Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1998
#2355-2369 --- 5 May - 29 May 1998

Updated 5th January 2003

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Episode # 2355

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 5 May 1998

(Granada Plus - Tue 7th Jan 2003

Chris (PETER AMORY) confronts Steve (PAUL OPACIC) and tells him that he knows all about his bogus business venture. He's willing to keep quiet about the fraud but only if Steve sells him his shares in Home Farm.

Sal (MICHAEL TEZCAN) reminds Steve that even with Kim's (CLAIRE KING) investment, he's still in financial trouble.

Kim tells Steve that she has high hopes for their married life. Not only will they have control of Home Farm and a partnership in a thriving company they will also have security for themselves and James (BRADLEY J WHITE).

Ned (HONNY LEEZE) promises Roy (NICKY EVANS) that he won't let his marriage die without a fight.

Seth (STAN RICHARDS), Zak (STEVE HALLIWELL) and Butch's (PAUL LOUGHRAN) Osprey scam is well under way. But it is not long before the bird watchers begin to get twitchy.

Episode # 2356

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 6 May 1998

(Granada Plus - Wed 8th Jan 2003)

Steve (PAUL OPACIC) is confident he can solve his financial problems. All he needs to do is gamble all on a high return investment.

Sal warns him to be careful with Kim's money. If things don't improve he might be bankrupt by tomorrow.

Tara (ANNA BRECON) holds a hen night for Kim at a bingo hall. But when the bride-to-be is called to the stage to act as celebrity caller, she has a trick up her sleeve.

Lisa's (JANE COX) hopes of starting her own business are dashed when she is refused a bank loan.

Roy (NICKY EVANS) tries to persuade his mother Jan (ROBERTA KERR) to come home.

The game's up for Seth, Zak and Butch when two of the bird wachers complain they're being ripped off. And when Chris Tate discovers their scam he fires Butch and Seth on the spot.

Episode # 2357

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 7 May 1998

1 Hour Special

(Granada Plus - Thu 9th Jan 2003)

It's the day of the big wedding for Steve Marchant and Kim Tate - a day when joy will turn to shock as she discovers some painful secrets.

Steve's business is in bbig trouble and he's in danger of losing everything including his wife-to-be's personal furtune.

When the markets pick up after a sleepless night, he has one last gamble to regain his losses.

Lady Tara Oakwell gives Steve and Kim another shock when she turns up at the wedding with Steve's father John (ALAN ROTHWELL).

Steve is forced to admit to Kim that he had lied when he told her both his parents were dead. He admits to her he's been a fool.

As the lavish ceremony takes place Steve's answerephone is clicking furiously as his broker tries desperately to contact him.

Meanwhile, the Dingles seek revenge for Butch and Seth Armstrong being made redundant.

They hatch a plot to steel the valuable brood mare Miss Jinks from the stud farm and smuggle it to Ireland.

The Irish contact arrives in Emmerdale and the plot is hatched with hilarious consequences.

There are also amusing scenes with Terry Woods (BILLY HARTMAN) teaching Vic Windsor (ALUN LEWIS) to Salsa. He wants to impress his wife and get his marriage back on track.

Episode # 2358

Original Airdate ITV
Friday 8 May 1998


(Granada Plus - Fri 10th Jan 2003)

Kim flies into a rage when Steve reiterates the company in which she has invested has gone but and they are penniless.

But, Kim decides to stand by her man and together they can try to salvage their business.

Instead of going away on honeymoon the newlyweds decide to weather the storm in Steve's cottage.

Biff (STUART WADE) is forced to relive his worst nightmare when he finds Lady Tara in her crashed car.

Pollard (CHRIS CHITTELL) becomes increasingly frustrated with the non-payment for his catering services for the wedding.

Episode # 2359

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 12 May 1998

(Granada Plus - Mon 13th Jan 2003)

Steve tells Kim that it coud cost millions to save their financial business. And their predicament grows when Steve admits his business contacts are refusing to deal with him.

Ned (JOHNNY LEEZE) tries to repair his broken marriage, but he is knocked for six when Jan tells him that their marriage is over.

Vic's Salsa lesson is interupted by Heather (SIOBHAN FINNERAN) - much to the annoyance of Terry (BILLY HARTMAN).

Jack (CLIVE HORNBY) and Sarah (ALYSON SPIRO) wonder how Emma (REBECCA LOUDONSACK) will react to the news that she will have to return to Germany.

Episode # 2360

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 13 May 1998

(Granada Plus - Tue 14th Jan 2003)

The future looks bleak for Steve and Kim. And in desperation Kim decides to try her luck on something she knows about - horses. But will the gamble pay off?

Chris tells Pollard that he will be lucky if he gets paid for the wedding reception as Steve is in financial trouble.

Lady Tara tells Biff she is going to lose her license for dangerous driving and offers him the job as her chauffeur.

Zak breaks into a derelict garage looking for spare parts to sell, but he is not prepared for the trouble he gets himself into.

Episode # 2361

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 14 May 1998

(Granada Plus - Wed 15th Jan 2003)

Pollard, Biff and Marlon (MARK CHARNOCK) break in to Steve's cottage looking for the money they are owed. But they are surprised by the sight of the hiding newlyweds.

Chris asks Tara for a loan to buy Steve shares in Home Farm.

Biff accepts Tara's offer to become her chauffeur.

Zak is rescued after a night in the disused garage, but his time in captivity was not wasted and he suggests to Lisa (JANE COX) that she should use the garage for her auto-repair business.

