Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1998
#2370-2382 --- 2 June - 30 June 1998

Updated 5th January 2003

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TUESDAY 2 JUNE 1998 Ep 2370
EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm

(Granada Plus - Tue 28th Jan 2003)

Lady Tara (ANNA BRECON) is shocked by Biff's (STUART WADE) behaviour when she asks for his opinion on the birthday present she has bought for Lord Michael (MALCOLM STODDARD). He tries to kiss her and she smacks him hard across the face.

Kelly's (ADELE SILVA) quest to learn about her dead mother ends in heartbreak when she discovers her father Vic (ALUN LEWIS) has lied to her.

Pollard (CHRIS CHITTELL) suggests Kathy (MALANDRA BURROWS) changes the opening times of the Tea Rooms so she can see more of Alice (RACHEL TOLBOYS). But she knows he has an ulterior motive.

Will (PAUL FOX) apologises to Jack (CLIVE HORNBY) for the trouble he has caused. But with the threat of being sent to live in Germany hanging over his head is his effort too little, too late.

Paddy (DOMINIC BRUNT) fill's Zoe's (LEAH BRACKNELL) car up with some of Zak's (STEVE HALLIWELL) dodgy diesel.

WEDNESDAY 3 JUNE 1998 Ep 2371
EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm

(Granada Plus - Wed 29th Jan 2003)

Biff (STUART WADE) expects to be given his cards for his seemingly unwanted kiss. But his indiscretion has ignited a flame in her ladyship's (ANNA BRECON) heart and the chauffeur is in for more than he bargained for.

Steve (PAUL OPACIC) visits an old friend looking for a job. But he's left disheartened when his contact refuses to see him.

Vic (ALUN LEWIS) tells Kelly (ADELE SILVA) the terrible truth of how his first wife died.

Lisa (JANE COX) tells Paddy (DOMINIC BRUNT) cheap fuel has ruined the engine in Zoe's (LEAH BRACHNELL) car. And she is furious to hear Zak (STEVE HALLIWELL) sold him the diesel.

Mandy (LISA RILEY) tries to sell Kim's designer dresses in the village.

Roy (NICKY EVANS) borrows the questions for The Woolpack pub quiz.

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THURSDAY 4 JUNE 1998 Ep 2372
EmmerdaleL at 7.00 pm

(Granada Plus - Thur 30th Jan 2003)

Biff (STUART WADE) is confused about his feelings for Lady Tara (ANNA

BRECON). And when they finally get to be alone they end up in a heated argument.

Zak (STEVE HALLIWELL) 'borrows' a mobile library in an attempt to find the answers to the pub quiz. But he counted without the librarian being on board.

Mandy (LISA RILEY) has to do some quick thinking when she is questioned by a Trading Standards inspector about her clothes business.

Steve (PAUL OPACIC) is forced to look after James (BRADLEY J WHITE) while Klm (CLAIRE KING) goes to work at the Stud Farm.

Kelly (ADELE SILVA) refuses to speak to Vic (ALUN LEWIS) because he has lied to her.

Reverend Ashley (JOHN MIDDLETON) confronts Pollard (CHRIS CHITTELL) about the storage of his antiques in the village hall.

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TUESDAY 9 JUNE 1998 Ep 2373

IEMMERDALE at 7.00 pm

(Granada Plus - Fri 31st Jan 2003)

Biff (STUART WADE) realises the dangers of "a woman spurned" when Lady Tara (ANNA BRECON) is cool with him after their argument.

Klm (CLAIRE KING) criticises Steve (PAUL OPACIC) for not looking after James (BRADLEY J WHITE) properly while she was at work at the Stud Farm.

And tempers flare when she catches him in the Woolpack and accuses him of wasting their money.

Kelly (ADELE SILVA) is convinced that Viv (DEENA PAYNE) is responsible for her mothers death. And she gives Vic (ALUN LEWIS) an ultimatum - he must choose between her or Viv.

Zak (STEVE HALLIWELL) wins the pub quiz - much to the suspicions of the other contestants.

Roy (NICKY EVANS) tells Jack (CLIVE HORNBY) he is the mysterious laundry swapper.

Pollard (CHRIS CHITTELL) is furious to learn Reverend Ashley (JOHN MIDDLETON) has banned him from the Village Hall.

