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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

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Bill Sands -

Tuesday 5th September

Instead of neighbourly banter at the jumble sale, the air was filled with bickering and, when Ashley could stand it no longer, he overturned a table and gave the sermon of his life to the awful, judgemental villagers. Bravo! The penniless Kelly tried to reclaim her clothes and Sarah was shocked to discover that Jack had donated her old wellies. Seth took Mystic Mandy's advice and lost his beer money on a horse and Paddy found stock-checking more pressing than dealing with large animals. Turner and Zak were horrified to discover that Councillor Pollard has allowed Tate Haulage to run the school bus service and at The Woolpack Bernice agreed that Marlon and Tricia could manage the pub when she moves to Leeds.

Wednesday 6th September

Bernice got emotional as the reality of Leeds hit her. Ashley took to the pulpit for his last sermon in Emmerdale and, as he looked around the troubled assembly, he realised that even a war-zone would need less counselling than those before him. He glanced at the tear-soaked Bernice and impulsively decided to stay and fight the good fight in Emmerdale. When the Sugdens learnt the date of their court hearing Andy verbally attacked Sarah for splitting up their family, while Robert remained confused. Sam made Zak proud of him when Seth taught him how to poach trout and Adam forced Paddy into having to treat the horses at the stud.

Thursday 7th September

Seth couldn't resist a trip to the bookies with Zak and Sam and actually won a wad of cash when his horse romped home. As he'd used Betty's rainy-day money as a stake he dashed into Hotten to buy a present to appease her. However, flashing his cash caught the attention of two teenage girls who mugged and robbed him. Ashley faced telling the Bishop of his decision to stay in Emmerdale and it took quite a few dry sherries to convince the old codger that it wasn't purely because of Bernice. Paddy became broody and confided in Emily that he'd like to have children with Mandy. Kathy returned from a trip away and was surprisingly unmoved by the news that Tate Haulage is running the school bus.

Bill Sands 1998-2000