Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1998
#2450-2466 --- 1 December - 31 December 1998

Uploaded 24th May 2003 - still needs to be tidied up

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EMMERDALE at 7.00pm on ITV1 Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Tue 20th May 2003)

Zoe is convinced Kim is innocent and posts bail for her.

But when she turns up at Home Farm with Kim there's a real danger the Tates will become a family at war. Chris goes ballistic and tells his sister he never wants to see her again!

Temp barmaid Bernice makes it clear she's after a man. Betty suggests Biff is the one for her, but when wires get crossed it's Roy who thinks it's his lucky day.

Terry and Tricia almost accidentally share a kiss and later their passions get the better of them.

Kim - played by Claire King, Chris - Peter Amory, Zoe - Leah Bracknell, Terry Billy Hartman, Tricia - Sheree Murphy, Betty - Paula Tilbrook, Bernice - Samantha Giles, Biff - Stuart Wade, Roy - Nicky Evans.

Steve MarchantKim fan cardZoe TateRoy Glover


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm on ITV1 Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Wed 21st May 2003)

Poor Kathy knows she's suffering some kind of reaction to the terrible accident she was in. She is finding it difficult to control her mood swings and is in danger of alienating all her friends - despite their best intentions. She flies into a panic believing Alice is missing, when in fact her niece is exactly where she dropped her off - at Rachel's. But when Betty suggests she out to see a doctor Kathy flies into a terrible rage.

Tricia and Terry have spent the night together. He's like a child with candy, but she's deeply upset at what she's done. Later she beaks down and confesses to Scott what's happened and the two of them fall into a deep embrace.

Ned takes a bundle of old junk from his house for a reluctant Pollard to cast his eye over. Later while sifting through the items Pollard's face suddenly lights up when he discovers a valuable Steiff teddy bear. But how can he prise it away from Ned?

Bernice receives a huge bunch of flowers and thinks they're from Biff. Her mood changes when she discovers who her admirer is.

Kathy - played by Malandra Burrows, Betty - Paula Tilbrook, Alice ~ Rachel Tolboys, Terry - Billy Hartman, Tricia - Sheree Murphy, Scott - Ben Freeman, Ned - Johnny Leeze, Pollard - Chris Chittell, Bernice - Samantha Giles, Biff - Stuart Wade.

BettyAlice BatesBerniceWill Cairns

Thursday 3rd December 1998 EP 2452

EMMERDALE at 7.00pm on ITV1 Fully Networked

(Granada Plus -Thu 22nd May 2003)

Turner was reluctant to allow Kelly to hold her 18th in his bar - especially after the way Will's birthday ended.

And he should have gone with his instincts as the bash descends into chaos as trouble Tricia's secret love life is made painfully public.

Smarmy Scott tells Terry that Tricia came straight to him after their night together. Deeply hurt and brimming with revenge, Terry takes the micro-phone to let the assembled party-goers know exactly what kind of girl Turner's grand-daughter really is.

Pollard works his devious line of patter on Ned to try to coax the Steiff bear from him. He offers money, but is shocked when Ned tells him the bear belonged to Linda and no amount of money will make him part with it. Pollard rethinks and approaches Rev Thomas to allow him to run a Christmas toy fair.

Maandy arrives back from visiting her father. Butch is delighted to see her, but her usual attitude towards him leaves him hurt.

And Rachel tries to talk sense to Kathy but is taken aback by her viciousness.

Terry - Billy Hartman, Tricia - Sheree Murphy, Turner - Richard Thorp, Scott - Ben :reeman, Kelly - Adele Silva, Pollard - Chris Chittell, Ned - Johnny Leeze, Mandy -.isa Riley, Butch - Paul Loughran, Rachel - Glenda McKay, Kathy - Malandra Jurrows.

Alan TurnerRachel


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm on ITV1 Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Fri 23rd May 2003)

The villagers take in the aftermath of Kelly's party and are clearly divided on who's to blame for Terry's outburst.

Turner is in an unforgiving mood and lays the blame at both Terry and Scott's doorstep.

Mandy and Vic stick up for Terry as both knew he really did have deep feelings for Tricia.

Viv defends her son to the hilt and says that Tricia must have led him on.

Tricia tries to apologise to Kelly for spoiling her big day, but is unceremoniously hustled out of the vet's waiting room.

None of which is of any help to Terry who has packed his bags and scampered.

Rachel's plans to manoeuvre a meeting, out of hours between Kathy and Dr Kahn, backfires dramatically. Kathy throws the past in her face in her most vicious outburst yet.

Butch tries to get Mandy to go to the pictures with him but is crestfallen when she tells him she's working, even though he's bought tickets.