Vic surprises Viv (DEENA PAYNE) with his dancing skills when he takes her out for her birthday. And it is not long before the night turns to passion.

Ned tells Roy that his marriage is over and they will have to get used to life without Jan.

And Emma refuses to return to Germany to be with her parents.

Episode # 2362

Original Airdate ITV
Friday 15 May 1998


(Granada Plus - Thur 16th Jan 2003)

Steve and Kim decide to come out of hiding. But before they leave they are confronted by Turner (RICHARD THORP) who demands to know what has happened to his investment in Steve's company.

Rachel (GLENDA McKay) learns from Turner that her pension fund is lost.

Kim reveals to Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL) and Chris that she and Steve are selling their shares in Home Farm.

Biff is forced to bite his lip when lady Tara explains his duties as her chauffeur.

Ned is upset when Mandy (LISA RILEY) asks him for Jan's old clothes.

Jack tells Sarah the Cairns have agreed to let Emma stay in Emmerdale until the summer.

Episode # 2363

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 19 May 1998

(Granada Plus - Fri 17th Jan 2003)

Kim tells Steve she is selling her shares in Home Farm to keep them both out of prison. Chris mischieeviously tells Kim that Steve had promised to sell him his share in Home Farm before their wedding anyway.

Kim can't believe that her husband has conspired against her, and in a fit of rage launches into him.

Lady Tar tells Chris she is confident that she can raise the money to buy Kim's shares.

Rachel and Turner tackle Steve about their lost investments.

Ned has a go at Biff for working for Lady Tara.

Wednesday 20 May 1998


Episode # 2364

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 21 May 1998

(Granada Plus - Mon 20th Jan 2003)

Steve is confronted by a delegation of investors demanding he returns their money. But they are forced to retreat when Kim calls the police. Kim confides in Seth about her money problems.

An evening out for Donna (VERITY RUSHWORTH), Viv (DEENA PAYNE) and Vic (ALUN LEWIS) is spoilt when Kelly (ADELE SILVA) arrives and starts an argument. But for once it is the troublesome teenager who is on the receiving end of her father's fury.

Zak steals a generator to help Lisa get her auto-repair business off the ground. But she tells him to take it back - her business will not be built on stolen goods.

Episode # 2365

Original Airdate ITV
Friday 22 May 1998

(Granada Plus - Tue 21st Jan 2003)

It's the anniversary of Frank's death and tempers flare when Zoe confronts Kim at her father's grave.

Lady Tara agrees to lend Chris the money to buy Steve and Kim's shares.

Trouble is never far from the Windsor household and after last night's confrontation Viv decides to take a holiday from Emmerdale until Vic can pull Kelly back in line.

Kathy (MALANDRA BURROWS) teases Biff about his new job as Lady Tara's chauffeur.

Kath has a go at Pollard for letting Alice (Rachel Tolboys) play on his fruit machine.

Zak gets Ned to go poaching with him. But they count without the ingenuity of Seth's helper Butch, and his specially-designed man-trap.

Episode # 2366

Original Airdate ITV
Tuesday 26 May 1998

(Granada Plus - Wed 22 Jan 2003)

Chris introduces his surprise guest to the assembled Board at Home Farm - Lady Tara. But he is left reeling when she reveals she wants Kim and Steve's shares and Home Farm for herself.

Kelly tells Vic that she would like to know more about her real mother.

Zak discovers oil in a disused pump and makes plans to cash in.

Will (PAUL FOX) oversleeps and misses the first half of the school's rugby semi-final. But will his arrival at half time help his flagging team?

Episode # 2367

Original Airdate ITV
Wednesday 27 May 1998

(Granada Plus - Thur 24th Jan 2003)

Kim and Steve are shocked to learn Lady Tara has made Chris joint managing-director of Home Farm. And his first task is to evict the newlyweds.

Kelly discovers an old wedding photograph of her mother and bridesmaid. But will the name and address on the back help her find the answers to her questions?

Killy skives off college to help Mandy with her clothes stall at the village jumble sale. but she is soon searching for an exxcuse when she is spotted by her boss Zoe.

Zak tries to sell his dodgy diesel at the jumble sale. But Reverend Ashley Thomas (JOHN MIDDLETON) puts a stop to his money making venture.

While Kathy is at the doctors with Alice, Pollard mysteriously empties the Tea Rooms of it's furniture.

Episode # 2368

Original Airdate ITV
Thursday 28 May 1998

(Granada Plus - Friday 25th Jan 2003)

Steve's confidence is hit for six when Kim tells him he will have to stay at home and look after James while she is at work at the stud farm.

Kathy regrets leaving poorly Alice home alone when the young child goes missing sparking a search.

Will gets drunk the night before the school rugby final and is in big trouble when he fails to make the game.

Lady Tara teases Biff and accuses him of being jealous of her having a date.

Lady Tara and Biff catch Butch and Zak poaching.

Episode # 2369

Original Airdate ITV
Friday 29 May 1998


(Granada Plus - Mon 26th Jan 2003)

Lady Tara warns Seth, Butch, and Zak that Seth will be out of a job and the Dingles will be evicted, if there is a repeat.

Kelly asks Chris to drive her to London so she can meet her mother's friend.

Tempers flare when Jack discovers Will has been lying to him. And the teenager is left reeling when Jack gives him an ultimatum.

Pollard offers to mind the Tea Rooms for Kathy so she can look after Alice. But his kindness is not as genuine as it seems.

Mandy and Kelly decide to remove Kim's dresses from Home Farm, egged on by Chris.

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