Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1998
#2425-2437 --- 1 October - 29 October 1998

Uploaded 13th March 2003
Updated 7th April 2003

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Episode 2425: THURSDAY 1 OCTOBER 1998

(Granada Plus - Tue 15th Apr 2003)

EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Fully Networked

Zak Dingle (STEVE HALLIWELL) makes a final stand to save his beloved home.

As the bailiffs arrive to serve an eviction order, Zak, faced with several burly minders, resorts to physical violence as Lisa (JANE COX) watches horrified.

He menacingly picks up a metal bar in a threatening gesture as they attempt to pass him and enter the house. It's a tense stand-off until Lisa begs him to stop. Zak appears a broken man as he drops the weapon and slumps to the floor, resigned to losing his home.

At the Woolpack the dispossessed Dingles congregate and the village rallies round. Betty (PAULA TILBROOK) offers to take in Mandy (LISA RILEY) and Lisa (JANE COX).

And Rachel (GLENDA MCKAY) wishes she'd kept her mouth shut when she says the menfolk should have plenty of offers. Quick as a flash Zak takes it as an invite for him and Butch (PAUL LOUGHRAN) to stay at Mill cottage. Poor Rachel realises she's got no option but to take them in.

Cass (JACINTA MULCAHY) is intent on a showdown with Scott (BEN FREEMAN) as she shoves her way into the Post Office. Kelly (ADELE SILVA) warns her they have phoned her husband who is on his way to collect her.

As tempers begin to fray suddenly Scott loses his temper and starts to hurl abuse at his one time lover. Alone and confused Cass climbs into her car wiping the tears from her eyes.

Episode 2426: TUESDAY 6 OCTOBER 1998

(Granada Plus - Wed 16th Apr 2003)

EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Fully Networked

Lovelorn Paddy (DOMINIC BRUNT) reduces Mandy (LISA RILEY) to tears when he admits that despite everything he still loves her.

It really takes the wind out of mad Mandy's sails - who has only stopped him to issue a warning to keep his interfering mother away from her.

It's clear both of them are fighting their true emotions, but Mandy says she can never have Paddy back after he refused to lend her family the money to buy their home ... especially now they have been evicted.

Smarmy Scott (BEN FREEMAN) twists his gullible mother Viv (DEENA PAYNE) around his little finger as he tells his version of the Cass story and how he came to be discharged from the army on psychological grounds.

Cass, he says, made all the running and when he spurned her advances she sought revenge by telling her medical officer husband. He arranged for Scott to be discharged on medical grounds, but as a pay-back changed it to psychological.

Chris (PETER AMORY) is playing detectives in his efforts to bring Kim (CLAIRE KING) and Steve (PAUL OPACIC) to book. He's worked out that the actual robbery probably took place during the day and that the rest was faked. He presents his theory to DI Spalding (DAVYD HARRIES) who is interested enough to pull the Marchants in for more questioning. But without evidence he is powerless to hold them.

And Rachel (GLENDA McKAY) is finding life tough putting up with her temporary lodgers, Butch (PAUL LOUGHRAN) and Zak (STEVE HALLIWELL). A single girl doesn't take kindly to finding a pair of dirty socks soaking in her sink first thing in the morning!

Episode 2427: WEDNESDAY 7 OCTOBER 1998

(Granada Plus - Thu 17th Apr 2003)

EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Fully Networked

Loves young dreams Mandy (LISA RILEY) and Paddy (DOMINIC BRUNT) look to have settled their differences - much to Zak (STEVE HALLIWELL) and Mrs Kirk's (JUDI JONES) chagrin.

Zak immediately calls a Dingle pow-wow to decide Mandy's fate while Mrs Kirk warns her son that she'll fight tooth and nail to stop them getting back together.

Laura (LOUISE BEATTIE) tells Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL) that her brother Chris (PETER AMORY) is becoming obsessed with linking Kim (CLAIRE KING) and Steve (PAUL OPACIC) to the Home Farm robbery. She's moved Steve out of Chris's way by making him her admin clerk, but wants Zoe to have a stiff word.

Tricia (SHEREE MURPHY) prepares to leave Emmerdale and gets as far as the taxi before her grandfather Turner's (RICHARD THORP) pleas bring her back.

Donna (VERITY RUSHWORTH) falls into bad company with hard-nut school pal Chelsea (ELIZABETH INGRAM). Could she be heading the same way as her sister Kelly (ADELE SILVA)?