Terry - Billy Hartman, Tricia - Sheree Murphy, Turner- Richard Thorp, Viv - Deena Payne, Scott - Ben Freeman, Mandy - Lisa Riley, Vic - Alun Lewis, Kelly - Adele Silva, Kathy - Malandra Burrows, Rachel - Glenda McKay, Butch - Paul Loughran.



EMMERDALE at 7.00pm on ITV1 Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Mon 26th May 2003)

There's a shock in store for shareholders of Home Farm when Laura announces Lady Tara has instructed her to sell off the entire estate.

Chris realises this might be his final chance to fill his father's boots.

The villagers gather for the grand re-opening of the Woolpack, but Seth's speech goes slightly awry when he suggests it would have been nicer had Terry been around - and that he still pines for the days of Amos Brearley and Henry Wilks.

Turner is put out but still extends the hand of friendship to his longest serving customer by offering him a particular seat at the bar with a plaque denoting the spot. Seth typically insists on trying each seat in turn and says he can only get a real feel if he has a pint in front of him ... preferably freer

With the toy fair looming Pollard collars Andy and Robert and asks them to search through items at their house for anything that might be of use. He knows they'll find Ned's bear.

Kathy tells Biff of her row with Rachel and that he's not to serve her in the diner. Later Rachel warns Biff if Kathy has turned on her, he'd better watch out too. Rachel turns to Chris as the only one who can talk some sense into Kathy o he agrees to help.

And Paddy gets the third degree from Butch when he catches him talking to Mandy in the Woolpack.

Chris - Peter Amory, Laura - Louise Beattie, Kathy - played by Malandra Burrows, Rachel - Glenda McKay, Biff - Stuart Wade, Ned - Johnny Leeze, Pollard - Chris Chittell, Andy - Kelvin Fletcher,. Robert - Christopher Smith, Rev Thomas - John Middleton, Seth - Start Richards, Turner - Richard Thorp.

SethRobert SugdenLaura JohnstoneBiff


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm on ITV1 Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Tue 27th May 2003)

Rev Thomas believes he has the measure of Pollard and has forced him to play Santa at the Xmas toy fair.

Pollard has already been calling round dealers confident Robed and Andy will unwittingly come up with the goods.

But his plans look to be doomed when the vicar arrives with a toy expert.

Chris tackles Kathy and convinces her, for Alice's sake to see a doctor. Later she tells Biff what she's agreed to and crumbles into his arms in a flood of tears. What if something is seriously wrong?

Kathy tries to make it up with Rachel but is taken-aback when she tells her she cannot accept her apologies.

Paddy has agreed with Mandy to collect his remaining things from their flat. The two are reminiscing when Butch appears menacingly and escorts frightened Paddy off the premises.

Pollard - played by Chris Chittell, Robert - Christopher Smith, Andy - Kelvin Fletcher, Rev Thomas - John Middleton, Mandy - Lisa Riley, Butch - Paul Loughran, Paddy - Dominic Brunt, Rachel - Glenda McKay, Kathy - Malandra Burrows, Chris -Peter Amory, Biff - Stuart Wade.

Rev Ashley ThomasKathyChris


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm on ITV1 Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Wed 28th May 2003)

Kathy visits Dr Khan and gives ample proof of her mood swings when he suggests that she should see a psychologist.

Biff is sat waiting for her as she sweeps out of the consultants room, voice raised ' and ooT,-ut calm.

And when Biff tries to find out what's wrong she rounds on him saying none of this would be taking place had he not left her in Hotten before the crash.

Vic gives Andy a job delivering papers much to his wife's horror. And when the Sugdens and Windsors bump into one another in the Woolpack, the matriarchs draw up battle lines again.

And young Andy gets a shock when he takes his dog to the barn for the night. He's frightened out of skin when someone whispers his name.

Kathy - played by Malandra Burrows, Biff - Stuart Wade, Vic - Alun Lewis, Viv -Deena Payne, Jack Sugden - Clive Hornby, Sarah - Alyson Spiro, Andy - Kelvin Fletcher.

Jack SugdenSarah Sugden


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm on ITV1 Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Thu 29th May 2003)

Billy Hopwood is wounded and on the run and hiding in the Sugdens' barn.

Andy tries to help his dad with food and notices that he's bleeding from the chest. His dad says there are some people after him and he must keep his mouth shut and tell no-one of his existence.

He also tells the shocked schoolboy that he'd like to take him away to Holland to start a new life. But Andy is sceptical - after all he's been let down so many times.

Pollard works his charm on an elegant and rich new customer, Stella, who buys some expensive crockery from his shop. She spends around £1,000 using a platinum credit card - but Pollard thinks he's struck gold when she accepts a dinner date.

Chris has conquered Kathy's mood swings and persuaded her to see a private psychologist, at his expense. He also breaks the news that he's bought a haulage business.

Butch catches up with Paddy after hearing he's been talking to Mandy again. He warns him off with the threat of violence and then casually drops a real bombshell that has Paddy shaking his head in disbelief.

