) and his son Roy (NICKY EVANS) plead with Kim to have blood tests which will once and for all tell them whether the child is related to them or whether it was in fact her dead husband Frank's.

Pollard (CHRIS CHITTELL) pulls no punches when he brands Kathy (MALANDRA BURROWS) a vicious witch after she wins the battle to take over sole ownership of the wine bar/tea-room business.

Chris (PETER AMORY) and Laura (LOUISE BEATTIE) are busily scheming the asset-stripping of the Home Farm estate and are pleased with their progress. Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL) has vowed to fight them all the way and tries to take a sneak look at plans. But she is caught red-handed by Laura who orders her off the premises.

And Zak (STEVE HALLIWELL) and Butch (PAUL LOUGHRAN) are in the mire when Lisa (JANE COX) discovers the pair have used up two months rent money to make good their failed dry-cleaning scam.


TUESDAY 11 AUGUST 1998 EP 2400

(Granada Plus - Tue 11th Mar 2003)

Eric Pollard (CHRIS CHITTELL) has lost his wine bar - and is in danger of losing his marbles too.

Cocky as ever, he tries to make as much of a nuisance of himself, as he noisily packs crates, deliberately disturbing customers. Kathy (MALANDRA BURROWS) simply wants him out of her hair, now she's in sole charge and Betty (PAULA TILBROOK) and Rachel (GLENDA McKAY) are both happy to see him down at heel.

Pollard's sidekick Marlon (MARK CHARNOCK) has twinges of guilt about the way he manoeuvred his bosses downfall.

Kathy is roundly applauded by customers when she laces into him in the Woolpack but Marlon can sense the depth of his bosses despair as he leaves looking like a real outcast. Later, as Marlon looks for him, he can hardly imagine the horrendous scene he will walk straight into.

Zak Dingle (STEVE HALLIWELL) turns knight in shining armour to a pregnant woman.

Little does her husband know Zak is moonlighting as a taxi-driver in a car he doesn't even own. But when the chips are down the determined Dingle gets the distraught parents-to-be to the hospital on time and is repaid by having the baby boy named after him ... and with a fat £40 tip.

And Scott (BEN FREEMAN) makes an unceremonious return to the village hurled, kit-bag and all, from an unmarked military car. But what has he done to deserve such heavy-handed treatment?


Episode 2401

(Granda Plus - Wed 12th Mar 2003)

Eric Pollard (CHRIS CHITTELL) is a desperate and broken man intent destroying the wine bar ... and himself.

All that stands between him and an untimely end is Marlon Dingle (MARK CHARNOCK) who out of a sense of loyalty or guilt has chanced across his boss he prepares to torch his former premises.

At first Marlon thinks Eric's doing it for insurance reasons but it becomes painfully clear that in fact he intends to do away with himself as well.

In highly charged scenes Pollard threatens Marlon that he'll meet the same end unless he clears off and lets him get on with it.

Bolstered by half a bottle of brandy he pours out his emotions in a cascade of self-pity and recrimination. Everyone hates him so why should they care?

Marlon engineered Pollard's final downfall when he lost his license, and his feelings of guilt go hand in hand with a genuine concern for his boss. Deep down he actually does like Pollard.

As the night passes Marlon tries every angle to get Pollard to snap out of his malaise. But can this caring Dingle achieve what seems the impossible or are they both doomed to a fiery grave?

Scott (BEN FREEMAN) keenly avoids questions from his family about his unexpected arrival home. He's clearly hiding a deep secret ~ but at least for now he's not prepared to tell anyone what it is.



Episode 2402

(Granada Plus - Thu 13th Mar 2003)

Marlon (MARK CHARNOCK) is wrestling with his guilt over the happenings of the previous episode.

He knows that his own underhand dealings helped push Pollard (CHRIS CHITTELL) to the brink.

After all, he manoeuvred Pollard's estranged wife Dee's liaisons with Will (PAUL FOX) and he also tipped off the police about under-aged drinking at the wine bar.

Marlon's sworn to Pollard he'll never breath a word of what happened last night, but when he meets girlfriend Lyn (SALLY WALSH) he breaks down and blurts out the whole sorry stow.

Pollard meanwhile has pulled himself together enough to sign over the wine bar to Kathy (MALANDRA BURROWS) who knows nothing of the drama that unfolded on her premises.

Laura (LOUISE BEATTIE) and Lady Tara (ANNA BRECON) are plotting their next move to raise money to ease the cash crisis on the Oakwell Estate - but they could hardly imagine the hornet's nest they are about to stir.

