Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1998
#2409 - 2424 --- 1 September - 30 September 1998

Uploaded 13th March 2003

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(Granada Plus - Mon 24th Mar 2003)

Vet Paddy (DOMINIC BRUNT) is going animal crackers after girlfriend Mandy (LISA RILEY) got a glimpse of his fat building society book.

The cash-strapped Dingles need £6,000 to buy their condemned property or face eviction. And poor Paddy looks like being the one who will have to cough-up.

He pleads with Mandy not to say anything just yet while secretly wondering how he can dig himself out of this hole.

But when he runs the whole thing past outcast Dingle Marlon (MARK CHARNOCK) he gets some sobering advice - pay-up, or else!

Kim (CLAIRE KING) takes the news that Dave was not James's father to Ned (JOHNNY LEEZE) and Roy (NICKY EVANS).

When Ned tells her he's glad this episode in their lives has been finally laid to rest, Kim rails at him. She feels she has now lost the only thing that still kept Dave alive for her.

Battle-axe Betty (PAULA TILBROOK) quits her job when Kathy (MALANDRA BURROWS) tells her she wants Biff (STUART WADE) to work at the American Diner.

Betty believes Biff colluded with Lady Tara [with] hers and Seth's eviction and that he's now trying to take her job. Can Kathy pacify her?

And Paulette (Danielle Brown) gets her comeuppance when Scott (BEN FREEMAN) tells her their affair was a one-night stand and Roy reveals he doesn't want to know her anymore.



Episode 2410

(Granada Plus - Tue 25th Mar 2003)

Biff (STUART WADE) and Kim (CLAIRE KING) both have very different reasons to look shocked when they learn of Lady Tara's (ANNA BRECON) impending marriage.

Biff can't quite believe she would have moved so quickly after the break-up of their affair and wonders if she's simply tying the knot to feather her depleted nest,

Kim meanwhile is left spitting feathers when she learns that after the wedding Lady Tara is putting Laura (LOUISE BEATTIE) in charge of her affairs at the Stud Farm,

For the first time Kim appears to show some interest in Steve's (PAUL OPACIC) plans to steal one of the stud horses.

Mandy (LISA,RILEY) can't keep Paddy's (DOMINIC BRUNT) cash-stash a secret any longer .... and blows the lot to her family.

From being in the depths of depression, suddenly the dozy Dingles are riding high again, When Paddy comes into the Woolpack and is held aloft by Zak (STEVE HALLIWELL) and Butch (PAUL LOUGHRAN) he realises Mandy has spilled the beans.

And Jack (CLIVE HORNBY) and Sarah (ALYSON SPIRO) are lumbered with Ned (JOHNNY LEEZE) as a lodger after he decides he's not going to contest eviction from his farm. Roy (NICKY EVANS) begs sofa-space with the lads in Annie's Cottage.



Episode 2411

(Granada Plus - Wed 26th Mar 2003)

Ever since her demise Klm (CLAIRE KING) has believed that she can climb out of her financial rut by fair play.

But when a potential big-spending customer suddenly withdraws from a substantial deal with the Stud Farm after learning that Kim is involved ... it is almost too much to bear.

Now she is prepared to listen to the plans that her husband Steve (PAUL OPACIC) has dreamed up to steal one of the stud farm horses. Steve is delighted and believes they'll make enough money to skip the country and lead the kind of lives they're more accustomed to. But Klm pulls back on the reins and tells him that they will play it her way ... or not at all.

Paddy (DOMINIC BRUNT) is offered a partnership in the vets practice - but it will cost him £45,000. He tells Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL) it's what he wants and is sure Mandy (LISA RILEY) will understand when he has to tell her his offer to buy the Dingles home will have to be withdrawn.

Goodness knows what Zak (STEVE HALLIWELL) and Butch (PAUL LOUGHRAN) will think ... they're contemplating getting real jobs for the first time in their lives.

And there's a big surprise for Betty (PAULA TILBROOK) when she finds £5,000 tucked in her handbag. The money's been secretly put there by Biff (STUART WADE) who's sold the motorbike bought for him by Lady Tara (ANNA BRECON). Biff hopes it will help Betty and Seth (STAN RICHARDS) stave off eviction.



Episode 2412

(Granada Plus - Thu 27th Mar 2003)

Poor Paddy (DOMINIC BRUNT) faces the wrath of the Dingles when he withdraws his offer of cash to save their house.

He's been handed a partnership deal by Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL) but will need every penny of his savings as a deposit on the £45,000 she is asking.