Billy Hopwood - played by David Crellin, Andy - Kelvin Fletcher, Kathy - Malandra Burrows, Chris - Peter Amory, Pollard - Chris Chittell, Stella - Stephanie Schonfield, Butch - Paul Loughran, Paddy - Dominic Brunt.

Stella Jones - a new arrival in Emmerdale


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm on ITV1 Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Fri 30th May 2003)

Paddy is cornered by Mandy after giving her the silent treatment.

And Mandy is anything but silent when Paddy tells her why. He explains that Butch has threatened him and said that he, and Mandy were now really man and wife.

Poor Mandy storms off looking for Butch and gives him a real roasting. Her poor "husband" professes his love - but Mandy is in no mood for reconciliation and tells him he makes her skin creep.

Andy takes his dad more food, and again he waxes lyrical about Amsterdam. Suddenly there's a sound at the door of the derelict Glover home. It's Laura and a workman come to mend the broken lock.

Laura walks into the house and Andy is terrified by his father's actions. There's a tense moment as she stands only inches from discovering them before turning to walk away. .

Pollard oozes charm as he goes for his lunch date with Laura. They share a slap up meal washed down with fine wines before the wheeler-dealer impresses her with his piece-de-resistance. He convinces the owner of the restaurant to part with a water-colour painting in return for the meal they've eaten and a far less valuable oil painting. Stella is impressed.

Mandy - played by Lisa Riley, Butch - Paul Loughran, Paddy - Dominic Brunt, Billy -David Crellin, Andy - Kelvin Fletcher, Laura - Louise Beattie, Pollard - Chris Chittell, Stella - Stephanie Schonfield.



EMMERDALE at 7.00pm on ITV1 Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Mon 2nd June 2003)

Mandy is livid when Lisa admits she already knew Butch was in love with her.

She turns on Lisa and Zak saying she only went through with the wedding to save the pair of them.

Zak can feel his family beginning to crumble and rounds on Butch, pinning him against a wall. He asks him if he's considered what the village will think of his lies about having slept with Mandy. Butch tries to make amends but Zak, in a fit of rage, tells him to leave the house for good. He's no longer his

Andy tackles his dad about the gun. He says it's to protect himself from the people who are after him. Billy starts to feel a little better and tells Andy they'll be able to leave soon - but they need some money. The youngster tries to please his dad saying they can go on the rob.

Kathy politely turns down Chris's offer to stay with him while she recuperates. And Biff gets the wrong messages about Kathy's closeness to her ex-husband.

Mandy is played by Lisa Riley, Lisa - Jane Cox, Butch - Paul Loughran, Zak - Steve Halliwell, Billy - David Crellin, Andy- Kelvin Fletcher, Kathy-Malandra Burrows, Chris - Peter Amory, Biff- Stuart Wade.

Lisa DingleZak Dingle


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm on ITV1 Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Tue 3rd June 2003)

Poor Marlon has steered clear of the Dingles for a year since being cast out of the clan.

But when Mandy asks him to talk to Butch, he can barely imagine the situation he's letting himself in for.

When he tries to reason with Butch about his behaviour and how it's upsetting the family, his cousin launches a vicious attack on him.

Pollard agrees to a business proposition from Stella and tells everyone in the Woolpack that tomorrow a lot of people will be very shocked.

Laura is inwardly pleased when Chris invites her for a drink that evening ... providing she stops raining on his parade. He tells her how he's looking forward to gaining ownership of Home Farm at tomorrow's auction.

Young Andy steals money from the Post Office while doing his paper boy job. But when he tells his dad later where the money came from Billy is suddenly very interested.

Mandy is played by Lisa Riley, Marlon - Mark Charnock, Butch - Paul Loughran, Pollard - Chris Chittell, Billy - David Crellin, Andy - Kelvin Fletcher, Stella - Stephanie Schonfield, Laura - Louise Beattie, Chris -Peter Amory



EMMERDALE at 7.00pm on ITV1 Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Wed 4th June 2003)

There is consternation among the Tare household when Pollard walks into the Home Farm auction ... and starts to bid against an incredulous Chris.

In a fit of pique Chris asks for the auction to be halted as Pollard clearly hasn't got the kind of money he's bidding. But Chris is left helpless when he's informed Pollard is bidding by proxy.

It's all a fabulous game for the one time auctioneer as he plays with Chris as the bidding shoots well past the expected selling price. But who will win?

Butch is beside himself. He's been kicked out of his home and now he's badly beaten up Marlon.

Later Marlon hobbies off to the Dingles and confronts Zak. He's got to do something about Butch before the whole thing gets out of hand.

As the household threatens to erupt Zak suddenly bellows that everything has been sorted and they will all enjoy a Christmas together. He's clearly the only one who believes that.