Ned (JOHNNY LEEZE) and Roy (NICKY EVANS) tell Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL) that along with Kim (CLAIRE KING) they're going for blood tests to determine once and for all who baby James' (JAKE MEAYS) father really was -Dave Glover's or Frank Tate's.

And Scott (BEN FREEMAN) astounds his family when he reveals he was discharged from the army on medical grounds - mental not physical!



Episode 2403

(Granda Plus - Fri 14th Mar 2003)

Big shocks are in store for both the Glover and Dingle households as lawyer Laura Johnstone (LOUISE BEATTIE) pulls tight the Home Farm purse-strings.

One minute poor Zak (STEVE HALLIWELL) is offering sympathy to Ned (JOHNNY LEEZE) after he is handed an eviction notice, the next he finds himself in exactly the same position.

Laura tells the deflated Dingles they can buy their home and the land with it, if they can come up with £6,000 in six weeks. "Might as well be sixty", says Lisa, as a family council of war faces up to the possibility of life on the streets.

Biff (STUART WADE) who unwittingly delivered the eviction notice to the Glovers is furious with Lady Tara (ANNA BRECON). They were his family. How could she possibly do this to him?

Ned flies off the handle when he reads the letter and storms over to Home Farm with son Roy (NICKY EVANS) where he has some choice words for Lady Tara, Laura and Biff.

And Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL) comes in for a tough time too. Even though she wants to help fight the plans, she admits her 20% stake in the business gives her precious little ammunition.

Kirsty (ANNE MARIE JOWETT) frightens everyone when she passes out at the holiday village. A doctor tells her mother she's showing all the signs of having an eating disorder and perhaps should see a counsellor. Mum Heather (SIOBHAN FINNERAN) hopes her bit of good news will help ... she's found the family somewhere to live.

And Scott (BEN FREEMAN) flirts outrageously with Paulette (DANIELLE BROWN) while she's waiting for her date, Roy.



Episode 2404

(Granda Plus - Mon 17th Mar 2003)

A tidal wave of unrest is sweeping through Emmerdale thanks to Lady Tara's (ANNA BRECON) money troubles.

Chris (PETER AMORY) and Laura (LOUISE BEATTIE) seem to be revelling in their work selling off chunks of the Home Farm estate.

But Lady Tara herself is starting to have second thoughts. She's been besieged by both the Dingles and Glovers and now by poor Betty (PAULA TILBROOK). The first she knew of the eviction was when the "For Sale" sign was erected outside her home.

If evicting pensioners wasn't bad enough Lady Tara's lover Biff (STUART WADE) appears to have washed his hands of her, after unwittingly delivering the notices of eviction.

And there's an even bigger storm brewing when Kim (CLAIRE KING) receives notice that Lady Tara is selling her half of the stud. Kim can't afford to buy her out, and if she's forced to sell all the money will go to her creditors!

Terry (BILLY HARTMAN) is winding himself up to tell Heather (SIOBHAN FINNERAN) that their affair is over. But he's lost for words when she beats him to it and announces she's quitting her job and has found a new home. She can now devote more time to her daughters, in particular Kirsty (ANNE MARIE JOWETT) who has bulimia.



Episode 2405

(Granda Plus - Tue 18th Mar 2003)

Life is anything but a bed of roses for Biff (STUART WADE).

He's dumped his upper-class lover Lady Tara (ANNA BRECON) and has, through no real fault of his own, become Emmerdale's public enemy number one.

Betty (PAULA TILBROOK) and Seth (STAN RICHARDS) looked after him like a son, but Lady Tara's financial crisis looks like putting the two pensioners on the street.

He's keen to impress on Betty that none of this was his doing and that despite pleas to Lady Tara, he cannot stop the sale of their cottage. He's even finished with her ladyship to emphasise how strongly he feels. But Betty is in no mood for forgiveness.

Zak (STEVE HALLIWELL) comes up with a plan to save the Dingles home which involves Ned (JOHNNY LEEZE) - but he's too long in the tooth to pile what little money he has into a condemned building.

Paulette (DANIELLE BROWN) is skating on thin ice when she agrees to go out with Scott (BEN FREEMAN) and stand-up boyfriend Roy (NICKY EVANS). And it looks like the game is up when Roy and Ned walk towards Scott's parked car.

