Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1998
#2383 - 2396 --- 1 July - 30 July 1998

Uploaded 1st February 2003

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EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Episode 2383

Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Fri 14th Feb 2003)

Poor Alan Turner (RICHARD THORP) finally realises two company.., five is most definitely a crowd.

But when he suggests homeless Heather Hutchinson (SIOBHAN FINNERAN) puts a little more effort into finding a new home for her family - he could hardly imagine the scenario.

His bar manager Terry Woods (BILLY HARTMAN) has pushed Turner into taking action after the cuddly landlord took pity on the Hutchinson's after a fire destroyed their own house.

But when Heather returns to the Woolpack late after a fruitless search and pours her heart out to Terry over a night-cap, suddenly the two are drawn together.

Kathy Glover (MALANDRA BURROWS) finally blows her top at Eric Pollard (CHRIS CHITTELL) and hisses "you want me to go bust, don't you?".

She's been forced to close down the tea-rooms for a morning after Pollard withdrew Marlon Dingle's (MARK CHARNOCK) services as chef. Tired and confused Kathy muses her future over a large lunchtime gin and tonic. Later Marion urges Kathy to listen to a plan which he believes will get Pollard out of her way for good. There's only one condition - she takes Marlon on as her head chef.

And after all the trouble at the quarry Steve Marchant (PAUL OPACIC) chances on a scam involving some of those who beat him up. He sneaks back to the quarry after work to overhear how the workers intend ripping off Home Farm


EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Episode 2384

Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Mon 17th Feb 2003)

Zoe Tate (LEAH BRACKNELL) visits the Post Office to ask the Windsor's to talk to Kelly (ADELE SILVA) about coming home.

But when Vic (ALUN LEWIS) drops by at the vet's surgery his daughter is less than pleased. After all didn't he lie to her about the death of Kelly's mum, his first wife?

Kelly mistakenly thinks Zoe will put her up for as long as she wants, but later finds out it was Zoe who instigated the visit. And when the teenagers mouth runs away with her during an argument at the vet, she is told she must be out by the end of the month.

Headstrong Kelly packs immediately but neither her best mate Mandy Dingle (LISA RILEY) nor confidante Roy Glover (NICKY EVANS) can put her up. She eventually decides to go home, but hears the family rowing. Dishevelled and at her lowest ebb the youngster doesn't know where to turn.

Betty Eagleton (PAULA TILBROOK) returns from her holiday and fires some life back into Kathy Glover (MALANDRA BURROWS). Together with Rachel Hughes (GLENDA McKAY), the three clear up the backlog of work and re-open the tearooms for business. With such good friends behind her Kathy now feels she can take Pollard on.

And Steve Marchant (PAUL OPAClC) confronts quarry foreman Mickey Bell (JAMES McMARTIN) to say he wants cutting-in on the quarry deal. But the tough boss clearly doesn't trust Steve and isn't interested.


EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Episode 2385

Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Tue 18th Feb 2003)

You might have thought Kelly Windsor (ADELE SILVA) had learned something about herself when no-one was prepared to give her a bed for the night.

Having left Zoe Tate's (LEAH BRACKNELL) in a huff, she ended up sleeping under the stars.

But Kelly is still carrying a king size chip on her shoulder, and when Chris Tate (PETER AMORY) fails to persuade her to move back into Home Farm, he tells her there only one place left for her to go - home!

But without showing an ounce of remorse for her worried parents the petulant teenager marches back into the Post Office and immediately starts a row with step-mum Viv (DEENA PAYNE). And when her dad Vic (ALUN LEWIS) brings in a celebratory bottle of wine, all Kelly can say is that she doesn't intend staying for long!

Steve Marchant (PAUL OPAClC) gets the call from quarryman Micky Bell (JAMES McMARTIN) to say he can join in the theft of stone from the quarry. At one time the fallen financial whiz-kid wouldn't have got out of bed for a hundred quid.

And Kirsty Hutchinson (ANNE MARIE JOWETT) does her family no favours when Alan Turner (RICHARD THORP) - who's generously allowed them to stay at the Woolpack when fire destroyed their home - catches her filling her schoolbag with crisps and nuts from the pub.



EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Episode 2386

Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Wed 19th Feb 2003)

Steve Marchant (PAUL OPACIC) seems delighted to be let into the quarry scam after convincing ringleader Micky Bell (JAMES McMARTIN) he can be trusted.

And he leads his co-conspirators to believe he can get them an even better deal for the stolen stone than they are already getting through a London contact.

But wily Steve, who knows more than a trick or two, turns the tables in spectacular fashion, on the men who only weeks ago beat the living daylights out of him.