Episode 2428: THURSDAY 8 OCTOBER 1998

(Granada Plus - Fri 18th Apr 2003)

EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Fully Networked

Chris's (PETER AMORY) pursuit of Kim (CLAIRE KING) and Steve (PAUL OPACIC) runs into double trouble.

First he discovers Laura (LOUISE BEATTIE) has appointed Steve as her admin clerk. And as if that wasn't enough he is forced to eat humble pie when Kim later tells him that his slanderous accusations are having a marked affect on business - and damaging hers and her husband's reputations.

If he doesn't stop she'll consider suing him.

Mandy (LISA RILEY) is still reeling from the decision reached at the Dingle ' summit. Dingle honour means she must give Paddy (DOMINIC BRUNT) up, or become an outcast like Marlon. Meanwhile Paddy, unaware of this, tells his mother (JUDI JONES) that he'll marry Mandy just to spite her.

Turner (RICHARD THORP) is apoplectic when Tricia (SHEREE MURPHY) comes back from the cash and carry with mountains of extra goods and even a box full of fireworks - for an unplanned party - and a TV and video for her bedroom. But as usual her charms soon melt his anger and he forgives her.

Chelsea (ELIZABETH INGRAM), Donna's (VERITY RUSHWORTH) new mate gives Andy (KELVIN FLETCHER) a hard time and steals his bus money.

And for the first time since the crash Kathy (MALANDRA BURROWS) begins to stir. Could she be about to snap-out of her coma?

Episode 2429: TUESDAY 13 OCTOBER 1998

EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Mon 21st April 2003)

Barbara Kirk (JUDI JONES) is vying with Viv Windsor (DEENA PAYNE) for the title mother-from-hell as she tries to find ways to end her son's on-off relationship with Mandy (LISA RILEY).

And after chatting to her new found ally she believes she's discovered the Dingles Achilles heel ... money!

First she tries to offer Mandy money to set-up her own business - but only if she'll leave Emmerdale.

Then when she's rudely turned down, she offers Mandy several thousand pounds to marry someone else. Suddenly Mandy seems to pay attention.

Kathy (MALANDRA BURROWS) has started to move, but Betty (PAULA TILBROOK) jumps the gun saying that she's on a fast track to recovery. None of this is good news for Steve (PAUL OPACIC) and once again Chris (PETER AMORY) doesn't waste the opportunity with a poor joke that Kathy is already talking to the police.

After a good fill at the Woolpack Steve rolls home to a less than pleased Kim (CLAIRE KING). He's still worried that Kathy might have seen him, despite what he'd earlier told his wife. Kim starts to get the impression Steve hasn't told her everything.

Chelsea (ELIZABETH INGRAM) and Donna (VERITY RUSHWORTH) give a whole new meaning to girl power when they start to pick on Andy (KELVIN FLETCHER) and break his watch.

And Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL)has a few choice words for Laura (LOUISE BEATTIE) who, after evicting several of the village's sitting tenants, is now planning to move into Emmerdale herself.

Episode 2430: WEDNESDAY 14 OCTOBER 1998

EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Tue 22nd Apr 2003)

Steve Marchant (PAUL OPACIC)is provoked beyond reasonable'bounds and lunges at Chris (PETER AMORY) when he crudely implies he'd have preferred it, had Kathy (MALANDRA BURROWS) not started to recover.

Luckily, Laura (LOUISE BEATTIE) is on hand to separate the warring factions, as Steve looks set to wipe the smug look from Chris's face and haul him from his wheelchair.

It looks like the residents of a housing estate in Leeds are about to have their worst nightmare come true ... the Dingles as neighbours.

Zak (STEVE HALLIWELL) and Lisa (JANE COX) seem almost resigned to moving into a council estate when suddenly Mandy (LISA RILEY) blurts out Mrs Kirk's (JUDI JONES) outrageous offer. Lisa is shocked that both Zak and Mandy seem interested in the idea.

Andy (KELVIN FLETCHER) is so bothered by the un-ladylike antics of Chelsea (ELIZABETH INGRAM) and Donna (VERITY RUSHWORTH), he feigns illness to get a day off school.

And Woolpack regulars give Laura the silent treatment when she pops into the pub for a drink.

Episode 2431: THURSDAY 15 OCTOBER 1998

EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm

Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Wed 23rd Apr 2003)

The race is on to find a groom for Mandy (LISA RILEY).

Zak (STEVE HALLIWELL), much to Lisa's (JANE COX) annoyance is fully in favour of a deal that will mean they can buy their home.

He draws up a list of prospective husbands, but when Mandy collars Roy (NICKY EVANS) to be the lucky man, he turns her down flat.