Billy gets Andy to find out whether the Post Office will be manned on Christmas Day.

Mandy is played by Lisa Riley, Marlon - Mark Charnock, Butch - Paul Loughran, Pollard - Chris Chittell, Billy - David Crellin, Andy - Kelvin Fletcher, Zak- Steve Halliwell, Chris -Peter Amory

Eric Pollard


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm on ITV1 Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Thu 5th June 2003)

Chris puts on a brave face when he tells Laura that the loss of Home Farm means he's more to spend on his new haulage business.

Lisa tells Zak that if he truly wants a Dingle gathering on Christmas Day then he must swallow his pride and invite Marlon.

Marlon isn't exactly pleased to see Zak but knows to turn down what amounts to an order would make his life even more unbearable. The only trouble is he's been asked to have Christmas dinner with his girlfriend Lyn!

Mandy is making plans too. She tells her friend Kelly that as soon as Christmas is over she's moving to a flat in Hotten.

Andy tries to persuade his dad that stealing from the Post Office is a bad idea. But as the youngster leaves Billy starts to load his shotgun.

Mandy is played by Lisa Riley, Marlon - Mark Charnock, Billy - David Crellin, Andy - Kelvin Fletcher, Zak - Steve Halliwell, Chris - Peter Amory, Lisa -Jane Cox, Kelly - Adele Silva. Laura - Louise Beattie, Lyn - Sally Walsh.

Lyn HutchinsonKelly Windsor



EMMERDALE at 7.00pm on ITV1 Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Fri 6th June 2003)

A special hour-long edition.

Christmas day is in full swing as the Dingles try to put on a brave united front and regulars of the Woolpack enjoy a communal meal.

Marlon cautiously arrives at the Dingles, having had a real earful from his girlfriend Lyn. Butch arrives late looking very sheepish and the clan, nervously, settle down to dinner.

Paddy becomes embroiled in the situation when he is called out in the middle of his Christmas dinner to tend the Dingles sick pigs. But he can hardly imagine the situation he walks into.

Billy meanwhile is busy plotting to rob the Post Office so he has enough money to get him and Andy across the North Sea to Holland. But when he is disturbed there are tragic consequences.

Andy prepares to leave the Sugdens to meet his dad. The family has a special announcement to make - they want to formally adopt him. But the youngster has other things on his mind and hardly reacts.

Marlon is played by - Mark Charnock, Lyn - Sally Walsh, Billy - David Crellin, Andy - Kelvin Fletcher, Paddy- Dominic Brunt.

Vic Windsor dies tragically on Christmas Day at the hands of Billy Hopwood


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm on ITV1 Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Mon 9th June 2003)

The repercussions of Christmas Day's tragic events affect many of the villagers.

Terry is in tears and when Sarah and Jack break the news to the boys, Andy visibly pales. But when he confronts his father, Billy, he viciously turns the tables on his son.

The Dingles gather at the hospital bedside to greet the new arrival - a baby girl.

Paddy is astonished when a penitent Butch collars him and confesses that everything he said about his relationship with Mandy was untrue.

Terry is played by - Billy Hartman, Sarah - Alyson Spiro, Jack - Clive Hornby, Billy- David Crellin, Andy- Kelvin Fletcher, Paddy- Dominic Brunt, Butch - Paul Loughran, Mandy- Lisa Riley.

Donna WindsorAndy Hopwood


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm on ITV1 Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Tue 10th June 2003)

Andy is wracked with guilt and begs his dad to give himself up to the police.

When Billy refuses a second time the youngster tells Jack exactly what's happened.

Ned helps the police with a layout of his former home. The net closes rapidly on the hidden fugitive.

Zak repays Paddy for his heroics in the only way he knows - he buys him a pint. And there's a general thawing of feelings between Paddy and Mandy as he admits he couldn't bear to throw away the special CD they listened to when they were together.

Billy is played by David Crellin, Andy - Kelvin Fletcher, Ned - Johnny Leeze, Lisa - Jane Cox, Zak - Steve Halliwell, Paddy - Dominic Brunt, Mandy - Lisa Riley.

Ned Glover


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm on ITV1 Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Wed 11th June 2003)

Kelly behaves appallingly towards her stepmother Viv, and leaves her in a flood of tears.

Chris continues his amateur sleuthing and notices something very odd about Kim's behaviour. Is he about to make another dramatic discovery?

A detective finishes taking Andy's statement and tells the terrified youngster he could have been in very serious trouble.

And Lisa lays into Zak with a few home truths!

Viv is played by - Deena Payne, Kelly - Adele Silva, Andy - Kelvin Fletcher, Lisa - Jane Cox, Zak- Steve Halliwell, Kim - Claire King, Chris - Peter Amory.

Scott WindsorViv Windsor

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