The worried vet breaks the news first to Lisa (JANE COX) hoping he'll find a sympathetic ear. But she tells him to do his own dirty work.

When Mandy (LISA RILEY) finds out she flies into a rage and despite Paddy's pleas that that the partnership will mean a brighter future for them, she throws him out of the flat and insists that they are through.

Kim (CLAIRE KING) astonishes Steve (PAUL OPACIC) with her reworking of the horse robbery plan.

She's thought of everything down to a lock-tight alibi. Now all they need to decide is when.

Betty (PAULA TILBROOK) is left ashen faced when she is told by a building society manager that her mortgage application cannot be accepted. She tries to return the £5,000 gift to its owner but is confused when Zoe admits she was not the mystery benefactor.

Lord Michael (MALCOLM STODDARD) stuns Lady Tara (ANNA BRECON) by giving her a brand new Jaguar as a present for when she gets her license back. Then he takes her breath away with a huge, sparkling diamond engagement ring.



Episode 2413

(Granada Plus - Fri 28th Mar 2003)

Kim (CLAIRE KING) and Steve (PAUL OPACIC) give their robbery plan a trial run using vicar Ashley Thomas (JOHN MIDDLETON) as the alibi.

Kim coaxes him to the cottage for wine on the pretence of offering her services more regularly at the creche. Once at the house Steve says he has to make some phone calls and heads off upstairs.

While Ashley and Kim chat Steve leaves the house and times himself running to the Stud and back. When he comes back down the stairs, Ashley is none the wiser.

Paddy (DOMINIC BRUNT) has a bucket of pig-swill thrown over him by an unforgiving Mandy (LISA RILEY).

If there was the slightest hint of a reconciliation following Paddy's withdrawal of his cash to buy the Dingles condemned home, then it seems to have vanished now. Paddy tells Mandy that's the end of their relationshipt. Later, on her own, Mandy quietly cries herself to sleep.

Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL) realises that it was Biff (STUART WADE) who slipped £5,000 into Betty's (PAULA TILBROOK) handbag.

He'd hoped she and Seth (STAN RICHARDS) could get a mortgage to save themselves being evicted. When Zoe breaks the news that the building society told Betty she was too old - he comes up with an even better plan.

Lady Tara (ANNA BRECON) suddenly gets cold feet about her wedding when she goes to have a fitting for a dress. She rushes out of the store and orders a cab to take her to Biff's.



Episode 2414

(Granada Plus - Mon 31st Mar 2003)

Biff (STUART WADE) can't do right for wrong in Betty's (PAULA TILBROOK) eyes.

She has sent him to Coventry since his lover Lady Tara (ANNA BRECON) handed out an eviction notice to her and Seth (STAN RICHARDS).

When he approaches her to say he can arrange a mortgage for them, and admits he gave her the £5,000 deposit, she tells him to take the money back and leave. She doesn't need charity from him.

Biff is perplexed. He's ditched Lady Tara, when deep down he really loves her. Yet old friends like Betty and Seth still won't give him the time of day. Biff starts to doubt whether ending his affair was a wise move.

Kim (CLAIRE KING) is shaken when she discovers Laura (LOUISE BEATTIE) intends bringing in an assistant to look after Lady Tara's share of the Stud Farm. She rushes home to tell Steve (PAUL OPAClC) of the development and both agree they'll have to bring the robbery forward.

And Mandy (LISA RILEY) reluctantly takes up Turner's (RICHARD THORP) offer to come back to work behind the bar in the Woolpack.



Episode 2415 - Extra Episode!

(Granada Plus - Tue 1st Apr 2003)

Kim (CLAIRE KING) and husband Steve (PAUL OPAClC) have gone from riches to rags thanks to his ill-timed gambling on the money markets. But now they are looking to bounce back.

They've concocted an elaborate plan to steal, then sell stud horse Orsino, while making the whole episode look like the work of others. And they've even invited Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL) to their house to be the perfect alibi. Later when the insurance money comes through the conniving couple hope to skip the country.

Everyone appears to be having a good time at Lady Tara's (ANNA BRECON) hen-night ... except her ladyship. Later in the evening she slips away from the gathering.

Her one-time lover Biff is having dinner with Kathy (MALANDRA BURROWS) and she is very much on his mind too. He slopes off leaving Kathy alone and heads for the spot near the summer house where they once shared tender moments. Suddenly he's not alone.