She has one last go at Paddy (DOMINIC BRUNT) to lend them the £6,000 to buy the farmhouse, but marches off in a huff when he stands his ground. Later she finds an ideal candidate to fulfil the business proposition - her grinning cousin Butch (PAUL LOUGHRAN).

Robert (CHRISTOPHER SMITH) is surprised when Andy (KELVIN FLETCHER) backs down to Donna (VERITY RUSHWORTH) who later pinches one of his school books and throws it in the stream.

Laura (LOUISE BEATTIE) tells Kim (CLAIRE KING) about Steve's (PAUL OPACIC) spat with Chris (PETER AMORY) and asks if she'll tell him not to rise to the bait.

Turner (RICHARD THORP) leaves the bar in the capable hands of Terry (BILLY HARTMAN) and Tricia (SHEREE MURPHY). Terry tells Tricia this is the chance they've both been looking for ... her look says that perhaps it isn't!

And Biff (STUART WADE) is astounded when Kathy (MALANDRA BURROWS opens her eyes and asks what's happened.

Episode 2432: TUESDAY 20 OCTOBER 1998

EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm

Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Thu 24th Apr 2003)

The nightmare appears to be over - or is it just beginning for Kathy Glover (MALANDRA BURROWS), who utters her first words since a life-threatening car accident?

For fearing the game may be up Steve (PAUL OPACIC) drives to the hospital, believing that Kathy will now identify him. He knows, and he alone, that Kathy saw him moments before impact - but has deliberately kept it a secret from Kim (CLAIRE KING).

If Kathy remembers, then the horse robbery and hit-and-run accident - that have so far puzzled the police - will be out in the open. And he will be staring at a long stretch inside.

His mind distorted by self-preservation, Steve now appears to be out of control.

While the boss is away the staff will play - or at least that's what Terry (BILLY HARTMAN) is hoping.

He's had his eye on Alan Turner's (RICHARD THORP) granddaughter Tricia (SHEREE MURPHY) since she arrived, like a whirlwind, in Emmerdale.

Turner's taken his first night off in ages to attend a Licensed Victuallers do and won't be back until the morning - leaving Terry to work his charms.

Tricia tries everything to put him off, even inviting several of the regulars to stay for a lock-in. But when his persistence finally looks to have paid-off events take a shocking twist which leaves them both cursing their stupidity.

Time is running short for the Dingles to save their home and Mandy (LISA RILEY) outlines her plans to marry Butch

(PAUL LOUGHRAN) and collect the £6,000 promised by Paddy's mum (JUDI JONES). After all it's only a bit of paper. But Butch notes that no-one seems interested in his opinions.

Episode 2433: WEDNESDAY 21 OCTOBER 1998

IMERDALE at 7.00 pm Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Fri 25th Apr 2003)

Poor Alan Turner (RICHARD THORP) can hardly bear to look at the charred erior of his beloved pub.

Tricia (SHEREE MURPHY) is guilt-ridden but as usual manages to calm her andfather, and deflect blame for the fire onto Terry (BILLY HARTMAN) - despite Iling him she'd stick up for him. Can Turner ever forgive his manager?

Calculating Kim (CLAIRE KING) - now aware of the full story of the night of ,bbery - tells Steve (PAUL OPACIC) that Kathy (MALANDRA BURROWS) may well entify him and he should skip the country. Armed with a small share of the robbery oney, he sets-off with Kim promising to follow later. But events are about to take a ramatic twist.

Lisa (JANE COX) and Mrs Kirk (JUDO JONES) are both appalled that Mandy -ISA RILEY) intends to marry Butch (PAUL LOUGHRAN) to fulfil the business deal. lut first they must clear with the registrar that it is legal for cousins to marry.

Episode 2434: THURSDAY 22 OCTOBER 1998

EMERDALE at 7.00 pm

Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Mon 28th Apr 2003)

DI Spalding (DAVID HARRIES) throws the book at Steve (PAUL OPACIC) -was arrested as he tried to board a flight to Venezuela.

He's now been positively identified by Kathy (MALANDRA BURROWS) as
person who knocked her over and is having problems explaining the £10,000 Jnd on him at the airport.

Kim (CLAIRE KING) has been taken back in for questioning too, but her otest that she is an innocent party appears to fall on sympathetic ears. She is leased but told to stay in Emmerdale.

Chris (PETER AMORY) who finally believes his former step-mother has been 'ought to book will be in for a nasty shock.

