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Bill Sands -

Tuesday 1st August

Adam proved he has no homophobic tendencies by having a great time at the gay club with Zoe, Frankie and Jason, unlike Paddy who hid in his beer for most of the evening. Frankie soon regretted her decision to chauffeur them to the club in Lady Tara's car when she discovered it had been stolen! Kelly and Roy invited the Windsors, including Scott, to dinner to make Ned think they are happily married. Cain crept into the Reynolds house and scared Angie who had good reason to suspect he was being less than neighbourly! He and Sam later pledged to have their revenge for Butch's death. With echoes of Pretty Woman Chris bought Charity a more upmarket outfit to wear out to dinner and seemed to be enjoying the game as much as Charity. Tricia was thrilled when Marlon asked her to holiday in Spain with him.

Wednesday 2nd August

Obviously Roy and Kelly's charade has worked on them as well as Ned because their smiles and kisses returned as they shared a pot of stewed rabbit. Roy even considered Ned's invitation to move to Ibiza with Kelly. Frankie braced herself to tell Tara about her lost car but was saved by Zoe who smugly arrived in it and revealed she'd taken it as a joke! As Tricia waited in a taxi Marlon rushed to find them replacements at the Woolpack. Bernice was more pleased with having Carlos to cook than she was about having Jason to pull pints! Cain and Sam snuck off to Tate Haulage in broad daylight armed with petrol and matches to torch the place. Unfortunately Sean decided to return and Cain knocked him out cold before scarpering.

Thursday 3rd. August...Thanks Rachel

The Haulage Yard Sam is convinced that Sean is dead and is sure he'll be sent back to prison when even Emily assumes he was responsible. Sam explains what happened and that he did it for her but Emily is angry and tells him that this isn't what she wants - Enough people have been hurt already and revenge won't lessen her pain. She is relieved when Sean starts to come round but an agitated Sam won't allow her to phone him an ambulance. Sean tries to reason with him, telling him that if he is set free now, he'll forget everything's that happened. However, Sam is getting worked up, thinking about Butch's death, and is in no mood to be reasoned with. Sean tells him that torching Tate Haulage won't achieve anything and he'll just end up back in prison if he goes ahead with it. Sam tells him he's doing it for Emily and Sean asks Emily if this is really what she wants but Emily says she just wants to know why Butch died. Sean can't offer any explanation and doesn't know what he can tell them. Sam tells Emily to leave as he is going to start the fire now and Butch wouldn't want her getting hurt. Sean pleads with him not to risk both their lives but Sam says he doesn't care anymore. Sean tries to change his mind, saying he has a family waiting for him at home, but Emily reminds him that she lost her husband. Sean tells them that nothing he says can change what has happened and asks what they want from him. Emily tells him that what she wants is justice. Sean promises to do everything he can to make it up to Emily but there is nothing that can make up for Butch's death. Sean has everything - a wife and family - and it just reminds Emily of the happy future she's been denied. Sean tells her that, despite the findings of the crash investigation, he knows he could have prevented the accident and he will have to live with that guilt for the rest of his life. The reason he had come back to work late is because he is spending so much time checking over the maintenance records to make sure nothing like that ever happens again. Emily asks how she can know he's truly sorry and Sean admits that she can't know but asks her to let him go. On Emily's instruction, Sam reluctantly unties Sean. Sean tells Emily that, while she's lost her husband, he's lost a lot too - his peace of mind and self-respect. He knows that he was responsible for the deaths of four people and that his own son could have been killed and he'll never forget that. He tells Emily they've got to deal with it and get on with their lives, even though they'll never forget for a single day what's happened. Again, he tells Emily that he is truly sorry for the part he played in Butch's death and Emily remarks that he is the first person who's said that to her but it still doesn't make her feel better. Sean's mobile rings and Emily tells him he can answer it. It is Angie and Sean tells her that everything is fine and that he should be coming home soon. Taking the matches off Sam, Sean tells them that he's going to forget what happened tonight and that they should too. As she leaves, Emily tells Sean to make the most of his relationship with his family as it can all be taken away in a moment. Walking home, Sam finally reveals his feelings to Emily. He tells her that what he did he did for her and that, although she misses Butch, he hopes that he can take his place in Emily's life. Emily is distraught and tells him that she could never have feelings for him. She thought he wanted revenge because he cared about Butch, not because he was trying to win her affection. She storms off, telling him never to come near her again. The Farm Angie is preparing a meal for herself, Jack & Marc when the conversation turns to Sarah. Angie asks if Jack would ever have Sarah back and he tells her that he doesn't think things could go back to how they were before she walked out. Angie suggests he and Sarah have a talk and sort out an arrangement whereby they can both see the kids but Jack thinks Sarah forfeited her rights when she walked out on her family and doesn't want her to have it easy. Angie tells him that, although it's Sarah he wants to suffer, he's actually hurting the kids but Jack angrily retorts that she should sort out her own family before she starts lecturing him. After recent experiences with Cain, Angie is nervous about returning home to an empty house and nearly jumps out of her skin when Sean appears at their kitchen door. She is concerned by the bump on his head but Sean pretends he just walked into something. Bernice & Ashley Bernice is nervous about the evening's soiree but Ashley is confident that everything will be fine and news of their engagement will be taken well. Certainly, Seth & Betty are enjoying themselves but Edna is less than complimentary about the spread Bernice has laid on and Gloria is trying to persuade Ashley that Bernice isn't the woman for him. Their announcement is greeted with delight by Betty and most of the other guests but Edna and Gloria, of course, are unhappy while Bernice isn't too thrilled when Ashley invites everyone present to their wedding. Edna is even more put out when Ashley tells her that, from now on, Bernice will be organising the church jumble sales and other such events. Rachel

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