Heather (SIOBHAN FINNERAN), Kirsty (ANNE MARIE JOWETT) and Lyn (SALLY WALSH) leave the Woolpack for their new home in Hotten.

And Graham Clark (KEVIN PALLISTER) goes for a viewing of Betty's home. Later he discovers why it is up for sale and tells her there's no way he would buy it under such circumstances.


Episode 2406

(Granda Plus - Wed 19th Mar 2003)

The downtrodden Dingles decide to have a mass sale of all their earthly possessions - they need £6,000 fast or they'll be out on the streets.

Zak (STEVE HALLIWELL) is so desperate to keep a roof over their heads ... he sells all the roof slates. And in the rush for instant cash he also flogs his mountain of scrap metal and even his treasured Troggs collection!

Butch (PAUL LOUGHRAN), Mandy (LISA RILEY) and Lisa (JANE COX) round up anything that will sell from their home.

But come the time of reckoning all they have to show is ... £160. These are hard days for roguish Zak and his clan and for the first time it starts to dawn on them all that they are fighting a losing battle.

Lord Michael (MALCOLM STODDARD) comforts Lady Tara, who's all torn-up over the breakdown of her affair with Biff (STUART WADE). He tells her she should fight for what she wants - but Biff is in no mood for reconciliation when she arrives at his home.

Flighty Paulette (DANIELLE BROWN) and no-good Scott (BEN FREEMAN) sneak off for a bit of a lunchtime snog. Paulette wonders what her boyfriend Roy (NICKY EVANS) would think. Not a lot as he's been stood there the whole while watching the cheating pair!

Rachel (GLENDA McKAY) meanwhile has taken a shine to Graham (KEVIN PALLISTER) and spent the evening with him at the Woolpack. On the way home she decides to give him a kiss with embarrassing consequences.



Episode 2407

(Granda Plus - Thu 20th Mar 2003)

Lovelorn aristocrat Lady Tara Oakwell (ANNA BRECON) may be forced to sell the silver spoon in her mouth if things gets much worse.

She's become public enemy number one by handing out eviction notices to Home Farm tenants ... and has seemingly lost the love of a good man because of it.

Biff (STUART WADE) has dug his heels in and finished their upstairs downstairs affair in protest at Lady Tara's moves to make Betty (PAULA TILBROOK) and Seth (STAN RICHARDS) homeless

And if life wasn't complicated enough, confidante and secret admirer Lord Michael Thornfield (MALCOLM STODDARD), out of the blue admits he loves her, and wants her to marry him!

Lady Tara goes hot-foot back to Biff - but will this latest shock snap him out of his malaise.

Rachel (GLENDA McKAY) is beside herself when she discovers Graham (KEVIN PALLISTER), who she made a pass at in the last ep, is the new teacher at the school where she works.

Kathy (MALANDRA BURROWS) christens her refurbished American-style diner with a leaving party for Emma (REBECCA LOUDONSACK) thrown by the Sugdens.

And Steve (PAUL OPACIC) outlines an audacious plan to Kim (CLAIRE KING) that he believes will line their pockets once more.



Episode 2408

(Granda Plus - Fri 21st Mar 2003)

Kim Marchant (CLAIRE KING) has always prayed that baby James (JAKE MEAYS) was her lover Dave's and not her former husband Frank's.

And she has brought him up believing that to be the case.

Both Frank and Dave are long dead, but after James' recent illness Dave's family, the Glovers, have been desperate to find the truth. When James is ill do they need to worry?

Under pressure, Kim agreed to have blood tests with the Glovers to prove once and for all the baby's father.

The big day has now arrived. But will the bottle of champagne Kim and hubby Steve (PAUL OPACIC) have placed on ice be opened, or will the Tate's - Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL) and Chris (PETER AMORY) be celebrating the addition of a half brother?

Lady Tara has a big decision to make. Does she continue to try to rekindle her affair with Biff (STUART WADE) or does she accept the marriage proposal of long time friend and confidante Lord Michael Thornfield (MALCOLM STODDARD)?

He invites her to dine with him and finally Lady Tara makes informs him of her decision. But when she starts to cry who are the tears really for?

Paddy (DOMINIC BRUNT) is caught the horns of a dilemma when Mandy (LISA RILEY) discovers he's actually got enough money in the bank to save the family home. Paddy stresses the money is for a rainy day for the two of them. But Mandy tells him bluntly that the Dingles come as a package. Poor Paddy is stuck between a rock and a hard place and all he can do is try to buy some time to think.


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