Robert (CHRISTOPHER SMITH) approaches Ned (JOHNNY LEEZE) for )me boxing tips so he can deal with the bullying girls Donna (VERITY USHWORTH) and Chelsea (ELIZABETH INGRAM),

And Viv (DEENA PAYNE) shocks Vic (ALUN LEWIS) when she offers omeless Terry (BILLY HARTMAN) a bed at the Post Office.

Episode 2435: TUESDAY 27 OCTOBER 1998

I EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm

Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Tue 29th Apr 2003)

Steve (PAUL OPACIC) secretly agrees to take the rap for the robbery when Kim (CLAIRE KING) visits him in custody.

After all she could have walked away and left him when he gambled and lost her fortune on the stock market.

It's a selfless act on Steve's part - and fits in beautifully with the self-preservation plan Kim's already put into action, for herself!

Robert (CHRISTOPHER SMITH) puts Ned's (JOHNNY LEEZE) boxing lessons to good use when he confronts Donna (VERITY RUSHWORTH) about bullying Andy (KELVIN FLETCHER). When the wicked Windsor girl lunges at him he lets her have a right hook. Viv (DEENA PAYNE) is incensed, Sarah (ALYSON SPIRO) and Jack (CLIVE HORNBY) livid and Ned (JOHNNY LEEZE) is left in the dog-house.

Tricia (SHEREE MURPHY) puts the spark back into her granddad Turner (RICHARD THORP) when she arranges with Rev Ashley Thomas (JOHN MIDDLETON) for the village hall to be turned into a temporary bar while the Woolpack is renovated.

Butch (PAUL LOUGHRAN) tells Lisa (JANE COX) that while he did once fancy Mandy (LISA RILEY) he is in control of his feelings and knows the wedding is only a business transaction. But is he really telling the truth?

Episode 2436: Wednesday 28 OCTOBER 1998

[EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Wed 30th Apr 2003)

Steve (PAUL OPACIC) is hoping to cut a deal with the police by coming clean about the robbery.

He tells his version of the story, carefully editing out the bits that involved Kim, in the hope that he will get away with a more lenient sentence for being co-operative.

But DI Spalding (DAVYD HARRIES) is not convinced and leaves Steve high and dry when he demands to know where all the money is. The horse was worth around £300,000 yet Steve claims he only received the £10,000 found on him as he tried to leave the country - which doesn't add up!

Mrs Kirk (JUDI JONES) is at her manipulative best when she tries to entice Paddy (DOMINIC BRUNT) to leave the country with a paid-for holiday. He's deeply suspicious, but as yet remains oblivious to the reasons why.

Robert Sugden (CHRISTOPHER SMITH) is grounded for punching Donna (VERITY RUSHWORTH). Andy (KELVIN FLETCHER) wants to tell Jack (CLIVE HORNBY) and Sarah (ALYSON SPIRO) why, Ned (JOHNNY LEEZE) asks Jack if it is possible Donna was the bully the lads mentioned?

Rev Ashley (JOHN MIDDLETON) tries to talk to Mandy (LISA RILEY) about the wedding. He knows he's broken Butch's (PAUL LOUGHRAN) confidence but feels they're making a grave mistake. Mandy is having none of it and says that it is the only way the Dingles can save their home.

Episode 2437: THURSDAY 29 OCTOBER 1998

EMMERDALE at 7.00 pm Fully Networked

(Granada Plus - Thu 1st May 2003)

Poor Reverend Ashley Thomas (JOHN MIDDLETON) is looking for divine intervention as he gets caught in the middle of a "Holy War".

First Butch (PAUL LOUGHRAN) is less than pleasant with him for telling Mandy (LISA RILEY) that he knows about the wedding.

Then he is accosted by Paddy (DOMINIC BRUNT) who has realised something is happening behind his back. But Paddy is hardly prepared for what the vicar reluctantly tells him.

The temporary Woolpack bar is opened in the village hall. Everything's going fine until Terry (BILLY HARTMAN) turns up as a guest of Tricia (SHEREE MURPHY). Turner (RICHARD THORP) still hasn't forgiven him for the fire at the Woolpack and gives him his marching orders. Terry though has other things on his mind, like an interview with a brewery for a manager's job.

Chris (PETER AMORY) is invited for a meal by Laura (LOUISE BEATTIE) and is coaxed into revealing the full story about his and Kim's (CLAIRE KING) long-standing war-of-words.

And Pollard (CHRIS CHITTELL) is cleverly out-manoeuvred by Laura and forced to drop his claim for compensation against Turner for the slight injury he suffered when the pub burned down.

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