Kirsty (ANNE MARIE JOWETT) ushers her mum Heather (SIOBHAN FINNERAN) and Terry (BILLY HARTMAN) out of the Woolpack before Alan Turner (RICHARD THORP) gets up.

She's frightened he'll tell Heather about catching her stealing. When Turner confronts her she says that the food was a poor girl at school who she has befriended. Happy with her explanation Turner lets the matter drop, much to the schoolgirl's relief.


EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Episode 2387

Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Thu 20th Feb 2003)

Klm (CLAIRE KING) is furious Steve (PAUL OPACIC) didn't tell her what he was planning at the quarry. And she is convinced his actions have placed her and baby James in danger.

But she is relieved to hear that the police expect Micky Bell (JAMES McMARTIN) and the other quarrymen will be remanded in custody when they appear before magistrates.

Steve is summonsed to Home Farm where he hopes to be given a better job with a fatter pay cheque. But Chris (PETER AMORY) has something not quite so grand in mind.

Klm receives a visit from a police officer who says that all but one of the quarrymen have been remanded in custody. Micky Bell pleaded not guilty and has been released on bail. Suddenly the phone rings. The silence at the other end frightens Klm to the core.

Kelly's (ADELE SILVA) heart to heart with Donna (VERITY RUSHWORTH) seems to have done the trick and the youngster trots off to school minus her nose stud. But scheming Kelly has one last pearl of wisdom for her younger sister - "turn the situation to your own advantage while everyone thinks you're great".

And Kirsty (ANNE MARIE JOWETT) is troubled when Lyn (SALLY WALSH) questions her about the girl she has been stealing food for.



EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Episode 2388

Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Fri 21st Feb 2003)

Romance and revenge are set against the more gentle backdrop of Emmerdale's annual summer fayre.

Mickey Bell (JAMES McMARTIN) makes his move on Kim Marchant (CLAIRE KING) and baby James (JAKE MEAYS) despite police assurances that the bailed bully-boy wouldn't dare come near. Steve Marchant (PAUL OPACIC) races home fearing the worst when he spots police cars entering the village.

Crafty cook Marlon Dingle (MARK CHARNOCK) sticks the knife into his conniving boss Eric Pollard's (CHRIS CHITTELL) back, when he deliberately tips off the police that under-aged drinkers are being served at the winebar. With one recent caution for a similar offence, Eric is lost for words when he is caught red-handed.

Kathy Glover (MALANDRA BURROWS) and Biff Fowler (STUART WADE) win the dance competition at the fayre while Lady Tara (ANNA BRECON) watches on, consumed by jealousy. But when the secret lovers meet later and kiss passionately it's Kathy who's left raising her eyebrows.

Summer romance reaches the Woolpack too. Bar manager Terry Woods (BILLY HARTMAN) and employee Heather Hutchinson (SIOBHAN FINNERAN) are enjoying a romantic moment only to be caught by their boss Alan Turner (RICHARD THORP).

And when dozy Dingles, Zak (STEVE HALLIWELL) and Butch (PAUL LOUGHRAN) get pickled poor Ned Glover's (JOHNNY LEEZE) prize winning tomatoes are turned to chutney.



EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Episode 2389

Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Mon 24th Feb 2003)

Eric Pollard (CHRIS CHITTELL) is like a rubber - he just keeps bouncing back. With the imminent loss of his wine bar license he looks to triumph over adversity by tempting Kathy Glover (MALANDRA BURROWS) to take it over.

But feisty Kathy is having none of it and tells him she doesn't want his license on loan - she wants to buy him out of the business for good!

Kathy has other things on her mind - like what's going on between Biff Fowler (STUART WADE) and Lady Tara (ANNA BRECON) after chancing on the courting couple last episode.

Her bluntness takes Biff by surprise when she asks outright if he's sleeping with his boss. And he is forced to admit that he is.

Alan Turner (RICHARD THORP) confronts Terry Woods (BILLY HARTMAN) about his relationship with Heather Hutchinson (SIOBHAN FINNERAN) but is told to mind his own business.

When the previous night's tips go missing Turner immediately places the blame on Kirsty Hutchinson (ANNE MARIE JOWETT). His first reaction is to tell her mother Heather, but he is talked out of it by Lyn (SALLY WALSH).

Lyn finds Kirsty at the Cricket Pavilion surrounded by chocolate but the youngster says she did not take any money. Lyn knows something is wrong and tries to reassures her sister that she is on her side. But Kirsty is not forthcoming.


EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Episode 2390

Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th Feb 2003)

Lady Tara Oakwell (ANNA BRECON) admitted she was more than a little jealous when she watched her lover Biff Fowler (STUART WADE) dancing with Kathy Glover (MALANDRA BURROWS) at the summer fayre.

