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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

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Bill Sands -

Tuesday 22nd August

As Kelly packed her bags and dreamt of Ibizan nights Roy revealed to Donna that Scott had fathered Kelly's miscarried baby. Bernice organised a surprise farewell party for Kelly and Roy in the pub and Kelly used it as an opportunity to alienate all her old mates. At the airport, the flight to Ibiza was delayed, which was disastrous for Kelly as it gave Roy time to get increasingly annoyed with her whining. As she ranted about not wanting to live with his dad, Roy realised that his new life should be alone. For once Kelly was speechless as Roy left her behind at the boarding gate. Meanwhile, back at the Woolpack the stalemate between Bernice and Ashley continued as neither gave way over the Leeds crisis.

Wednesday 23rd August

As Viv and Terry mused about Ibiza, they were unaware that Kelly was on her way back to the pub and so her entrance was a huge shock. As Viv recovered and tried to make sense of why anyone would leave Kelly, Donna decided that everyone should know that Kelly had been sleeping with her stepbrother. Tricia and Marlon's return from their holiday was thus overshadowed by all the drama and they were upset that Jason and Carlos had coped so well in their absence. Frankie rashly accepted a job as a mechanic at Scott's garage and Sarah weathered Lady Tara's company when she and Richie visited Chris to ask if they could rent Kelly and Roy's cottage. Jack was overwhelmed when Zak offered to help with the harvest, asking only for a leg of lamb in payment.

Thursday 24th August

The Windsors Edna and Gloria arrive at the post office to find it shut and Edna is only too happy to fill Gloria in on the goings-on in the Windsor household. Inside, a disgusted Viv is convinced that she can never show her face in the village again and that they'll all have to move. Although the main focus of her anger is Scott and Kelly, she criticises Donna for blurting the news out in front of everyone at the Woolpack and Donna who, unsuprisingly, has had it up to here with her entire family, storms up to her bedroom. Kelly goes up to Donna's room but, when she compares her feelings for Scott with Donna's feelings for Marc, Donna is appalled and tells Kelly she doesn't have a family anymore and that the only person she cares about is Roy. Downstairs, relations between Viv and Scott aren't much better until Scott places the blame firmly at Kelly's feet, claiming she wouldn't leave him alone. With Kelly's track record, Viv can well believe it and speculates as to where on Earth Kelly could have got her 'man-mad' nature from... Having heard that the post office is shut, Emily comes in on her day off to rally round Viv. Although she doesn't approve of Kelly's adultery, she offers Viv her support and opens up and runs the shop single-handedly. Terry and Ashley also pop round but Viv refuses to see them. After her discussion with Scott, Viv is convinced that it is all Kelly's fault and throws her out. Kelly goes round to see Chris, confident that he will help her out, give her back the keys to his cottage and let her have her old job back. However, Chris tells her that he's already hired a far more efficient receptionist, is letting the cottage to Richie and 'wouldn't help her if she was the last girl on Earth'. After also being turned away by Lisa, Kelly turns up on Betty's doorstep. At first it seems that Betty won't be anymore welcoming that the rest of the village but Kelly reminds Betty that she once told her she could turn to her for help and Betty invites her in. The Sugdens Jack is looking forward to the children's return and, with a little help from Marc and Dianne, organises a little 'welcome home' do with a banner and the kids' favourite food. Angie pops round to give Marc his GCSE results and, unsurprisingly, he has got U's for everything. Marc promises her that he's going to make something of himself and, after listening to Jack and Zak, he tells her he's come to realise the importance of family. Sarah comes round to discuss the arrangements to see the children and is perturbed to find Dianne ironing the children's clothes and everything carrying on as normal without her. Sarah asks Jack if she can pick the kids up from the airport. Jack refuses but agrees to bring them straight round to see her. Sarah asks if the kids can stay over now that she and Richie have a larger cottage but Jack isn't willing to allow that until they have had chance to settle back in. He says in the future he may allow the kids to stay over and even spend weekends with Sarah and Richie but it is clear that Sarah wants more than just occasional visits from the children. Ashley's dilemma Tricia finds Ashley standing across the road from the Woolpack starring over at. She sees the whole Leeds situation in very black and white terms and tells him that all he has to do is go into the pub with some red roses, apologise and tell Bernice he's not taking the job in Leeds. Ashley tells her it's not that simple but he is taken aback when he considers that he is jeopardising their relationship and, even more so, when Tricia tells him how he's breaking Bernice's heart.


Bill Sands 1998-2000