Episode 2416

(Granada Plus - Wed 2nd Apr 2003)

Steve (PAUL OPACIC) is running on adrenaline as he races around the stables to finish off his daring robbery.

Everything goes well until an ill-timed phone-call from Kim leads to tragedy and the life of Kathy GIover (MALANDRA BURROWS) is left in the balance.

Later when Steve is back home with Kim, his face tells a shocking story.

Biff (STUART WADE) and Lady Tara (ANNA BRECON) spend a night of passion on the eve of her wedding to Lord Michael (MALCOLM STODDARD).

Both realise they will have to decide whether they have a future together ... but th will wait until morning.

Will's (PAUL FOX) birthday bash at the Woolpack turns into a shambles and landlord Alan Turner (RICHARD THORP) is forced to get tough with everyone including his manager Terry (BILLY HARTMAN).



Episode 2417

(Granada Plus - Thu 3rd Apr 2003)

[Tricia Stoke's first episode]

Kathy (MALANDRA BURROWS) is fighting for her life in intensive care in need of a critical operation.

Waiting patiently for news is Chris (PETER AMORY) her former husband. Back at Home Farm a police investigation is in full flow into both the robbery and accident.

Laura (LOUISE BEATTIE) explains that while Lady Tara (ANNA BRECON) is a co-owner of the missing horse Orsino, it is her wedding day and she must be left alone. Laura suggests the police talk to Kim (CLAIRE KING) the partner.

When the police arrive Kim has the smug smile wiped from her face when she hears Kathy has been seriously hurt. And her face is etched with guilt when she realises her phone call was to blame.

Dressed in white, Lady Tara is taken to the Register Office by Biff (STUART WADE). It appears the two have decided to share their lives together which means a big shock for expectant groom Lord Michael (MALCOLM STODDARD).

The three go into a side room where a tense and emotional discussion takes place, While the wedding guests wait patiently outside. But who will she end up with?

And a new face arrives in Emmerdale as Alan Turner's (RICHARD THORP) grand-daughter Tricia (SHEREE MURPHY) turns up out of the blue.


Episode 2418

(Granada Plus - Fri 4th Apr 2003)

Biff (STUART WADE) is consumed with guilt when he learns of Kathy's (MALANDRA BURROWS) accident.

Alone with her he quietly whispers "you're the last person in the world I'd ever want to hurt".

While there he bumps into Betty (PAULA TILBROOK) and their recent arguments seem meaningless at the side of Kathy's predicament.

Rev Ashley (JOHN MIDDLETON) organises a service of prayer for Kathy which is attended by many of the villagers. Kim (CLAIRE KING) doesn't want to go, afraid she'll give away hers and Steve's (PAUL OPAClC) dark secret.

And Steve's heart misses a beat when Kim suddenly breaks down mid-service and has to leave.

Scott (BEN FREEMAN) is quick to spot a good looking woman and flirts with Tricia (SHEREE MURPHY) in the Woolpack.



Episode 2419 - Extra Episode!

(Granada Plus - Mon 7th Apr 2003)

The police are making little if any headway in their hunt for the Home Farm gang.

But they believe they might be onto a lead when Kelly (ADELE SILVA) points out that Zak (STEVE HALLIWELL) and Butch (PAUL LOUGHRAN) left Will's party at the Woolpack for some time on the night of the robbery,

Trouble seems to follow the Dingles and they know they've now got just two weeks to find the money to buy their farmhouse before the bailiffs come to evict them,

Zak believes there's only one thing to do - go back to burgling again. Butch wonders what Lisa (JANE COX) will think?

With their friendship back on track Biff (STUART WADE) has one last go at persuading Betty (PAULA TILBROOK) to let him become her landlord.



Episode 2420

(Granada Plus - Tue 8th Apr 2003)

Village gossip Viv (DEENA PAYNE) is at her wicked-worst when the police arrive at the Dingles armed with a search warrant.

She quickly puts it about that they're the ones who robbed the Stud Farm and put Kathy (MALANDRA BURROWS) in hospital.

Zak (STEVE HALLIWELL), Butch (PAUL LOUGHRAN) and Lisa (JANE COX) are horrified anyone could imagine they were involved.

And Mandy (LISA RILEY) explodes in the Woolpack when Viv repeats her allegations.

Kim (CLAIRE KING) tells Steve (PAUL OPACIC) the good news that the police are chasing dead-ends, and that Kathy appears to be getting better - but he's at the end of his tether and says he wants them to skip the country now.