Now she's determined to make it up to him with a picnic and drinks at her secluded summer house. And she's even laid on a stand-in chauffeur to pick them both up so they can share a glass or two.

But their idyllic day is shattered when the couple arrive back at Oakwell Hall to find Chris Tare (PETER AMORY) waiting to deliver some shocking news - her father has died.

Terry Woods (BILLY HARTMAN) and Heather Hutchinson (SIOBHAN FINNERAN) decide to come clean to her kids about their relationship.

The couple steal themselves to see what the reaction will be only to be left feeling slightly foolish. In typical teenage fashion neither Kirsty (ANN MARIE JOWETT) nor Lyn (SALLY WALSH) seem the remotest bit interested.

Kirsty Sparks all kinds of worries for Lyn when she tells her she's feeling sick. Lyn wonders if her kid sister is pregnant but Kirsty tells her its nothing of the sort.

Kathy keeps Eric Pollard (CHRIS CHITTELL) waiting on her offer to buy the tea-rooms/wine bar outright. But in typical fashion, when she eventually approaches him, he informs her he's not remotely interested in her offer.



EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Episode 2391

Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Wed 26th Feb 2003)

Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) has the perfect answer to the threat of losing his license ... bribery!

His wine bar business could be ruined if he can't find a way to keep his license after being caught for the second time serving under-aged drinkers.

So the wheeler-dealer literally cooks-up a plan to swing things in his favour come the licensing hearing. Using all his charm he convinces licensing magistrate Neville Grayson (Jeffrey Robert) to visit the wine bar and gets Marlon (Mark Charnock) to rustle up a lip-smacking meal served with the finest wine. And for desert - a brown envelope filled with money.

Eric is at his ingratiating best as he fawns round his target. But is Grayson corruptible, or will it all backfire?

In the finest traditions of her family Lady Tara (Anna Brecon) tries to keep the stiff upper lip following the untimely death of her father.

Her lover Biff (Stuart Wade) tries to persuade her not to go to work, but she'll have none of it. But when Kim (Claire King) blunders in annoyed that Tara's late for Stud Farm business, her ladyship can barely contain her grief.

And Kelly (Adele Silva) is on top form when she convinces Chris (Peter Amory) to reverse his decision and give Lyn (Sally Walsh) a job at the holiday village. Even now she can still twist him round her little finger.



EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Episode 2392

Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Thu 27th Feb 2003)

Lord Michael (Malcolm Stoddard), fresh from a foreign jaunt, arrives like a knight in shining armour to comfort Lady Tara (Anna Brecon) after the death of her father.

She's delighted to see him - but Biff (Stuart Wade) is consumed by jealousy.

He sees Michael as a threat to his secret relationship and is anything but impressed when he declares he's going to be staying for a few days to look after Tara.

Biff's interest in Tara is starting to grate on Michael too and after a terse exchange, the chauffeur is warned his job might be at stake.

But when arrangements for the funeral are discussed and Lady Tara tells him Biff will be at her side, the penny finally drops,

Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) is fighting to keep his business afloat. After the bribery fiasco he realises his license is as good as lost and is desperately trying to find a substitute.

Alan Turner (Richard Thorp) scoffs at the idea when he's approached - but village postmaster Vic Windsor (Alun Lewis) is hooked.

He reckons he's in charge but when it comes down to discussing the venture Viv (Deena Payne) very much holds the upper hand. They strike a deal but count without the response from Kathy (Malandra Burrows) ... who has discovered a new cutting edge.

And feathers are ruffled among the recruits at the holiday village when the arrival of Paulette (Danielle Brown) brings a mixed response. Emma (Rebecca Loudonsack), Kirsty (Ann Marie Jowett) and Lyn (Sally Wash) are not too happy while Dean (Patrick Connolly) clearly fancies his chances. Roy (Nicky Evans) will certainly have his work cut out.




EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Episode 2393

Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Fri 28th Feb 2003)

Lady Tara (Anna Brecon) sets tongues wagging when she turns up for her father's funeral with lover Biff (Stuart Wade) on her arm.

In typical fashion Chris (Peter Amory) ponders whatJt all means for Home Farm; Zoe (Leah Bracknell) is more concerned for Biff after the pain he's suffered following Linda's death; while Lord Michael (Malcolm Stoddard) tries to coerce Kim (Claire King) into helping Tara "see sense".

But it is obvious that both Biff and Tara share a deep love, and neither are remotely interested in the gossip they've created. Tara believes that her father would have been proud of the way she conducted herself and tells Biff that without him she could not have got through this terrible time.

Mandy (Lisa Riley) is struggling to make her second-hand clothes business a success - and she's being hammered for rent by Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) as well.

