Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1998
#2438-2449 --- 3 November - 26 November 1998

Uploaded 18th April 2003

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Individual Episode Synopsis

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ButchZakPaddyMandyKim fan cardScott circa 1998
BiffChris Tricia Betty

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[EMMERDALE at 7,00 pm Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Fri 2nd May 2003)

Poor Paddy (DOMINIC BRUNT) is on the warpath after finding out about Mandy's (LISA RILEY) wedding to Butch (PAUL LOUGHRAN).

First he confronts Lisa (JANE COX) but she says he'll have to speak to Mandy herself.

When the pair finally meet it's clear Mandy is torn between her love of Paddy and her loyalty to her family. Paddy is unaware of his mother's involvement at this stage and jumps to all the wrong conclusions.

Butch is desperate to change his image and twists Biff's (STUART WADE) arm to go shopping with him,

Donna (VERITY RUSHWORTH) and Chelsea (ELIZABETH INGRAM) are in big trouble when they give Robert (CHRISTOPHER SMITH) a real beating on the first day of term.

Rachel (GLENDA McKAY) and Graham (KEVIN PALLISTER) kiss and make up after his unannounced holiday at half term.

And Tricia (SHEREE MURPHY) sends out the wrong signals to Terry (BILLY HARTMAN) when she wishes him well for an interview with a brewery for a pub manager's job, Scott (BEN FREEMAN) watches on amused and says smugly he knows there's only person she really fancies,


EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Fully NetworkedI

(Granada Plus - Mon 5th May 2003)

Cunning Chris (PETER AMORY) fans the flames between Kim (CLAIRE KING) and Steve (PAUL OPACIC) with an impromptu visit to the remand centre.

His relentless crusade against the deadly duo has Steve hot under the collar, especially when he suggests that with him banged up Kim is now free to make the most of the money from the horse theft.

Laura (LOUISE BEATTIE) tells Kim that bearing the name Marchant is killing the Stud Farm business. She suggests Kim thinks about divorcing Steve.

Donna (VERITY RUSHWORTH) gets the third degree at school and but for the intervention of Mr Clark (KEVIN PALLISTER) may well have been excluded like her friend Chelsea (ELIZABETH INGRAM) for beating up Robert (CHRISTOPHER SMITH).

Viv (DEENA PAYNE) is knocked off her high horse when she realises Donna was really the bully, but quickly jumps at the chance to smooth over the situation when the deputy headmistress suggests she joins Donna's class for a school trip.

Butch (PAUL LOUGHRAN) goes in search of a new image, armed with £60 he's saved - supervised-by mildly amused Biff (STUART WADE).

Terry (BILLY HARTMAN) is offered the job of running a theme pub in Dundee and puts pressure on Tricia (SHEREE MURPHY) to join him. She asks for time to think but she's got other things on her mind ... Scott (BEN FREEMAN).

And numb with excitement from completing a 2000 piece jigsaw restless Kathy (MALANDRA BURROWS) takes her future into her own hands.

THURSDAY 5 NOVEMBER 1998 Episode 2440

EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Tue 6th May 2003

A triangle of love and lust, with Tricia (SHEREE MURPHY) at the centre is beginning to take over the lives of Scott (BEN FREEMAN) and Terry (BILLY HARTMAN).

Tricia is stalling on Terry's plans for her to join him at the fun pub in Scotland while Scott is busy working his charm.

And tonight, the canoodling couple push their luck when they sneak past snoozing Terry, who's lodging at the Post Office, for a night of passion.

Butch's (PAUL LOUGHRAN) plans for a cosy curry for two with his intended, Mandy (LISA RILEY), takes a comical twist when the rest of the clan join them.

Sarah (ALYSON SPIRO) spikes Viv's (DEENA PAYNE) guns when she too enrols for the forthcoming school trip.

Marlon (MARK CHARNOCK) and Biff (STUART WADE) when she turns up for work.

And Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL) teases Chris (PETER AMORY) about his night at the opera with Laura (LOUISE BEATTIE).


EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Wed 7th May 2003)

The seeds of doubt are racing through Mandy's (LISA RILEY) mind as she prepares to marry Butch (PAUL LOUGHRAN) tomorrow.

With her thoughts firmly focused on saving the family home she has no trouble dealing with the worries of Rev Thomas (JOHN MIDDLETON) and Kelly (ADELE SILVA).

But when Paddy (DOMINIC BRUNT) returns from Venice early and tries to dissaude her, she's caught in the horns of a dilemma. Can she possibly go through with it and face losing the man she really loves?

Rev Thomas's gospel band turn out to be a bunch of skinheads up from the smoke and intent on causing trouble. But when a fight breaks out and Terry (BILLY HARTMAN) flexes his muscles, he draws admiring glances from several quarters.

Scott (BEN FREEMAN) has seduced Tricia (SHEREE MURPHY) and is keen for second helpings. But she's worried because of the situation with Terry who still wants her to go to Scotland with him to run a theme pub.

And the Windsor and Sugden matriarchs are at each others throats when they are seated side by side in Kathy's Diner. Jack (CLIVE HORNBY) and Vic (ALUN LEWIS) do their best to calm the women, but quickly realise they might as well not bother.


WEDNESDAY 11 NOVEMBER 1998 Episode 2442

I EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Thu 8th May 2003)

After weeks of torment Mandy (LISA RILEY) prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice for her family .... saving their home by marrying Butch (PAUL LOUGHRAN).

Her mood is sombre, not that of the blushing bride, and it seems that deep down she has finally come to realise the enormity of what she is about to do.

Butch is oblivious to Mandy's deeper thoughts, his mind is more focused on getting through the ceremony without the intervention of Paddy (DOMINIC BRUNT). In his eyes this is a proper wedding.

Zak (STEVE HALLIWELL) is selfishly dreaming of getting his house back, while Lisa (JANE COX) senses Mandy's malaise, yet appears to be powerless to act.

Mrs Kirk (JUDI JONES) is rubbing her hands in glee and truly believes the £6,000 she's promised the Dingles if the wedding goes ahead, is money well spent. It's unlikely Paddy will see it this way when he finds out she is behind the whole charade.

But will Mandy come to her senses? Will Paddy rush in "Graduate" style and whisk his love away? Or will Zak and Mrs Kirk get what they're both after?

Whatever happens viewers can be certain of high drama and emotion.


THURSDAY 12 NOVEMBER 1998 Episode 2443

iMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Fri 9th May 2003)

Zak Dingle (STEVE HALLIWELL) has got everything he wanted - his house ack and his family under one roof again.

But the sacrifice Mandy (LISA RILEY) has made has gone over his head and qe rushes headlong into organising a party, to celebrate their return.

When Zak finally announces what's gone on, there's stunned silence and Mandy rushes out, closely followed by Kelly (ADELE SILVA) saying she now knows she's made a huge mistake.

Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL) throws a party to celebrate Paddy's (DOMINIC BRUNT) partnership in the vets practice. He tells everyone it's the first day of the rest of his life.

Sarah (ALYSON SPIRO) and Viv (DEENA PAYNE) are at each others throats on the school trip. And when Viv spots Rachel (GLENDA McKAY) and Graham / (KEVlN PALLISTER) sharing a stolen kiss she goes ballistic.

Tricia (SHEREE MURPHY) tells Terry(BILLY HARTMAN) she can't go to Scotland with him.

Kathy (MALANDRA BURROWS) wins a holiday to London for two. But who will she take with her?

And Kim (CLAIRE KING) collars Laura (LOUISE BEATTIE) at Paddy's party and seeks professional advice on Steve and the question of divorce. Laura naively mentions this to Chris (PETER AMORY) whose mind starts to do somersaults.

[EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Fully Networked

(Granada Plus -Mon 12th May 2003)

Kim finds herself having to do some quick thinking when a furious Steve calls her from the remand centre.

Callous Chris has paid him an unexpected visit to break the devastating news that Kim is planning to divorce him.