There's good news at the hospital when a medic tells Betty (PAULA TILBROOK) that Kathy's condition is stable.

Paddy (DOMINIC BRUNT) brings a huge smile to the face of his over-bearing mother when he says he's no longer going out with Mandy, and that he's buying into the vets surgery. She quickly starts to make plans to get him involved with a "nice" girl.



Episode 2421

(Granada Plus - Wed 9th Apr 2003)

Steve Marchant's (PAUL OPACIC) dark secret is driving him to despair.

He wants to leave the country now with the money he made from the horse robbery but Kim (CLAIRE KING) tells him they must stay-put and tough it out.

It's the day of the village fun run and as Steve leaves to take part he secretly slips his own passport into his carry-all intent on going alone.

But when he feigns injury and abandons the run to dig up the robbery loot... it's gone.

Butch (PAUL LOUGHRAN) and Zak (STEVE HALLIWELL) arrive to do the run and are immediately set-upon by vicious Viv (DEENA PAYNE). But later in the Woolpack Butch hands over a clutch of fivers to Betty (PAULA TILBROOK) to buy something for Kathy (MALANDRA BURROWS).

Rachel (GLENDA McKAY) and Graham (KEVIN PALLISTER) head the run which turns out to be anything but fun as they vie for the lead. After an honourable draw, they go back to her house for a drink, shattered, only to be confronted with an angry Chris (PETER AMORY) who's been left literally holding the baby.

And bolstered by news of his split with Mandy (LISA RILEY), Paddy's (DOMINIC BRUNT) mum (JUDI JONES) has a real surprise for him. She's fixed him up with a date with his former sweetheart Jane Barnett (DEBORAH CHAD) ... tomorrow!



Episode 2422

(Granada Plus - Thu 10th Apr 2003)

Cunning Kim (CLAIRE KING) and Steve (PAUL OPACIC) are over the moon when the police announce they are about to close down their incident room.

They've no real leads and it seems Kim and Steve are in the clear over the robbery.

But a chance remark Steve makes to Chris (PETER AMORY) has his brain working overtime and it suddenly dawns on him, even though he has no hard proof they must be the culprits.

Flirty Trica (SHEREE MURPHY) talks love struck Terry (BILLY HARTMAN) into a shopping trip and with a flash of her long eyelashes has him reaching for his cheque book.

Paddy (DOMINIC BRUNT) arrives with trepidation for his date with former sweetheart Jane (DEBORAH CHAD). When she arrives his eyes nearly pop out of his head. For plain Jane has blossomed into a real beauty.



Episode 2423

(Granada Plus - Fri 11th Apr 2003)

Kim (CLAIRE KING) is shocked to the core when Chris (PETER AMORY) accuses her outright of being involved in the robbery.

For now, he tells her, he has no proof, but he's certain that Kim's grief over Kathy's (MALANDRA BURROWS) life-threatening accident has been fuelled by guilt. He tells her he's on the case and will be watching her every step.

Scott (BEN FREEMAN) has managed to dodge the real issue why he was discharged from the army. But his secret is out when Cass (JAClNTA MULCAHY) the wife of his army medical officer suddenly appears in the village, making his heart skip an almighty beat.

And Zak (STEVE HALLIWELL) tells Lisa (JANE COX) that despite the looming eviction in two days, he's staying put. They'll take his home from him over his dead body.



Episode 2424

(Granada Plus - Mon 14th Apr 2003)

Vicious Viv (DEENA PAYNE) gets personal when teacher Graham (KEVIN PALLISTER) gives Donna (VERITY RUSHWORTH) a poor report.

She immediately latches onto his interest in school secretary Rachel (GLENDA MCKAY) and lets slip about her affair with Jack Sugden (CLIVE HORNBY).

Paddy (DOMINIC BRUNT) has fear etched across his face when Mandy (LISA RILEY) spots him with Jane (DEBORAH CHAD). But Jane notices the exchange of glances and later makes a decision that leaves Paddy's matchmaker mother, Mrs Kirk (JUDI JONES), heartbroken.

Laura (LOUISE BEATTIE) is furious with Chris (PETER AMORY) for his obsessive pursuit of Kim (CLAIRE KING) and Steve (PAUL OPACIC) and reminds him it is within her power to remove him from his job.

And Kelly (ADELE SILVA) discovers the truth about Scott (BEN FREEMAN) and his one time lover Cass (JACINTA MULCAHY) but tells her step-brother she knows exactly how to deal with her.

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