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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

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Bill Sands -

Monday, October 23:
Diane and Andy endured one of Jack's meals - and had a laugh at his expense. An unsuspecting Turner planned a mystery day out for Diane. Joe and Tricia needed to marry a month before Christmas, when his visa ran out.

Tuesday, October 24:
Turner's big surprise for Diane was a spin on a Harley Davidson. Back at the pub Ashley was in for an ear bashing when Diane revealed he'd contacted her former husband Rodney. Frankie was blamed when a gold trinket went missing from Lady Tara's car. Paddy sunk further into despair.

Wednesday, October 25:
Tara questioned Scott and Frankie about her missing trinket, but soon realised Cain was the likely culprit. Paddy accused Adam of engineering the trip to Southampton where he discovered Mandy's affair. Diane appeased Jack over their lost night and she had robust words for Ashley.

Thursday, October 26:
Angie was forced to compromise herself for Cain when she found Tara's trinket in her bread bin. Diane gave Ashley a few home truths - Bernice doesn't like surprises. Sam sold the bulk load of cat food to Seth as dog food but was forced to take it back when it contained spaghetti and rice pudding. Kelly was left kicking her heels in the Woolpack when Viv and Bob failed to show.

Friday, October 27:
Jason and Joe decided to re-decorate Paddy's home but he laid into them for trying to erase Mandy's memory. Kelly and Donna were embarrassed by Viv and Bob on a day out at the seaside. Angie set Cain up for a hard time with CID over an armed robbery.

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