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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

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Bill Sands -

Week 13 Nov 2000

Monday, November 13: Turner was horrified to discover Tricia's wedding plans. Sean and Angie were both feeling uncomfortable about their situations. Jack believed he could have introduced cattle into his herd suffering from TB. Paddy did what he could.

Tuesday, November 14: Edna threatened to spill the beans on Jason and Joe. The imminent divorce of Jack and Sarah caused Andy and Robert to end up fighting. Gloria had a watch stolen. Angie told Cain she was finished with his games. Seth arrived at the Woolpack to a surprise 75th birthday party. The only trouble was - he was only 74!.

Wednesday, November 15: Paddy confirmed that Jack had TB in his herd. Sarah asked Richie to look after Victoria, but he left her alone. She was found wandering in the street and returned to Jack. He was livid and confronted Sarah in the Woolpack. Gloria came clean to Paddy and confessed she'd made up the business about her watch being stolen.

Thursday, November 16: The Sugdens reached an all-time low. Sarah had second thoughts about her relationship with Richie. Jack was told several of his cattle were infected with TB. He opened up to Diane and was overheard by Andy. Later, as flames licked the barn, unexpected screams emanated from inside. The Sugdens' lives were about to be changed forever.

Bill Sands 1998-2000