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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

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Monday, October 16: Jason revealed Joe would soon have to leave the country as his visa runs out. Gloria was laughed at for her interest in Ashley. Pollard suggested taking the diner off Kathy's hands, but she declined. Angie became so spooked by Cain's interest in her, she changed the locks to her house. Diane apologised to Betty and offered her job back.

Tuesday, October 17: Gloria made her play for Ashley and ended up making a fool of herself. Marlon suggested that he could become Kathy's partner... if he could find the money. Jason and Joe began to plan how they could stay together.

Wednesday, October 18: Jason decided to find someone to marry Joe so he could stay in the country. Marlon approached Chris to help fund his investment in the diner. Jack was over the moon when Sarah asked him to visit because Victoria was missing him. Ashley told Diane of his awful experience with Gloria.

Thursday, October 19: Kathy was amazed at Marlon's business plan and agreed to a joint venture with him. Tricia tried to find the right time to tell Marlon she'd agreed to marry Joe to help him stay in the country. Robert struggled with his feelings as half term loomed. Gloria was too humiliated to continue her infatuation with Ashley.

Friday, October 20: Richie found life too cramped with Sarah and her daughter. Marlon was sceptical about Tricia's marriage of convenience. Pollard was furious to learn that Kathy had struck a deal with Marlon over the diner.

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