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WEDNESDAY 10 JUNE 1998 Ep 2374

(Granada Plus - Mon 3rd Feb 2003)

Steve finds work at Home Farm quarry - as a labourer. And when Chris finds out he takes great delight in breaking the news to Kim.

Will becomes the hero of the day when he scores the winning try in the Rugby match between The Woolpack and The Malt Shovel. But the celebrations are marred when Zak is accused of stealing an opponent's jacket. And he is left seething when Lisa offers to buy the opposition a round out of Zak pub quiz winnings. And a bad day gets even worse for Zak when the ceiling in his house collapses on top of him.

Vic tells Kelly if she can't accept that he loves Viv she's better staying away.

Sarah discovers a pair of knickers in Jack's pocket. It soon becomes clear that it is another one of Roy's pranks. And the Sugdens decide to play Roy at his own game.

Betty is delighted to discover she has won a holiday for two.

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THURSDAY 11 JUNE 1998 Ep 2375

EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm

(Granada Plus - Tue 4th Feb 2003)

Steve (PAUL OPACIC) starts his new job at the Home Farm quarry. And Chris (PETER AMORY) decides to turn the situation to his advantage and tells the foreman not to treat him differently to anyone else.

Lady Tara (ANNA BRECON) tells Biff (STUART WADE) she is worried she has cost herself a friend by sleeping with him.

Zak (STEVE HALLIWELL) tries to twist Lady Tara's arm for compensation following the collapse of his roof.

But even the Dingles are lost for words when she offers them accommodation while their ceiling is repaired - at Home Farm.

Reverend Ashley (JOHN MIDDLETON) wreaks revenge on Pollard (CHRIS CHITTELL) by starting selling the antiques he has been storing for free in the Village Hall.


TUESDAY 16 JUNE 1998 Ep 2376

EMMERDALE at 7.20 pm

(Granada Plus - Wed 5th Feb 2003)

Zak Dingle (STEVE HALLIWELL) makes a horrifying discovery when he opens the boot of the classic car his wife Lisa (JANE COX) is trying to sell.

Worse still, he has to do some quick thinking to put the potential buyers off, until he can come up with a plan to remove the offending item.

Lady Tara Oakwell (ANNA BRECON) relives the horrors of her marriage to Lord Alex - who fled the country after the death of Linda GIover - when her final divorce papers come through.

She tells her chauffeur, and secret lover Biff Fowler (STUART WADE) she is still plagued by so many bad memories. But Biff, who was married to Linda, tells her she must stop living in the past and move on - like he has.

Seth Armstrong (STAN RICHARDS) is shocked to the core when he learns that the holiday Betty Eagleton (PAULA TILBROOK) has won, is for an alcohol free stay in a Health Farm! Needless to say the wily old gamekeeper is quickly looking for excuses ... NOT to go.

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WEDNESDAY 17 JUNE 1998 Ep 2377

EMMERDALE at 6.50 pm

(Granada Plus - Thu 6th Feb 2003)

Klm Tate (CLAIRE KING) is trying to juggle running the stud farm business with bringing up her child James.

She is forced to leave the toddler in the care of Roy Glover (NICKY EVANS). But he too is distracted and the youngster toddles off to explore Home Farm.

But when he veers towards the river Biff Fowler (STUART WADE) and Lady Tara (ANNA BRECON) are at hand to prevent a potential tragedy.

Later Biff confides in Betty Eagleton (PAULA TILBROOK) that he has been seeing Tara.

Eric Pollard (CHRIS CHITTELL) has the tables turned on him when he falls for Jed Outhwaite (TONY MELODY) and Mrs Cunningham's (JUNE BROUGHTON) scare and buys the fake Greta Garbo signature for £200.

The couple decided to repay the wheeler-dealer after falling victim to his antiques business.

And when schoolgirls Kirsty Hutchinson (ANNE MARIE JOWETT) and Donna Windsor (VERITY RUSHWORTH) get their noses pierced, neither realise the trouble they will cause.

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THURSDAY 18 JUNE 1998 Ep 2378

EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm

(Granada Plus - Fri 7th Feb 2003)

Steve Marchant (PAUL OPACIC) is given a rough time at the quarry after Roy GIover (NICKY EVANS) tells the foreman their new employee was responsible for cutting overtime on the estate.

And his day ends even worse when he gets involved in an argument with Ned (JOHNNY LEEZE) which threatens to turn to violence.