But Zak (Steve Halliwell) and Butch (Paul Loughran) hatch a plot to give Mandy's fortunes a boost - and head off to the holiday village. It's bound to end in disaster!

The cat and mouse game between Pollard and Kathy (Malandra Burrows) continues unabated. With Viv (Deena Payne) and Vic (Alun Lewis) unable to take over his license because of the original contract he signed - Kathy reiterates her offer is on the table.

But Pollard throws it back in her face saying he'd rather run the business without a license than hand it to her on the terms she's offering.


EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Episode 2394

Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Mon 3rd Mar 2003)

The village is awash with gossip as news of Biff (STUART WADE) and Lady (ANNA BRECON) affair spreads like wildfire.

When Roy (NICKY EVANS) tells his dad (JOHNNY LEEZE) sparks fly still further. After all it's still only month's since Linda died - and his former son-in-law is with the wife of the man who killed her!

Ned races off for a confrontation with Biff but is stopped in his tracks by Lady Tara's lawyer Laura Johnstone (LOUISE BEATTIE).

Later Biff's pleads with Ned to understand that Lady Tara was an innocent and that he has to be allowed to get on with his life. But it falls on deaf ears.

Eric Pollard (CHRIS CHITTELL) is not having a great day either. As the war over ownership of the wine-bar/tea-rooms hots up Kathy (MALANDRA BURROWS) proves she can match him when it comes to being vindictive. She's taken out an advert in the Hotten Courier disassociating the tea-rooms from the wine-bar, which is about to lose its license due to under-aged drinking. PoIlard now realises he has a real adversary.

And Kim (CLAIRE KING) gets a shock when she arrives home to find a note from Steve (PAUL OPACIC) saying that he's at Hotten General with James (JAKE MEAYS) who is unwell. When Kim arrives she is overwhelmed with fear by what she sees.



EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Episode 2395

Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Tue 4th Mar 2003)

Kim (CLAIRE KING) is at her wits-end as baby James (JAKE MEAYS) life hangs in the balance.

The toddler has contracted CROUP and doctors tell her and Steve (PAUL OPACIC) that while most children survive, this has been a particularly severe attack. Kim lashes out at Steve blaming him for not acting quickly enough. As the bedside vigil continues Chris (PETER AMORY)- who is usually at loggerheads with his former step-mother - offers some sincere words of comfort and heart-felt advice.

Lyn (SALLY WALSH) has realised something is amiss after learning that her sister Kirsty (ANNE MARIE JOWETT) had been caught stealing sweets from the post office. She catches Kirsty hastily finishing off a chocolate bar in her bedroom and finds a pile of sweet wrappers in the bin. Kirsty claims nothing is wrong but Lyn. realises her sister is clearly ill.

Lady Tara (ANNA BRECON) and her lawyer Laura (LOUISE BEATTIE) return from the reading of her father's will and all is not well. Laura needs to go through Lady Tara's accounts and will be staying for some time,

And Zak (STEVE HALLIWELL) and Butch's (PAUL LOUGHRAN) latest plan to help Mandy - by taking clothes from holiday village guests on the pretence of having them dry cleaned is rumbled. Roy (NICKY EVANS) gives them an ultimatum while Mandy (Lisa Riley) and Lisa (JANE COX) could happily kill the pair.



EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Episode 2396

Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Wed 5th Mar 2003)

Kim (CLAIRE KING) and Steve (PAUL OPACIC) are overjoyed when they're informed that baby James (JAKE MEAYS) is out of danger.

The toddler has been suffering from severe CROUP which was made worse because the baby was also found to have asthma. Both Kim and Steve are upset with themselves for not spotting James' breathing difficulties which will now have to be treated with daily medication.

After everything that has happened recently though, the couple are thankful that James is going to get better and both promise one another they will try to be better parents.

Will's (PAUL FOX) day of reckoning at the rugby trial has arrived. Terry BILLY HARTMAN) has spent weeks putting him through his paces and teaching him tactics. Now it's all down to the youngster to put on an impressive performance.

Pollard (CHRIS CHITTELL) accepts the inevitable and informs Kathy MALANDRA BURROWS) that he will sell his share of the business to her - but not at the price she offered. He intends to get an independent valuer to assess its worth. One senses another Pollard plan maturing.

Paulette (DANIELLE BROWN) tells Roy (NICKY EVANS) and Emma EBECCA LOUDONSACK) that she's a champion swimmer. But when Emma pushes her into the pool as a joke, it rebounds and she is forced to dive in and save her work colleague.

Lyn (SALLY WALSH) is pushing Kirsty (ANNE MARIE JOWETT) to admit she has an eating disorder which her sister steadfastly denies.


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