While she tries to placate him we can sense the growing loathing she has towards her incarcerated husband.

Rev Thomas tells horrified Lisa that Butch confessed to him three weeks before the wedding that he really was in love with Mandy.

Terry arrives for work at the temporary Woolpack in the village hall as an employee of the vicar. Turner is very unhappy that the man responsible for ruining his premises is back working alongside him - and there's nothing he can do.

And Rachel takes Kathy's advice and lays her cards on the table with Graham. She feels very strongly about him - but does he feel the same way?

Claire King plays Kim, Paul Opacic plays Steve, Peter Amory plays Chris, John Middleton plays Rev Thomas; Jane Cox plays Lisa, Paul Loughran plays Butch, Lisa Riley plays Mandy, Billy Hartman plays Terry, Richard Thorp plays Turner, Glenmda McKay plays Rachel, Malandra Burrows plays Kathy and Kevin Pallister plays Graham.

EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Tue 13th May 2003)

Laura blows her top with supersleuth Chris after hearing that he spilled the beans on Kim's planned divorce from Steve.

He went to see Steve in Home Farm time and as far as she's concerned he's on a final warning. If he transgresses, she tells him she'll fire him, shareholder or not.

Kim goes to see Steve again and he suggests that they split the ¢200,000 they made from the horse theft and hand over half to Detective Inspector Spalding, claiming that was what he made from the deal. Kim is sceptical and the mood between the couple grows ever more tense.

Roy is thumbing through a magazine and suddenly pales when he thinks he spots Lord Alex Oakwell, the man responsible for killing his sister, in a photograph.

Mandy informs the family shes off to see her dad. He heard about the wedding and is unhappy ... he wants a cut of the money!

Lisa has a heart to heart with Butch and tells him what Rev Thomas said. Butch is taken-aback but promises her he's always loved Mandy, he realises she will never return the love, and he can handle it. Lisa isn't sure whether to believe him.

Kathy has tried just about everyone she can think of to join her for her competition prize trip to London. Marlon tells her he'd be delighted to chaperone her and after some thought she agrees.

Pollard has business in the smoke and with Marlon already tied up, needs help. Roy butts-in and says he'll go o no matter how little he's paid.

Louise Beattie plays Laura, Peter Amory plays Chris, Claire King plays Kim, Paul Opacic plays Steve, Davyd Harries plays DI Spalding, Nicky Evans plays Roy, Lisa Riley plays Mandy, Jane Cox plays Lisa, Paul Loughran plays Butch, John Middleton plays Rev Ashley, Malandra Burrows plays Kathy, Mark Charnock plays Marlon and Chris Chittell plays Pollard.


THURSDAY 19 NOVEMBER 1998 Episode 2446
EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Wed 14th May 2003)

Steve has seen the writing on the wall, and accompanied by his solicitor is driven from the remand centre to the police station to talk to DI Spalding.

He wants to change his statement and is intent on implicating Kim. She masterminded the whole thing, he tells the detective.

Officers are immediately dispatched to Home Farm and Kim is asked to go with them for more questioning.

DI Spalding puts the new allegations to her, and hiding her initial shock, she coolly tells him her husband has changed his statement because she's decided to divorce him. Will the police believe her or is this the start of the slippery slope?

Scott is sick of Terry mooching round Tricia. He tells her if she doesn't tell the besotted barman she's going our with him, he'll do it himself.

Graham tells Rachel he wants to move their relationship on. The couple, decide to go to the diner and share kiss in front of Betty, knowing that way the news will quickly spread round the village. But when they embrace the wily waitress ignores them.

Kathy and Marlon set off to London for a well earned holiday while Roy jumps into Pollard's delivery van to head off on an antiques job.

Paul Opacic plays Steve, Davyd Harries plays DI Spalding, Claire King plays Kim, Ben Freeman plays Scott, Billy Hartman plays Terry, Sheree Murphy plays Tricia, Kevin Pallister plays Graham, Glenda McKay plays Rachel, Malandra Burrows plays Kathy, Mark Charnock plays Marlon and Chris Chittell plays Pollard.

EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Thu 15th May 2003

Ex-squaddie Scott is putting Tricia through an emotional assault course.

He's demanded she tell Iovestruck Terry they are an item or he will dump her ... or deliver the news himself.

And at the end of a hard days pulling behind the bar Tricia finally gets the chance to speak to Terry alone. But as she struggles over the right words Scott suddenly appears. Can he really be so heartless and spill the beans on the affair?

Chris takes the afternoon off when he gets a call from the blue from Steve, wanting to see him. Steve wants Chris to help him nail Kim and the two form an unlikely partnership.

After Steve has told Chris the full stow they suddenly realise there is one piece of evidence alone that could nail their target ... the phone call made to Steve during the fake theft.

Betty last pulled a pint before Tricia was born and the punters are left literally foaming when the latest recruit to the village hall bar serves up more froth than bitter. Turner decides he must get a temp, but can he let Betty down lightly?

Kim - played by Claire King, Steve - Paul Opacic, Chris - Peter Amory, Terry - Billy Hartman, Scott - Ben Freeman, Tricia - Sheree Murphy, Turner - Richard Thorp, Betty - Paula Tilbrook.


WEDNEAY. 25 NOVEMBER 1998 Ep 2448
I EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Fully Networked

Bernice Blackstock arrives in emmerdale

(Granada Plus - Fri 16th May 2003

Chris is working feverishly to bring about the downfall of his former step-mother.

After his chat with Steve he's found a record of Kim's mobile phone calls in the Home Farm offices - and in particular the call she made on the night of the theft when Steve was supposed to be upstairs. Suddenly the police sit-up and take notice.

Both Rev Thomas and Zoe are pulled back in for questioning about Kim's precise movements on that night. And they start to investigate the claims that Helen Dixon bought Orsino.

Later that day Kim is talking with Zoe when suddenly the police arrive. Has the net finally closed on her?

Bernice Blackstock the new bar temp drops herself and Turner in it when she says she understand her new landlady Betty is 'a dragon' while shopping in the Post Office. Unfortunately the person she's speaking to is - Betty.

Terry appears a broken man and moves his things out of the Post Office after learning that Scott and Tricia have been sleeping together. Later he claws back some self-esteem when he wishes Tricia well and says he's there for her, as a pal, if things don't work out with Scott.

Chris - played by Peter Amory, Kim - Claire King, Steve - Paul Opacic, DI Spalding -Davyd Harries, Rev Thomas - John Middleton, Zoe - Leah Bracknell, Bernice - , Betty - Paula Tilbrook, Terry - Billy Hartman, Tricia - Sheree Murphy, Scott - Ben Freeman, Turner - Richard Thorp.

THURSDAY 26 NOVEMBER 1998 Episode 2449
[EMMERDALE at 7,00 pm Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Mon 19th May 2003)

Kim has been arrested by the police on charges of theft and fraud - and for the first time in her life looks in real trouble,

Her hopes are lifted then dashed when an application for bail is granted ,.. on condition of a £25,000 bond.

Chris watches gleefully from the public gallery but is heading for a stormy confrontation with his sister Zoe who still believes Kim to be innocent.

Steve calls on Chris when the police appear to turn a blind eye to the help he's given bringing Kim to book. But Chris now has what he wants and as far as he's concerned Steve can help him no further.

Kathy takes the news of Kim's arrest and court appearance badly. And Biff starts to worry about her when 40 crates of'lemonade arrives ~ apparently on her orders.

Turner allows Terry to move back into the Woolpack after hearing how he's been looking out for Tricia. If only he knew the real story!

And Kelly asks Turner if she can have her 18th birthday bash at the village hall. He's reluctant after the way Will's party ended - but Tricia convinces him to give it a try.

Kim - played by Claire King, Chris - Peter Amory, Steve - Paul Opacic, Zoe - Leah Bracknell, Terry o Billy Hartman, Tricia - Sheree Murphy, Turner - Richard Thorp, Kelly - Adele Silva.

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