Zak (STEVE HALLIWELL) and Butch (PAUL LOUGHRAN) finally manage to bury the dark secret found in the boot of the classic car in Home Farm's woods. It's been a close shave for the Dingles - but have they covered their tracks well enough?

Kirsty (ANNE MARIE JOWETT) and Donna (VERITY RUSHWORTH) are in deep trouble with their families and their headmaster for having their noses pierced.

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TUESDAY 23 JUNE 1998 Ep 2379

EMMERDALE at 7,00 pm

(Granada Plus - Mon 10th Feb 2003)

Rachel Hughes (GLENDA McKAY) is forced to do some quick thinking when the police arrive at Kathy Glover's (MALANDRA BURROWS) home on an anonymous tip that a young child has been left unsupervised°

Jed Outhwaite's (TONY MELODY) plan to get Mrs Cunningham (JUNE BROUGHTON) on her own for a romantic meal soon turns into a disaster when a chip pan sets the house ablaze.

Donna Windsor (VERITY RUSHWORTH) and Kirsty Hutchinson (ANNE MARIE JQWETT) run out of luck when their headmaster excludes them from school for wearing nose rings.

WEDNESDAY 24 JUNE 1998 Ep 2380

EMMERDALE at 6.45 pm

(Granada Plus - Tue 11th Feb 2003)

Butch (PAUL LOUGHRAN) and Zak Dingle (STEVE HALLIWELL) are shocked to discover Chris Tare (PETER AMORY) has unearthed their dark secret. But instead of feeling the wrath of the police the pair are left red faced.

Biff Fowler (STUART WADE) decides to surprise Lady Tara Oakwell (ANNA BRECON) at a charity meeting. But he is left crestfallen when she emerges with Lord Michael Thornfield (MALCOLM STODDARD).

Kathy Glover (MALANDRA BURROWS) is convinced Eric Pollard (CHRIS CHITTELL) is responsible for sending the police to her home. He denies any involvement, but later tells Marion (MARK CHARNOCK) if she can't cope she should sell her business to him.

see also Charlie's chatterings for Wednesday 24th June

THURSDAY 25 JUNE 1998 Ep 2381

EMMERDALE at 6.45 pm

(Granada Plus - Wed 12th Feb 2003)

Steve Marchant (PAUL OPAClC) gets into trouble at the quarry when he is told to stay behind and do unpaid overtime. But he soon realises the other workers have an ulterior motive - when they give him a good hiding.

Biff Fowler (STUART WADE) tackles Lady Tara Oakwell (ANNA BRECON) about her relationship with Lord Michael Thornfield (MALCOLM STODDARD). But the jealous chauffeur is left in no doubt that he is her number one, when she offers to take him to the next function she attends - as her partner.

see also Rymer's Ramblings Thurs 25th June

TUESDAY 30 JUNE 1998 Ep 2382

EMMERDALEat 6.50 pm

Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Thur 13th Feb 2003)

Battered Steve Marchant (PAUL OPACIC) is nursing his wounds after being set on by his new work colleagues at the quarry.

But tough man Steve is determined not to let his pride take a beating too -and turns up for work despite pleas from Klm (Claire King). When he sees one of his tormentors he snarls he's happy to take him on - one to one - a challenge that is quickly turned down.

The quarrymen think Steve worked hand in hand with Chris Tate (PETER AMORY) to bring about changes that cut their wages. But Steve tells one of them they can beat him all they like - but should never link him with Chris.

And if that wasn't enough for the down-at-heel Marchant's, Klm is distraught to discover her horse Kaiser is sick. Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL) tells penniless Klm the illness will be expensive to treat.

Eric Pollard (CHRIS CHITTELL) continues his campaign to oust Kathy Glover (MALANDRA BURROWS) from the tea-rooms. He tells Marion Dingle (MARK CHARNOCK) he can no longer help with the early-bird breakfasts, knowing full well Kathy will be unable to cope. Marion secretly warns Kathy Of Pollard's plans and realises she is at the end of her tether. But the wiley Dingle insists she must get tough and fight the schemer at his own game.

Kelly Windsor (ADELE SILVA) learns a few home truths from Roy Glover (NICKY EVANS) when she persists in blaming everyone else for her troubles. And she gets a flea-in-the-ear from Zoe too - whose home she's lodging in.


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