Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1998
#22305-2317 --- 1 January - 29 Janary 1998

Updated 18th October 2002

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Episode # 2305

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 1st January 1998

(Granada Plus - Thu 24th Oct 2002)

Steve Marchant take drastic steps to end his fiancee's blackmail troubles. He follows the blackmailer to his home and strikes a deal - a one-off £10,000 payment. He tells Kim that the blackmailer handed over the incriminating video which he says he has destroyed. With her troubles seemingly behind her, Kim wants to start organising their wedding.

Chris explains his reasons for wanting to be involved in Tony's outdoors activities centre to Lady Tara. By offer access to Oakwell and Home Farm land they can tap into a percentage of his profits.

Jack tells Sarah he's worried about what the kids will think when they know they're in separate rooms. Sarah tells him he's not getting into the marital bed.

Ned and Roy are at their wits-end over Jan's illness and Sarah is in for a shock when she visits and sees her condition.

Episode #2306

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 6th January 1998

(Granada Plus - Fri 25th Oct 2002)

Steve contemplates the blackmail affair. He's now got the offending video tape but should he tell Kim.

Zak gets the birthday gift of a lifetime from Butch and Sam - a prize porker called Priscilla.

And budding chef Marlon has his ego shattered

Episode #2307

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 7th January 1998

(Granada Plus - Mon 28th Oct 2002)

Vets Paddy and Zoe are confronted by angry farmer Outhwaite brandishing a shotgun.

Steve hands a safe-deposit box key to a puzzled Zoe. He tells her to keep it safe and only retrieve it, if anything happens to him.

Tony is in deep water with his wife Becky after re-mortgaging the house to fund his activities project.

Episode #2308

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 8th January 1998

(Granada Plus - Tue 29th Oct 2002)

Zak proposes to Lisa. Little does she know the gold ring he presents her with was found in his pig, Priscilla's sty.

Kim is forced to recount the whole sordid affair of the 'lady of the lake' to Steve. But he tells her he still loves her.

Kelly turns her attentions to Roy again.

Episode #2309

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 13th January 1998

(Granada Plus - Wed 30th Oct 2002)

There are wedding bells at the double around Emmerdale as both Kim and Lisa announce their big news.

But trouble is never far from Kim, and when Zoe fails to get some answers from Steve, she rushes off to open the mystery package he entrusted her with.

Meanwhile Kelly comes to terms with her pregnancy.

Episode #2310

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 14th January 1998

(Granada Plus - Thu 31st Oct 2002)

Zoe shows Chris the blackmail video tape which implicates Kim in the 'lady of the lake' murder. He tells his sister this is what he's been waiting for to nail Kim once and for all.

Kelly says she has no intentions of telling Biff she's pregnant.

Episode #2311

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 15th January 1998

(Granada Plus - Fri 1st Nov 2002)

While Kim and Steve are out looking for wedding rings, Chris is preparing to visit the blackmailer to seek more incriminating evidence against his step-mother.

Mandy tries to persuade Kelly to seek counselling over her pregnancy.

Meanwhile, outcast Dingle, Marlon, has his world turned literally on its head, when Butch continues his vendetta by upending his caravan with him still in it.

Episode #2312

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 20th January 1998

(Granada Plus - Mon 4th Nov 2002)

Chris and Zoe are successful in their hunt for the blackmailer. But instead of finding more incriminating evidence against Kim, they are stunned by his latest revelations.

Kelly's life seems to be in turmoil. She considers having an abortion and arranges to see a counsellor but at the last moment decides she can't go through with it.

Jack may have been allowed to return to the family home, but he is making little or no headway with Sarah.

Episode #2313

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 21st January 1998

(Granada Plus - Tue 5th Nov 2002)

Robert and Andy's mischievous plan works when they trick Jack and Sarah into having a surprise meal.

Chris and Zoe's lives have been turned upside down and both are having trouble coming to terms with the real truth that their father was a murderer.

After a run in with Chris at work, Kelly breaks down. But she is surprised by his gentle understanding.

Episode # 2314

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 22nd January 1998

(Granada Plus - Wed 6th Nov 2002)

Marlon's big day arrives when Nigel Hibbert's Cookery program visits the Tea Rooms. However his dreams are shattered when he finds out the truth about his hero.

Kelly mysteriously turns her attentions to Chris

and Zoe decides to end her feud with Kim.

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Episode #2315

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 27th January 1998

(Granada Plus - Thu 7th Nov 2002)

Biff and Marlon deicide to throw a party in the new squat. But trouble is never far away and the pair are confronted by a furious Jack Sugden, the owner of the house.

Teenage temptress Kelly has her eyes set on a new conquest, her boss Chris. And it's not long before their relationship reaches new heights, when work turns to passion.

Meanwhile Zak is becoming increasing frustrated as he tries to get some money together to pay for his wedding but, he is in for a pleasant surprise when an unexpected source offers to pay.

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Episode #2316

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 28th January 1998

(Granada Plus - Fri 8th Nov 2002)

Wedding bells are ringing for Zak Dingle and Lisa Clegg, but a gate crasher threatens to spoil their big day.

Kelly tells Mandy of her plan to convince Chris that he is the father of her baby.

Paddy reaches the end of his tether with Farmer Outhwait. For all his hard work he has not received so much as a word of thanks. But will his outburst have nay effect on the old man?

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Episode #2317

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 29th January 1998

(Granada Plus - Mon 11th Nov 2002)

Mandy becomes the belle of the ball thanks to her successful planning of the Vets Dinner Dance. And she is in for even more excitement when Paddy asks her to live with him.

And after all their recent troubles, the Glover family finally have some good news when Jan is told that she can have a home visit.

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